DOCTOR’S ORDERSKathy had been married to Malcolm only three months when she got involved with a black stud named Hank. Soon she was not only sexing him, but several of his friends. She soon realized she revelled in black cocks and liked the idea of being a wanton white slut for strange black dicks.About this time, she also discovered herself becoming more dominant over her husband and yearning to subjugate him totally. She told her mom of this desire.”Kathy dear, I should’ve known you were sneaking around and getting some good black dicks on the side. I’m proud of you. It’s obviously good for you because you just seemed too radiant and happy. I didn’t think poor Malcolm was eating you out that good.” The two chuckled.”His tongue is his best quality, but those big black cocks are what dreams are made of. But as I said, I have this urge and it won’t go away. I want to make him a slave husband and humiliate him. You think I need psychological help?””Heck no! You just need a plan. Kathy, sometimes after a woman like you has been with a real man, and especially black men, you can get a desire to humiliate and castigate your husband for his inadequacies. And your poor Malcolm is such a sweet submissive. An ideal target for you to subjugate.” Have you any idea what you want to do? Personally, I would like to see him turned into a transvestite.””Then you think I should find a way?””Oh, by all means. In fact, I just might have an idea. I was reading a story the other day where a slick faith healer was giving a d**g to people to make them nauseous and sickly. He then gave them an antidote in some blessed water he had them drink. Maybe we can get your Malcolm to be what you want by doing the same.”The two women talked further to refine their plan and also decided to enlist the aid of a friend of theirs who was a nurse. The plan was set into motion. Over a week, Malcolm’s food was spiked with a harmless d**g that would make him have an upset stomach and run a mild fever. THE PLAN:Kathy insisted he go to a gastrointestinal specialist who she knew, who was really her nurse friend, Karen, posing as a Doctor Beatmen. The fake Doctor Beatmen and Kathy knew each other since high school days. As a matter of fact, Dr. Beatmen would’ve loved to have a lesbian affair with Kathy.On her first visit, Dr. Beatmen, drew blood samples for testing. She gave him something to slightly ease the effects of the d**gs his wife was surreptitiously giving him. On his second visit, she broke the bogus bad news to him.”Malcolm, I have some good news and some bad news.”Malcolm, the nervous type twitched nervously as Dr. Beatmen acted her part to the hilt by using every trick to put him on needles and pins. After a planned pause, she began again.”The good news is we don’t need to operate, but the bad news is that the d**gs you need to balance your hormonal and intestinal track chemistry are not cheap or readily available. However, there is an alternative to purchasing the synthetic version of this very expensive d**g, but I warn you, you must be man enough to endure the treatment process. If I start you on it, I don’t want to hear any whining or being wishy-washy about taking your treatment or the natural medicines which will be a part of this natural but somewhat unorthodox procedure. Once you start, you can’t ever use the synthetic d**g.”Malcolm quickly agreed to follow the Doctor’s orders if it would make him better. His wife, who held his hand sincerely was laughing loud inside even though she played the part of the seriously concerned wife.THE TREATMENT STARTS:”Kathy, I-I’m really nervous about this phase. I just don’t feel comfortable about sucking on …””Not sucking honey, Fellating. Remember what the Doctor said. If you think of it in the beginning as sucking cocks, you’ll build up a negative impression.””Uh, okay dear, I-I’ll try. I-I practiced again on that plastic shaped penis she gave me … I-I hope he’s gentle.””I’m sure he will be honey. And don’t you worry, I’ll be right here by your side as you swallow your first load, err, I mean injection of virile Scumtoza.””Thanks dear. I-I don’t know how to thank you for going through all you’ve been through last week… you know for Phase One .. sleeping with all those strange black men Dr. Beatmen sent over s-so I could suck …””Orally extract honey.””Oh, I-I’m sorry, orally extract the sex fluids from y-your vagina”.”Honey, I persevered for you. There’s no need to thank me, it was my duty to do it for you.” She smiled with a smirk as she kissed him on the cheek. “Now honey, remember to keep your lips pursed tightly around his penis as he’s spurting his good cum. We want to keep the air from getting to it as you swallow. Remember, when you got the less potent Scumtoza from my cunt, it was protected by being mixed with my pussy juice. But this time, you have to work to keep it protected as well as using good suction to draw it all out too.””I-I’ll do my best dear.””I’m counting on you darling. And I must say, I’m so glad to see you didn’t seem to have any difficulty eating your medicine from my snatch after the darlings worked so hard to put it in there for you all last week.”Her husband muttered and stammered out of embarrassment, but he admitted that even though his wife’s hairy oozing gash was slimy and sloppy he didn’t have too much trouble getting acclimated to the taste of the f******n black men’s jism he “orally extracted” from her over the last two weeks.