The Lesson


Eighteen year old Jennifer was late for school for the third day in a row. It wasn’t that she lived far away, but the late night sessions fucking her vibrator. She arrived at her class at 9:30 AM.

“So if the angle is 90 degrees and the a joining angle is 45 degrees, what…” Her teacher glared at her as she walked in the door. “Thank you for joining us Jennifer. Please sit down and see me after class.”

“Yes Mr. Andrews.” Her teacher was a young man. Fresh out of teacher’s college and teaching for his first year but was quite strict, but he was quite an attractive man and she often fantasized about him. Jennifer sat down at the back.

“Psst. Jennifer.” She turned to Julia beside her. “Your shirts open a little.” Julia whispered. Jennifer looked down. There was major cleavage from her 36C breasts showing from her uniform. She loved wearing her plaid skirt short and her shirt open a little with a loose tie just to piss off her parents and it worked. As much as she like her shirt open she buttoned it up one more.

Class ended and everybody filled out except for Jennifer. She approached the front. She put on her most innocent act and unbuttoned her shirt again.

“You wanted to see me Mr. Andrews?” He canlı bahis was putting books in his bag.

“I’ve noticed that you have been late the last couple of days.” He looked up and froze. Jennifer was sitting in the front seat. She had her legs crossed and was leaning forward exposing her cleavage fully. “Um, young lady, that is a very inappropriate act you are doing.”

“But I’m not doing anything Mr. Andrews.” Jennifer spoke innocently. Her teachers face was flushed. She nearly had him. Jennifer let down her brunette hair. She stood up and approached him. She leaned on his desk. He could see clearly down her shirt and was staring. “Mr. Andrews, are you looking at my breasts?”

“What? No, I was just…”

“It’s okay.” She had him. “Do you like them?” She started rubbing across the wire of her bra through her shirt. He nodded. She could see a bulge in his pants starting to form. She completely unbuttoned her shirt showing him her black lacey bra. “Is that a better view?” she asked.

“Jennifer, come over here.” She did as she was told. She rounded his desk and came within a foot of him.

“You can touch them if you want. I don’t mind.” His hands grabbed her tits almost before she was finished her sentence. bahis siteleri She pushed her body into his hands. He pulled her bra showing her big tits. He leaned forward and sucked on them. His mouth was warm against her nipples as her groaned. “Oh Mr. Andrews.” Her hands found the bulge in his pants and started rubbing with one hand while the other loosen his belt and fly. She pulled out his hard cock and stroked it with both hands. She pulled away from his mouth and moved him so he was half sitting on the desk. She dropped to her knees and took his entire cock into her mouth. He gasped in pleasure as it engulfed his body. One hand had his cock at the base while she bobbed her head along his shaft, the other cupped his balls and gently rubbed them. She stopped sucking his but continued to stroke his big cock.

“Do you want to fuck me Mr. Andrews?”

“Oh god Jennifer, yes.” She pulled him away from the desk and placed her hands on the desk. She rubbed her butt against his throbbing cock. “Than fuck me.” He didn’t need a second invitation. He lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down. Her cunt was dripping wet. He rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy. She moaned every time he touched her clit.

“Stop bahis şirketleri teasing me and fuck me already.” With a quick thrust his thick cock was inside Jennifer’s dripping cunt. “Oh yeah!” she cried. He started to thrust slowly and gradually pick up speed. Jennifer could feel the orgasism building up inside her. “Oh yes! Fuck me Mr. Andrews! Fuck my pussy!” She could hear his grunts growing louder and could feel his cock swelling inside her. “OH FUCK!” She came on his dick.

“I’m gonna come!” he cried. She quickly pulled out and took him in her mouth again. She stroked him and sucked him hard. He shot a large load of cum down her throat and she gladly drank it all down. She continued to suck him until he had completely unloaded in her mouth. “Mmmmm.” She moaned. “I love to suck on her cock.” She stood up and kissed him.

She walk back to the end of the desk and put her panties back on and button up her shirt.

“So will this be my punishment for being late again Mr. Andrew?” She winked at him and walked out of the room.

“Hey Jennifer!” Julia yelled. “Where you been?”

“I’ll tell you later.” She replied.

“How about a sleep over this weekend. My mom and dad are going away and it’s only gonna be my sister Rebecca and me.”

“Sure. Sounds like fun.” Jennifer replied. “I’ll tell you what happened too.”

“Okay, I call you later.” Julia ran off to class.

“Bye.” Jennifer went the opposite way.