He Be Uncle Genesis


Inside the Party Room, 19 year old Zoe bent down on one knee, dropping her chin to the floor and took the china plate in her teeth. Oh, it was disgusting to look at. A piece of pizza, four lipstick stained cigarette butts and an anchovy.

Zoe began slowly pulling her chin up, feeling the intense pain from her knees on the floor of the Kappa Gamma Sade Party Room. Zoe’s wrists were in acute pain, cuffed as they were behind her back.

How the hell was she to get back to her feet? A heavy plate in her teeth, no balance from her fucking arms…and if she spilled the plate, Thomasine would make sure Zoe had to eat up the pizza, butts and anchovy, God.

And Zoe had already crawled around on the floor eating up all the assorted crap from last night’s keg party. She’d even licked up some vomit in the corner.

Zoe had picked up pieces of broken glass in her mouth, bending over, and spat them out, getting blood on her tongue, from dropped beer steins.

As Zoe bent down now, her breasts rubbed against her stomach, and Zoe began weeping softly. Earlier that morning, Tommie, Beth, and that other bitch, Claire had been rubbing jalapeno peppers on Zoe’s full breasts.

It hurt so much…still!

They’d really enjoyed it though. It astonished Zoe that Tommie could go to Mass, and Beth and Claire to the Landon Chapel, and come back to torture poor Zoe like this!

In fact, when Zoe had inadvertently called Claire a cunt, Tommie had rubbed some hot pepper in Zoe’s mouth citing Proverbs 10:31: “The mouth of the just bringeth forth wisdom: but the forward tongue shall be cut out.”

All this, and that, after last night, when Beth and her boyfriend had been fucking in one bed and Tommie had been fucking another guy in Zoe’s bed.

They’d made Zoe place her neck on the hard wooded back of one chair and her feet on another and they’d forced her to suspend her whole body between the whole chairs all night.

From ten o’clock, when Zoe had been forced to leave the party, until this morning, she’d had to lie between these chairs.

And from ten to midnight Zoe had been forced to hold up two Yellow Pages telephone books while trying to support herself between the two chairs. Her neck would never feel the same!

And then all the horrible pepper torture this morning!

It hadn’t been as bad as the week before, when Zoe and the tranny Marjeta had been bound to a table in the KGS Student Union, and had their genitals shot with postal pepper spray.

Poor Marjeta’s cock and balls had almost turned violet, and he’d cried like an infant in a toaster oven.

That had been horrible, but not quite as painful as just having the peppers rubbed all over…

And Kyra, tapping her way home from synagogue, had dropped by Tommie’s room while they were rubbing Zoe…

And shown the others how much fun it was to jam a toilet brush into Zoe’s twat…though it was worse after Beth had accompanied it with a hot pepper!

Kyra had left, and then Skinner had dropped in, and she’d shown the girls an electric baton which was the kind used to torture Falun Gong prisoners. A big black thing, Zoe had been terrified.

Skinner had grinned while waving around the three foot black baton, which had two electrodes at one end, and an insulated handle at the other.

Zoe had gasped as Skinner had shot forth a few blueish sparks from the electric baton, grinning.

“Do you want the safe word?” Skinner had asked, but Zoe had remained silent. After all, as Kyra had counseled her…she’d transferred to Landon for a reason.

Zoe knew that Tommie was furious at this, because even Thomasine, who was Skinner’s submissive, had used the safe word when Skinner had wanted to use the electric baton on her.

The first shock, when Skinner put the sizzling baton to Zoe’s breast made Zoe scream in agony.

As the electric current hit Zoe’s nipple, she felt pain and numbness, and her brain seemed to twitch, as if the current shot up to her curly blonde head.

It felt almost as if Zoe was being stabbed with fifty needles at once. It reminded her of being a child and going to the allergist, where one was repeatedly stung by needles, but this was so much worse.

Zoe also had been shocked electrically by mistake once, when dropping her hair dryer in the bathtub, but it had only been for a moment. This was like an eternity of shocking!

“Do you want to stop?” Skinner asked, as she saw the paleness of Zoe’s face.

“N-no” Zoe had said…she had been absolutely wet with excitement despite the pain, but oh no…

It had sizzled again, the baton as it touched her night nipple, with Skinner grinning around her Virginia Slim.

“Tommie’s too much of a wimp for this, Zoe.” Skinner had said, as Tommie gave Zoe a hateful look. “You’re the kind of sub for me!”

As the sizzling electrodes connected once again with Zoe’s tender nipple, Zoe felt as if her heart had stopped beating, and all of a sudden she could barely breathe.

As the shock went through Zoe’s right breast she’d begun sweating, and her kuşadası escort blood had run cold.