“Can you tell if the medicine from my cunt is doing any good? You do feel better don’t you?””Oh yes. I don’t feel dizzy anymore and not quite as nauseous after eating.””And Malcolm honey, I really loved you making that loud slurping noise as you drew your gooey medicine out of my gash. That was so pleasing. It was so good to straddled your head and ground my cunt in your face so it could drain real good for you.””T-Thank you again dear. I-I appreciate all the little things you’re doing for me.””Of course you’re welcomed darling. Now when you start getting the regular doses of more potent Scumtoza from the men’s balls, you should be back to normal again. However, like Dr. Beatmen indicated, you may need to stay on the medication for several months until your body gets stabilized.””I understand. B-but Kathy dear, d-did Dr. Beatmen ever mentioned when I-I could stop masturbating a-and have …””Have sex like we use to? Honey, like she told you, it’s best you wait until she gives the word. She said it would take a while. So don’t fret, you’ll do fine by pulling your peter until she gives the word. Anyway, in the meantime, I’ll be so busy getting you your daily doses of cuntal Scumtoza, we won’t have much time together anyway for that. I’ll be too busy with those big black cocks anyway. You know how demanding the darlings are. You can’t expect them to just come by and sex me and not want me to go out and party with them. It’s only fair for all they’re doing for us.””I-I suppose you’re right.” Malcolm sighed as he spoke with his head hung. “She did say she wanted me to do more of the housework chores, since such meticulous work would help me from getting frayed nerves.””And besides, you’re so good at it darling. Your aunt taught you so well.””I always did enjoy keeping things tidy and in order. Err, Kathy dear, can I, err ask you something?””Of course sweetie. What is it?””D-do you, err, have to wear such short dresses and make up, err, the way you do, w-when going out with those black men?””They like me to dress sexy that way. Don’t you?””Err, w-well yes, b-but you show so much.””I thought you like me like that, especially since you seem to get so horny helping me get dressed and jacking off for me while I model. You mean you don’t want me posing for you and teasing you with peeks of my crotchless panties to help you get off?””Y-yes, I do, b-but I just wish it wasn’t this way.””Just remember it’s for you darling that I’m giving myself to them. When you’re jacking off, think of their big black dicks creaming in my pussy, your wife’s juicy white snatch that’s being denied to you, but that you’re only allowed to eat out. Identify your pleasure with licking up after these real men darling. Consider their spent cum as a delightful ambrosia. Thinking this way will make things easier on you honey.” His wife spoke softly with a wicked smile on her face. She tingled with pleasure at the thought of tormenting him this way and making him think it was for his own good. “O-okay dear. I-I’ll do as you suggest.” Spoke her husband in a tone of resignation and capitulation, as he thought of strange black men enjoying his wife’s luscious body, while he stayed home doing housework and masturbating.”I think I hear a car coming honey. Yes it is. I bet that’s your medicine on tap.” His wife giggled as she spoke.LATER”See honey, that wasn’t so bad, was it. I think you did real well for your first time at Fellatio. You looked so sweet with your cheeks all puffed out when he pushed his dick to the back of your throat. In fact I’ll say you did an excellent job of swallowing your first load of heavy hot jism. How did you find the taste of your medicine?””I-it was v-very warm and gooey … real creamy like. I-I was so surprised that he shot off twice in my mouth and then was ready to made love to you after that.””That’s not unusual for black men honey. It may not happen with every black man you suc, err, I mean Fellate. Also honey, I must commend you for being so obedient and well mannered when he asked you to ask me if he could have intercourse with me?””I-I didn’t know what else to do.””You did the right thing. You gained respect by obeying. I’m quite pleased at you, especially helping me undress and preparing me for him.””W-well you did ask me to help you take off your panties, a-and I, well, thought helping you get ready for him w-was the least I could do.””And you did it very well darling. Including mouthing him, like he wanted, before guiding his cock to my cunt.””I-I don’t know why dear, but it-it seemed like I should do what he asked of me.””Again, you did the right thing. You should always obey me and black studs in a situation like that. As I said, they respect you for being obedient. He was most impressed at how you didn’t flinch at holding his balls as I asked you too, or milking his cock and licking me clean after he was finished with me. I’m very istanbul escort