Herworld Chronicles Ch. 04


As Nilok carefully stretched and nursed his soreness, he looked out across the street and then up to the lofty citadel, dreaming once more of what might be. He held the bars as various women passed by with their slaves in tow; either ignoring him completely or giving brief glances of utter contempt. As his eyes followed the rear of a particularly shapely woman down the street, something touched one of his hands; it was the little girl he’d seen over to the west. She smiled pitifully at him and passed him a large ripe apple.

“Mistress Serena says this is for you.” She smiled at him as he thanked her and skipped across the street and a little way down a side street. His heart raced as he saw the child link hands with the lovely Serena; she looked at him from afar and smiled weakly before turning guiltily away with the child in tow. He stood rigid against the bars, staring after her long after she had disappeared from sight.

Eventually he slumped down and groaned, cursing his forgetfulness as his back stung with pain. He looked at the apple; he wanted to keep it forever, but was hungry too. As he crunched through the morsel, he wondered how things would pan out; did she feel for him on only seeing him the once? Was this merely an act of pity or charity? How could he see her again?

As he ate even the core, a woman with four males on a chain rang the bell of the house. She gave Clara some money and Clara pointed at him. She opened the cage and struck him with a large stick, just for good measure. He winced with pain again as the rear of the chain was attached to his collar. The woman smiled dolefully at him.

“Ready for a nice day’s work up at the citadel? I’ve paid good money so you’d better be; I’ll cut your balls off otherwise.” He was glad to get away from Clara, regardless of what toil lay ahead. Two more hapless males were collected as they were marched up the winding streets to the lofty citadel. He found it almost exhilarating when they traversed the narrow streets up near the base of the looming towers; he was able to look down and across the vista of Ovum Fortis and the forests and fields that lay beyond; somehow, he could just not get that forest out his mind, it was so inviting.

Eventually they entered the lower stories of the citadel. Just as he’d imagined, there were some very fine young women there. They giggled and waved at the grubby males from a veranda overlooking the area which was being newly constructed. A pretty, but assertive looking woman with tight leggings cracked a long whip through the air; it was apparent what would happen if they slacked.

He was given a leather sling- like object, with which he was to carry huge rocks from a pile below, up the winding stairs to where the masons worked. The whip was cracked behind him as he struggled at first; he soon got the technique, and spent several hours skipping up and down endless stairs. They were allowed breaks every so often, and as he sat his hands bled where he’d been over casual and dropped rocks on them occasionally.

As he took a cup of water in one hand, a slender hand took the other and gently washed the dirt from it, before applying a soothing cream to the cuts. It was one of the masons, who were all female and showed a great deal of kindness to their male labourers. This one was very pretty indeed and about half his age. She had him change hands and tended the other. A companion came over and whispered something in her ear.

“I think she’d like to take you home with her; I bet you’d like to make her comfortable too.” Giggled the young woman; he smiled and was about to return the compliment when the conversation was cut short as the woman who’d taken him from Clara, loomed up and the masons waved goodbye.

“Back to work now; you’re not on sale here, you know who your mistress is.” He knew all too well, and picked up another rock. He had been hard at work, and as noon approached, he was allowed to sit once more. His hands were in better shape now; his technique had improved and the kuşadası escort cream had eased the soreness. He gratefully downed several cups of cool water whilst chewing a stiff bread roll as he exchanged furtive glances with the pretty masons. Shortly before he was to be prompted back to his labours, the plaintive notes of a flute cut the air from the veranda; the notes were anything but expert and when the attempted tune ceased, he heard distant giggling from the building. After a pause, a bolder tune arose; it was expertly tuneful and pleasing to the ear, the lips that now blew knew how to hold a note.

As the associate of Clara motioned to her team to resume, he stood and was amazed at what he saw. There under the veranda with the girls he’d seen earlier was Serena. She stood, also transfixed as she stared straight at him, dropping the flute. The girls giggled and almost bumped heads in their haste to be the first to pick it up. Serena’s face broke into a bewildered smile, as the breeze wafted her elegant hair to one side. A crack of the whip from the slender woman in the yard brought him swiftly to his senses, and he bent to pick his first rock of the shift, looking back and not believing his luck.

He now descended the stairs with impatience on each trip, and dwelt overly- long in the courtyard as he chose each rock, listening for the flute and hoping she was still there. Though the plaintive notes of the girls’ music lesson had faded after an hour or so, he hoped upon hope that she’d still be there when he was allowed the final afternoon Break.

