I Work Out


It was a Wednesday night she had some time to herself. So she called her lovely gym partner. He was going to the gym to lose weight like most people. They decided that they would go to the gym together. The first night they did their regular workouts. Which led to a swim in the pool that included a game of Truth or Dare. It was mostly subtle truths about life and stuff they had done. After the game they headed home. The next night they were at the gym they decided to leave and finish their game in the car. This time it was kind of frisky dares. He dared her to rub his thigh. She had long fingernails that were great for scratching. She dared him to grab her hips. Then he dared her to kiss his neck. Which made her want him to kiss her neck and she was so pleased by what he did. He went real slow and closed cutely and began kissing her neck using plenty of saliva. She was so surprised by how well he felt. He then dared her to rub his chest. Şerifali Escort She wanted him to kiss her on the neck and it was just as hot as the first time. There game was ended with a phone call.

The next time they decided that they would hangout was two weeks later. They arrived at the gym but never went inside. She just told him to keep driving around and then she started rubbing inside his thighs. That made him suggest that she lay her head on his tummy. She agreed and rubbed and scratched his thighs for a good while. Then he wanted her to play with his package. At first she was shy to the idea but eventually started playing with it. After a while he started to play with her butt. Little did he know that the more he touched her the more she would do for him. He began to move his hand over her stomach and down into her thighs and hips. She was very pleased when he touched her and got a little more rough Göztepe Escort with his junk. He was enjoying every minute of it. For the whole two hours they drove around not a single word was spoken.

They couldn’t hang out for two days because of other affairs. When they finally did hangout they went to the gym to go jogging. The two had a lot of conversation going on. He eventually suggested that she be a little devious and not wear anything under her short shorts. She went downstairs and changed into the shorts but wore her yoga pants over them till they would get to the car. He was held up with a conversation with the guy at the desk so he handed her the keys.

In the car she was a little excited. She took off her yoga pants and put her hair down. When he got to the car she started on his thighs again. He grabbed hers to. They parked behind a building and walked into a dark alley. He got close up behind Ümraniye Escort her and pulled her shorts down and began to tease her. She began to squirm a little. Then he moved her hair and started kissing her neck. They stopped and went back to his car. She didn’t want to go home so she told him to put his seat back. She got on top of him and started kissing his neck. A little on each side. He adjusted her so she was on top of his package. She went up down and his neck with her mouth a few more times. When he pulled her in close to kiss her he put his tongue in her mouth and began to bite her lip. She didn’t want it to stop but he didn’t want to cum on her. So she got back into her seat but bit his earlobe first. When she was in her seat she tried to calm down a little. So she just smiled at him and played with her hair. When they decided to leave he suggested that she blow him. She was really shy to the idea but leaned over and started to suck him. He pushed her a little and began to moan a little. She started to choke a bit so she got up and gave him a greedy smile. She sat with her legs up on the dash and he decided to return the favor. By the time he finished she was panting like an animal. To be continued…