proud of you.”TWO WEEKS LATER”Mother, this is working so much better than I’d dreamed. He’s swallowed our little scheme hook, line and sinker. Not only is he sucking over a dozen cocks a week, he has shown no real objection to getting fucked up his ass three and four times a week also. Whatever the Doctor says goes.” Kathy chuckled as she spoke with glee.”I think he’s basically a latent masochist, and we’ve just helped it surface. I bet you could make him accept being whipped too. Want to try it?” Her mother said as she peered over her coffee cup.”That’d be too much to ask for, but I’d love to try.” Kathy’s eyes were wide as she mentally contemplated lashing her molly-coddled husband.The two women spent the next hour working on their new scheme. They called their friend, the nurse, the fake Dr. Beatmen and she put the finishing touches on it.POSTERIOR RECIRCULATORY THERAPY”See these prescriptions honey, Dr. Beatmen wants me to get them filled right away so we can get you started on this new therapy by Friday night. She did talk to you about the therapy while mother and I were in the waiting room didn’t she?””Yes she did. I-I guess we might as well have this talk now, so you can get mentally prepared for administering the therapy treatments.””Whatever do you mean honey?” His wife said trying to sound utterly surprised.Malcolm stammered through an explanation of all Dr. Beatmen had told him why he needed this special Posterior Re-circulatory Therapy or PRT treatment.”So Kathy dear, as a result of the compression of my buttocks cells by all the Rectal Insertion Therapy I’ve been getting from the men, Dr. Beatmen wants me to get some occasional PRT to counter the skin cell compression.””So these instruments of flagellation will help your condition?” His wife asked, trying not to laugh as she continued to try to sound surprised.”Uh, yes. The treatment will cause swelling in various areas of my buttocks and uncompress the skin cells. As the swellings shrink, the cells will be restored to normal condition.””Okay, that makes sense.” His wife replied in a serious tone.”B-but one thing Dr. Beatmen wanted me to discuss with you … and I know it’s going to be hard for you, j-just as it is for me. B-but you’ll have to apply the flagellation instruments pretty hard, s-so that I-I can get the proper amount of swelling. W-what I’m saying dear, this is going to be painful for me. However, the Dr. said that any pity or mercy you show me … by not applying the proper force with the instruments … because you didn’t want to cause me pain… would be a disservice to my health.””I see darling. It’ll be difficult, but I’ll try not to think about the pain as I give you what you need. I’ll try not to show any pity.” His wife spoke with seriousness as she tried to not only suppress her joy at hearing her husband submit himself to her, but to control the tingle she felt in her cunt at the thought of plying into his tender ass with a crop.She kissed her well tricked husband as she prepared to visit a leather shop to pick up the medicinal flagellation instruments prescribed for his treatment.Meanwhile her husband went to the kitchen to begin dinner. He heard his wife call out to him as she was leaving.”Oh honey! Dr. Beatmen prescribed some more dresses, underwear and lingerie for you. Mother will be by later to discuss colours and style. I’d do it, but I just don’t have time. Bye!”Malcolm received the message without any real surprise. He knew Dr. Beatmen had talked of prescribing additional attire for his medical treatment wardrobe. She wanted him to have a greater variety of feminine items that would act as arousal aids for the black men that bring him his doses of their spermal medicine, Scumtoza. In a strange way, Malcolm desired more items of feminine finery, so that he could look more pleasing to the men who came by to see him. He found himself very much wanting to please them as they came by with their giant ebony erections to inject him with their pent up hot jism.Malcolm was sure he would get a few more maid uniforms. After becoming accustomed to them, he liked the way they looked on him as well as their comfort and style. He was almost certain that his wife and mother-in-law were going to get that lavender one trimmed in pink and white lace. At first he was resistant to such colours, however now he was looking forward to wearing such pretty hues, since the black studs that bring him their hard dicks seem to find such them arousing and appealing. MALCOLM’S DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT”Malcolm, I can only say that I am pleased at not only how well your recovery has been, but also what an exemplary patient you’ve been in taking your medicine doses and faithfully adhering to your treatment schedules.””Thank you Doctor. I-I couldn’t have done it without Kathy and her mom.””Yes, you indeed are lucky to have family to support you at such times. Let’s review your record to see where we stand here. Now, it’s been eight months since we first started seeing you as a patient. A few days after that we got you started on Vaginal Extraction Treatments so you could start on low dosage Scumtoza … and, err, at the same time