Probably Getting Dominated at Uni


“So do you want to try something tonight or not?” asked Thalia.

Catherine stuffed her dried clothes into her hamper. Thalia helped her carry the load of laundry, barely contributing, back towards the elevator.

“I guess it’s Friday. I can make up for lost time tomorrow,” said Catherine.

“That’s what the daytime is for,” replied Thalia. She dropped her end of the hamper and pressed the button for the 12th floor. “It’ll take you like five minutes to get ready. Then it’s the thirty-minute subway ride.”

Catherine met Thalia her freshman year at Stuyvesant University. Thalia lived in Jersey before moving into the dorms in Manhattan, so she showed the inexperienced Catherine around. Frequently. The Knitting Factory was last week. 35th before that. Tonight was a bee club, but Catherine assumed the worst: amazing night, horrible morning.

“Do you think I could get my hair to your color?” Thalia checked her reflection in the mirror.

“I think it’d take seven bleach bottles. I’m ready.”

You can take the L near Union Square directly towards the place in Brooklyn. Catherine endured the subway ride. A business student kept giving her looks.

“You wanna step off here with us?” he asked. Catherine shook her head before Thalia could agree.

“He wasn’t half bad,” she pressed. “You need to get back into the system.”

Catherine said, “My standards aren’t low enough for a business school baby, let alone one from the subway.”

Thalia shrugged.

Catherine’s friend knew the bouncer at Sunny’s. They cut the line stealthily since Thalia always felt that move didn’t make her feel like VIP compared to the people she wanted to flirt with viewing her like a jerk.

Catherine started a tab with shots. “Bottoms up.”

Catherine couldn’t hear Thalia, but she could read her lips chanting shots, shots, shots, shots-shots. “I’m so grateful for you. I’m a year older, so you make me feel younger and I can get you a jumpstart on cool places. It’s the best situation.”


(A hour later, factoring in dancing while drinking)

Catherine lost Thalia on the dance floor and couldn’t leave. Catherine enjoyed dancing by herself enough. She thought she saw a crop of spiked black hair and fought her ways towards her. It wasn’t Thalia.


“Are you okay?”

“Sorry did I pump into you?” Catherine apologized to the random person asking. Catherine had to look farther up at the head a foot above her.

“You’re good.”

At the next song, the crowd grew incensed. Someone pushed Catherine into the person. She felt up the leather jacket accidentally. “I love your jacket.”

“Thanks. My name’s-“

Catherine couldn’t hear. “Do you want to get out of here?” Catherine asked.


“You’re a giant! Can you get me back to the bar?”

The person nodded. They placed their arm around Catherine and escorted her to alcohol. Catherine saw past their chaperone’s messy crop of brown bangs. She had a freckled face and tiny black eyes. She caught Catherine staring.

“Thanks,” said Catherine. “I’m buying you a drink.”

“Okay. What’s your name?”

“Uhhhh.” Catherine’s brain struggled to answer, changing focus from this to the DJ and possibly Thalia climbing onto the stage. Catherine dig into her purse and pulled out a business card. Her new friend read it over.

“You’re a tutor? Cool. Are you okay? You seem on edge. I didn’t know back there if there was something wrong, or if you’re distracted and very drunk. I try to pay attention.”

“Yes,” Catherine blurted. “I came here with a friend. She’s gone. You?”

Catherine followed the pointing finger to a lanky guy dancing with some other men, all in beanies. Catherine drank.

“You can do better,” she said.

“You think?”

“Oh yeah. I mean, A, you’re gigantic. That’s very desirable. B, you’re very considerate, and patient. I know that’s two, but I think those are very intertwined. C. You’ve got great tits.”

Catherine’s new friend didn’t know how to respond and was caught somewhere in the middle of a chuckle. She did brush her hair out of her eyes in a display.

The music was getting louder. Catherine rubbed her biceps. “Do you work out!?”


Catherine continued to shout-flirt through the night. The target could half-listen but loved the attention. Catherine almost remembered their faces drifting closer towards each other.

“DO YOU WANT TO DANCE?!” Catherine shouted hoarsely. She stumbled away from the bar and into the mob.

(Saturday Morning)

Catherine woke up on Thalia’s couch. Thalia hadn’t woken up yet, so Catherine passed out again until she needed to bother Thalia about borrowing an aspirin.

Thalia bounced back quickly and thought about ordering bagels. Catherine struggled against her hang-over.

“Where’s my phone?”

“You plugged it in last night,” answered Thalia. Catherine hobbled over and checked her messages. A few from Thalia during the night. One from a random number early in the morning.

**Unknown (04:13): Hey Cat. I got this canlı bahis şirketleri number off your card, I hope it goes to your phone and not a machine? idk. I had fun :)**

Catherine pinched her bridge intently for a minute. This earned nothing.

