Jenny’s Fetish


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Jenny was one of those blondes that men would suddenly stop and stare at her shapely body with lustful fantasies of different ways to fuck the hell out of her. Today she wore a sheer red dress that tied around her neck. No bra accentuated that her nipples were hard and stayed that way due to the constant rubbing against the material. Her four inch high heels added to the fact that they thrust her B cup breasts forward and swayed her ass with each sensuous step. She wore a thong to match the color of her dress; she might as well have not been wearing anything at all.

Jenny had agreed to this client from the escort service where she worked after seeing the picture of the applicant. She loved bald men; didn’t care if it was natural or by their own hand. There was something about it that just made her so hot and out of control. This one had a muscular build and deep blue eyes; she loved the little smile and, of course, the clean shaven head.

She normally agreed to meet her clients in a public place, but he had paid extra in advance for her to meet him in the warehouse district. She found the right warehouse and proceeded to climb the stairs to the third floor. Jenny preferred stairs to elevators; always wanted to know the exit routes. She walked through the door marked “Floor 3” and down the well lit hallway looking for the door marked “Fittings.”

Jenny knocked confidently on the door and waited. A couple of minutes passed as the door was opened by her client. She gazed into his eyes and inhaled deeply to calm her racing heart when she glanced at his head.

“Come in,” he said and she stepped into the room.

Jenny looked around and decided it was a strange “Fitting Room” in her opinion. There was a red upholstered table; looked like an exam table and off to the side was a door marked “Fitting Tools.”

“This is an interesting place to meet,” she said a little hesitantly. “Is there a particular reason that you wished to meet here?”

“Yes.” answered her client.

“And that being?” inquired Jenny.

“To exam you better.” he said.

“What do you mean?” Jenny was starting to get just a bit nervous now.

He handed her an envelope. She opened it and saw three thousand dollars; she had never been offered that much before. She looked at him questioningly.

“That,” replied her client before she could question him “is to allow me to exam you thoroughly, fuck you as I wish and to make you cum as many times as I see fit. There might be some discomfort, but I believe you will be gratified immensely.”

‘Talk about getting to the point,’ thought Jenny. Jenny’s hand shook slightly and she could feel herself getting moist and hot between her legs.

She stared at the envelope for a couple of minutes and then placed it in her purse.

“Good.” said her client and motioned her to the table. “Please remove of clothing; including underwear and shoes. You may place them neatly on this chair. I shall return in a few minutes. He proceeded through the “Tools” door off to the side.

Jenny stripped off all clothing and was standing next to the exam table when he returned.

“Would Escort Bayan you please lie on the table for the first part of your exam?”

‘Why not,’ thought Jenny; it was obviously some type of role playing sex.

She hopped up onto the table and leaned back.

“Please place this mask over your eyes,” he said as he handed her a type of sleep mask.

Jenny frowned, “Why?”

He sighed, “This will take longer if you keep questioning each instruction. It’s to heighten your sexual awareness.”

“Oh, okay.” said Jenny and slipped the mask over her eyes.

She felt him attaching something to the table of her left side; then again at her right. He gently lifted her arm and brought it out slightly from her body. She felt him lower it onto something very soft. Then again to her other arm as well.

“Leave your arms where I placed them.” was all he said.

She heard a loud “Chink-Clank” sound and cold metal squeezing at three different places on her arm. She couldn’t move.

“Hey! What’s going on!” she demanded.

“If you persist on continuously interrupting me with these types of questions, we will be here a long time.” and she felt him secure her legs next. Then she felt her arms swing up and stretched above her head, but not uncomfortably so. Her legs were next as they were stretched open.

Jenny felt his gloved hands slowly caressing her face. He slowly caressed down her neck and shoulder; then lightly across her breasts and nipples. He gently tweaked her hard nubs and she started to moan and breathe quicker. He traced down her ribs and across her belly button and stopped just on top of her mound; she moaned again waiting for him to touch her pussy.

“What is it that you want slut?” he questioned her and she could detect a change in his voice; one from detachment to harshness.

“I want you to touch me and fuck me,” said Jenny.

“You want me to touch you! Defile myself with you! I don’t even know if you are clean enough for me. Should I clean you so that I can touch you? Is that what you want slut? I should clean you so that your cunt may be worthy of me rubbing my head against your dripping cunt?”

His words were igniting a hot desire within Jenny. She could see his bald head and now her pussy wanted it to be rubbed against it; ease her throbbing. “Yes! Yes, use me! Clean me! Touch me!” she screamed.

She heard him walk away and the side door open; then she felt the table being moved and she was sure it was through the door. This room felt cooler than the last and she could discern a slight echo as his feet walked along a tiled floor.

“I will begin the cleansing process while I administer a through exam.” She felt him raise her ass and then felt some type of foam wedge slide under her tilting her ass at an angle back. He tweaked her nipples again until she moaned and then felt something being pushed into her ass. She could feel at least two lumps; then one started to expand. It wasn’t uncomfortable; in fact, it was kind of stimulating and she squirmed just a bit.

He gave a slight tug and then she felt to warm liquid working its way inside her colon.

“NO!” she screamed and started to squirm more, but couldn’t remove the enema hose from her rectum.

SLAP, SLAP. He spanked each of her cheeks hard. Bayan Escort “That will deserve you just a bit of extra enema. If you move again, I will add extra time you will have to hold it.” She heard him walk away while the warm liquid still filled her up.

His footsteps returned and she felt warm liquid be inserted into her cunt all along the inside of her cunt in a steady stream. She then felt it running over her clit and down her pussy lips; stimulating her and making her moan.