Serena had finished her scheduled tuition of the girls, and having watched him toil from the veranda, had extended things as long as she could. Her pupils were glad of the attractive woman’s company and were happy she remained a little longer; she was not like the dragon who taught them violin. Serena tingled when she watched him; why had he risked punishment just to see where she lived? The little girl had told her of the man who stood by her house, and Bella had described ‘Nilok’ at the Manor. She had been strangely elated when the two huntresses had been able to say exactly who owned him, and where he was kept. She bade goodbye to the girls as the weary team began to assemble in the courtyard for the final break.

Nilok listened hard and sat down whilst looking urgently about him. As he leaned over and filled a cup, Serena stepped out and descended the steps that led down from the veranda, and stood next to a buttress which hid her from the guard. He nearly dropped the cup as he saw her standing not six feet from him; he walked smartly over without hesitation. He automatically knelt before her, obscured from the view of others by the buttress. She tingled a little more with the closeness of him; she’d love to watch him work in her garden or at the manor and then have his company in the evenings; he was very nice. She came to her senses; he was someone else’s.

“Why did you come to my house, and then my manor? I could have you whipped for snooping about my property; why, males have been hanged just for suspicion of burglary!” He looked up at her and spoke in obvious sincerity,

“I just wanted to see you, I just find you so attractive.” He looked at her and thought how he would willingly accept a whipping if she were to administer it. Blue eyes met green, and her pussy tingled with excitement at the idea of having him on his knees before her on a regular basis. He stood as a commotion behind them ruined the momentary idyll they shared.

“I’m only here once a week, I doubt I shall see you tomorrow.” To his astonishment she grabbed his arms and kissed him on the cheek; he savoured the fragrance of her for just a moment, then she was gone, up the steps. His cock bulged from his leggings as he resumed his work.

At six, he was linked to the others and they were marched back down to where their various owners kept them; there was no burning sunset this evening, just dappled sunshine mixed with rain in kuşadası escort bayan the air, though this did not dampen his spirits. Clara dragged him in when he returned and dumped him in the bath. She got in with him and had him wash her fat body down. She constantly struck his arms and shoulders spitefully with a thin cane.

“I’ve heard how you flirted with those young masons; I’ll teach you to be disrespectful to young women and put me to shame. You shall have a caning before you lick my arse tonight.” She smiled dominantly down at him as he knelt and padded her dry. He rubbed her huge cheeks knowing his face would be engulfed by them soon; the globes wobbled mockingly at him as she teased him with the cane.

“You enjoy that arse as much as you can; the money you’ll earn me at the citadel will go to my buying a new younger slave; he’ll be obedient and not run off, like you. I shall let you watch him fuck me.” This did not bother Nilok too much, he was almost relieved. She sneered at him, pleased to have told him that his labours were to provide a younger, fresher, cock for her.

He was leashed and taken to the bedroom; no sweet young girls this evening to provide distraction, they were having a holiday at a remote manor somewhere.

She had him kneel down facing the fire in the bedroom, and tethered his wrists to supporting post at head level; he could droop under the severe caning she intended giving him, but would not be able to go flat to the floor. She would have her satisfaction even if he passed out with the pain.

She strutted around the post cutting the air with cane, ensuring he had ample time to fully appreciate that he was to be severely punished. Though she was not particularly attractive to him, being bound naked before a naked woman, and with the growing scent of her arousal permeating the room, gave him an erection. Clara sneered all the more when she saw this and gave his cock a sharp rap with cane, making him cry out. She then moved to one side of him and pulled her cheeks apart.

“Sniff my arse!” He was at her complete mercy and was almost ashamed that he enjoyed the comfort of taking in the warm tangy aroma of Clara’s anal scent; the fire and her arousal had made her very sticky.

“You’ll know pain before you’re allowed to lick it. You DO want to lick it, don’t you?” He could not deny it, it was natural for all men to be submissive to women, and she was very superior. His cock bulged; he now wanted to worship that huge arse and was almost looking forward to being caned too.

“Yes Mistress Clara, I want to lick your arse clean, please cane me.” She laughed at his servility and her pussy tingled excitedly at his eagerness to be punished; this enhanced her erotic wickedness, and she would enjoy cutting him with cane all the more. She turned and looked smugly down at him; he was hers to punish and he was defeated already. She pulled his face into her moist arousal.

