Ackerman Street Ch. 03

Beautiful Eyes

Melanie was like a teenage girl before her first date as she looked out to the bright morning sun with a broad smile, it would be a hot one today, in more ways than one. She had waxed her legs and shaved her cunt the evening before, and pulled on the tight black bikini bottoms which shimmered like lycra, and expressed her mature camel-toe perfectly. She smiled with satisfaction as she viewed her long legs and pert arse cheeks in the mirror, stroking her nipples to make them erect and admiring her breasts which sagged only a little for a woman of her advanced years. As she strapped on her bikini top, she compared herself with the flabby Wendy; Mart would not stand a chance, she would wrest his favours from that fat bitch, she was determined to have him under her thumb. Seeing him sniff her washed panties had excited her no end, and confirmed he would be easily manipulated; her dominant streak increased daily and the idea of having a younger male captivated by her passion, obedient and at her beck and call, made her freshly shaven cunt tingle with arousal.

She had arranged things to ensnare him, knowing he was ready to take the bait; the broom he would require had been placed strategically in her utility room, next to her linen basket; the black lacy panties which had seen the excitement of her arousal yesterday, hung exposed and inviting from under the lid. Mart could not fail to see them, and once he had sampled a whiff of her cunt, she would have him hooked. She plied her lips with cherry lipstick, tied her hair in a bun, and slipped a kimono over her bikini before arranging her sun-bed and awaited his knock.

Mart made a point of wearing tight briefs under his shorts; he had masturbated several times last night as he dreamed up erotic situations with Melanie, between looking up mature women on porn sites on his laptop, looking for women remotely like her. His cock had stiffened at the warm inviting cunts displayed by those with a vague resemblance; those in leather or with canes, firing his imagination, thanks to Wendy he was now hooked on the idea of being dominated. He had woken with an erection, but resisted the temptation of wanking again as he showered; he was full of hope that he could reach Melanie sexually, and awkwardly tucked his yearning cock into those tight briefs. Shorts and tee-shirt on, he made his way downstairs, and nervously knocked at her garden gate. Melanie smiled to herself, then did her best to appear indifferent as she adjusted her hair before opening the gate. Mart also did his best to appear as though reducing his rent was the only thing on his mind, though the soft scent which hit his nose, and the instant spark generated as their eyes met for the first time made his cock pulse. She pursed her red lips which shone invitingly in the sun’s rays.

“I’m so glad you’re here to help me, I think you should do the lawn first; the mower’s in the shed. I’ll just catch some sun whilst you do that, then I’ll show you how I like the buddlejah and lilac. You can see they need a little attention.” Mart was already wishing it were she that required attention; as he pulled the mower from the shed, his balls tingled as she removed her kimono and strolled to the sunbed, he could not keep his eyes from the perfect globes of her rounded cheeks in the black bikini bottom, she smiled to herself as she bent, keeping her long legs straight and laid her kimono like a cushion at the head of the sunbed. Mart swallowed hard and tried to keep his mind on the job as he went up and down the short lawn. Melanie read a book, and pulled her legs up, showing a sweet camel-toe glistening in the black material; her nipples pointing through the fabric of the black top as she felt his eyes on her. He finished the task quickly and was thinking of what to say as he dumped the last of the grass cuttings on the pile behind the shed; as he turned she was standing there in all her glory, secataurs in hand. She gave him a smile as she glanced at the bulge in his shorts, Kartal Öğrenci Escort her cunt bulging as she watched the sweat trickle down his cheeks.

“It’s so hot, why don’t you take your shirt off? I’ll show you how I like the shrubs; I like to keep them down, and firmly under control.” Mart’s cocked swelled at the possible innuendo, and she smiled wickedly.

“Not too short though; I like the privacy their cover gives me in summer, I like to go topless in the weeks before I go abroad. When you’re done, there’s a broom in my utility room; through the French windows, you can sweep up and perhaps we’ll have a little drink together.” Mart watched her breasts bulge as she stretched and pointed to the level she would have things cut down to; his balls tingled as he imagined them without the top, taking in the sun. Melanie’s cunt tingled in unison as she thought of her panties laid as bait. She and Wendy attended a social event some evenings; the two were on the periphery, both excited by a sexual awakening to feminine control. The two studied the lifestyle women there with envy, picking up tips as they viewed from the outside, slowly being drawn in by their enthusiasm and lust; it came so naturally to those women with males leashed and obedient, she now knew it was her time to make that step with a male, and thanks to Wendy’s advances, Mart was ripe for the taking. Her cunt swelled and squirmed exquisitely in the bikini material as she strode back to the sunbed with deliberation; a whiff of those panties would render him hers, Wendy would be so jealous.

