Author’s Note:

This started as a fun RP between me and a… hmmmm i’ll call him a friend lol

It escalated to this after I was naughty trying to turn him on by sending what I would like to happen in such a situation as written here, but it was so good I decided to turn it into a story. I hope you all like it cuz I freakin’ love it!

He’s also my editor for the… uhhh VERY raw version of this that I wrote lol

Thanks so much… steph *giggles*


I look at the clock for what feels like the hundredth time. I’ve still got 15 minutes before he’s due, plenty of time to go over it all again. I turn in front of the full length mirror one more time, picking at the skirt he’d told…well…ordered…me to wear. I tug at the hem again, painfully aware of how short it is. I look up and sigh, realizing that even if the skirt were longer, the crystal studded neckline of my shirt dips so low that everyone would still be staring at my breasts. I mutter to myself, “Legs or tits, legs or tits, but no, Mr. Greedy has to have both.”

My hair’s pulled back from my neck, showing off the choker and its “decorative” dog tag with my name etched into the front and ‘Property of S’ on the back. I turn, my eyes tracing the line down my body to the 6″ heels Master prefers I wear since they ‘show my legs to perfection.’ And I am showing a LOT of leg: I tug harder at the skirt and wince when I hear a thread somewhere snap.

“OK OK… no more tugging,” I sigh, rolling my eyes at myself. I recheck my blood red lipstick just as the doorbell rings, and I nearly give myself whiplash turning toward the door. Glancing back at the mirror, scowling at myself I stick my tongue out at my reflection, then grin and grab my purse, hurrying to the door. Opening it slowly, I look out smiling nervously up at Master as I drink him in, and as I’m looking him up and down I realize how smartly he’s dressed. Frowning, I look up: “Are we going to the same place?”

He makes a tsking sound at me, smirking, and says, “Hello to you too little one.” I blush as I hear the admonishment. I stand up straighter and stretch kuşadası escort to kiss him, loving the feel of his hand wrapping around my waist as he grabs my ass and presses me against his length. He does this like he has every right to, and of course he does. The thought makes me shiver, and I feel hips twitch a little at that. Master pulls away just as it’s getting interesting, so I pout up at him, because I know it will make him smile. He does.

“Patience, pet. Now, are you wearing the underwear I asked you to?”

I step back, grinning up at him.

“Yes, Master.”

He makes an ‘up’ motion with his hand, leaning back against the door I pull up my nonexistent skirt to one side and show him the boyshorts with ‘Bad to the Bone’ written on them.

“Good, slut. Now, take them off.”

I blush even more as I glance around, shimmying out of them and placing them in his outstretched hand, my stomach tightening in arousal. Keeping his eyes locked on mine he lifts them up and takes a deep breath.

“Mmm… I see my toy is wet.”

I blush, nodding as I look down.

“Good. Turn.”

He says this abruptly, in that moment his voice taking on that non nonsense Dom tone which makes me soaked and jump to do his bidding. I turn and face the door.


I hear him say this while he lifts the skirt up over my bare ass. I lift my hands to brace on the door. A slight breeze blows against my ass as he rams his fingers into my cunt, making me stand on tiptoe and letting out a surprised cry of pained pleasure. Feeling him lean into me as he fucks my cunt hard, painfully rough, he whispers.

“This…is mine. Do you understand me, cunt?”

Gasping, I nod.

“Y-yes Master.”

He bites my earlobe, growling.

“What this hole feels or doesn’t feel, what this hole takes is up to me as its owner. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Master!” I cry out.

I knew this already, but reaffirming that I was his property was something he loved to do whenever possible, and sometimes when it wasn’t, since he knew it all but drove me mad kuşadası escort bayan with lust. Which is what was happening now.

My cunt was fluttering, so close to release, and I pushed back at him, groaning. But before I could get any closer he yanked his fingers away.


The he slapped my inner thighs, and though all I wanted to do was beg him to let me cum I spread my legs wider. I could feel his hand and then the scrape of material as he reached up between my legs. I gasp, realizing he’s holding my panties, then moaning as he starts stuffing them into my cunt. I spread my legs wider moaning as he pushing and shoves them into me. It’s almost but not quite uncomfortable, leaving me feeling VERY full.

Once they are inside he tugs on my cunt lips.

“This is why I love boyshorts: they show an ass to perfection and are perfect to stuff a cunt to its limits.”

Then presses my cunt lips together as if to seal in my underwear and I’m sure that if I looked I wouldn’t be able to see anything but I can feel every last inch of them as I squirm. I feel him straighten and then I’m yanked around, his had in my hair.

Suddenly he’s leaning over me, kissing me hard reaching down between us he spanks my clit brutally hard, making me yelp and pant looking up at him through my eyes heavy lidded with lust. My mouth works as I try to talk, unsure of what I want to say. Suddenly he pulls away and starts out the door for his car.

“Come, cunt.”

I let out a slightly sarcastic “Woof” at S’s command as I follow him to the car. This earns me a raised eyebrow in return with a chuckle as he climbs into the car.

“I knew you were a bitch.”

My eyes widen in surprise as I let out a loud laugh.

“You’re horrid!”

“Yes and you love it”


I answer with a smirk as I fasten my seatlbelt and lean back, crossing my legs. In a blur of motion S leans over, smacking my thigh, making me yelp in pain and jerk in surprise looking over with a hurt expression.

“I was kidding,” I manage to mumble.

S’s escort kuşadası eyes soften as he raises his hand and palms my chin, stroking my bottom lip with his thumb then pressing and invading my mouth, simply taking as he always does. I automatically start sucking. I make sure I bob my head and suck on Master’s thumb, biting around the base like I was taught to pleasure his cock. I hear him speak again.

“Your legs”.

Frowning I look up, seeing him looking pointedly down at my crossed legs. I move to straighten but Master hooks his thumb in my mouth shaking his head. I start to suck on his thumb again not breaking eye contact as I uncross my legs and spread them moaning in pleasure when he praises me.

“Good slut.”

Then I swallow hard as he pull his thumb away and slowly reaches down to toy with my clit with his now wet digit. Throwing my head back, eyes closed I moan loudly, my hips bucking in pleasure, already so close to the edge.

In seconds I’m close to orgasm and once again I am denied my pleasure as Master pulls his thumb away only to place it on my lips for me to suck once more. Opening my mouth, my eyes trying to tell him of my need, I suck his thumb, tasting myself on it. Smiling, Master pulls his thumb free and runs it along my lips.

“Remember, your holes are always open and ready for my use… never cross your legs, whether I’m around or not. Understand, pet?”

I’m breathing harder from being on edge and his words. I nod, answering breathlessly.

“Y-yes Master, I’ll try not to forget again.”

Now I’m thinking it’s probably best my pussy was stuffed seeing as I would be soaked at this point being ‘open’ and ‘available’ for his use. The thought makes me squirm even more.

Grinning Master turns, starting the car and pulling out of the garage.

“I know pet, and that’s what I love about you. You always try your best”.

Grinning proudly I look up at Master.

“Even when I fail your unfair tests?” I ask with a laugh, thinking of the orgasm control and other such evil ideas he loves to plague me with. Looking down at me he gives me a look of pure innocence.

“Me? Unfair? Neverrr.”

He drags out the ‘R’ in ‘never’ making me laugh. Then with a muttered “insolent wench” he starts to tease my clit with his thumb and fingers making gasp and lift my hips to meet his teasing as he plays with my clit.