we restricted you from normal intercourse and prescribed limited, but supervised masturbation. Then two weeks later we started you on Fellatio extraction for high dosage Scumtoza while continuing your low dosage levels from vaginal extractions. Then next we went to Rectal Insertion Injections of Scumtoza to be sure that your lower intestinal track was getting high dosage levels. At the about the same time, I also prescribed Transvestitism and Masochism, or T&M as we say sometimes. T & M training helps lessen the mental stress of your treatments and to also make things more bearable for the many black men who provided you and your wife, their fluids, which contained the Scumtoza. By the way, I have a note here from the T&M Specialist that it was such a pleasure working with you. She says, your whole attitude made her job so much easier. She says here that she thinks that your wife’s early involvement of you in helping her get bathed and dressed for the scores of vaginal deposits meetings with so many black men, really aided you in preparing for T&M Training. Is that so?””W-well Dr. Beatmen, I suppose so. Actually it started by coincidence with the first black man who came by to give me my first oral high dosage of Scumtoza. After he spurted two large doses in my mouth, he thought I needed a rest and had me ask my wife if he could fuck, oh, err, I mean have intercourse with her. And …””Excuse my interrupting, but I just want to say that since you’ve taking the T&M training, it’s quite alright for you to use common or earthy words like fuck or suck. I know at first we didn’t recommend you do so. But the purpose of the T&M teaching is to prepare you to be comfortable and accepting of so called humiliating or degrading terminology and names.””T-thank you Doctor. As I was saying, he had me ask her, which I did. She, of course, was in the room watching me suck his cock and quickly agreed, since she was concerned about me taking more than two high level Scumtoza doses at once.””As you know now Malcolm, there was no problem with you swallowing more of his sperm, but I suspect your jaws were getting tired.””Exactly Doctor, so I really didn’t mind his asking. She agreed and then asked me to help her hike her skirt up and pull her panties off. Of course, if she wasn’t up to it, I would’ve continued to let him use my mouth to get the rest of the stiffness out of his giant penis.””Malcolm it’s a pleasure to see you’re not selfish, but also concerned about the men’s satisfaction in your medicine delivery system.” Dr. Beatmen replied with a wicked smile on her face.”Thank you Doctor. I certainly don’t mean to intentionally be selfish. Well anyway, after that incident of helping her prepare for him, and orally cleaning their genitals after they had sex, it just sort of became routine for me to do that for her and the men.””That’s commendable Malcolm. You’re a good husband.””Actually Doctor, I-I well, as I’ve said before I couldn’t thank my wife enough for what she was putting herself through for me. B-but, after a just a couple of times of helping her get a bubble bath and dressed for her sex dates, I began to get a certain pleasure in personally presenting her to the different strange men, or groups of horny men, that came to our door to bring me the fresh Scumtoza in their balls. However, it was her idea of me greeting the men and introducing her to them. She stressed that after all, as the husband, I should do this.””I certainly would have to agree with her Malcolm.””I was nervous at first … you know offering my lovely white wife to such rough looking black men, but I soon got use to it. The T&M training really helped me feel better about helping her get ready for sex with such virile black men. It also helped me to see that I should delight in seeing them use and take pleasure with her.””Excellent! Excellent! Then the training accomplished its purpose. Now, how are you dealing with still having to masturbate?””Oh, I guess I’ve been doing it so long now, it doesn’t bother me as much as before. Y-you have any idea when I can resume having intercourse with my wife again?” Malcolm said with a hopeful gleam in his eyes.”I really would like for you to not do it for a long while yet. Like I explained before, your sperm contains a chemical, because of your condition, that will contaminate your wife’s vaginal fluids and make Scumtoza from her less effective.””C-couldn’t I use a condom?””What if it ruptured? No Malcolm, the risk is too great. I want to keep your wife’s vagina in the condition it’s in so that it can continue to serve as an excellent vessel for low level doses of Scumtoza for you. I hope you understand.””I-I do Dr. Beatmen. I will abide by your directions. I-I just wish I could put it in sometimes. However, I suspect Kathy is so use to those big black dicks, she won’t even want mine in her again.””Well don’t dwell on that, that’s not important now. What is important is that we continue all the treatments to get you back to normal. Now let’s see, I see here you’re adapting well to avcılar escort Transvestitism and the wearing of feminine attire. Do you feel it has helped reduced the stress of trying exhibit a manly