The Lust-Filled Wedding Ch. 01

All Holes

This is my first attempt at writing, so feedback much appreciated. Many thanks to zebra2001uk for editing, and editing very well.


It was a wedding, and a perfect chance for me to let my hair down and enjoy myself whilst not in the clutches of my increasingly more possessive girlfriend. Things have been strained recently, and often large quantities of alcohol led to arguments without any real reason, so it was a relief to be able to drink heavily without any qualms about getting drunk.

I had been looking forward to this wedding as I knew my ex was going to be there, and despite her having a new boyfriend it shouldn’t be too awkward having parted on good terms. It had been a year or so since I had seen her, but I still considered her a good friend.

It was my college buddy’s wedding; it was, therefore, also a great chance to catch up with a lot of my mates whom I hadn’t seen since we had gone our separate ways, and weddings seem to bring out the best in people; always a good occasion to enjoy. The other beauty about weddings is the beauties! Without my girlfriend on my arm, I’d be free to appreciate the fine females on display (if only from a distance).

It was a long trip to the wedding, and I had company for the journey – I was travelling with my friend Paul, and relying on him for directions. As it was, I shouldn’t have, as we nearly ended up missing the start. Fortunately for us though, we arrived just in time and joined the congregation with slightly embarrassed smiles.

We walked to the back, and that was when I caught the first sight of the most beautiful girl in the whole room. Even better was that she caught my eye and smiled back at me. Not being one used to getting a huge amount of attention from girls, this improved my mood significantly and I instantly thought of what it would be like to be eating her sweet nectar pussy, which isn’t the most appropriate thought for a church! It had been a while since I had got laid – my girlfriend had been on her period the past week and refuses to have sex at such a time.

I also caught sight of my ex, who looked stunning in a long flowing blue dress seemingly held up by her formidable cleavage; this brought back heavenly memories of burying my head in between her breasts. She didn’t see me, but I knew I’d have plenty of chances to chat to her later on. She was with her new man, who looked much like the rest of us, in a well tailored suit, but with a bold choice of a light pink shirt, which I had to admit he pulled off well.

The service was enjoyable, if a little abrupt, but I wasn’t complaining – much like the rest of us there, we were looking forward to the reception and the frivolities afterwards; the service itself was just the prelude to the main event. Naturally I was pleased for my buddy, the groom, who looked as happy as I’d ever seen him. I had managed to sneak a few glances at the mystery beauty throughout, and caught her eye a couple of times. The attention felt good, and I was determined to enjoy my evening and hopefully get to know her a little better.

After the service, we went outside and went through the ritual of making small talk with the other guests, pretending to be interested in people twice my age. I didn’t mind this and I had no trouble talking to them while we waited for the photographer to call us for the main photo, in the meadow behind the church. That was my first opportunity to properly check out the girl I had my eye on, as she had disappeared when I got outside the church. She was near the front of photo, standing next to my ex, Isabelle, and as I walked by to locate a spot nearer the back I beamed at them both, and they returned my smile with equally large smiles.

From my view, I was able to feast my eyes on their lovely forms, and I noticed that Isabelle had lost a little weight since we were together and was looking better than ever, in her tight fitting dress. She had nothing on her friend though, in a smooth dark green satin number showing off her perfect figure and complimented with a lovely necklace, coming to rest just between her beautiful breasts.

After the photo the crowd dispersed, and we set off on our journey back to the reception – my buddies and I called a taxi and we shared the lift back (and the cost), and then proceeded to start drinking – Paul got the first round in; the prices were reasonable and I knew it was going to be a good night. Taking a look round the room and seeing all the gorgeous girls dressed up so well made my eyes water. Oh to be single again!

Being a taxi full of guys, naturally the topic of girls came up, and interestingly no one mentioned the mystery girl – the other guys seemed considerably more interested in the bridesmaids and another girl, apparently a blonde that I hadn’t seen. One of the bridesmaids was a known slut, and she was the topic of much chatter, speculation that she was bound to end up in some guy’s bed. I wasn’t really interested in canlı bahis a girl that had spent more time on her back that on her feet, but the thought of a girl with so much experience was exciting, especially as my previous girlfriends had been young and relatively inexperienced.

