Her Morning Shower


When the alarm began to ring at 8:45 a.m. the last thing she wanted to do was get out of bed to begin the morning routine of getting ready for work, especially not with Master lying beside her. But knowing that today was the half way mark to the weekend she had to be satisfied with the fact that it’d only be two more days to wait until she could have him to herself. So with that tucked away in the back of her mind, quietly she rose out of bed to make her way towards the bathroom for her morning shower. It’d only take a few moments after turning the water on for her to reach the toilet to relieve herself, the urge to pee had been great since the night before where she’d fallen asleep almost immediately after Master’s use of her. The blush to her cheeks rose instantly at the thought and it didn’t help that she could feel the way he used her as she sat there, her pussy lips sore to touch and her hole aching with the push to pee.

Once done and forcing the night before out of her mind the best she could into the shower she went, first one foot and then the other, until the warm water fell over her body. It felt great as it hit her skin and she realized how much it was needed. Her body ached and the warmth was very much appreciated, at least until she turned to let it fall over her face. As it trailed down her neck and continued along its path over her figure she couldn’t keep the groan from escaping her throat at the sudden ache coming from her breasts. Bringing her hands to cup and lift them in examination there stood her nipples – swollen, hard, and a raw shade of red. Another piece of evidence from the night before that reminded her just how much of His toy she was. That blush rose to her cheeks again at the thought; the way his fingers pinched her poor little nipples between them. The way he tugged and pulled until she was lifting off of the bed in mercy. The way his lips wrapped around them to suck roughly, teeth biting in a way that said ‘I don’t care how much it hurts, these are mine’.

Her eyes flew open. She hadn’t realized they were closed and how deep in memory she was. She had to take a quick look around to remind her that she was in the shower. With a clear of her throat and a smirk plastered on her face, she went about her bathing. There was a job to get to after all. While reaching for the soap her attention was brought to the quiet squeak of the door opening and even over the water she could hear the sleepy grumbling that made her chuckle quietly. It was Master. The thought of him alone made her nipples ache again and she hated him for just a second at how much of a horny little thing he’s made her into.


That one single word that she wasn’t expecting quickly snapped her back into reality and from behind the curtain she answered “Yes my Master?” It wasn’t that she was scared of her Master, not in the least. Yet one would have thought so with the way she flinched hearing the curtain yank open the way it did. The action brought a squeaked “good morning Sir”. As he stared at her the slightest grin curled up against the corner of his lips.

“Good morning my slave.” The words made her melt; they always did but it was the way he said them this morning, the way grinned, and most of all the way his eyes seemed to never drift away.

“I need to use the bathroom,” was the next set of words that left his lips. While her eyes went to the toilet where she was not long ago, his remained on her. Before she could say anything in response his lips curled into a wider grin. “I need –my- toilet.”

There it was. MY. That’s all she needed to confirm just what he was expecting.

“Yes, of course Master,” a quiet and obedient response. At the same time, both carefully and quickly, she made her way onto her knees in the tub. The rosey color seemed to flare up to smother her entire face as she tilted her head back, eyes lifting to look up at him as the rest of her body moved into its usual position; hands resting on her thighs, chest perked out just enough for those hard, sore nipples to poke out just for him.

He was already naked, of course from the night before, so all it took was a step forward kuşadası escort and a quick movement of his hand before she felt the head of his cock resting on her lips. It was only the tip but the thickness of it made her lips part enough to cradle it between them; the perfect resting spot for Master’s cock while he relieved himself. Teasingly he rocked his hips back and forth, a very slow movement that forced his length to slip further between the lips, not into her mouth but in a way that brought her lips to caress along the sides of his shaft and allowed her to use her tongue to taste.


The single word that let her know he could see she was enjoying it way too much and right now that wasn’t his intentions. Pulling his hips back until the rounded cock head rested just at her lips again, he looked down at her for a second…then another…and another…until he sighed quietly. His sigh brought about her groan with the warmth she felt dripping from the tip of his cock and over her lips. It seemed to last forever the more it ran down her cheeks and chin, trailed down over her neck and chest. Because her lips were parted perfectly, occasionally, she could taste it and it was all she could do to not curl her tongue and lap at it. Not yet at least. Not until she felt the stream of his piss tapering, knowing he was almost done. Then…then she could taste him the way she desperately wanted. And she did. Her head turned to bring her lips to clamp them down around him, the thickness spreading her mouth wide as her tongue curled up to catch whatever he had left to give. When he was done, when she felt he was certain there was nothing more, her head tilted further back allowing her to drink him, literally, groan escaping loudly from the taste.