appearance around those muscular black studs, when they visit your wife, or when you’re around them?””I-I guess so Doctor. When your specialist first proposed this I-I thought she was … w-well nuts. But you know after wearing dresses and making up in drag, I did feel less stressful and more in a positive mood around all those husky brawny black men. A-Anyway, I-I sort of h-have gotten use to the attention and compliments they pay me about my lacy attire.””Wonderful Malcolm. I know these fellows called you some names you probably didn’t like. Did the T&M training help you cope with it?””It did. At first I still was put-down a bit, b-but … I-I don’t know why, but after a while, I found myself sort of liking the sound of their heavy voices as they called me such names as “Sissy” and “Fag”. However, as I got to know them much better from their repeated visits, I began to understand things from their perspective and saw that they weren’t being derogatory as much as they were calling things as they saw it. Anyway, I’ve adapted better now. It doesn’t bother me in the least. I wouldn’t know what to think now if I don’t get called a “faggot” or “sissy piece of ass” at least a half a dozen times a day.””Excellent attitude adjustment Malcolm.””Uh Dr. Beatmen, I-I do want to ask you something about these treatments.””Sure, go right ahead.””D-do you think they c-could become addictive?” Malcolm stammered nervously.”I’m glad you brought that up. It’s more of a mental fixation rather than a physical addiction. In other cases, patients like you discover they like the power of being able to provide pleasure to these virile black men, even though the patient understands his subservient role and lusty sexual use at their hands is looked upon as humiliation by these black men. Do you feel that way?””Y-yes I do Doctor. C-can I-I confide in you Dr. Beatmen? Y-you won’t tell my wife?””Of course you can confide in me. This is just between you and me Malcolm.””Well Doctor, I-I’ve found I get pleasure from pleasing these big black men by doing little things l-like unzipping their pants and taking out their big hard cocks. I-I revel in fondling and licking their penises as well as handling and kissing or licking their hairy balls, either before sucking them off or guiding them into my wife’s cunt. Uh, d-do you t-think I-I’m gay because I …””Of course not! Perish the thought. You’re a people pleaser. That’s a positive trait and you should not be ashamed of that. We’re all bisexual to some degree. In your case, all this special treatment has brought out elements of your bisexuality that I see as healthy and mentally satisfying to you and your marriage. I include your marriage, because as you so aptly indicated, your wife could never be satisfied again with just your smaller member. She too is accustomed to all those big dicks she’s been getting too. No Malcolm, you are definitely not gay, otherwise you wouldn’t delight in orally cleaning up your wife and sucking out her cum filled pussy the way you do.”Malcolm breathed a sigh of relief at Dr. Beatmen’s assessment and eagerly agreed that he did delight in kissing, lapping and tongue bathing his wife after she’d been sexually used. Dr. Beatmen also affirmed to Malcolm that there would be no harm if he continued these treatments, for his mental satisfaction, after she released him as a patient.”Now let’s move on Malcolm. Before we digressed, we were discussing the positive benefits of you wearing more feminine attire. Based on all that you’ve told me, I believe that I did the right thing in prescribing more such apparel, especially ornate lacy dresses, sheer lacy blouses and intimate bedroom lingerie that is sexually arousing to the men who come to see you and your wife.”Malcolm acknowledged his wife and her mother were busy filling that prescription.”Very good, and I agree with your mother-in-law you should look nice in lavender and pink. Ok, we have that out of the way; now let’s talk about the last two treatments, that is, your Rectal Injections and your Posterior Re-circulatory Treatment. Do you still feel relaxed and have a sense of well being after a vigorous session of the black men massaging your rectal area with their stiff penises and their injecting their pent up sex fluids deep in you?”Malcolm nodded affirmatively.”Let’s see, I prescribed at least three to six doses of high level direct injections in this manner per week, on a regular basis. However, I have a note in your file here of your wife calling in to see if it was okay for you to take more than that on special occasions. This entry is dated last month. My note indicates she needed your help at a special party where there were 40 horny black studs and she wanted to have you help out in getting them all off. I see where I told her that you should try to avoid taking more than 24 injections in a 24 hour period per week. An excellent way to avoid getting too many injections but still not disappoint your volunteers, is to have them hump, I mean, massage your rear to the point of ejaculation, and then have them spurt their warm creamy fluids in your mouth.”Malcolm thanked Dr. Beatmen for her tip revealed that his wife had