The Heat


The air is thick and heavy with humidity. The windows are open, letting the sounds of the night creep their way inside, but there is no breeze to be found. A ceiling fan clicks away, offering no relief at all. The heat is inescapable.

We’re lying there in bed – naked. Any amount of clothing would be too oppressive. I can tell you’re just as restless as I am. We take turns wobbling the bed slightly as we toss and turn. Trying to find any position that will offer the comfort of sleep.

I lift my head up off of the pillow and look over my shoulder at you. You’re laying there on your stomach. Your legs wide open with one bent at the knee. The sheen of sweat on your skin mixes with the moonlight. Your body glowing in the darkness.

You look so beautiful lying there. Almost peaceful if it wasn’t for this heat. My eyes trace over every curve. I’ve been intimate with all of them, but they never fail to excite. I’m growing more restless. Except now, it’s not from the heat.

I do my best to try and ignore it. I’ve never been any good at that with you, though. Even in the dark of night you captivate me. A willing victim of lust. It’s not long before I feel that familiar throbbing between my legs.

I look over at you again. This time Ataşehir Escort I can’t resist. I roll over closer to you. You don’t seem to pay me any attention. I hesitate for a moment. Wondering if you finally managed to find sleep after all. I decide the risk is well worth the reward.

Soft kisses on the upper part of your back. Light enough to not disturb a deep sleep. I can feel the change in your breathing. That short, excited breath you took that pressed your back slightly into my lips.

You tense up briefly to give your body a little stretch and then relax. Settling in for more kisses on your back. Out of the corner of my eye I notice something. The subtle movement of your hips in the moonlight. They’re calling me.

My hand greets the apex of your hip. Sliding down to your ass. Seizing it quickly, but followed by a slow, drawn out squeeze. I savor that sensation of friction as I feel your ass sliding out of my fingers.

Your hips begin to move more. Showing their eagerness. Inviting me in. My hand accepts, sliding in between your legs. You’re so warm down there. No sooner do my fingers get their first taste of wetness are you closing your hips around them.

My fingers trapped. You slide your hips Kadıköy Escort back and forth. My fingers quickly become slick. Making it easy for you to grind your pussy. I can feel your hips squeezing tighter when my fingers catch you in just the spot.

I can hear those long heavy breaths of yours partially muffled by the pillow. They’re the sort made when seeking pleasure and beginning to find it. You reach back for me. I suspect you’re trying to brace yourself, but I’m wrong.

You want to feel my warmth. That blood pumping, throbbing warmth. You take my hardness in your hands. Now my hips begin to move. Sliding the full length of my cock in between your closed hand. Heavy breathing of my own as my forehead rests against your back.

Warmth is good, but we need heat. The only way we can find an escape on this summer night is to make heat of our own. Climb on top of me. Ride me. We will find that relief we desperately need together.

I grab you and roll you over right on top of me. It all happens so fast that it can only be described as acting on instinct. The second your hips drop down my cock is inside of you. Your hands pushing down on my chest. Searching for that heat each time you grind on me.

The mix Bostancı Escort of sweat and wetness makes your hips glide with ease. Every time your hips come forward you take all of me. Grinding me with purpose. The sounds of night can no longer be heard. They are muted by the sounds primal desperation.

You begin to lean back. Supporting yourself by grabbing my legs. I can feel your fingertips digging into me. I can see the silhouette of you riding me. Your body bathed in a mix of moonlight and shadows. Your head tilted back, like entering into a trance. Your hips moving ever forward. Craving me even deeper still.

A feeling shared by me. Grabbing your hips. Pushing them away. Pulling them back with force. Each time we connect met with escalating moans. Finding our way in the darkness with only touch and sound. Closer and closer.

This is it. This is our heat. The moment we were searching for when the world fades away in rapture. Our senses becoming consumed by the pleasure our bodies make together. Every second we spend here never to be forgotten.

The heat becomes too overwhelming. We must surrender eventually. Not to the heat, but to each other. We let go of holding on to paradise and come crashing back into reality. Both cruel and beautiful at the same time. Enjoying those final fleeting moments of where we just were.

The windows are open, letting the sounds of night creep their way inside. A ceiling fan clicks away. The peacefulness of night has returned. Sleep comes easy now.