“Good girl, my slave” he rasped, his eyes never leaving her. He watched as she cleaned him like the good girl he’d trained her to be.

“Thank you Master,” she whispered, blushing. Carefully, she lifted from her kneeling position. The wetness on her skin made her nipples that much harder, especially knowing that it wasn’t the shower she was wet from. Now that she had served him she was prepared to continue her shower knowing that by now she’d surely be late for work. Master, on the other hand, seemed to have different plans. He didn’t move from his position in front of the tub and by the look of the growing size of his cock, she doubted that he was thinking of going back to bed.

“How wet are you, girl?” he rasped, the tone that told her he was feeling rather greedy; she knew when he was feeling greedy he WAS going to get what he wanted.

“Considering you just pissed all over your property Sir, I’d say really wet” she retorted trying not to crack a smirk. He didn’t respond, at least not with words. No, instead it was a sudden arm around her waist that spun her, forcing her to quickly reach out to the wall to not fall before she felt it. SLAP! A strong, flat, open palm slap to her ass.

“How wet are you, girl?” This time his tone was direct and made her squeal.

“Very wet for you, Master, just like I should be.” The grin couldn’t be seen with him standing behind her but she knew it was there, she could feel it and it made her squirm.

“I’ll just have to see for myself.”

“Yes my Sir,” her words quiet but always obedient.

All thoughts of work and time went out the window and despite her sore cunt she was ready to give Master whatever he wanted. She felt his hands travel along her sides, squeeze along the curve of her hips until they reached that spot just above her legs where he tugged forcefully to pull her back. The force left her slightly bent while in the tub, her calves resting against the inside where she was grateful for the support. The position made her flush that shade of pink again; she knew he had full view of her swollen lips, the lips that he himself crushed over and over every time he slammed inch after inch of himself into her the night before.

“Let’s see just how much pissing in your mouth made you wet, my girl” she heard from behind her and seconds later recognized the familiar feeling of her kuşadası escort bayan pussy stretching.

“..Oww…ow..Sir…” she groaned but accepted him in easily with the amount of wetness. Her legs parted expecting his entire length, and when she didn’t feel it she dared a look behind her.

“What’s the matter slut?” he breathed an answer even though there was no question asked. He knew her well enough to know what she was thinking and added, “wanting more of my cock?”

“Yes, please Master” she begged. Her pussy screamed no but she was as greedy at this point and so horny that she’d take a repetition of the rough fucking he’d given her last night. But he wouldn’t, or so it seemed when he withdrew.

“My cunt. My slut. My slave. She’ll get what I give her isn’t that right?” he taunted from behind and proceeded to tease with rubbing himself against her making sure to pay special attention to the clit he’d mentioned he loved so much.

It tormented her, the way he felt, slick and covered in her wetness, his skin smooth against hers making those sore lips throb and ache. She didn’t want to answer. She wanted more; but knowing that not answering would only leave her in a worse predicament a frustrated “yes Master, that’s right,” grumbled it’s way out.

The tone of his chuckle was a clear indication of the grin that matched and knowing that at this very moment it was not about what she wanted, there was nothing to do but lift her hips and expose herself, offer her already used cunt for whatever he desired. Thick, long fingers curled around her ass cheeks; they molded perfectly around each curve while the pressure of his squeeze increased to dig into her flesh. He was parting her. She could feel how they spread further apart and it made her blush furiously and, at the same time, whimper out in need. Surely she couldn’t spread anymore! Her little asshole puckered repeatedly the more he forced her cheeks apart and despite how much he tried to make her open nothing would prepare her for the feel of his size pressing up against it.

She flinched, hard, and instinctively tried to pull away to no avail. The squeeze of his fingers tightened to hold her in place and with another forward lean of his hips the head of his cock was shoved in.

The loud squeal of pain didn’t seem to phase him although he did offer some sort of soothing comfort. The fingers that clenched onto her cheeks demandingly enough to leave their mark slowly loosened and now petted along her hips.

“That’s a good slave” he coaxed in pleasure, another good inch or so forcing it’s way in…the sound of her ‘ow’s’ increasing with each one. It was only when she pulled away again did he let up, but only long enough to pull out and dip the enlarged head of his cock into her now drenched pussy in order to slide back up and force it into her ass again. There was no waiting this time, nor was there any getting away. His hands let go completely of their hold on her backside and were now reaching to wrap around her elbows, not pulling her into an upright position, but locking her in place.