“What?” asked Thalia.

“I have a completely random message from last night. I have no memory of giving out my number. What do I do?”

“Have fun with it! Play along, embrace the mystery.”

Catherine shook her head.

*Catherine (11:03): Sorry but I think I was a little too drunk last night. Who is this*

“I need to swing by the library later today to use the scanners.”

“After breakfast?” Catherine grumbled.

Later in the library basement

Catherine checked her phone.

Unknown (12:15): This is Abagail, from last night. We kind of hit it off. Do you want to grab lunch?

Catherine waited for her document to finish scanning, bouncing on her toes. She weighed her options.

Catherine (12:18): ~~Ill be honest, I don’t really remember~~ that’s okay. Sorry if i led you on.

Unknown (12:20): No worries. Maybe we will see each other around. I’ll stop now. Bye. Sorry.

Catherine felt slightly guilty for shutting down this stranger, but then remembered the keyword “stranger” and the other documents she needed to scan. Catherine did, however, update her contacts with Abagail.

(Somewhere in a Hard Bodies Gym)

Abagail slammed her fist down against the foam-covered pillar. She hid her phone to avoid a rant from her manager and returning to repairing the treadmill. She would try not to think about it or embarrass herself any further.

(Sunday Night)

Catherine scrolled through the readings for the next class. Her roommate was watching Netflix in the neighboring bed. Catherine finished the chapter when she received another message from Abagail.

Abagail (09:35): image sent

A toned, muscular ass, a few freckles, a small leopard print triangle thong.

Catherine’s initial thoughts: intrigue, disgust, curiosity, embarrassment, annoyance, intrigue. She didn’t know if that was them (though signs pointed to), and if she should reply.

Abagail (09:35): PLEASE IGNORE! I meant to send that to my boyfriend. I’m so sorry, your names both begin with C

Catherine (09:37): Don’t worry, I assumed it was a wrong number thing. I’ll delete it.

Catherine chewed her lip in a circle, staring at it.

Abagail (09:41): Thank you. Again, I’m so sorry.

Catherine (09:45): Don’t worry about it i promise. Everything good?

Abagail (09:46): Yep. How are you?

Catherine (09:47): Fine. Working through some chem work.

Abagail (09:48): Nice. You go to Stuyvesant?

Catherine (09:49): Yup! Class of 2024, you?

Abagail (09:50): Junior communications major

Abagail (09:50): Junior,*

Catherine (09:51): Nice. My friend Thalia’s your year.

Abagail (09:52): I think I met her Friday.

Catherine (09:54): Cool, she’s fun

Abagail (09:55): Goodnight

Abagail ending the conversation amused Catherine. She scrolled back through their texts back to the thong picture. Toned cheeks.

Catherine closed her textbooks. She gathered her nightwear and disappeared into the bathroom. She looked at the picture again. Catherine considered the obvious; that Abagail purposely sent her the picture. Catherine gave her the benefit of the doubt, snuck another look at the picture, then searched up porn.

(During Wednesday Lecture)

Catherine (02:21): Hey, did you ever take a class from Dr. Hesen?

Abagail (02:30): Do not! I repeat don’t take his class

Catherine (2:31): Ha thank you. Sorry if I interrupted you during class

Abagail (02:32): You caught me during a work break, np

Catherine (02:33): where’s that?

Abagail (02:34): Hard Bodies. It’s a gym.

Catherine (02:35): That explains it.

Abagail (02:38): Explains what?

Catherine (02:41): you got toned cheeks

Abagail (02:42): lol

Catherine hadn’t deleted the picture yet. She had routinely been distracted by it during study sessions or zoning out when watching a boring show with Thalia.

Catherine started speaking casually with Abagail. Between the chats, Catherine would scroll back up, feel her face turned flustered red, then squirrel herself away into the bathroom. To avoid further complications, Catherine would not masturbate to the picture. Instead, she would enjoy incredibly rough strap-on sex. Smaller women bent over the bed, the other woman slowly inserting the dildo into their pussy, grabbing the submissive’s arms to ride them hard, hard into the sheets. Catherine would grope her own breast through her shirt, imagining the rough sensation of being rag-dolled, ass cheeks spanked bright red and tender.

“Hey, are you paying attention?” Thalia prodded Catherine’s leg. Catherine turned her phone’s screen away from Thalia and pretend she was watching the TV.

Thalia took out her phone.

Thals (07:45): who you talking to?

“Remember that mystery text I got canlı kaçak iddaa last week?”

Thalia clapped her hands and threw her head back. “Haha, that’s awesome. How are they?”

“Uh, okay. First I was sent an ass shot.”

