Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 11


After Kim had passed through the iron-gate the purple caterpillar turned around to face her. She held a blindfold in her hand and slipped it over Kim’s head, the elastic holding it firm against her eyes. The thick material plunged Kim into darkness.

“You’re now entering the heart of the Red Queen’s domain. Earlier I asked you who you were; this is where you will be tested and find out. But, I’ve warned you Kim, there’ll be many challenges you’ll have to face. I will lead you blindfolded through the parts of Nemesisland that cannot be revealed to you yet. Be careful on the stairs.”

Kim was led up the stairs. Aware that she was still feeling very heady she took each step slowly until she was at the top when another hand gently took hold of her elbow to guide her. The atmosphere had a density to it like a presage of impending crisis. She was led through a passage into another room where there was a slight chill to the air. She felt the touch of leather on her wrists and ankles, the tightening of straps around them and then the pulling of arms and legs as she was spread-eagled on a wooden board against the wall. More straps were pulled around her body, across her breasts and her thighs so that she was pinned back tightly, barely able to move at all.

“You will stay there a little while until the mistress is ready,” said a voice that Kim recognised as the Duchess or Vicky.

Kim felt herself stretched out and exposed. Deprived of sight Kim strained to exercise all of her other senses. She knew the Red Queen and the Duchess had withdrawn and she was alone; she had no sense of anybody else being in this room. She felt a profound darkness around her; no hint of light bled behind her blindfold. She also had a sense of space and of a slight chill in the air. It was not uncomfortable and the feeling of cold was hardly a physical sensation at all, more a mental state. She smelt leather, not just from the straps that secured her, but all around her, and also cold iron. Then there was the lingering aroma of the Red Queen or Mistress Nemesis, exotic with a hint of the heavy scent of patchouli. It was a dungeon. The black cat had hinted at it and Kim knew in her heart that’s where she was. She felt a sense of strangeness and fear but this was mixed with one of acceptance and, more than that, a sense of belonging. I will embrace this world I’m in, thought Kim, and wait patiently to face my fate, whatever that might be.

The purple caterpillar had retired to transform herself into a chrysalis so that she could emerge changed into another guise. Vicky, no longer dressed as the Red Queen’s Duchess was in another costume consisting of black tights and a white pvc basque.

“How is she madam? Has she offered herself up to you? ”

“She’s close Vicky, very close. I think I have her. I can feel it. But, she still has the longest and hardest part of her journey to go so I won’t get complacent or let my guard down.”

“She’s lovely madam. She looked so pale and soft and vulnerable spread out on your bondage board.”

“Patience Vicky. I know how much you want to play with her. You’ll get your chance Kartal Esmer Escort in time. But for now you must help me prepare.”

Vicky helped tighten the black pvc bodice whilst Mistress Nemesis puffed up thick layers of black lace on its sleeves and on her dress. Her hair, no longer smooth and shiny, was full-bodied and tumbled in black waves down her shoulders. Her eye-make up was thick and dark, her lips painted with black lip-stick. The purple caterpillar had transformed herself into a black fetish butterfly.

“Give me my gloves.”

“Here you are madam,” said Vicky passing her a pair of long black lace gloves. “You look perfect madam.”

“Thank you Vicky, now we can begin the next stage of Kim’s journey.”

The mistress led the way back to the dungeon with Vicky following her. Kim heard the click of heels on the stone floor and instinctively looked up even though she could see nothing. She felt the brush of light material against her skin, the presence of a body close to her and the smell of exotic scent.

“I think I will have her gagged for this Vicky.”

Kim let out a murmur of protest.

“What’s up girl! Do you dare to resist me?” the voice was harsh and angry.

“No, really no.”

“That’s better girl. You know you have given yourself up to me, you have surrendered control and you must accept the consequences.”

“Mmm, yes, I know,” Kim nodded resigning herself to the fate she had chosen.

Vicky passed his mistress a ball gag, which she nestled in her hands.

“Open your mouth wide girl.”

She inserted the red rubber ball into Kim’s mouth, which closed around it, before tightening the strap at the back of her head so it was fitted firmly inside. Kim’s mouth was full. The taste of rubber filled it and was mingled with a slight antiseptic taste from whatever the ball had been cleaned with. Already floating from her earlier physical exertion and having been stretched out and strapped to the wall Kim faced a new test of endurance. She felt the build up of saliva around the rubber ball as she tried to swallow. Kim could breathe easily enough but found she had to adjust the rhythm of her breathing to take in long deep breaths of air, the oxygen filling her lungs and going straight to her head making her feel even more woozy. Her head dropped and lolled around as she drew in the heady drafts of air. Then she heard the noise. She heard a buzzing noise. The buzzing of electricity. It was unmistakable. Kim was scared now. What was going to happen to her?

She felt the first shock as something brushed against her thigh with the touch of a hundred tiny pin pricks as the current buzzed through her. She let out a scream of shock and surprise, which only came out as a muffled grunt as she bit down onto the hard rubber ball. The device buzzed again as it touched her other thigh and Kim’s whole body bucked and strained against the leather straps. She heard a squeal of sadistic laughter.

“Poor Kim, does it tingle a little bit?” the voice taunted her. “Vicky, I think we’ll have the blindfold off now so the girl can join in the fun.”