“..M..Master please!” she cried, but was it from pain or was it because she wanted more? She couldn’t tell. Not that it mattered any, not when he was already on the road to using her asshole like he used her pussy only hours ago.

With balled fists and a lowered head she breathed; breathed as much as she’d been trained to in when enduring something so painful and uncomfortable, but there was nothing that could keep her from squealing and clenching tightly around the thickness that hurt her. Every inch left her aching, throbbing around it, made her flinch hard enough she was sure he could see how she tensed with every movement. But just as her squeals of pain didn’t phase him, neither did her flinching. In fact, all it seemed to do was tighten his hold on her elbows and increase the rocking of his hips. How much of him was she taking into her ass she had now clue but she swore if he tried to give her anymore she’d lose it, and her heavy panting and painful grunts were an attestation.

As much as it hurt his growled escort kuşadası “I love fucking your ass slut,” made her fight to bare it, to close her eyes and concentrate on the pleasure that he was receiving. His groans, his breath, the way he seemed to sigh after every thrust as if it were the most enjoyable feeling he’d ever experienced..that’s what she focused on and soon those painful squeals of hers turned into outright painful growls that begged for more.

“I love when you use me Master!” The words left her lips without her knowing, but it was true. He was using yet another hole for his pleasure and she’d have it no other way, regardless of how she’s pay for it later.

Her words must have struck something in him because his steady long thrusts quickened. More of his cock was shoved desperately into her ass that was now screaming around him. The force of his body made her own jerk back and forth leaving her breasts to bounce in response.

“Ow!…ow! Ow!” Every push, every repeated inch brought her closer to tears. Her eyes clenched tightly shut until they had no choice but to spring open unexpectedly. It was the sudden change of pace, the sudden change of thrusts; instead of the quick thrusts likes seconds before he now pushed in deep and hard, he made sure his hips drew back far enough to hit forward with full force allowing her to feel how easily she molded to his shape and size.

It was like that that he continued to fuck her. Long, very hard and very deep thrusts that brought tears and pleading…”Master…please!”.

Even then he wouldn’t let up, nor was he done, and he had no qualms in telling her so. “Oh I’m not done yet, my slave,” though the shake in his voice was a contradiction as was the trembling of his breath. He was close.

The thought of feeling his cum inside of her made her lift her head and moan, made her growl with the need for it. For the moment all the amount of torture was shifted allowing her to lift her hips in offering. It was his. She was his through tears, groans and grunts and cries of agony. He must have sensed it because from deep in his throat he rasped, “That’s it, give me what’s mine fuckslave!”.

She lifted higher until the tips of her toes were the only part of her feet that touched the floor of the tub. Those fingers of his began to curl tighter, gripped like his life depended on it to hold his slave in place, hips never missing a beat in their movement until finally that satisfyingly familiar sound of his growl echoed.

“Master..no please!” she begged when expecting to feel him release his warm cum inside of her and instead felt him pull away. Oh how she wanted it deep within her now stretched ass.

Yet, there wasn’t any time for pleading, not when his left hand came up to curl it’s fingers into the black curls of her hair, twisting and pulling her into an upright position. The hair from his beard scratched at the flushed skin of her cheek and neck, his teeth pinched sharply at her ear right before he breathed “You. Are. Mine.”

Three very simple, very direct, and very demanding words that left no room to doubt who she belonged to. If that wasn’t enough to remind her of her place the fact that with his words she could feel each warm strand of his cum hit against the flesh of her back, hips, and ass as he stroked himself to finish would be. It was him marking her yet again and it was perfect.

All she could do was nod in agreement; the adrenaline of it all held her blissfully captive. The hand in her hair didn’t ease, but it did pull her back further until she felt his breath directly on the base of the back of her neck.

“Perfect,” he whispered and placed the softest of kisses right where he breathed. Moments later when he was sure that he could take a step back and she could stand on her own, she saw him reach to turn the knob of shower through her heavy lidded eyes, cutting the stream. Hell, she’d even forgotten about the shower until that very moment.

“You’re done,” were the last words he’d say to her before he reached for the door.

Gathering her voice she made sure to obediently respond. “Thank you my Master,” she said, barely loud enough to be heard as he disappeared through the bathroom door. Watching the door close, panting and trying to compose herself, she realized she’d only gotten half way done with bathing..and now she was being sent off to work bathed in her Master’s piss and cum instead.