“Was it a good butt?”

“Then she said that was sent accidentally because she has a boyfriend. But we are talking relatively… constantly.”

“That’s a pickle. First off- can I see the butt?”

“I deleted it,” she lied.

“Second. What did she say initially? Like when she first messaged you. Maybe she thought ‘wow, I met this awesome girl at a club, I need that role model in my life.'”

Catherine’s eyes shot up to the ceiling. “I was thinking that, but our texting feels like it’s going somewhere different.”

“Do I have permission to use your phone?”

A red flag. “Tell me what to say.” Thalia held out her hand expectantly. Catherine relented. She read as Thalia typed, then nodded approvingly.

Catherine (07:51): So how is your boyfriend?

“She responded.” Thalia ran back over.

Abagail (08:00): I don’t think it’s going to work out.

Thalia rubbed Catherine’s shoulders like a boxing coach. “Let’s go grab a drink from the bar across the street. I like that bar.”

“I can do that.” Catherine tried to suppress her curiosity.

“Let’s go, it’s toothpaste for the brain. Cleanse your mind-plaque.”

After drinking, Catherine returned to her dorm before her roommate. She got comfortable.

Catherine (11:57): u up?

Abagail (12:00): Yep

Catherine (12:01): can we talk?

Abagail (12:03): I’m listening.

Catherine (12:05): I remember you. Leather jacket babe.

Abagail (12:06): yay!!

Catherine (12:10): It looked good on you. I’m imagining you wearing it with that thong

Abagail (12:12): lol thanks

Catherine (12:12): you look good

Abagail (12:13): you kept the pic?

Catherine (12:14): coulnt bring myself to do it

Catherine (12:16): you’re the whole package, great ass and chest sexy beast

Catherine (12:16): have you seen that movie?

Abagail (12:18): no I should.

Abagail (12:20): you think I’m sexy?

Catherine (12:22): I want you inside me

Catherine (12:23): I want you to stuff your fingers in my cunt and choke me

Abagail (12:26): jesus

Abagail (12:26): Did you get off to my pic?

Catherine (12:28): fuck yes. but it wasn’t for me

Abagail (12:35): image sent

Catherine’s hand dove down the front of her panties. Abagail sent a picture of her breasts, her hand raising the left one to her mouth. Abagail bit her exposed nipple. Catherine’s fingers pumped in and out of her pussy, her thumb circling her clit.

Catherine’s spirit almost left her body when her phone rang. Abagail was calling. Catherine slowly answered.

“Don’t let me stop you,” whispered Abagail over the phone. “Are you alone?”

Catherine resumed fingering herself. “Just you and me.”

“Nice. You don’t have to talk, baby. Let me talk to you, and you can continue being a whore.”

Catherine pinched her smaller tits beneath her shirt. “I want to hear you moan, Catherine.” She obeyed.

Abagail spoke in a husky voice. “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you. I’m gonna throw your little body over my shoulder, and ram my hand in and out of your pussy. I’m going to swirl my tongue all over your body.”

“Oh, fuck!”

“Are you close? Cum for me. Cum for me, you fucking slut!”

Abagail listened intently to Catherine orgasming on the other end. Abagail humped her pillow rigorously, stripping down further.

“Was that fun for you, baby? Baby?” Abagail saw that the call disconnected.

Abagail (01:02): You okay? Did you fall asleep?

Catherine (01:04): I can’t go to sleep looking like this. What would my roommate think?

Abagail smirked. Catherine’s nudes displayed her body, inner thighs dripping wet, and Catherine licking her fingers dry. Abagail could enjoy this.

Catherine (01:05): I gtg to bed Abby, but I’ll see you later. And there’s an open invitation for you to dominate me

Abagail (01:06): night baby

Abagail drew her phone close to her chest, fucking herself senseless with a dildo.

(And now the weekend at a coffee shop)

Abagail unintentionally startled Catherine at a coffee shop on campus. It was a massive customer line. Abagail wore her leather jacket.

“Sorry-OH, hey,” said Catherine. A few heads turned in the line, but most were preoccupied with waiting. “Good to see you.”

“In the flesh,” said Abagail. She held up her sleeved arm. “I’ve been wearing this more often.”

“It works for you.” Catherine averted her eyes from Abagail for a moment, considering. “You wearing anything else more frequently?

Abagail blushed. “I just got out of class, how about you?”

“Left thirty minutes ago, still waiting here.” Catherine checked her phone watch. “You didn’t order anything yet, like on an app? Do you want to grab an early dinner?”

Abagail nodded vigorously.

They bought dollar pizza and walked canlı kaçak bahis around with it. Catherine stuffed her face but then felt self-conscious and leaned away.