We continued chatting in small groups after getting another round of drinks. I finally saw Isabelle alone, talking to the bride, and knowing that the bride would be in high demand, I saw my opportunity to have a chat to Isabelle. I went over and greeted them, complimented the bride on her dress (would she ever tire of that?) and then also complimented Isabelle on her dress, all the while thinking about the body under that dress.

The three of us small talked for a while until the bride’s mother collared the bride, and left us together. As expected we caught up on our lives since we had left each other, and although it was a little awkward, given our past together, I really did enjoy talking to her again. There were occasional moments of sexual tension and, interestingly, when I asked about her new boyfriend, she wasn’t as enthusiastic as I may have expected, which could have been genuine or just for my benefit.

After a short while she finished her drink, and I offered to get her another one; we walked to the bar and I made the order for a beer and a Pimms for her. We noticed her boyfriend talking happily to the best man and she seemed content to keep chatting to me, so we got our drinks and went back to the corner.

At the bar I had noticed a small cheeky grin on her face, one which I had seen before and which usually meant she was horny and in a playful mood. I was jealous of her boyfriend, getting to spend the night with her tonight, as I was sure she was eager for cock already and it was only mid afternoon. She took a long drink and slowly extended her hand to my arm, lightly touching me, sending an electric shock right through me and causing my cock to stir in my boxer shorts.

“Just wanted to say thanks so much for the drink, and how nice it is to see you again,” she purred as she left her hand on my arm a little longer than would be expected.

“The pleasure is all mine,” I returned, cringing inwardly at how smooth I was trying to sound.

She glanced over my shoulder at her boyfriend.

“Joe has been there for ages, and this isn’t the first time he’s neglected me when we are out together; it really makes me think that he prefers drinking and talking about football to people he barely knows rather than spending time with me.”

She was testing me, and I knew it. She wanted my attention, and to see how much I still felt for her. I had two options – play it cool, knowing that we both had partners, or step over the line and risk showing too much affection towards her – affection that would have been suitable only for when we were together.

Luckily I was saved, and what an angel it was that saved me! The mystery girl appeared suddenly and put her arm around Isabelle.

“This man isn’t upsetting you is he, Izy?” she joked, grinning at me. I knew they were good friends from what I had seen so far, and she obviously knew Isabelle well because she picked up on her emotions.

“Much the opposite” she smiled back keeping her eyes on me. “He’s been very kind,” she added, but tailed off as though she was going to say more but didn’t want to.

Her friend looked at me approvingly, and stuck out her hand.

“I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure… I’m Holly.”

Just the way her luscious lips formed the word ‘pleasure’ as she lingered on it, got my thoughts racing again. I would love to take those lips and touch them to my own, but thoughts of my girlfriend flashed back in my head.

“I don’t believe so, Holly. I’m Liam, and it’s wonderful to meet you,” I replied, taking her hand in mine as I met her stare and tried to match her stunning smile. “You look fantastic, your dress suits you so well,” I followed up as we slowly released each other’s hands. I thought I saw a flash of jealousy on Isabelle’s face as I said this, and although it was gone as soon as it came, I realised I needed to be very careful what I said.

We chatted for a while about the wedding, reverting to small talk again, until surprisingly Joe returned and joined us. I glanced over at the bar and the best man had disappeared; without anyone to talk to, Joe had come back to familiar ground and had bought a full drink with him.

I had been enjoying the company of the two gorgeous girls on my own and was annoyed that he had come along; immediately the conversation turned to him, and we made ourselves familiar with each other. I knew more about him than I did Holly, and I was far more interested in her. Although he had been drinking for a while he could obviously handle his drink insofar as he was perfectly coherent and actually quite pleasant. I wondered if he knew that I used to date his girlfriend.

