I watched you as you walked out the door of the airport. My heart went out to you, you looked so weary and tired and I knew right then what I had planned for you was just what you needed.

You looked up and saw me, and suddenly, all the worries vanished from your face. In their place, your eyes sparkled and your smile lit up the room. You enveloped me in your arms, buried your face in my hair and whispered in my ear, “Honey, how I have missed you.”

I clung to you, tears forming in my eyes, drawing you as close as possible. “I know love, it has been much too long,” was my reply.

We gathered you luggage quickly and made our way to the car. Once on our way, I told you to open the glove box, that there was a gift in there for you.

“You didn’t need to do that,” you said.

“Yes, I did. You need this more than you know, perhaps even more than either of us knows.”

Opening the box, you find a collar, black leather, simple, but its meaning is clear. Pulling over to the side of the road, I extend my hand silently asking for it. You look at me confused at first, then in shock.

“I can’t wear this now, we have to check in.”

“That has been taken care of. I have checked you in already, things are prepared for our arrival. Now if you choose not to, you do not have to wear my collar, but realize that then I am not your Mistress.”

You hand it to me with hesitation. I cup your face with my hand and ask you, “Have I ever betrayed your trust before?”

“No, never.”

“And I am not about to start.”

I lean in and kiss you as I place it around your neck. When the buckle is clasped, I look deep into your eyes.

“Honey, I have always kept what ever promise I have made to you. And I promise you here and now, that I only wish to bring you peace and pleasure. The only pain you will experience is pleasurable pain. You may stop this at any time, if you wish, but I doubt that you will.”

Looping my finger through the O-ring, I pull you in for a sweet, tender kiss. “You are now my whore, my bitch, my sweet slut. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” is your soft reply.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

As we pull into the parking lot of the hotel, I tell you as I hand you the key.

“You are to go up to the room. On the table I have set out a glass and a bottle of Glen Livet next to it. Ice is in the freezer if you need it. You are to make yourself a drink and read and follow the instructions I have left there for you. Button up your shirt collar all the way and no one will be the wiser”

“Where will you be Mistress?”

“Questioning me already love? Hmmm, one demerit. Hurry now, before you earn more.”

You enter the room to find it exactly as I told you. On the table is the scotch, along with several tumblers and several sheets of paper. Quickly you make a drink, pick up the instructions and sit down and begin to read.

“Love, if you are reading this, then you have chosen to be my whore. A good choice I believe. Sip your drink, enjoy it. Walk to the television, turn it on and watch the tape as you read.”

You pick up the remote, push play and immediately the screen fills with the imagine of a couple leisurely fucking. You hear their sighs and moans, whimpers of pleasure. As the camera pulls back, you are shocked and pleased to see that it is she fucking him. His legs are wrapped about her body, pulling her close, his eyes closed as he is intent on feeling her deep within him. You turn back to the letter, their cries of passion echoing in your ears.

“By now you’re aware of what is in store for you. I want you to make yourself another drink and reread these stories that we have shared over the past year when words were the only way we could make love to each other.”

Rising, you pour more into your glass, return to the sofa and begin to read. As you relive the passion and lust of our stories and desires, you hear the couple in the background, heightening your growing arousal. Finally you reach the last page just as you finish your drink.

“You are to bathe completely and thoroughly for me. Shave, then use the cologne I have set out for you. Then you are to uncover the tray sitting on the dresser. Take the oil and lightly coat your body with it, paying special attention to your ass and cock. Lube up the anal plug and insert it. You are then to straddle the corner of the bed and watch the movie Betist I have selected for you in the bedroom. You may NOT touch yourself, you are only to rock back and forth on MY COCK in your sweet ass. I will be there shortly.”

Quickly you perform your tasks until you find yourself ready for the tray. Removing the linen cloth covering it, you find a thick plug, light oil, a small leather cat, black stockings and clamps. Oiling yourself, you insert the plug and immediately your cock becomes rock hard, pre-cum oozing from it already. Straddling the corner of the bed as instructed, you turn on the movie. A familiar voice cries out, it’s Kay Parker riding a cock as hard as yours, her tits swaying back and forth. You’ve dropped your cock now, just as I have instructed and you are riding the plug in your ass. Her voice fills your ears as she cums. Your eyes closed; you are intent on feeling just what she is.

“I see you’ve followed my directions. Well, done love.”

My voice breaks through your lust and you stop for a moment.

“No, continue you. Ride that cock baby, show Mistress how much you love your ass filled.”

You blush deeply and begin to rock back and forth again.

“Look at me, share this with me.”

Raising your eyes to me, I walk over to you, placing my hands, one on each shoulder.

“God, baby, you look so hot there. That’s it, fuck that ass for your Mistress. Wait, what is this I see here, pre-cum?”

I lightly touch the head of your cock, my finger drawing out the sticky glistening drop. I bring it to your lips, coat them with it, and then lean in to kiss you. I trace your lips, licking it, savoring it, tasting you on you.

