The Surprise


I’m lying in bed enjoying a good book. It is almost 11pm. The day has been a long one yet I cannot sleep. I was waiting for my husband to return from a ride on his boat. I had decided to stay put. I didn’t much care for boats, but it was my husband’s greatest hobby

I heard the front door finally slam shut and heard soft footprint’s coming up the stairs. He entered our bedroom with a bag in his hands.

“What’s in there”? I asked.

He did not answer, but sat the bag on the floor by the bed. He then took me by the legs and dragged me across the bed to him.

“ Don’t speak unless I say. You will do what I ask, understood?”

I was surprised at my husband’s behavior and at the same time getting excited about his control over me. All I could do was nod.

“ You will take off that robe of yours,” he said.

I started to yank it off and he commanded, “Slowly.” I slowly then took of my robe feeling the wetness form between my legs.

“ That’s a good little girl,” he said. “ Now, I want you to get on the floor on your hands and knees in front of me. I want you to unzip me and take out my cock.”

I did what he asked. I got on the floor and unzipped him, taking out his well-endowed member.

“ That’s a good girl, you’re behaving well. “Now, I want you to lick and suck on the head.”

I took my hand and grabbed him as I began to lick his head.

“ No! Hand’s behind your back, and don’t move them till I say, understood?” I nodded and did what I was told. I began to lick and suck him.

“ Very nice, now lick my balls,” he said.

I istanbul escort continued licking and sucking his balls all the while keeping my hand’s behind my back.

“ Put it in your mouth,” he said.

I put my lips over the head of his cock sucking the head and going deeper and deeper. Just when I thought he might come, I tried to pull away but he kept my head firmly in place and his load spurted into my mouth. I didn’t like to swallow so I kept it in my mouth usually until I could spit it out. He would have none of that.

“ Swallow it” he said.

I looked at him in surprise and shook my head.

“ I said swallow it you will not disobey,” he commanded.

I made a squinting face as I swallowed a huge gulp of his come.

“ Get up and lie on the bed. Put your hands above your head. Do it now.”

I got up and got on the bed, placing my hands above me. What was he going to do now?

He stripped of his clothing and bent down to get something out of the bag he’d brought in. I’d soon find out what he had in store for me. He took out a black silk scarf. My eyes went wide as I looked at it. He’s going to blindfold me. I shook my head.

“ No way you’re blindfolding me,” I said.

“ Did I say you could speak? You will be punished for speaking when you are told otherwise.”

He took the silk scarf and wrapped it around my head putting me in total darkness. I then heard him shuffling in the bag again for something. Then he took one my wrists then the other, and had tied my hands to the post. I wanted to say something, but I knew escort bayan if I did I would be punished further more. I then felt him spread my legs as wide as they would go. I then felt his lips on kissing my belly and going down to my inner thighs. He blew lightly on my trimmed hair. I then felt the bed bunk as he moved off and then heard him in the bag again.

“ Twist around and put your ass in the air,” he said.

The restraints he had me tied to the bed with had some slack so I was able to twist around. I stuck my ass way up in the air. I then felt a whack against my buttocks. I then felt the whip again, harder this time and it was all I could muster not to yelp.

“ Next time you will think twice about speaking,” he said. “ Now you may speak. Pick a number.” When I did not answer he whacked my ass again and I quickly picked ten. I then felt a wet cream being put on my asshole.

“ Your ass is getting fucked for ten minutes. You’ve been very bad. Your not to come, understood? You will not come unless I say or you ask permission.” I then felt his finger playing at my ass entrance. He pushed a finger in and then another and fingered my ass that way. He then inserted another finger so he had three fingers fucking me that way and soon I was getting loosened up. He then took out his fingers and I felt something rubbery and soft pushing into me. He pushed the tip of the dildo inside me until it was filled to the brim.

“ What I want you to do now is play with that nice cunt of yours while I fuck your ass, and don’t you dare stop. You will not come, understood? Kartal escort You have to ask for it..” He reached up and undid one of my hands.

I reached down and began playing with my cunt. It was so wet and I was so turned on that I felt I could just explode, but wasn’t allowed to. I continued fingering myself as he pushed that huge dildo up my ass.

“ That’s nice, that’s my dirty little girl,” he said. He took the whip and whacked my ass again as he pushed the dildo way up. I jumped back in surprise, but did not yelp. When it got to be ten minutes he took the dildo out and started licking the entrance to my ass. He started sucking lightly there and it was a great sensation. I didn’t think I could hold back any longer.

“ Please let me come, master. I need to come so baldy.”

He pulled away from me. “ I don’t think you want it bad enough.”

He turned me over till I was on my back again. He began touching my firm breasts and he squeezed my nipples so hard it hurt. He then lightly flicked his tongue across them making them all wet. He noticed that I had quit touching myself.

“ I didn’t tell you that you could stop, continue,” he said.

I continued to touch myself and he began kissing my belly and then went down to my inner thighs. He then just watched me and I could no longer take it I had to come now.

“ Please, master can I come now?”

“ Come. Come for me NOW,” he commanded.

I exploded, my every body part shacking with the intensity of it as I continued to stroke. He then came up and took the blindfold and restraints off. There was a wicked smile on my husbands face.

“ Did you enjoy yourself?” he asked.

“ Yes, very much so.”

He then got up and reached in that bag again and I thought, what now?

He pulled out a collar and a leash. This would be interesting.