The Late Shift


I called to say that I was going to be late, very late. Work had piled up and there was no way it could be left until the following day. You being the kind and thoughtful person you were said that you would drop by with some food, as you knew I wouldn’t get anything to eat if you didn’t. I thanked you, and got back to work.

Time moved on. The building emptied, the boss came into my office, and dropped the keys onto my desk, and left. The building got quiet, and dark as the sun set. I turned on the radio, and listened to some gentle rock as I continued with my work. The phone rang, and I nearly fell off my chair, my concentration was broken. I answered the phone, and your silky voice purred

“Food wagon at your service Sir, would you please let me in?”

“Of course I’ll let you in” I chuckled “Give me a minute and I’ll be there”

I replaced the phone, and wandered through the darkened building to the door. I peered out, and saw you standing in the shadows, waiting to be let in. I opened the door, and beckoned you in. You kept to the shadows, which I though was a bit strange, but I didn’t comment, just being glad that you had been thoughtful enough to turn up with some food. I closed the door behind you, and led you toward my office. It’s light a beacon in the dark. I walked into the office, and held the door open for you. I gasped in surprise as I saw your outfit for the first time. I looked at you and exclaimed

“Bloody hell, you look fucking fantastic, where did you get that incredibly sexy gear?” You looked me in the eye, and replied

“Oh, it’s just a little something I knocked together tonight”

“Well, whatever it is” I said “It makes you look sexier than I think I have ever seen you”

“Why thank you kind sir” you said demurely.

You placed the food on the floor, and walked slowly round the office, your hips swaying from side to side. I stared, taking in the vision of total loveliness that was here with me. Your golden hair hung straight to your shoulders, and your face was shining with delight as your watched me stare at you.

You wore a simple black dress that clung to you in all the right places. I could feel my cock beginning to harden in my trousers. My eyes travelled down your body, seeing your breasts outlined, by the dress, the faint outline of your nipples as they began to stiffen as you stood there. You twirled round, to give me the full effect, I saw the dress flare out, and noticed the tops of your stockings, I was transfixed. You stopped your twirling, and walked over to me, your arms went round my neck, and your lips met mine in a long smouldering kiss, my arms, encircled your body, pulling you tight to me, my hands sliding down your back, and grasping your tight buttocks.

You moaned into my mouth as my hands began to knead your bum, pulling you closer, and grinding my groin into yours. Our kiss became more urgent, and your hands slid down my back to grab my bum and give it a good squeeze. We stopped kissing, breaking apart for breath, our hands still exploring each other’s bums. You smiled at me and said

“Surprise, I bet you weren’t expecting this when you called me to say you were going to be working late.” I looked at you with renewed love, and said

“Babe, everything you do surprises me, and it’s fantastic, I love it”

We kissed again, one of my hands slid in between us and began to gently caress your breasts, feeling the nipples harden and poke more visibly through the material of the dress. I turned you round, still with my mouth clamped on yours, and walked you over to the canlı bahis desk, your legs hitting the edge. You sat down, and wrapped your legs round me, keeping our bodies close together. I slid both hands down your legs, and then slowly slid them back up, this time inside your dress. I moaned at the same time as you, when my hands slid off the stockings onto your bare flesh, it was so fantastic. Smooth warm, pliant, and very sexy. I slid my hands further up, encountering your silk knickers, which were starting to cling to your sex as you got more and more excited.

I moved my hands round, until they encountered the lack of material at the back, and my hands grazed your bare bum fondling gently. Our tongues were having a royal battle, fighting for supremacy, moving from mouth to mouth as we kissed hungrily. I pulled away, and turning from you grabbed my chair and sat down.

I pulled the chair close to the desk, and pushed you backwards, my hands taking the opportunity to grope your fabulous breast, the nipples clearly visible to me. I stood up, and kissed each nipple through the material, seeing and feeling you jump as I kissed each one, as if you had just received a small electric shock.