Standing, I tell you to unzip me. My dress falls to the floor and I stand before you in black lace, the panties and bra you love. My breasts are nearly fully exposed to you, spilling over the small shelf that they are resting on. You can see that my nipples are hard from arousal.

“Go to the tray and bring me back the cat, my love. Kneel before me and offer it to me, and say what ever it is that crosses your mind at that moment.”

Silently you retrieve the small leather whip and walk back towards me. Your cock is harder yet, pointing straight ahead as if leading the way. Kneeling down before me, you offer the cat up to me with these words.

“Mistress, I need to be spanked. Please…..”

Your voice drops as you beg me to control you, to take you to that place in which you are released. I take the cat from your hand, tilt your chin upwards and softly kiss you.

“I love you with all that I am. I know you need this as badly as I need to give it to you and take the gift of your submission.”

As I softly whisper these words to you, I gently stroke the supple leather across your face, down your neck, back and forth across your chest. When the leather hits your nipples, they tighten and pucker. I tease and play with them using only the whip, listening to your breathing deepen and become ragged. Looking down between your legs, I see more cum oozing from you.

“Slut, you may paint your nipples with your cum for me.”

Taking the end of the whip, I lift your cock up from underneath; not that it needs help, but loving your reaction when it is touched. Your fingers swirl the cum and take it to your chest, painting the cum just as I had directed. I open my mouth and you place your fingers inside. I suck them, flicking my tongue over them, pretending it is your cock feeding me directly; all the while looking directly into your eyes.

I release your fingers from my mouth and walk over to the dresser and select two objects from the tray. I return to where you are kneeling by the bed and I sit on the edge.

“Rise and turn around,” I command you.

You stand and turn away from me, offering me a glorious view of your ass. I can not help myself; I lean forward and kiss my way up the cleavage, from the top of your thighs to the “Y’ at the top. Swiftly I bring my hand down on your right cheek. My hand print glows back at me, rosy pink against your skin. I bend forward and kiss the redness. Instinctively you arch your back, pushing your ass towards me. Again I slap you; this time the other cheek.

“So my bitch’s ass needs his Mistress?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“You may turn around again. Place your hands in front of you. “

I lightly bind them together using Betist Giriş a black silk stocking, looking at your face for any signs of hesitation or distrust. Seeing none, I finish. I arch upwards to your chest; you lean down to aid me. My tongue flicks over your painted cum nipples. God, how sweet you taste. I can’t help myself. My passion and lust get the best of me and I suckle your entire aureola into my mouth and latch on like a baby. Suckling you, tasting your cum and the oil, I feel my pussy get wetter and wetter. I reach between my legs, push my panties aside and place a finger between my swollen lips. Withdrawing it, I replace it now with two, coating them thoroughly. My lips still attached to your nipple, I wipe my fingers over your lips, feeling you suck them inside, drinking my cum from them, as you will my pussy later.

“Suck my fingers baby. Lick all my sweet cum from them. Later you will have all you can handle, and more.”

Satisfied that I have softened and extended your nipple, I pick up the clamps, the second item from the tray, and open one of them wide. Looking straight into your eyes, I place the teeth around your nipple. God, I want to share the pain with you, that sweet pain we crave. I smile as I let my finger release it as it clamps down on you. A swift intake of breath, your eyes close and flutter behind the their lids as you take in the painful pleasure. My mouth moves to your other nipple, and again I prepare you. I am rougher on this one, knowing that the pain will be double when I close the second clamp on you. Biting, nipping and teasing it with my teeth, you are ready quickly. Again, I place the clamp around the outside and release. Your knees buckle for a moment, then you stand steady.

How beautiful you look, standing there, collared, bound and clamped for me, a testament to you faith and trust in me. I take the whip in hand and begin to lightly strike your nipples. You close your eyes to revel in the feeling. Each subsequent blow is barely harder than the last.

Through your dreamlike fog, you hear me ask, “Remember the first time we met? How aroused you had me? How I begged for you to spank my tits? Well love, now it’s your turn to feel that need.”

Just as the lashes are beginning to turn your chest pink, I stop. Your breathing evens out for a moment, until you feel my hand cupping your sac. Your eyes snap open and look down at me in both fear and anticipation. I lower my face to your sac, kissing and inhaling your scent.

“What a sweet slut you are, you smell so good for your Mistress. How I love the taste, texture and scent of your skin.”

Setting aside the whip, I continue to fondle and nuzzle your sac. Taking one into my mouth, I trap it with my teeth as my other hand begins to stroke your cock against my face and hair. Flicking my tongue madly over the stretched skin, I hear moans and sighs of pleasure coming from you. Opening my mouth barely enough to let it pass through, I clamp down with my teeth, scraping the skin as your sac and ball exit my mouth. You wince and make a hissing sound, but you remain silent to my torment of you.