Mart snipped away at the various shrubbery with his cock peeping through the elasticated band of his briefs as he rushed to complete his work; he gathered up the branches and larger debris, then nervously walked past the sunbed as Melanie lay stretched out, legs slightly apart, brazenly displaying the silhouetted cunt which he was destined to worship. She dropped the book she was reading as he approached the French windows.

“Take your time in gathering the broom, there’s no hurry; help yourself to a glass of water or two while you’re there, I can see you are in need of refreshment.” Mart was eager to get back and view her; he hoped that her offer of a drink with her hadn’t just been a tease. He stepped through the windows and into the utility room; there was the broom, he turned on the sink tap to run cooler water and then he focused on the linen basket, and the panties. His heart jumped as though he’d found gold. Surely she can’t have… He looked behind him, and then without hesitation he took the soiled panties and sniffed eagerly at the stained gusset; his cock went harder than ever as the delicious spicy scent of mature cunt… Melanie’s mature cunt, invaded his senses like a narcotic. He pushed his free hand down his briefs and rubbed his stiff cock as he delighted in the spices from cunt and arsehole; God how he wanted to wank. He drank a glass of water rapidly, then sniffed the gusset again; how long had he been? She was sure to notice… just one more sniff. He placed the panties, hanging them from beneath the lid as he’d found them, and almost went into the garden minus the broom; he grabbed it and walked into the sunlight, hoping his face was not too red. Melanie smiled as her fingers stuck to a page; she had taken the opportunity to nurse her cunt while he sniffed, she spoke from behind the book as Mart began to finish up with the broom.

“I hope you enjoyed a little refreshment; we’ll have a much nicer one together when you’re done, though it’s getting a little hot out here now. I think you can entertain me indoors in the cool.” Mart swiftly swept the debris away and piled it up with the rest of the compost, then walked awkwardly up to Melanie.

“I hope it looks ok.” Melanie sat up and placed her book on the sunbed, slowly crossing her legs; she smiled directly at him, without giving the garden a glance.

“It looks just great; you can use my shower Kartal Çıtır Escort to freshen up, we can’t have you dripping sweat everywhere; it’s just past the utility room, don’t be long, I’m looking forward to that drink.” Mart did not hesitate and broke into a cold sweat as he stripped outside the cubicle and stepped in; his cock stuck out as he adjusted the temperature to warm. As he gelled himself, he noticed Melanie through the frosted glass, picking his clothes up.

“I’ll put these sweaty things in a bag for you; I have a large robe you can put on, you’ll be nice and comfortable then. Vodka and coke on ice OK for you?” Mart’s voice creaked a little as he responded.

“Thanks… that’ll be just great.” Melanie rubbed her bulging lips through the fabric of her bikini as she studied his blurred form through the cubicle glass.

“I’ll be in my rear lounge when you’re done, don’t keep me waiting.” On her way through, she stepped into the utility room and picked up the panties with a wicked grin. Mart slid the glass door to one side, half hoping she was still there; he padded himself dry and picked up the white robe which was a little tight on him, he tried to control his jutting cock, but the feel and feminine scent of the robe did nothing to help. He stepped nervously past the utility and into the open door just past it on the opposite side. The vision he saw there made him breathe uneasily, and had his balls tingling; the room was a complete contrast to the room he’d been invited into the other day, that one had been typical of a woman’s residence with its bright wallpapers and flowery decor; this was dark and seductive with black leather seating and fur rugs, several erotic pictures adorned the walls, each with a distinctly dominant female theme about them. The room was nothing though, in comparison with the picture Melanie had become; she sat sideways on a leather couch, her thighs showing beneath a short black silk top, her breasts fully expressed by a tie around her waist, her nipples pointing like bullets. She smiled wickedly and said nothing, but pointed a stern finger to where she would have him sit. She smiled again as Mart tried desperately to manoeuvre without showing the bulging erection in the robe. She sipped her drink as he sat awkwardly opposite her, and she pointed to the large tumbler set out for him on the small table between them.

“Drink your drink, I want to know more about you.” Mart obliged without question and he drew breath after gulping the liquid; the measure being half and half, it hit gripped his throat as he swallowed. Melanie would not be denied now, he now knew from being allowed into her lair that her desires were dominant, and she knew that he was ripe for ownership.