“There, you sniff the woman who will now cane you; if you take your punishment well, and then service my arse nicely I may allow you to masturbate at my feet before you pleasure me fully.” He was almost trance-like as his nose accepted the heady and highly seasoned aroma of her womanhood. The scent took command of his mind and body; he wanted to breathe it in forever.

She moved back and swished the air with the stick, making his cock pulse with anticipation; he now yearned to be caned. Clara was now as eager to be licked as she was to inflict the pain upon him. She wasted no more time as her pussy squirmed luxuriantly between her bulbous thighs. She stepped back and smiled wickedly as she brought the flexible rod down hard against his waiting buttocks for the first time; Nilok wailed in agony as the cane left its glowing red stripe across his rear.

Clara gritted her teeth and sneered through flared nostrils as she savoured each arc and impact of the stinging cane; the action boosted her adrenaline, and he was shown no mercy as the enjoyment of escort kuşadası his cries fuelled the spiteful side of Clara’s erotic nature. The sweat dripped from her huge breasts and buttocks, mingling with the juices from her sex, as she delivered the punishment with absolute relish. Her pussy tingled close to orgasm at one point, as she revelled in her dominance and he sagged at the pole in utter submission to the cane, and more so to the supreme woman who wielded it.

He wept openly as the stinging stripes across his back and buttocks were further enflamed as beads of salty sweat ran into the wounds. Clara tingled with satisfaction; she would have her arse licked now. He sighed with relief as her sweaty thigh brushed his face as she urgently freed his wrists. She had planned to give him a long speech at this point, but her need for his tongue had overcome this. She pulled him toward the bed, and he knelt with his arms over the end of the mattress as he waited for the throbbing pain to subside. Despite the soreness his cock remained erect and dribbled its lubrication.

Clara climbed on to the bed and raised her huge thighs, pulling them back to reveal her hot sweaty anus between the folds of her dripping cheeks.

“Lick” She commanded. His pain and tears subsided as he duly lay on the bed and willingly took in her luscious scents as he pressed his nose to the warmth of her sex, and his tongue gratefully licked at the tangy musky arsehole, His cock was rigid on the sheets as he licked and probed at the excited and tart juices that flowed from his owners body. Clara stroked excitedly at her clitoris; she wanted to come so much, whilst the memory of his caning was so fresh in her mind, but she was intent on his further humiliation.

She mustered all her willpower as the warmth of his tongue probed her anus; this was exquisite but she wanted to see him abuse himself before her. She eased his head out of her folds; he looked at her in anticipation.

“Kneel at the foot of the bed. I’m going to watch while you play with yourself, till you shoot your cream. If you don’t give me a good show, you shall feel the cane again!” He quickly got down and knelt; she followed and stood dominantly before him. His nose was close to her sex as he gratefully stroked his stiff cock. She grinned and swished her cane as she awaited the warmth of his sticky mess on her ankles and toes.

Nilok was happy to know his place as he looked up at the globular breasts of the woman who had reduced him to tears. He closed his eyes and thought of Serena; oh how he would love to be in this position with her! He sniffed at Clara’s pussy and duly pumped the contents of his balls all over the feet and lower legs of the fat dominatrix, in a convulsion of pure submissive ecstasy. The pleasure warped through his body again and again as he spurted with utter relief. Clara pressed him down.

“Clean up! Then I shall allow you to pleasure me.” He willingly licked his salty mess from her feet and ankles as his cock dribbled the remnants of his ejaculation. Though his orgasm had subsided, this act of humility and worship had his cock tingling immediately. He truly knew his place with women.

Satisfied he’d rid her legs and feet of his gift, Clara pulled him up and he followed her to the bed once more. She smiled at him in regal dominance, as she pointed to her bulging and ready lips. He did not hesitate and once again sampled the sticky scented delights of her womanhood; this time lapping and licking into the folds and up to the nub of her clitoris as though he would never lick a woman again.

She did not need too much attention in that area as the delights she had witnessed earlier had almost brought her off; she soon squeezed his head between those huge thighs as she realised the full erotic benefits of her dominance over him. She indulged in a hot, raw and deeply satisfying orgasm, nearly suffocating her slave.

He was not to be allowed any softness, despite the satisfaction he had brought her; he would sleep in the cage once more. She gave him a blanket and laughed as she pushed him into the exposed confinement. He huddled into a corner as the rain washed the perimeter and occasionally blew into his face. Despite the discomfort, his spent body soon relaxed into a deep but tortured sleep.