“You like my douche slut? You like it when I clean you? Tell me. Tell me what you like slut?” he asked as the warm liquid returned to the inside of her cunt.

Jenny’s head was swimming between the liquid pouring in her ass and now the liquid in her cunt; she was breathing hard and craving a nice hard cock in her cunt. “Clean me, please clean me so you can use me!” she started screaming. “I need to be cleaned so you can use me!”

Suddenly the warm stream of liquid stopped and she was trying to hump; her clit and cunt needing stimulus. “Fuck Me!!! Oh God! Fuck Me!!!” she screamed.

All of a sudden she felt the cramping start in her bowels; they were so full. “Please! I’ve got to go. Please let me go to the bathroom!” she yelled.

“No. Remember, you get extra enema and extra time to hold it,” he said and then she felt more liquid being pushed into her and then his hands rubbed over her abdomen deliberately pushing and squeezing. “There; I think that should do. Now, as for the time …”

“How long? Please how long?!” yelled Jenny.

“My dear that is up to you.” he said and gave a small laugh.

“I don’t understand,” said Jenney.

“I’ll release your bowels after I’ve thoroughly fucked you to my satisfaction; so it depends on how satisfying you are.” He kissed her mouth; his tongue probing, tasting and demanding dominance over hers. His hand reached down and cupped her breast; she felt that he had removed the exam gloves. He alternately nuzzled and bit along her neck trailing down to her nipple.

His mouth sucked her nipple first softly and then hard; she started to moan despite feeling so full. She didn’t know how long he spent working over her breasts but he went slowly and thoroughly covered every inch before standing up to walk down between her legs. She felt his mouth engulf her clit and she screamed out in her excitement that its constant ache was be administered to.

She felt his mouth suck and chew her pussy lips; stretching and pulling at them engorging them further. Her pussy was throbbing with need and she knew she was quite wet. She felt the wedge being removed and the head of his cock slide up and down her slit.

“What do you want slut? Tell me. Beg me for it.” his strained voice said.

“I want your cock to fuck me; to be filled completely by your cock. I want to cum all over your cock. Please, please let me be used by you, let me feel your cock!” said Jenny hoping that he wouldn’t refuse her again.

“I am quite large and quite thick. Your cunt will be tight because of all the liquid. I want you to think about all that liquid in your bowels now while I fuck your cunt.” and he shoved the head of his cock inside.

Jenny gasped when she felt the thick head of his cock enter in her pussy. So large and she felt so full already. He didn’t Escort shove it in all at once, but kept rocking it in back and forth until she could feel their pubic bones grinding against each other. The liquid in her ass was sloshing and it added fullness and tightness to her cunt. She felt so full and hot as he started to slow fuck in and out of her while he rubbed her clit.

She started to breathe hard and rapid. She couldn’t believe that this was so stimulating to her; everything felt like it was on fire. Her moans became quicker and her state of arousal stayed constant. She suddenly screamed out as her orgasm hit her hard. He kept pumping and pumping.

She could also tell when he started to get close because he started to fuck her faster and harder. “Yes slut. Take my cum. Yes … in your nice clean cunt. Yes! Yes!!! YES!!!!” and she felt her insides being splashed with his hot cum which brought her close to another orgasm.

He withdrew and smiled knowing she was close again. He quickly released her and walked her over to the toilet and sat her down. He spread her legs and inserted two fingers in and rubbed her G-spot while maintaining pressure on her clit. “Tell me when you are about to cum and I will intensify it for you.”

Jenny nodded her head and was humping his hand while leaning against him. She felt it coming and her breathing increased, “Now. Almost … almost … NOW!!!!” she screamed and he released the anal plug. “ARGHHH!!!!!!” she screamed and then moaned as her orgasm lasted as long as it took for her bowels to empty. She felt totally drained and was hanging onto him; afraid she was going to pass out.

He stood her up and then cleaned her. She knew that if he let go she would crumple to the floor. She had never experienced such a hard and overwhelming orgasm in her life. Her cunt felt so totally satisfied and that was new also. He picked her up in his strong arms and took her to yet another door into another room; this one had a bed. “Rest.” was all he said and left.

Jenny woke and scanned the room. Her clothing, shoes and purse had been laid near the bed. She quickly dressed and approached the door and opened it; she feared that maybe it would be locked. She looked around the tiled room and gave a small laugh; it was a bathroom. She walked to the next door and she was back in the “Fitting Room” and there he was sitting in a chair. He stood as she entered the room.

He walked over and smiled at her; leaned in and kissed her deeply holding her body tightly against his. “Thank you. I enjoyed your company this afternoon.”

She smiled thinking about everything she experienced and reached up to run her hand across his smooth head. Her nipples immediately hardened. “I believe we’re not finished yet.” and she smiled warmly at him. “Someone said they were going to rub their head on my cunt, but I don’t recall that happening.” and she laughed delightfully.

Her words surprised him. Most women couldn’t wait to leave. “You wish to stay?”

Jenny smiled back and hugged him, “I would like to. Think we can use the bed this next time?” and she untied the top of her dress exposing her breasts. “My name is Jenny, please ask for me anytime.” and she opened her purse and handed the envelope back to him.

His eyes looked surprised a second time, “The money is yours,” he said shaking his head.

Jenny smiled, “You gave me something better than money; more satisfying. Just the escort service charge is sufficient.”

He smiled back, “My name is Henry.” and he leaned in to kiss and embrace his soul mate.