Picking up the cat again, I begin to strike your balls and cock just as I did your nipples. Swirling the leather around them, your cock is so hard and frustrated with lack of release that it is turning purple. Knowing how you love it, I slap your cock with my palm and then quickly lash at it with the leather, sending you into spasms.

“Does this hurt?”

“Just a little bit Mistress.”

“Good, my love, then we will increase the pressure until just before the point of true pain.”

Copious strands of pre-cum are leaking from you, trailing over my breasts, stomach and thighs.

“My, what a messy whore you are, you will have to clean that up you know.”

Nodding your head in silence you continue to accept your punishment, the torment that you crave from me. Sensing that you are close to climax, I stop. It is not time for your pleasure yet. Taking the chain that links your clamps, I pull you down to me roughly and kiss you deeply. You respond with equal passion and need; our tongues dancing, suckling and biting each other’s lips.

“Clean me, lick up all that cum from me.”

Using the chain I direct you to where you have splattered me with your cum in your arousal. With each tug, I lead you lower and lower until your face is level with my panties. I fall back on the bedspread, open my legs wide. Pushing my panties aside you watch in frustration as I begin to stroke and play with my wet pussy. You can smell sex throughout the room now. Pulling your in closer with the chain, you watch as my fingers slide between the lips dipping further and further until you know for sure that I have them deep inside of me. Pulling one lip aside, I let you watch as I finger my clit, first gently and then faster and faster. As I cum shaking and crying out, you bury your face against my panties.

“What my little bitch? What is it you want?”

“To taste you Mistress.”

“You wish to lick me? Suck my pussy? Until I scream?”

“Yes, Ma’am, oh God, please yes………..”

Your voice takes on that tone that tells me you are reaching that plane of pleasure so few ever hit. I pull off my panties and wrap my legs about your shoulders.

“Drink from me, lick and suck me dry.”

You bury your face in me. I lay back and close my eyes and just feel incredible. My clit is so hard that you have taken it in your mouth; you are sucking and licking it as if it was your last meal. I feel my orgasm welling up in me like a tidal wave. My pussy pulsates; I know that I am going to be flooding your face with juice in a moment. I reach down and pull your face up a bit. You look into my eyes as it hits and washes over me. I shudder beneath you, covering your face and neck with glistening cum. I fall back, spent and exhausted as you kiss and lick my lips and thighs clean.

As I return too normal, my hand touches the whip again. You have earned your spanking, several times over. Now is the time.

“Up on the bed love, on your tummy, but first, let me unbind your hands.”

Crawling up on the bed, you lay face down as instructed.

“Lift up your tummy please.”

I place pillows under you so that your ass is up in the air, an altar for your sacrifice. I take your cock and sac, placing them so that they too are exposed. I stop and look at you, you take my breath away, lying there so still, so accepting of my desires.

I position myself between your open thighs, looking down at your cheeks. I raise the cat and bring it down on them. You jump slightly and then settle in. I set up a rhythm, first one cheek and then another. Taking the end of the plug, I begin to work it back and forth a bit, allowing you the sensation of being full and fucked. Your ass is beginning to turn crimson under me and I know that you can not hold back your climax much longer.

“Roll over,” I hiss at you. My arousal is building and I need to feel you deep within me.

Once on your back, I straddle your hips, taking your cock in my hand and guiding it through my wet, slick lips. Poised right there, I reach over and unclasp one of your nipples and hand the clamp to you. Tears come to your eyes as the blood rushes back into the nipple, but you never take your eyes from my face. I lift a breast and offer it to you.

“Connect us love, I want to share a bit of the pain with you.”

You reach over and place the clamp on my nipple. Smiling at me, you let go and hear my cry of pain as the teeth bite into me. I am beyond reason, I am on sensory overload just as you are.

“Fuck me bitch. Take me with you to that place you go. Fuck me hard and wild. I want you to lose total control with me. Be a bitch in heat, let the animal in you out.”

The words are barely out of my mouth when you grab my hips and pull me onto you as you arch up into me. And like a madman, you pound into me relentlessly.

“God Mistress, oh God baby. I’ve needed this, I need you.”

“Cum now slut, cum!”

With one last thrust you grab me by the hair and pull me to you. Your tongue invades my mouth, hard and driven just like your cock is my pussy. I suck it in as I clamp down with my pussy around your cock. Your fingers dig into my hips as your begin your climax. We both begin to whimper and cry out as your hot cum splashes the walls of my pussy. Your ass is on fire from the spanking and now the rubbing of the sheets. Stars go off in my head, I am dizzy and weak, yet strong and so alive, and I wonder at the last conscience moment if this is what you are feeling.

I awaken on your chest, my face nuzzled against your neck. Your arms are wrapped tightly about me, holding me close. You’ve turned us so that we are cuddling one another, the clamps are missing so you must have removed them. Just the two of us now, lying spent. I close my eyes and sense your calmness next to me and drift off to sleep, never wanting you to go away again.