Tommie, with a nasty smile, had stepped up and taken the electric baton from Skinner and touched it to Zoe’s neck.

When the electric current hit Zoe’s neck, she felt completely suffocated, and her throat felt as if dynamite was going off in it.

As the baton had shocked the right side of Zoe’s neck, she’d leaned to the right involuntarily twitching.

Tommie was biting her lip, looking as if she would swoon with pleasure, but Skinner had just been impressed.

“You’re doing great, babe…hold it.

This bitch can dish it out but she can’t take it.” Skinner had said, giving a contemptuous look at the angry Tommie.

“This is so cool” Beth had said. “What else could we do to her?”

Skinner smiled.

“Well, my Master, who this baton belongs to, pushed a plastic tube up my butt and shot cold water up it, and then shocked me…but I won’t put Zoe through that.”

Skinner snatched the baton from Thomasine.

“Enough, you coward…I’ll put her through this, because I’ve gone through it. She’ s a tough kid.”

Zoe’s eyes had shone with love when Thomasine had said that…but then she’d faltered as the baton had come again.

Although Thomasine was angry, her efforts were not practiced…but Skinner’s were. And coldly, Skinner knew how to do serious damage!

An eternity of shocking. Repeated volts…and it was just beginning.

Skinner shocked Zoe’s legs, her waist, her breasts, her stomach, her palms, her armpits, her arms, her neck and her mouth, and the soles of her feet…

This before moving the baton to Zoe’s ass!

The jolts from the baton just lightly touching Zoe’s full buttocks had almost shot the girl across the room…and for a moment she’d forgotten the horrible jalapeno peppers…

But now, as Zoe finally got up on one knee, and then slowly raised herself to her feet, with the heavy china plate in her mouth, the stinging had come back.

Zoe took halting steps to the garbage can, and, gripping the china plate even tighter in her mouth, shook it, bouncing her chin against her neck until all the detritus on the plate had landed in the garbage can.

Then Zoe, who was walking extra carefully because Tommie had insanely tied wooden blocks to the bottom of Zoe’s feet. She carried the plate over to the bucket where the other plates were, and gently dropped it in.

“Bravo, woman.”

Zoe’s heart leaped in her chest, and she turned around, and there was Uncle Genesis, the drunken black gardener.

He’d staggered into the Party Room while she was busy cleaning.

Zoe closed her eyes. My God, what does he think?

She was naked, except for the ridiculous blocks tied to her feet, and her hands were cuffed behind her back.

Uncle Genesis, who was astonishingly ugly.

Yes, having only four teeth in his head, and nose cartilage that was almost entirely eaten away from cocaine abuse, got up and began staggering closer to Zoe.

Uncle Genesis winked at her, with the eye that was not milky blind from herpes simplex of the eye, and she smiled gamely.

She could smell the stink of wine on him.

“Baby…I think it’s terrible that them girls treat choo dat way. Huh. Dat’s bad.”

Zoe closed her eyes.

This was going to be tricky, could she get out of his way?

Uncle Genesis got closer and looked into Zoe’s eyes.

“Baby, what you needs is jus’ a little lovin’.”

The heiress to the Islington, DeToledano & Rushden Business Machines fortune and New England’s drunkest landscaper faced each other, quite uncertainly.

Good God, what now?

Uncle Genesis stepped a little closer, swaying from last night’s inhale of seven half pints of MD 20-20.

“P-please” the hoochie said.

“Uncle Genesis, y-you don’t understand.”

She backed up a bit more, but Uncle G was willing to chase, and he stood a little closer.

“Come on, baby…give Uncle Genesis some lovin’.”

Impulsively Uncle Genesis reached out and grabbed the little chicken head’s left breast.

Nice. Uncle G had never touched white skin he hadn’t paid for.

Uncle Genesis squeezed and pulled the breast.

What a nice set of fun bags fine little Blondie has! Not like those ant bites Kasheeda got, can’t even see the little rascals on the end.

Uncle Genesis might kick Kasheeda to the curb and date Blondie more often. These some chesticles.

But how often she be in handcuffs? Uncle Genesis ran his tongue across his bleeding gums meditatively.

Uncle Genesis tweaked Blondie’s nipple on her right head cushion and she screamed, and pulled her diddie away, and Uncle Genesis was saddened.

“Come on, baby…let Uncle G jam you’ tuna.”

Uncle Genesis got closer, and fine little Blondie became irritable.

“Look, my dad will have you in jail if you keep touching me.” the freak said threateningly.

“Baby, I’se not de one what locked you’ han’s behind yo’ back.”

Uncle kuşadası escort bayan Genesis said weightily.

“You must’ have let someone do dat.