He had his arm round her and she was bahis siteleri leaning into him, making me feel the need for affection more than I thought I would. Maybe I hadn’t completely let go of her in my mind, and seeing her again today brought back old feelings to the surface. Holly maybe sensed this and turned her attention directly to me.

“So Liam, tell me about yourself.”

She smiled and I instantly felt warm inside. This was a special girl, and the fact that she was interested in me made me feel amazing. I gave her a quick résumé about myself, covering all the basics, carefully mentioning the fact that I worked for a big financial company, in a solid role, hoping to impress her somewhat. I was more interested in hearing about her though, and returned the question never taking my eyes off her face, except to take in her body again, enjoying the cleavage that her dress presented so well.

I found out she had just finished college, like myself, but had not got a job yet as her father had his own company, and she was set to learn the ropes, but only after she had taken some time out to enjoy herself. She was not ready to immerse herself in the family business quite yet. This showed she was obviously smart and headstrong, which was a real turn on for me, although if I’m honest her body was more than enough of a turn on anyway.

Chatting turned into light flirting and I took the opportunity to touch her playfully as and when I could. Joe and Isabelle seemed wrapped up in themselves which suited me, although I did catch Isabelle glancing over at us, or maybe me, a few times.

All good things come to an end, and after a while we were summoned to sit down for the meal. I had checked the seating plan, and unfortunately was not on their table; they went to find out where they were sitting, and I told Holly that I looked forward to chatting with her again. She replied that she couldn’t wait, and my heart jumped again. As the three of them left together I turned to look for my buddies, who I had rather been neglecting. As Isabelle brushed past me she let her hand graze ever so slightly over my ass, and turning towards her she gave me a little wink – she was wearing that cheeky grin again. What I wouldn’t give to get her in bed right now!

We sat down for the meal. I was flanked by my mates and we had a lot of fun. The meal was delicious and filled the hole (at least the hunger hole, not the hole in my loins fuelled by the alcohol and the desire that was ever increasing).

Not one to pass up on the free booze, my friends and I made quick work of the free wine, helping our playful moods even more; much banter was flying round even before the main course arrived. The large sized portions helped soak up a considerable amount of the alcohol and keep us in check for the moment at least.

From where I was positioned I could see Holly and Isabelle quite nicely about 10 metres away on a nearby table, with a side on view of Holly which accentuated her perky breasts, and to her left Isabelle with more of a frontal view, and this made eye contact rather convenient. Joe was to her left so she was talking to him a lot but often she would turn to talk to Holly and make a lingering glance in my direction, our eyes meeting and sharing knowing smiles. On one occasion I noticed them both lean in close to each other and glance in my direction, whispering and giggling to each other. I was sure at this point that Holly knew about my past with Isabelle.

As the meal concluded, the speeches came, and they were more humorous than I had expected, and gave plenty of opportunity to toast the happy bride and groom with the free champagne that had been placed on our table.

Paul caught me checking the pair of girls out a couple of times during the meal, and only afterwards did he bring it up.

Gesturing at them in a group he said, “They’re after you mate, but I’m sure both of them are too much for you to handle, so how about we take one each?”

“I think the booze is making you see things mate,” I said.

I laughed it off and moving on quickly, I got another round of drinks in.

Paul wasn’t quite so happy to move on, and after we’d got our drinks he took me aside and, obviously keen to try his luck, he wanted me to introduce him to the pair who were still sitting at their table chatting away. Feeling emboldened he started walking over there without waiting to hear my reply. I caught up with him and we sidled over to their table; I sat to the left of Isabelle and he sat to my left.

Isabelle greeted me warmly, “Hi handsome”.

I beamed at her and Holly, who had a seductive smile on her face, both of them seemingly oblivious to Paul, who promptly poked me in the ribs. I turned to Paul and did the introductions and then it was polite small talk time again with Paul saying not more than necessary, trying to play coy; although I listened my mind was elsewhere thinking of these two gorgeous girls and having them all to bahis şirketleri myself.

