A Wife-led Marriage Ch. 02


I went back to our room after Tanya gave me the permission and I was sure to keep everything in its place.

Although Jasmine was late that night, I didn’t dare to call her but I knew that there was a pub in the hotel and that she would be enjoying herself there.

At twelve midnight Jasmine called me and told me to meet her at the pub which I mentioned.

Jasmine sat with a group of men and women, they were from mixed backgrounds, near her sat James, the guy we met in the train.

Jasmine asked me immediately when I reached the table:

“Tommy, did you clean and fix the room well?”

“Yes ma’am I did” I answered her submissively while some of the guests giggled and others were amazed!

“You see folks, this is exactly what I was trying to explain for you, I treat my husband differently than I treat my lover James!”

Jasmine said that and then she smiled and kissed James deeply while others cheered and laughed.

“Give them an idea about some of your duties at home Tommy…”

I stood there totally embarrassed while I told the excited “audience” about the duties that I do usually at home.

“OK, enough Tommy, go back to your room and we’re coming up.”

I rushed to my room blushing and waited for Jasmine and her lover to come and after fifteen minutes they entered while kissing each other.

James then went to the toilet and I helped Jasmine undress, I knelt in front of her and I started to massage her feet.

James came back totally naked already with a hard on…

Jasmine stood up and pushed my head towards James cock, I sucked it without any single word.

Then she licked and sucked his nipples and muscular abs lovingly… when she reached down his stomach Jasmine pulled me back and ordered me to start licking his anus!

“Please Mistress Jasmine, I cannot do that!”

Not knowing the consequences of my protests, jasmine went to her bag and grabbed a whip angrily.

She made me kneel in the corner and whipped me for a while, I cried Kartal Türbanlı Escort and begged her to stop and to forgive me, but she continued until James called her to lie on the bed and he started to fuck her asshole hard…

Jasmine moaned and cried like a slut, she enjoyed it a lot and she asked James to fuck her more!

James came inside her asshole, and I rushed to lick his anus following Jasmine’s command. She begged him to bring her to orgasm, but James seemed to be in a hurry and after I cleaned his asshole and cock well he put his clothes and left.

Jasmine wasn’t satisfied at all, so she asked me to get the strap on dildo and after she strapped it on, she ordered me to lie on the bed naked.

However, someone knocked hard on the door and Jasmine went to open it after she put a robe on herself.

It was Tanya, and she told Jasmine that the noise from the room was unacceptable.

“Ms. Jasmine, I know your husband needs constant discipline, but you have to shut him up!”

Jasmine’s eyes were wide opened and before she talked to her, Tanya entered and told me to come and kneel in front of her.

“Here in Czech we put socks in our husband’s mouths when we want to punish him!”

Jasmine’s astonishment continued when Tanya entered the room and then walked towards me. She raised her hand and gave me a strong slap on my face, and then she pulled me with my hair to the floor and pushed my head firmly with her high heels mule so that I was fixed there in a kneeling position!

“Men should feel the real pain at least one time a week, as a submissive husband, this makes him more docile and teachable.”

Jasmine looked at Tanya in admiration and excitement, she never expected that and she liked the way I submitted easily to her. I didn’t move under Tanya’s foot at all…

“It is a pleasure to have an idea about the way Czech dominant women treat their husbands,

“I usually don’t use violence with Tommy, he’s obedient and manageable since the Kartal Otele Gelen Escort time we met!”

Jasmine told her while smiling and she sat on the chair in front of us.

“Believe me, men are deceitful creatures and if your husband is a natural born sub, he would be craving for discipline and pain…”

Tanya ordered me to kneel at the edge of the bed and to bury my face on it; she went to the toilet and grabbed a long wooden brush. She stood near me and without any word started to hit me on my ass cheeks with it!

The first few strokes were bearable, but as she continued, and the more she hit me the heavier and faster they became.

“Nothing is better than physical pain to confirm your authority and control over him.”

She continued her ritual and the pain started to become unbearable, I started to protest, but I was warned to keep my mouth shut!

“Please ma’am you’re hurting me, I’ll do anything please you please stop.”

With every stroke my body moved forward, but Tanya pulled me back and she repeated it stronger. She raised her foot and fixed it on my neck.

My moaning and protesting from pain became higher as the hits seemed forever.

Jasmine seemed a little bit worried as I burst into crying and as i begged her to stop and to have mercy on me.

“Maybe it is enough, relax baby a little, you are wonderful!”

But Tanya only stopped when Jasmine reached behind her and started to caress her curvy butt!

“Go and kneel at the corner, and let me thank my new gorgeous lady here!”

Jasmine and Tanya hugged each other and started a heavy French kiss, their tongues met and relished each other for a while before jasmine stood and took off her robe to reveal her sexy body and the strapped dildo.

Tanya smiled when she looked at it and then she opened her legs wide for Jasmine who quickly buried her face and started licking her new lover’s pussy!

Tanya moaned in pleasure and lust, her first orgasm rocked her whole body, Kartal Ucuz Escort she guided Jasmine’s “cock” inside her pussy, but Jasmine had another thing in mind, she pushed it instead inside Tanya’s asshole!

“Fuck me with it Jasmine yes…, Yes… Harder, more…”

Jasmine loved the way Tanya moaned, she moved faster and faster before she felt waves of pleasure spread all over her and she came in a deep strong orgasm…

After that Jasmine told Tanya to turn on all fourths and raise her butt well enough to reveal her asshole and then she started to insert her index finger in it.

“Come her Tommy, taste Mistress Tanya’s asshole, come on!”

I sucked Jasmine’s finger at first and then I licked Tanya’s hole in frenzy, Jasmine didn’t forget to spit on it continuously!

With her hand Jasmine rubbed Tanya’s thick pussy lips and when she felt that Tanya was close to cum, she would stop and slap her ass cheeks!

Jasmine tormented and teased Tanya for a while before she turned her on her back and fucked her missionary in her pussy. Tanya seemed to orgasm like never before!

Jasmine then left Tanya exhausted on the bed, she ordered me to follow her to the toilet, there I opened my mouth and she urinated in it and on my whole body, she slapped me several times very hard and she didn’t stop until I cried and begged her to stop.

She ordered me to take a shower and to follow her.

When I came out of the shower I found Jasmine laying on her stomach on the bed and Tanya was kneeling on the edge and licking her feet… she was tongue washing Jasmine’s meaty size eleven soles!

I immediately had a hard on and I threw myself near Tanya and started to lick the other foot!

I didn’t know that I made a big mistake. i should have taken the permission of Jasmine before doing that!

“Raise your head and bring your cheek closer, you will pay for this Tom!”

Jasmine then slapped me hardly with her foot on my cheek for a long time, before I burst into tears!

After that she led me outside the room and ordered me to sleep on the door mat all night!

“You wouldn’t dare kiss my feet before a couple of months!”

Jasmine told me before she locked the door behind her, I heard some giggles of a couple passing by towards their room!

To be continued…