Sitting down again, I slip my hands back up your dress, and begin to rub your silk covered mound, hearing you moan as I gently rub all round your pussy. You lift your legs up, and put them on the chair, giving me an unhindered view up your dress. I stare intently at your tight black silk thong, seeing it get wetter as you get more excited. I lean forward, and breathing in deeply inhale your aroma.

I begin to kiss you thighs, starting at the knee and working down, I move inexorably toward your waiting pussy, I feel your body shivering in expectation as I get closer. I’m an inch away from your wet pussy, your fragrance is driving me wild, but I control my desires, and begin to kiss the other thigh, again starting at the knee, my hands hold your hips, keeping you from sliding off the desk in your excitement.

As I reach your pussy this time, I kiss it, through the silk, you moan and push your hips up at me, mashing the damp silk into my waiting mouth. I push my tongue out, tasting your juices, and sigh in pleasure at their sweetness. You are pushing your pussy hard into my tongue, and your silk thong is starting to slip inside your spreading lips. I kiss the newly exposed flesh, having the satisfaction of feeling you tense as a mini orgasm courses through your body.

I slide my hands over your hips, and gently undo the ties that are holding your panties to you. I pull slowly, and draw my hands down, your thong slides off, almost as if it wanted too, I drop it in a damp heap on the floor, and begin to kiss you again. My tongue darts out, and gently licks your open lips, causing you to shudder, and lift your hips off the desk. I push you back down, and bury my head in your neat bush, as my tongue slides between your swollen pussy lips, tasting the sweet juices. I kiss, nibble and lick my way over the whole of your pussy. The slurping sounds get louder, as I slip my tongue into your waiting hole, as far as I can, licking as deep as possible, burying my face into your pussy.

I push my tongue in and out as fast as I can, using it to fuck you. Your body begins to shake, and I pull my tongue out, and lick all round your slick pussy, my face covered in your tasty juices. I move my tongue, and gently circle your un-hooded clit, tantalising you, feeling your body tense as I get closer to it.

Suddenly I suck your clit and the surrounding flesh into my mouth, bahis siteleri and begin to flick my tongue over your sensitive and erect bud. Your body convulses as my tongue touches your clit for the first time, and your hands grab my head, pushing me harder into your groin.

With your clit in my mouth, you grind your pussy lips against my chin, covering me with more of your juices. I lick and suck your clit, my hands holding you as still as they can, ensuring that in the throes of ecstasy, you stay on the desk. Your body arches, and you scream

“That’s it babe, I’m cumming, its so good, don’t stop”

I keep sucking, feeling my chin get wetter, your whole body convulses, I release your clit, and plant my mouth onto your open pussy, slipping my tongue back in, feeling your juices flow as your orgasm begins.

My right hand moves, and I gently rub a finger over your clit. Your hips lift off the desk, and it’s all I can do to keep hold of you, somehow I manage to keep my tongue buried inside you, slurping and drinking all the juices that your orgasm are producing. You scream

“I’m cumming, oh yeah, oh god I’m cumming so hard, don’t you dare fucking stop”

As your body reaches the peak, my tongue plunges deeper into your welcoming hole, your juices are running down my face, as I try to drink them all in.

I continue to gently lick and suck your pussy as your body regains its normal rhythm, your hands are still on my head, but now stroking gently and I hear you whisper

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting that when I turned up with your food, looks like we both got a surprise”

I lift my head from between your sopping thighs and look you in the eye, smile, and say

“Don’t think it’s over yet babe, there’s plenty of time for more fun, what do you think we should do next?” You look at me your eyes shining, and say

“Well it’s your office, I think you should choose.”

I smile, and standing up I lean over you, and kiss you hard on the lips, allowing you to taste yourself as your tongue swirls round my open mouth. Your legs scissor round me, and pull my hard cock into contact with your well-oiled pussy, making my trousers damp at the crotch. I pull away, and look down at the damp patch, and look back at you saying

“Look what you’ve done, aren’t you a naughty girl, I think you deserve a spanking for that” I sit down on the chair, and say

“Get up, and bend over my lap, to receive your well deserved punishment” you stand up, and lie across my lap, your upper body dangling towards the floor, your bum high up in the air.

