Waking Beauty


She woke. Looking into the angry red glare of the alarm clock she wondered why she was awake at 4:13 am. The bed moved. And again… She lay still with her eyes open trying to keep from disturbing her mate. The bed moved again and a groan was heard. She smile acknowledging the rhythm that the bed had began moving with and the gasps of her lover.

Being turned away from her partner, hearing and feeling the motion of the bed she clenched her thighs around her body pillow. As the momentum from the other side of the bed built she ground her now throbbing clit against the seam of the pillow. Slowly at first then faster as she felt her partner work towards climax. She knew now that if her partner wasn’t lost in the throws of pleasure that they’d notice her humping her pillow.

“Uhhng.” She let slip as she ground hard against her stuffed partner.

She slid a hand between her thighs as she bit a finger from her opposing hand to keep silent. What the hell was she doing? If she just turned over she could touch a real live, warm, delicious, body hers for the taking.But to listen… oh to listen to her lover fucking themselves was so arousing she couldn’t help but enjoy the near voyeurism of it.

She slid her tongue across the ridge her teeth had left as she worked two güvenilir bahis siteleri digits between her slick folds, toying with her tingling edges. She stilled just at the brink of her tight eager pit as she felt the bed next to her convulse under the ecstasy of her partner. She let go an exasperated gasp knowing it was all over before it began for her.

To ease her aching nethers she clenched and unclenched her thighs around her fingers and pillow moving as little as possible in hopes of cooling down without experiencing the hard ache that a sudden stop left. She felt her bed mate roll over.

If only they would fall asleep fast, she too could find her bliss. Again this was all crazy! She should just roll over and take them. Demand it, taste them, feel them, breath them, become one with them. But no… It seemed wrong, like she’d discovered a secret they wanted to keep.

Sucking on the finger she had chosen to keep her quiet, she began to slip the hand between her thighs away letting her hopes of self indulgence leave her. In her motion a warmth engulfed her hand causing her to yelp in surprise. A hand covered her mouth pulling her head back firmly as the warmth over her hand forced it back between her thighs diligently working her own mobilbahis fingers between the folds of her slick satin warmth.

Startled, she calmed herself knowing that this was her beloved. She drew in a breath behind the hand that covered her mouth flexing against the dual thickness of the fingers inside her. Her two accompanied by her partners atop them while her sweet tormentor ground themselves hotly against her cool ass, thrilled her.

Laying in the dark seeing only the red glow of the clock she lost herself in the forced flicks of her fingers via her lovers, nay, takers. At this point it was clear that she wasn’t being loved, she was being conquered and forcefully as her partner worked her faster and harder sliding her hand away to unroll a third finger and force it along with their own inside her. It was almost too much but to feel the demanding wetness grinding against her backside spurred her wanton pussy into a frenzy.

She bucked, working her ass against the wet hot desire behind her and against the hands that worked inside her. The instigator of her pleasure groaned, moaned and bit her sharply. In a moment of overwhelm the hand over her mouth slid to bind itself with her now sex wild hair, pulling her roughly against them. She cried out only bahis siteleri to have her conqueror jerk her tighter still, forcing more than she thought she could take inside her. Grinding and stuffing and pulling and biting, she’d only dreamed of such abuse in such a sweet way.

Easing down the back of her body, she felt her tormentor slide forcing her beneath them as they still manipulated her own fingers like enchanted puppets. Spread open to the cool air she felt the magmatic heat of lips and tongue pulling at her clit, spilling her head against the pillows with a gasp ridden cry. The mouth worked her, the hand that held hers captive forced her open to make room for tongue. The fight was over. Her toes curled, her body no longer her own as she lifted her hips grinding against the efforts below begging for more.

It came. The orgasm came so fast that there was no holding it back. Her heat filled juices rinsed her takers mouth while her inner ridges gripped at both fingers and tongue. Her hips worked hard, smearing against both her hand, her lovers and their face tightly against her tremoring pussy.

Waves of heat and desire rolled through her body. She gripped her pillow, while her lover worked her slowly to the end. At last the last bits of sexual frustration were pulled from her via her own fingertips. It was as if forever and seconds passed simultaneously before she felt her partner move gently behind her and pull her into a warm embrace.

“Goodnight baby” came the feminine voice behind her.

She smiled.