Kim Kartal Eve Gelen Escort felt the blindfold being pulled up from over her eyes. Directly in her face was the instrument of her torment and the figure wielding it, the purple caterpillar transformed into a butterfly with wings of black lace, a twisted smile of pleasure and a sadistic glean in her eye. Kim recognised the object immediately; it was a violet wand and the strands that carried its current were waving threateningly in front of her. The subtle persuasive tones of the caterpillar were replaced with mirth and taunts.

“See how she squirms Vicky. Shall we make her dance again?”

She needed no reply or encouragement from her assistant to carry on. The flexible prongs of the electric rod brushed against one of Kim’s tits. There was a crackle and a blue spark that lit up the dungeon gloom as the tool inflicted its mischievous torment. Kim spluttered and gasped into the ball gag as her breasts jerked and wobbled in reaction to the tingling pain that shot through her. She took in a deep breath before the implement brushed against her other tit. The black butterfly was in hysterics at Kim’s predicament.

“See how she squirms Vicky,” she said as she brushed the violet wand across Kim’s breasts again and purple and blue sparks cracked over her naked flesh.

“The sparks look wonderful madam, just like firework night.”

“Yes Vicky, brilliant, just like bonfire night,” her wide excited eyes and thick black eye shadow gripping Kim’s gaze, “and now all we need is a bonfire. Perhaps we could light a fire underneath you and as we watch the flames flicker up we can have a display of purple sparks.”

“Nnngg,” muttered Kim through the gag. Surely she wasn’t serious?

“Oh yes, yes, I think I’ll light a little bonfire underneath you and you can light up my dungeon Kim.”

Kim’s pupils widened in terror. Oh my god, she thought, I think she really is serious.

The black butterfly turned away and gathered up a gothic cast iron candlestick mounted with two short thick candles. She placed it at the base of the wooden frame Kim was strapped to and lit the wicks with another already lighted candle. Kim could strain her head far enough to see the candelabra between her legs and the wicks flicker with a bright yellow flame. Shit, thought Kim, she really meant it, she really has turned me into a bonfire. At first Kim felt nothing but soon, as the flames flared and built up their strength and as the heat rose she could feel the waves of hot air waft up her thigh, onto her cunt lips and up her back-side.

“It’s bonfire night Vicky,” the black butterfly laughed hysterically, “now let’s have some more fireworks.”

The violet wand brushed across Kim’s mid-riff just above the patch of fair public hair. Purple light sparked from the strands. The fumes of electricity and smell of melting wax penetrated Kim’s nostrils. The wand brushed gently against her cunt lips and Kim thrashed wildly in shock and pain, straining against the leather straps. And when the sharp pinching pain of the electric current was Kartal Evi Olan Escort removed Kim still had to contend with the throbbing heat of the candle flames as it rose up around her. Kim drew in deep drafts of air from around the rubber ball. Compose yourself, she told herself, this is a trial, endure it. She doesn’t mean to do me any real harm, does she? She playing with me, testing me…at least I hope so!

There was a crackle and more purple sparks and Kim’s nakedness pulled against her restraints. Sadistic laughter rang out across the dungeon.

“She looks fantastic madam.”

“Yes she does, doesn’t she Vicky,” replied the black butterfly in delight. “Move that mirror around Vicky so she can see herself reflected in it.”

Vicky dragged a full length mirror directly opposite Kim and then the black butterfly and her assistant took up a position either side of her. Kim looked across. Wow. I’ve got to say I look amazing, thought Kim. She could see herself clearly in the candle-lit gloom spread-eagled against the wall, a pattern of black leather straps across her pale skin and then between her legs the gothic iron candlestick. The inside of her legs and her crotch glowed red from the flames of the candles. Then, on either side of her were the butterfly, a vision of puffs of black lace and shiny pvc that reflected in the candlelight. On the other side of her was the black butterfly’s transvestite assistant, equally stunning and sinister in her kinky black tights, white pvc basque and painted white face mask.

“Do you see yourself girl, do you she how wonderful you look? My own little bonfire night display, lit up for my entertainment.”

“Mmmm,” Kim nodded.

It was true. She admired her glowing shape in the mirror. It was scary and exotic and exciting and, yes, it was true, she looked fantastic. More purple sparks. More sadistic laughter. Kim had learnt to anticipate the prickles of the electric sparks but her body still twitched and strained, much to the amusement of her tormentors and, watching herself in the mirror, Kim could see the funny side, spread-eagled with a red rubber ball in her mouth, her body squirming in pain in response to the purple flecks of the violet wand.

“That was fun, I enjoyed that girl,” chuckled the black butterfly as she snuffed out the candles and started to undo ball gag. “You make a good firework display.”

“Thank you,” replied Kim, “I got to quite enjoy it in the end.”

“Enjoy it?” The blue eyes flashed, “but it’s irrelevant if you enjoy it, you’re here for my pleasure and amusement.”

“Yes, of course, I know,” replied Kim in response to the gentle reprimand from her mistress.

The black lips spread into a smile, “And I certainly found that entertaining. Are you OK Kim?” she added.

Kim took a few seconds to reflect on her experience and flex her aching limbs and muscles but then said, “Yeah, yeah. I was really scared at one point, but yeah I’m good.”

“You should feel scared Kim. You can only learn trust if you are exposed to fear. You’d better have something to drink,” said the black butterfly, handing Kim a bottle of water. “And besides this is only the beginning. I want you to keep your strength up for your next test.”

“There’s more?”

“Oh yes, that was only a little introduction to my dungeon world. I’ve much more planned for you yet Kim. You still have to prove yourself fit to serve me.”