“I broke up with Chris,” said Abagail.

“Oh. Good? What happened in the end?”

“I said I found out some parts of myself. He seemed to take it fine.” Abagail took hers and Catherine’s plates and chucked them into the trash.

Catherine pointed at a nearby building. “That’s my dorm up there. You want to check it out?”

Abagail and Catherine entered the elevator, both standing to the left side, Catherine closer to the buttons.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Shoot,” said Abagail.

“The infamous thong; did you really send that by accident?”

Abagail grinned. Catherine didn’t know which way she should answer. “Honestly, I did. But I guess it worked out, right?”

Catherine nodded, although Abagail couldn’t see her face. She watched Catherine slowly walk backward until her back touched Abagail. Abagail reached forward and wrapped her hands around Catherine’s stomach. Catherine began grinding her butt against Abagail’s pelvis. Abagail nibbled on Catherine’s ear. Catherine bit into Abagail’s neck.


They separated and stepped out of the elevator.

“My roommate is gone for the night.”

“Sounds good.” Abagail wiped the spit line from her mouth. Catherine unlocked the dorm door. She playfully swatted Abagail back when the latter started pinching at her butt.

Catherine lived in a small double, bathroom near the front door. “Nice. What now?” asked Abagail.

Catherine walked over to her bed on the left. Abagail stood still. Catherine unbuckled her belt, then dropped her trousers down to around her ankles. She bent over the bed, not looking at Abagail but giving a small shake.

Abagail knelt down slightly, and ran her fingers gently across Catherine’s cunt. Catherine brought her knees together and softly moaned. Abagail then placed her head between Catherine’s cheeks and thrust her tongue inside Catherine’s pussy. She slobbered around the surrounding flesh, but would then reach as far inside with her tongue as she could. Abagail lived for the aroma but put her hand down her own pants when she heard Catherine’s gasps.

“Oh, fuck. That feels good, a little deeper,” moaned Catherine. She struggled to reach back and grab Abagail’s hair, to force her in closer. Abagail came up for air.

“Do you like this position?”

“What do you mean?”

“Can I see your face?”

“Mmm. But I like the feeling of being pushed down. Dominated. Is that okay?”

“Of course.” Abagail resumed eating out with her friend. Catherine used one hand to spread her ass open, the other to hold Abagail’s fingers.

“Oh, Abby. I have a gift for you?”

“What?” Abagail cleaned her face. Catherine got up, waddled with her pants around her ankles to the desk.

“It’s a gift, but I’m also asking for a favor. Get naked.” Catherine unveiled a thick purple dildo attached to a harness with the tag still on.

Abagail removed her shirt, her bra. She dropped her pants, revealing boyshorts. Catherine pouted.

“Next time,” said Abagail. Abagail discarded her underwear. Catherine dragged her fingers through Abagail’s dense bush. She handed her the strap. “Doggy style?”

Both naked, Catherine was pushed deeper into the bed under the weight of Abagail. Abagail’s initial thrusts were slow, penetrating Catherine all the way to the hilt. She increased speed, ramming into Catherine, their wet thighs slapping together.

“What do you want, bitch?”

“I want you to fuck me. I want your fat dick. I’m your slut, your doggy slut.”

Abagail wrapped Catherine’s blonde hair around her hand and pulled back. Catherine’s back arched, Abagail riding Catherine like an animal. Catherine never felt more humiliated, submissive, and completely aroused.

“Did you hear that?”

The dorm room door started to open. Abagail turned around. Catherine dragged Abagail down to the mattress, then tossed the covers over both of them. They pretended to be asleep.

Catherine’s roommate came in, unloaded her items, not reacting to the two people in the other bed. She turned off the lights, then climbed into bed. Catherine waited ten minutes before whispering to Abagail.

“Sorry. I don’t know what to do.”

“It’s fine.”

Abagail gave the back of Catherine’s neck small kisses. Catherine was also still in arousal mode, but desperate to stay quiet. She did bring Abagail’s hand up to her breast.

Abagail reinstated the strap into Catherine’s pussy. Slowly, they pressed together. Abagail clapped a hand over Catherine’s mouth.

“I’ll take it from here, slut.”

Catherine came twice before falling asleep in Abagail’s arms.

Catherine woke up before Abagail. Her roommate was gone.

Abagail needed help getting out of the harness. Catherine apologized for the marks across Abagail’s skin.

“It’s fine. They’re a fun reminder. So do you want to hang on to this thing or should I take it?” Abagail held up the strap. “I have four roommates, but my own room.”

“I can bring it over.” Catherine stood up on her toes and kissed Abagail. “I want you to meet Thalia. We’re hanging out this weekend.”

“Sounds good. Are you busy the rest of the day?”