already had him try it out. He also described the event his wife had called about.”It’s so delightful you and she can spend such quality time together and yet benefit so many at the same time. So between the two of you the group gave y’all over a hundred loads?””Yes they did. Kathy did mentioned what you told her about the maximum number of injections I should get. To my surprise, I was amazed at how eager the black men were to help me out. I didn’t have any trouble of them not wanting to ejaculate down my throat after massaging my rectum with their big erections. However, I still think I came close to 20 men who did cream in my rear. I was really awash in jism when they were through with me. Things were so busy, I really don’t know how many doses of cum I swallowed Doctor.””I presume you probably had penises in your mouth and rear simultaneously most of the evening?””And in my hands too. There were cocks spurting all over the place. I’m sure everyone went home satisfied and with soft dicks too. I ate so much cum, I was too full to do anything else than kiss my wife’s slimy mucky cummed up lips and get a good swig of the thick melded gluey milky gooey slime streaming from her pussy. It was so tasty, but I was just too full to get it all.””You have nothing to be ashamed of. You did well Malcolm. You supported your wife just as a good husband should. I know she respects you for it and doesn’t think bad at what happened.””You’re right, she seemed so proud of me. That made me feel rather good.””I definitely see that you need to keep up the Rectal Injections. And since you’ll be getting quite a bit of that, then you’ll need to keep up with your Posterior Re-circulatory Treatment. I have to say I’m pleased with the condition of your buttocks. I can see from the bruised areas your wife has been doing an excellent job of providing PRT. Tell me what regime she is using with the instruments.””She, err, first starts with the thick leather paddle and then the tawse for the wide area treatment. Then she switches to the crop to finish off the session.””She’s doing a fine job of whip-, I mean flagellation. But I want her to use two different finer instruments. One is called the whippy cane. It’s for delicate forceful treatment in single focused areas on your ass, err, buttocks. When the cane leaves a sensational burning feeling, you’ll know it’s working quite well. The other instrument is a nine tail whip with nine 18″ knotted thongs. It’s commonly referred to as a cat-O’nine. It’s excellent for rapidly spreading a concentrated intensity of pain over your whole rear. It’ll give you more welts and therefore more swelling just where it’s needed. And a plus side is that it won’t tire your dear wife out as fast, when she needs to give you a good treatment quickly. Say for instance, when she’s getting ready to go out on the town with a black stud and doesn’t have the time to spend a lot of time going through the paddles and then working up to the electric cords and canes. This way she can give you the treatment you need quickly and still be fresh and ready for her date before sending you to do dinner dishes or to bed.””B-but D-Doctor, it-it hurts so much now. C-can’t you give me some pain killer for …””Absolutely not! We won’t know if the treatment is working properly if we don’t use your feeling as a guide. No! No, Malcolm, it is necessary for you to feel each sensation clearly. When you experience this, you know the treatment is most effective.””Y-you know best Dr. Beatmen, b-but maybe I-I could cut back on the Rectal Inject …””No way! Malcolm, there is no other way. You must accept what I tell you. There’ll be no further discussion of this. It’s necessary you receive a through whipping every two weeks, just as I’ve prescribed. There’s to be no variation. In addition, I’m writing another prescription for touch up treatments in between this time… say a few touch up lashes every other night, with your wife using the instrument of her choice. Doesn’t that sound reasonable?” “I-I guess so. I-I sure wish there was another w-way.” Malcolm muttered with a pleading sorrowful look in his eyes.”It’s a no pain no gain situation Malcolm dear.” Dr. Beatmen spoke in a professional yet sarcastic tone.Malcolm, spineless as he normally is, meekly accepted his fate and resigned himself to what the good doctor had prescribed without even thinking of further protest.MALCOLM’S AUNT MATILDA”Malcolm we must all pull together in your time of need and put bygones behind us. Yes, I was against you leaving my home to get married, but now I see you did a wise thing in marrying Kathy. At first, I didn’t think she was going to be a strong enough wife for you … you know to keep you in line. But from the way she’s stuck by you through out this ordeal, I definitely see I was wrong.””T-thank you Aunt Matilda.” Malcolm replied nervously as he stood before his mother’s sister, who was his guardian during most of şirinevler escort his teenage years, after his mother’s untimely demise. His aunt was a strict disciplinarian and Malcolm was still as nervous around her now as when he was thirteen.”Aunt Matilda, thanks so much for coming over to be with Malcolm while