De girls upstairs in de Tibshelf Smoking’ Lounge say you down here and dey lock you up like dat.”

The little tool shed looked upset.

“You-you mean they sent you down to-to–” It was too much for her, and she began to sob.

Uncle Genesis nodded patiently.

“Whut you think? I don’ come down to the Party Room on mah own. I’se a landscaper, a god-nuh.”

Actually, Uncle Genesis was in charge of raking beer cans out of the flower beds, hardly a gardener…but we all like to inflate the resume!

“I-I thought they were my friends”

Blondie began doing the waterworks, and Uncle Genesis grew somewhat restive.

He just wanted Blondie to churn his butter, right? That fillet-o-fish down there smell GOOD.

“I jus’ want to get mah man wit you, bitch.” Uncle Genesis said pleadingly.

“I-I don’t have any friends at all here! They betrayed me” the blonde cooter sobbed.

He didn’t care about tuna bitch’s problems. Uncle Genesis was no therapist. He advanced upon the girl again, and she backed up again.

Uncle Genesis grabbed the little blonde biscuit by her curls and dragged her to her knees, watching in amusement as she tried to struggle.

But on her wrists were genuine po-lice handcuffs, Uncle G knew this, for he’d had them on hisself a few times personally.

Finally he got the little girl DOWN there, on her knees, and he began fumbling with his zipper, but, son of a bitch if she didn’t get up again.

Uncle Genesis reached over and slapped the girl, HARD.

“Look heah, you goin’ to let me put mah dong in you jaw, now.”

See, now I got her nose bleeding. She didn’t have to go troo dat. She got me mad, right?

Uncle Genesis moved a little closer, menacingly, and the little Blondie backed up.

Uncle Genesis now grabbed both her little tiddies and squeezed them real hard, letting go of the left one and punching it lightly.

Blondie howled, but shit, she can take more than that. Look at them burn marks on huh skin, right? She someone’s dog.

Uncle Genesis grabbed Blondie by her shoulders and he shook her until her teeth rattled. Damn and her eyes be rolling round…

“Now, you goin’ to let me skull fuck you a little bit? You goin’ to gimme some of that skull?” Damn if Blondie wasn’t some obstinate bitch.

Uncle Genesis had punked out a number of white boys in the joint who gave in a lot faster than this co-educational cooch.

Annoyed, Uncle Genesis slapped the little tampon socket across the head again.

“Look, I doan mean to be nasty, but you got to co-operate, stench trench.” Uncle Genesis said persuasively.

But suddenly, there was a new voice in the room.

“Not cooperating, Zoe?”

Skinner McCoy grinned at the scene. Truly, she found Uncle Genesis disgusting, and she worried about what possible diseases he might have.

Skinner wouldn’t actually make Zoe fuck Uncle G, but she might enjoy watching Zoe suck Uncle’s dick a little bit.

Skinner looked down at her electric baton with pride. This little monster is so much fun. Skinner activated the sparks, and her panties became soaked looking at it.

Last night, Skinner’s Master had zapped Skinner’s nipples on and off for hours, and this morning, Skinner had truly enjoyed putting Zoe through her paces with the evil electric baton.

Oooh. How beautifully bruised Zoe’s sculpted, alabaster bosom had looked after a few vicious shocks from the electric baton! What fun this baton was…

Skinner’s lover, Narcissus Sickles, had brought the electric baton back from his junior year in Beijing.

“It’s (cough) s-so much f-fun, Skinner, (cough) b-baby.”

Sickles had said, his pale, moon face had shone as he’d squinted at his girlfriend through prescription sunglasses that he wore for nearsightedness and his half-Albino condition.

No one could understand what the shapely brunette and Pledge mistress of Kappa Gamma Sade saw in Sickles, as he liked to be called.

Sickles was thin, tubercular, and albino…he stuttered and spat when he talked, but he was a vicious and imaginative master!

True, Skinner could have knocked Sickles over with her left hand, he was so weak…but she submitted to him utterly, and the electric baton from China showed his ingenuity…

“They l-let me work o-over the (cough) Falun Gong practitioners, baby” Sickles said, grinning.

“B-but I decided to bring th-the (cough) baton home to torment y-you, too.”

Oh, it had been incredible, especially when Sickles and Joel, Kyra’s master had held Skinner down, stripped naked, and shoved the garden hose up her butt, shooting freezing water into her anus.

As Joel held her down, and the water had shot through Skinner, Sickles had touched the electric baton to the small of Skinner’s back.

“Sp-spinal t-tap baby.” Sickles had whined, grinning, and Skinner, escort kuşadası with water and electricity combined, had had the shock of her life…

She’d been a weeping mess for hours afterwards, while Joel and Sickles had laughed and thrown darts at her buttocks, as they stuck out while her head was buried in her arms.

