Ablutionary Tale


“How can you take so long in here every morning when you don’t even have any hair?”

I’m standing at the bathroom sink as you brush past me impatiently and start digging through drawers. I take the toothbrush out of my mouth and spit to talk.

“My parts are bigger than yours they take longer to wash.”

Bending over you reach the bottom drawer and start rummaging. Yellow cotton panties stretched over your firm, round ass and my breath catches in my throat. Even after all our years together you still make me feel like a horny teenager.

“What a load of bull. Hurry up, I need the sink.”

“Why the rush? The kids aren’t here so we don’t have to herd them to school, neither of us have an early meeting, we’ve actually got plenty of time for a change. Heck, we even have time to jump back in bed for a quickie if we want.”

I smack your butt to emphasize the point, and know instantly that I’ve misjudged the swing. You flinch hard and then freeze and I feel my hand stinging from the much-too-hard slap.

“Oh shit, hon I’m sorry, that was way too hard – I totally didn’t mean to do it that hard…”

“No…” you say, so low it’s almost a whisper “…do it again.”


You stand up slowly and lean in close to me, your nipples are hard points under my old t-shirt.

“Do it again.”

You bend over the counter, leaning on your elbows, and tilt your hips slightly to lift your ass. I can see a partial reddened hand Kartal Anal Escort print on your left cheek.


I aim carefully and bring my hand down on your other ass cheek with a playful smack.

“Harder. Like before.”

My hand falls again, the sound is louder but I’m still holding back.

“Fucking hit me!”


You gasp and flinch and my stomach goes tight, inflicting pain on you like this feels so strange to me, but that’s what you’re asking for. The conflict binds me.

“Why are you stopping? Don’t stop. It’s okay, it’s good.”

I wrestle my doubts aside and listen to your voice. You want this. I can do this.


I hear you whimper a little and your hands jump to your ass, scrambling to yank your panties down before returning to grip the counter top.




Your bare ass is a patchwork of red and white, and my hand throbs with stinging pain. My cock is so hard right now it feels like the skin could split open. I gently rub my palm down the outside of your thigh and drag my fingertips back up the inside, feeling slick wetness as I brush lightly past your swelling lips, your legs quiver at the touch.

Slowly I kneel behind you. With great care I press my lips to your stung cheeks, gently kissing each red splotch, feeling the heat of your outraged skin against my mouth. You open your legs a little wider and I can see the Kartal Yaşlı Escort lips of your pussy swollen open, glistening and wet, leading my eyes to your ripened clit.

I put my hands on either side of your hips and hold you steady as I lean my face forward into your crotch from behind. I slide my tongue along the hollow between your upper thigh and the swell of your mound, slipping my nose between the cheeks of your ass to guide my face as I take a long lick up. You try to turn your hip to bring your pussy closer to my tongue but my hands clamp down and hold you firmly in place. I finish my lick and lower my face again until I’m almost touching you and inhale your luscious scent. My lips brush past yours for an instant and I hear your breath change and I smile.

I wish I had the time to make this last all morning, but at the very least I’m going to make sure you start your day happy.

Flattening my tongue I take a long, languid lick between your inner lips. The taste of you sends jolts of excitement through my body and I feel my balls tighten and my cock twitch in anticipation. I struggle for control as my tongue scoops through your slippery wetness.

“Oooooooooh…” Your moan is like a mating call, my thoughts dissolve into pure lust.

My tongue delves lower, slipping down the side of your labia to swirl lightly around your clit and you push back hard against my face, pressing my nose into you. My cock strains and I Kartal Zenci Escort fight to ignore my desperate need to be inside you. My tongue settles into a smooth, curving rhythm against your clit and the motion of your hips syncs up to match. I wish I could see your beautiful face right now, rapt in pleasure, but I wouldn’t give up this view for anything.

I pull my nose out of you to breathe as I press my lips against your pussy, embracing you completely with my mouth as the pressure and speed of my tongue increases. Your breathing is ragged now and I can hear you gasping fragments of words that your hips translate for me. I moan against you and suddenly your body is shuddering against me as you cum hard in a rush. Your pussy spasms against my mouth as I ride out the wave with you, until you settle gently and I break the kiss.

“God…damn…fuck…” you gasp, your knees shaky as you turn to sit down on the closed toilet lid. “Ow! Holy shit that hurts, I think I’m going to have bruises. I can’t believe you actually spanked me.”

“I can’t believe you actually loved it.”

I hand you a folded soft towel to put under your bum and you notice my still-hard cock.

“We should probably take care of that,” you purr.

“No.” I grin, “Not yet. I want you to spend the day thinking about what you’re in for tonight. I’m going to make it worth the wait.”

“In that case…” You smile sweetly as you stand and step gingerly towards me. Your hands slide over my chest and up onto my shoulders and gently pull me down into a kiss. I put my arms around you and you tilt your face to nestle it in close beside mine. I can feel your warm breath on my neck as you open your lips next to my ear. “…your turn’s over, I need the sink.”