I’m away for the weekend. With mother also going out of town, you’re a lifesaver.” Malcolm’s wife spoke cheerfully as she walked into the room all dressed for her weekend get away with a new handsome black stud lover.”My pleasure dear. I’m more than glad to help out. I was just telling Malcolm that we all must pull together now and forget any and all past differences. I just wish y’all would’ve let me know sooner, I would’ve been more than willing to assist you and your mother in giving my nephew his treatments.” Aunt Matilda replied as she winked secretively at Kathy and rubbing her hands slightly, showing an eagerness to get started in giving her mollycoddled nephew his treatments.”Well Malcolm and I are so glad that you’ve forgiven us and are so willing to help out.” Malcolm’s wife replied as she also secretively winked at Aunt Matilda. Poor Malcolm could not observe the actions of the two women as his back was to both of them as this secret exchange was going on.”Now Aunt Matilda, I’ve written everything down on this note pad that we discussed earlier. These are the times for the fellows to come by with his medicine. They’re not always on time and they sometimes bring a buddy or two to help out, but Malcolm is accustomed to accommodating extra men. Now tonight he’s to get a touch up of his PRT, and the Doctor said okay on your wanting to use the dog whip you use to use on him as a teenager. Now tonight, he’s just to get enough strokes to redden his bottom and no PRT tomorrow night. However, Saturday night is the night for the full two week treatment. His bottom needs a complete and thorough treatment. It should be severely whipped using the full range of instruments in the basement whipping room, until his rear is tender and raw, like hamburger. If there is a slight sign of bleeding, that’s okay, that’s a sure sign that the treatment is effective, and all that is required is an application of warm salt water to his tender rear. Sure he’ll wince with some discomfort, but he’ll be fine.”Malcolm, who was standing by winced at the thought of the pain he would again have to endure on Saturday night. Meanwhile his aunt was trying to suppress the excitement running through her at having the opportunity to give her grown nephew PRT.Moments later Malcolm’s wife left for her long weekend escapade with her handsome black date.”They make a handsome couple don’t they Malcolm?””Uh, y-yes ma’am.” He replied as they watched the two drive away after waving good-bye to them.”Have you sucked his cock or been fucked by him too?” His aunt asked in a matter-of-fact manner.”Uh, y-yes ma’am … both ways.” Malcolm nervously replied. While accustomed to having such candid discussions with his wife and mother-in-law, he was not comfortable doing the same with his aunt. However, as the evening went on, his comfort level increased as his aunt praised him for his courage and fortitude in what he was going through.Malcolm was not accustomed to getting glowing praise from his aunt and was exceedingly pleased by her doing so. She soon had him talking easily about all his activities. Aunt Matilda was overjoyed at one instance as she listened to her duped feminized nephew boast about how good a cock sucker he was, and how he could swallow the biggest load of semen from big black cocks without choking. It was like a little boy bragging to his mother. Another time she couldn’t help but giggle as she hugged him when he told her of his reward for dressing in lacy sleepwear and not spilling one drop of precious medicine brought to him late one night by a group of nine strange black men.”I was home alone when Kathy called, waking me up. She was at some black tavern with a group of black studs. It was her idea for the group to come see me. They were a group of farm workers with hard dicks but little money.”Accustomed to getting the d**g I needed at all hours and in varying doses, I got up and prepared myself for the group to arrive. I made them some hot snacks and had plenty cold beer on hand.”I greeted the men at the door dressed only in a short lacy trimmed lavender sleep shirt. I wore a well fitting wig and plenty of makeup, but didn’t hide my small prick which was slightly visible and in a chastity restraint lock. The men’s rough hands were all over me as they groped and felt up my tender perfumed body. As has happened before, I quickly admitted that I was in drag once they asked if I was a faggot. That way, it lets them know you don’t mean to fool them and puts them at ease.””You don’t mind being called a faggot dear?” His aunt asked smiling.”Oh I’ve gotten used to it Auntie. I understand better from my T&M training why it’s natural, and even desirable, for these black men to call me that. They even call me Melody sometime too. That’s the feminine name my wife gave me. You might hear her and her mom call me that too.””Melody is pretty. I like it.””Thank you. It does have a nice sound to it. However, as I was saying, my wearing feminine attire and makeup makes me more appealing to them and sexually arouses them better, which makes their dicks harder for me, which results in them giving me a good heavy loads of their precious cum. Well, them