I lift up your dress, exposing your gorgeous globes to my eyes. I squeeze each one gently, and then give them each a sharp slap, the noise sounds like it really hurts, but there is no power in it.

You twitch slightly each time I gently slap your arse cheeks, and it’s not long before you are squirming around on my lap like an eel. Your bum has gone a light red colour, and I can hear small moans of pleasure escaping from your lips as I move the slaps round the whole of your bum.

I stop the slapping, and begin to gently rub your bum, allowing each rub to start at the top and slide slowly to the top of your legs. I begin to rub my finger up and down the middle of your perfect bum, slowly spreading the cheeks, until I can see the tiny puckered entrance of your anus.

I rub my fingers gently over it, and you moan a bit louder. I slip my fingers between your legs, and feel the dampness that is once again growing.

I slip my fingers between your lips, lubricating them with your warm bahis şirketleri juice, you sigh in pleasure as I gently rub your clit, and begin to rise toward another orgasm as I continue to rub your special button.

I slip my other hand between your legs, and proceed to slide a finger into your pussy, feeling the welcoming heat as it slips inside. Your moans increase as I slip my finger in and out, and add a second, all the while gently caressing your hard clit. I withdraw my fingers, hearing you sigh in disappointment as they slip out, but nothing else, as my other fingers are still playing clever games with your clit.

I slip my fingers between the cheeks of your perfect arse, and begin to rub my, well lubricated, fingers over your anus, feeling you tense, and then relax as you begin to enjoy the sensation of your bum-hole being rubbed and fondled.

As my fingers work there magic, you reach another orgasm, not as intense as the first, but still good, your arse cheeks clamp down on my fingers, and your legs close together tight as your whole body becomes rigid while you ride the waves of pleasure that course through you.

As you relax, I continue to stroke your bum, but remove my finger from your now hyper-sensitive clit.

“What’s next” I hear you whisper

“I shall tell you” I say “stand up, if you can, and then after I have stood up, you need to kneel on the chair, facing the back, and take off the dress before you kneel down.”

You stand up on wobbly legs, and pull the dress over your head, I gasp as your breasts come into view, unhindered by a bra, they stand out by themselves, with just a natural drop. I reach for them, and kiss each one, lingering on the nipples, feeling them harden as I suck them into my mouth and flick them with my tongue.

I pull away, and direct you to the chair. You kneel down, your bum facing me, I can see you pussy lips pink and damp as I stare at your gorgeous body.

I undo my trousers, and slide them to the floor, as I step out of them, you look over your shoulder at me, and moan as I pull down my boxer shorts, revealing my erect cock. I stand behind you, my cock gently rubbing against your bum as I slip a finger deep into your pussy, you push back, as I push deeper with my digit.

I take my cock, and sliding it over your wet pussy, begin to cover it in juices from our earlier exploits. I place the head of my cock at the opening of your pussy, feeling you tense up as you feel its presence.

I slowly slide it in, and you push back, accepting it. I grab the arms of the chair, and push you slowly away, the wheels roll smoothly, and my cock begins to slide out, just as it is about to fall out of you, I pull the chair toward me, plunging myself back into you, you gasp as the head of my cock nestles up against your cervix, causing your breathing to change, you begin to pant, as I slowly increase the tempo.

My cock slides easily in and out of your pussy, as it plunges deep into you, my balls slap against you, making very strange sounds, as the tempo increases, I drive my hips into you, and feel you shudder at each stroke. My balls tighten, and I can’t hold it any longer

“I’m cumming” I grunt, as I bury my cock deep into you, feeling jet after jet of spunk flowing into you.

As I cum, your pussy clamps down on me as you have another orgasm, milking all my fluids from me. I collapse onto your back, kissing you all over, as our combined juices begin to seep out of you. I slip my semi-erect cock out, and sit on the edge of the desk, you stand up, cum dripping down your legs, and hug me.

“Well babe” you say “I’ve got to go home now, we can continue this when you get home, don’t be too late.”

You get dressed, and walk out of the building, leaving me with a limp cock, and a big grin on my face.