“I think you have a little confession for me, don’t you?” She gave a stern smile and crossed her legs, a flash of her crotch increased the perplexed state Mart was now in; he blushed visibly as he thought on what she’d said as his balls tingled on the fleeting glance which confirmed she wore no panties.

“I… I’m not sure what you mean?” Melanie smiled and finished her drink, putting the glass on the table, and then putting a hand behind her back. Mart gasped as she lifted the black lacy panties and twirled them on her finger.

“I think you should take your robe off and kneel before me to confess; I know you like being controlled by mature women, and I think you know I fully intend to dominate you.” She sighed with relief, having taken the plunge and set out her stall; there was no going back now, and she was thrilled as Mart did as he was told with little hesitation, her cunt tingling and yearning to sample his tongue. She smiled with satisfaction on seeing his erect cock bob excitedly as he knelt naked before her for the first time, transfixed by her and by his own actions; Mart knew he was hers and was mesmerised by his own intense desire to submit totally to this confident woman. His cock boned rigidly Kartal Elit Escort as she twirled the panties under his nose.

“Tell me what you did with these. If you lie I shall spank you like a child, I know what you did, but I want to hear it from you; we are going to have a very special relationship, I have decided that I shall own you and you will abide by my rules at all times.” Mart could not quite believe the surreal predicament he was in, and his balls were more than ready to spurt in worship of this divine woman as the sweet scent of the panties blended with the dominant energy which glowed from her.

“I… I sniffed them. I wanted to know what you… what your sex smelled like; I… I want to worship you.” Melanie’s cunt oozed with arousal at her triumph over him. She wanted to embrace him and show soft affection, have him fuck her, but she would ensure he knew his place first… affection showed weakness and she would let that happen later. Her cunt buzzed as she thought of how she’d invite Wendy over, and show her that Mart was hers now. She threw the panties to the floor.

“I think it’s time you sniffed what scented those panties.” Melanie lifted her feet to the seat and parted her legs, Mart’s cock dribbled pre-cum as he gazed at the freshly shaven cunt, moist and slippery with arousal, the sweet flaps of her labia like a pink butterfly. Melanie grabbed his hair and pulled his face into her cunt. Mart sniffed at the delicious scent as Melanie ground his face into the soft warmth; she stretched her legs out and moaned with pleasure.

“Lick me! Lick me! I want to come!” Mart slobbered at the lush taste of her juices, his balls tingling incessantly. Impatient for satisfaction, Melanie suddenly pulled his face away and stood up.

“You’ll please me in my bed, I want to face-sit you, come with me.” Mart smiled with disbelief as he watched her delectable form lead him into the adjoining bedroom and command him to lie on the bed. His cock was bursting as she straddled his face and he watched the delicious cunt and arsehole descend to his face; he sniffed and lapped deliriously as she bucked on his face. She moaned urgently as her messy cunt slipped across his face, the black silk waving against his forehead as he stared up the crack of her rounded cheeks.

“I’m going to leash you… display you… let everyone know I own you.. ohhhhhh!” Mart gasped for breath as she ground down in a fit of dominant ecstasy, smothering his face in her juices as she stiffened her back and moaned in pleasure. Sated for the moment, she sighed and Mart held his breath as she moved forward slightly, inviting his tongue to her arsehole, and leaning over her conquest, she took command of his stiff and willing cock.

“You’ll come whilst licking my arsehole and show me how much you want to be owned; you’ll surrender your cream for me now, I want to see how much you need to worship me.” Mart was all too ready to oblige and probed her hot anus, poking his tongue deep as his new mistress teased his stiff cock to a deeply fulfilling orgasm; his submission to her was confirmed as he arched his back and released a fountain of hot semen, grunting in recognition of his capitulation to a superior woman, spending in ecstasy as her hot anus gripped at his tongue in clarifying her dominance over him.

Melanie giggled as she licked the salty cum from her fingers, and lay next to Mart, pulling the covers over them both and staring into his eyes, before embracing him; their lips meeting with a passion neither could quite comprehend. Mart had never felt more comfortable in his life as the mature Melanie took further command of him, opening her heart as she held him close.

“I can’t believe this is happening, but it has, and now you know where you belong. I am going to take complete control of you, and you will learn to take pleasure in tending my every need; you are mine now, and you’ll start your new life by keeping me warm and safe for the next few hours. When we wake you are going to take a little shopping trip with me; I want you to look the part when we go on our first social function together.” Mart’s cock rose again as she squeezed him close and closed her eyes; he held her as though she were the captive, and closed his eyes too.