calling and seeing me as a faggot has a similar beneficial effect on their cocks too. Faggots are considered by them to be effeminate, weakly, tender and soft. As you see that fits me rather well, but I know I’m not gay. However, I really don’t mind them seeing me as a fag now that I know all of what I’ve told you. In fact, I’ve grown to adore the way the men sound when they say it”. Malcolm continued to tell his aunt more about his T&M training. She marvelled at how well his wife and her phony doctor had mislead and fooled her gullible nephew as he rambled on in his explanation of why he wasn’t uncomfortable in portraying and functioning in an effeminate and submissive role for a group of sex starved black men.”Oh I get manhandled occasionally, but I’ve really learned to understand the delight and joy I get from seeing and feeling first hand, what pleasure the men get from working their throbbing hard-ons off in me, and in the process, giving me a part of themselves. Seeing them walk away with soft well satisfied pricks seems to make it all worthwhile Auntie.”His aunt’s face lit up as she also learned that Malcolm was quite experienced since he’d been a “male cunt” for more than a dozen different groups of lusty black men. When his aunt got him back on track with what they were originally discussing, she couldn’t suppress a giggle when she found out what his reward was for “not missing a drop” of the black group’s jism.”His reward, being permitted to jack off in front of his wife and one of her many black studs. Because of pleasing the group of horny black men so well, his wife unlocked him a full week early from his penis restraint, for which he was locked up for some minor punishment. She permitted him to beat his meat for she and her black stud’s amusement, before she went to bed with the black man and happily and eagerly gave him her cunt which she so routinely and vigorously denied her effeminized husband, except to suck out.Malcolm’s aunt was so struck at the expressed sincerity of the pride he showed at achieving his “reward”.”I wish I could have intercourse with Kathy sometime, but my doctor thinks it’s best for me to continue to jerk off. She doesn’t know when I’ll be able to have regular sex with her again. I-I’ve asked her if she could convince Kathy and her mom for it being okay for me to have sex with, well a-another woman, you know maybe a hooker or something, since she, Dr. Beatmen, is so concerned about me contaminating my wife’s cunt with a trace chemical in my cum.””Did she?””No. However, I very was surprised at her chastising me for even thinking of being unfaithful and selfish while my wife was “giving her all” to help me out in my time of need. She made me feel so guilty, I-I never brought it up again.””I have to agree with her dear. You should not even think of such a thing. Pulling your peter is the right thing to do, especially since the good doctor has prescribed that.” Matilda felt a thrill run through her from saying what she did to add to her nephew’s deception and continued subjugation.”I-I suppose you’re right Auntie.””Now, look me in the eyes and promise you’ll do exactly what the doctor wants you to do and never again think of putting your little thing in another woman other than your wife. Remember darling a woman wants a man, not a wimp.””I-I promise Auntie Matilda.” Malcolm said softly as his aunt held his soft and pretty, well made-up face in her hands. “That’s good dear. Now I don’t want to catch you breaking your promise. If you do. I’ll have to severely punish you myself. Understand?”Malcolm quickly acknowledged her.”Now Malcolm dear, while we’re waiting on your guests to bring you your medicine, all this sexy talk of yours has got me heated up.” Matilda said as she raised her dress and pulled her panties down.Malcolm knew what this meant. His wife and mother-in-law had trained him well in giving head. It was the only sex with other women his wife permitted.Matilda loved having her nephew’s face on her wet hairy heated cunt. As he tongued her so delightfully, she could only think of praise for the way her nephew had been brain washed, manipulated, tricked and subjugated.She was also surprised at how easily he obeyed when she beckoned for him to put his mouth on her hot hairy muff. As she enjoyed his oral talents she thought again of the whipping she was to give him later that night, after he’d been sexed by the black studs coming over. The thought of that made her feel even more exhilarated as she closed her legs around his head and vigorously gyrated her hairy wet muff in his captive face. She had always dreamt of whipping her wimp nephew after he was grown. Many an hour was spent masturbating with a vision of her nephew bent over a sofa, the whip whistling down on his soft ass cheeks.EPILOGUEAs time passed Kathy suggested that there was money to be made in prostituting Malcolm. Her mother, Dr. Beatmen and Matilda readily agreed and that plan was also put in motion.Some Time Later:”Tell me doctor, what d**gs do you have to turn Kathy into a full time whore.” Inquired Matilda as she gently ran a soft hand over Dr. Beatmen’s silk covered breast. Karen smiled.###THE END###