But now Skinner had borrowed the marvelous electric baton, and she was going to enjoy it with Miss Zoe just a little more…

Really, she had to, as the interest on the loan from Sickles was that he carve his initials in Skinner’s tender inner thigh with a piece of broken glass!

“N.S.” had never felt so painful.

Uncle Genesis looked suspiciously at the dark haired skank coming in the door. What she want? What dat stick with the sparks?

European-Americans had always mystified Uncle Genesis, and especially the Caucasian women that lived in this here KGS House.

But the dark haired bitch was now walking around Uncle Genesis towards the blonde skeezer. What happen now?

“What’s wrong, Zoe?” dark haired mother said to Blondie.

“Don’t you want to be friendly with Uncle Genesis, sweetheart? He’s the jewel of Landon University, didn’t you know that?”

As Uncle Genesis watch in bemused wonder, the dark fox put the buzzing stick behind the blonde booty’s booty, and there was a buzz, and Hallelujah! Blondie came closer to Uncle G.

Uncle Genesis stepped a little closer, and clumsily grabbed Blondie by the shoulder.

Ooooh, Blondie kicked Uncle Genesis in his business, and Uncle G fell over, moaning.

As Uncle G opened his eyes, he watched the dark haired nasty buzzing Blondie with the spark stick again and again.

“How dare you kick poor Uncle Genesis in his testicles” dark hair said, laughing. “You are going to give him a nice blowjob to make up for this trespass.”

Never had Zoe been so terrified.

Her very existence was so repelled by Uncle Genesis…he looked a bit as if he had some sort of RASH growing on the side of his face.

But Skinner’s baton was in force!

Zoe’s buttocks, thighs, legs, back, elbows and wrists had blisters and burns from the work of Skinner’s electric baton…

Yes, she felt as if she’d had enough, and she was sobbing in terror.

Skinner tapped the baton.

“Zoe, honey. All you have to do is say the safe word–mercy. If you say mercy, I’ll put this thing away, throw Uncle Genesis the fuck out of the Party Room–“

“Whut?” Uncle G asked, outraged. “I wan’ little white bitch hear to suck mah–“

“Shut up!” Skinner screamed.

Uncle Genesis fell silent, ruminating, doubtless on this being just one more affront to his people.

Skinner came close to Zoe, and turned the baton off.

“Look, Zoe, you’re cool. If you want to say the safe word, go ahead. Tommie is a total coward and has said it; Beth subbed to me, she said it…

Kyra and I and slave jakob and one or two girls on the Eighth Floor are the only subs who never have called for a safe word, and you are cool with me, if you can’t take the torture.”

Skinner stroked the tears away from Zoe.

“You can get dressed, do your thing, I’ll even take you out to lunch…and you still will have a great record of only calling for mercy once.

Tommie’s done it fifty times, Beth more than that. You won’t lose my respect.”

But Zoe knew Skinner was being nice.

“I can take anything you can take, Skinner.” Zoe said defiantly. “I’m not going to suck that nigger’s dick, and I’m not going to call the safe word. Forget it.”

Zoe tossed her curls.

“I-I’m in a lot of pain, but I won’t give in, and seriously, it kind of turns me on.”

Skinner looked down and indeed, there was juice drooling down Zoe’s right thigh. Skinner smiled.

“We’re alike, you and I.” she said.

“When Sickles and I were first dating, in 9th grade, he would tie me to my parents electric fence, stark naked.

Then he would turn it on and off until I was crying…and he’d get me to promise to drink a bucket of my horse’s urine from the stables…

And then Sickles would let me free, and we’d fuck like bunnies…and then I put a ground electrode into Sickle’s urethra, and it was just incredible!”

Skinner cracked her gum, thinking about it.

“Then Sickles and I pooled our allowances and bought an electro ejaculator, it is interesting.

A specially designed electric probe is inserted into the rectum next to the prostate.

Yes, and then a current generated by the machine is applied to stimulate the nerves and produce contraction of the pelvic muscles resulting in an ejaculation.”

Skinner snorted. “We used to fight over it CONSTANTLY.”

Zoe smiled, thinking of when she used to masturbate with a live stereo audio amplifier.

Or the time she’d poked a hole in one of her mother’s sponges back in junior high, and threaded some exposed wires from a lamp cord through it.

Zoe had dipped the sponge in salt water, and put it on a coaster and sat on it, grinding the sparking sponge into her already quite soaked snatch.

“Look, I’m no wimpier than you are, Skinner. I am not looking forward to this, entirely, but I can take it all day.”

Skinner grinned. “Tell you what. I’ll give you a nice little bit of fun…and then we’ll get dressed and go get a beer.