Half Lit Room


Half Lit RoomSitting at the bed, feeling pretty buzzed from the drinks earlier at the bar, you excuse yourself claiming you need to go to the bathroom.Our conversation from the night was mostly about life, goals, ex’s, etc… but then we stepped into a weird topic: taboo sex. I don’t know if you brought it up, or I did. It was probably me because lately, I’ve been fascinated about the last time we had crazy sex. It’s been swirling around in my head. As our conversation continues, I end up sharing that I’ve recently watched a few of those videos on the web of just sloppy dirty sex where just about anything goes. You say “Really?” with great intrigue in almost a sly grinning tone. Trying not to sound like a total pervert/creep, I back away, by saying “Well, it’s not like we have done it like that in a while, but I was just curious, I guess to find out what you want me to do to you and what you want to do to me.” “I see”, you reply with a wink.More conversation about random things, but it seems as though, you kept fidgeting in your seat especially when you’d run your hand up my arm. It appeared you were really turned on… I didn’t think our conversation was THAT stimulating, but hey, you are gorgeous and hanging out with me. I was not one to complain. 🙂 Then you said, “I need to take you home… now.”, forcefully. I was taken aback, but liked your confidence/dominance and willingness to know what was going to be done to you and how you were going to be ravaged by me. I replied with intent as well, “Let’s do this”.That brings us to here… me on the bed, you apparently in the restroom. You come back with nothing but a robe on. My cock springs to attention. You sit down next to me and give me an incredibly passionate kiss. I think to myself, “wow, she really is rev’d up.” Then you say as you pull your lips from mine, “remember those videos you watched?” “which ones?” “the one’s where she gets nasty and goes crazy and he goes crazy too” “Yes”, I said with halkalı escort a cocked grin on my face. You tell me “Tonight is going to be an incredible night… A night of firsts!”, you proclaim as you open your robe and expose your nakedness.My eyes traveled from yours, to your incredible lips, past your perky tits and pointed nipples, to your flat stomach, then I see your pussy dripping from excitement. I’m both shocked, and a quite aroused. My semi-hard cock twitches and hardens rapidly. Your pussy becoming increasingly wet, you say, “I want you to touch it” and with that, I reach over and drag my fingers up your lips. You purr, “good boy”. With that, I instantly realize who’s in control here.You then instruct me… “If you’re good tonight, I have a present for you later.” My cock throbs with anticipation of defining “good”. You then lean to me and kiss me hard. Your pussy pressed against my stomach leaving a trail of wetness dripping down to my cock. You pull away and tell me that you need to be serviced. I then kiss my way down your neck, past your perfectly hard nipples, across your stomach to your awaiting pussy. I’ve never seen it like this before, but instinctively knew I needed to kiss, to lick, to finger it.Kneeling before you, you thrust your pussy in front of me.. across my sensitive mouth.. finally, my tongue catches the labia hold it still. My tongue traces hungrily up and down, noting how warm and wet it is. My hand reaches up and my fingers slowly enter into you, in and out as my tongue parts your lips. Feeling your hands on the back of my head, and hearing a moan from your mouth, you are enjoying watching me feast on your essence. Deeper I plunge my fingers and tongue into you until my fingers are all the way back of your cervix. With your nudge I begin to stroke my hand in and out of your pussy, at the same time piston my mouth is licking şişli escort you up. At this point my cock is throbbing and I grab your ass so hard with one of my hands pressing my face further still into you.You start to piston your hips and tell me it feels so good. As I gasp for air as you drive your hips and push my head into crotch. You fuck my face off of your beautiful pussy and tell me… I now need to completely satisfy you. “I’m going to fuck you and fuck you I will.”As if in a trance, I comply and turn around. On all fours, you press your ass up in the air, waiting for me to take you. I kneel behind you, but instead of pressing my cock against your forbidden hole, you feel the warm sensation of my tongue licking it. Your hand reaches up and begins to tug on my cock…. milking it. “You like that don’t you, slut”, I say. You can only whimper a “yesss”. After a few minutes I pull away and insert a finger in your ass. It enters, but only two knuckles deep yet you cannot help but groan. I grab some lube and pour it over my cock and your ass watching it glisten down your body in the half lit room. Now I push my finger in again, and it drives knuckle deep. My dick pulsates as I press against your pussy from the other side and watch your pussy begin to gush with anticipation. Then you feel a second finger enter and get nervous, as it feels like too much…but you want more and look back with worried eyes. You see me, and I tell you to “turn the fuck around!” Instantly, feel you drive both fingers hard into your ass and in response you let out a guttural moan. I continue to work your ass, preparing it for my weapon of choice.Then, at the point of no return, you feel one hand on you hip, the other is around my shaft lining it up to guide it deep inside…inside your ass. First just the head…. it feels so good but I must plunge it deeper. Then as another two inches disappear inside of you, and we both let sarıyer escort out a moan. Now both hands are on your hips and your face is buried into the pillow only seeing darkness from your tightly shut eyes, yet you are imagining all the sequence of events and expressions on my face from my point of view. I push some more in and more and all the way until I come up against my stretched ass. The lube drips down onto my balls then across your aching pussy. I press against your body and you feel a painful burn deep inside and try to pull away. But I instruct you, “hold still, this will only hurt for a minute but then you will be aching for it to never stop” You appreciate my powerful voice relaxing you and feel me press harder until your ripped asshole opens and my cock head impales you again and again, oh so slowly. It is painful at first and you bite your lower lip, yet I keep pushing until I balls deep in your ass!No stopping, just the pace becomes faster and faster. Sometimes leaving my throbbing meat buried deep inside your bowels only to repeat the pounding at a frenetic pace. I then reach up to your mouth and you hungrily suck on the fingers you feed me with the remaining pussy juice. Then without warning, I SLAP your ass and fish hook your cheek to where your head is twisted to one side. Your inside muscles clamp down on my cock and you involuntarily moan in ecstasy. I piston in and out of your lustful ass with you keeping to the rhythm of each thrust with a… Uh, uh, uh… “Thank you for fucking me”, you say. “Thank, uh, you, uh.” “Thank, uh, you, uh.” “I, uh, NEED, uh, you.”I can feel my balls begin to swell with cum and pulsate as my veined cock abuses your ass. As the pressure builds, I can feel my cock, start to contract and then I start to cum. Different kind of orgasm… You notice this and I slap your ass hard and then fuck you faster and harder… until I almost pass out.At the same time you tense up, and…. bury yourself deep into the pillow rubbing your hard clit, grunt and then I feel your whole body shiver as your own orgasm hits and your pussy explodes in wetness and sprays all over me. You have enough wits to say, “Thank you! Thank you for…. cumming in my ass.. cum deep in my ass!”I fall away…. limp, spent, yet amazingly, my cock still stands at attention, ready to go.