Shortly after Joe came over and sat down next to Holly. He became involved in the conversation and then we were joined by a few of their mutual friends and it turned into a big group chat, covering several light-hearted topics. I could see this being a long chat and wanted a way out, so I could get Isabelle and Holly in a setting more conducive to more personal chatting. I had an idea but wasn’t sure whether it would work.

I snaked my hand under the table and ever so lightly rested it on Isabelle’s satin covered knee. She turned to look at me, but before she could say anything I directed a question at her, but loud enough for others to hear.

“Where are the toilets in this place?”

I knew where they were, and she knew that I knew, but she was a sharp girl – that was one of the things that I was originally attracted to in her, and she picked up on it straight away.

“I could do with going too actually; I’ll show you where they are,” she announced so as to let everyone know.

We slunk away without arousing any suspicion, but if people knew what was on my mind, and what I hoped Isabelle was thinking they’d have had other ideas. Sitting there all that time had given me plenty of time to think about how to get her alone, and to see where things led.

As soon as we were out of the room, she linked her arm through mine, and whispered in my ear, “We haven’t got much time, let’s go for a walk,” and directed me to the stairs leading to the hotel above. I knew she was staying in the hotel where the reception was being held because it was recommended in the invitation, and almost everyone was. However, I hadn’t been able to book because Lucy wouldn’t say whether she wanted to go or not until late on, so Paul and I ended up down the road in an equally nice hotel but with the added hassle of getting there.

I knew now that she was thinking exactly the same as I was, but despite my lust for her, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to go through with it, thinking of Lucy back at home. However, there was something I’d read last year which came into my head about life being judged by experiences, and in my mind (possibly clouded by the alcohol) this was an experience I didn’t want to pass up on. I took her hand, and squeezed it, and my mind was made up.

As we got to the next floor, I gestured towards the lift and said, “Let’s take the lift the rest of the way”.

She agreed and we waited patiently, got in and waited for the doors to close. At once our hands were all over each other; we were kissing passionately as if we had never split up. It was as though all my feelings for her were rushing back in that instant and flooding over me with such power that my legs felt weak, but we were holding each other so tightly that I felt extraordinarily close and totally at one with her.

I cupped her ass cheeks, lifted her up and pushed her against the wall of the lift as it pinged and we were rudely interrupted by an elderly couple who gave us a peeved but understanding look. As they weren’t guests at the wedding, they’d never know about our illicit affair, but nonetheless we were excited by the act of getting caught and we ran to her room giggling and out of breath.

As she was opening the door I reached around and felt her breasts through her figure hugging dress. As soon as she got through the door I pulled it down uncovering the tits that I used to know and love. Spinning her around I sank my face into her very familiar chest enjoying every moment; her gorgeous lips opened and let out a moan. I took each nipple into my mouth lightly nibbling on them as I had done many times before knowing how much it turned her on. Sure enough she responded by running her hands all over my back, then pushing her dress further and further down her body.

I stood up, embraced her and we started kissing again furiously, as her hands started undoing the buttons of my shirt, and ripping off my tie. She soon had me topless and having her run her hands over my bare chest was almost too much for me and I couldn’t wait any longer. I picked her up and taking her over to the bed, dropped her onto it, on her back. I manipulated her dress over her curvy hips and down past her ankles leaving her with just her lace panties on. Already I could see the wet patch spreading, and I could smell her juices. She wanted it just as much as I did!

Even though I knew we didn’t have much time before someone would notice our disappearance, I had to taste her before we had sex, I just had to. Of my previous girlfriends I’d had none that tasted as good as Isabelle and I wanted to remind myself just how good she tasted. I pulled her knickers off and she spread her legs wide exposing her pink pussy with her inviting lips protruding for me, just asking to be licked. I sank to my knees and kissed up each leg, enjoying touching and caressing her delectable creamy thighs – until I got to my prize.

I sunk my lips into her nether lips inhaling her incredible smell and tasting her sweet juice which was already gushing out of her slit, and I just lapped up as much as I could, the rest coating my chin.