What Happens When You Tease


My ankles were bound securely with the red silk restraints I guess he knew I was in that kind of mood. He fastened them to the headboard leaving me plenty of room to squirm. At one point I even tried to keep my legs together by bending my knees in together in an effort to cover up. I always feel uncomfortable and so exposed when I am helpless to preserve my modesty. I did not want him staring at me but I did want him looking at me. My arms were still free at that point and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them just yet it was sort of like only having one oar in the boat.

He lay on the bed on his stomach right at my head he played with my hair twirling it around in circles and continued telling me what he was going to do to me. When I would reach behind me so I could touch him he would tell me to stop or he would tie my hands too. Then he started kissing the side of my face and running his tongue across my neck I could hear that little snicker as he amused himself. He slid forward a little bit more and his mouth was beside mine he turned my head toward him and slid his tongue deeply into my mouth barely allowing me enough air to breath. His tongue was prodding deeper and deeper and sliding around and nearly exiting my mouth then back down again. I loved being kissed like that. He did not even object when my hands wrapped around his hair and pulled him deeper. He continued kissing me like that. Sucking my tongue and lips tasting them like they were candy.

I felt his arm across my stomach and he slid me over closer to him. He began sincan escort gliding his fingers around my nipple moving closer with each circular path until he was squeezing it between his thumb and finger hard at first bringing a wonderful sense of pain. He placed his mouth over the other one sucking on it and the heat from his tongue was almost burning to my soft skin. Moving further down my body kissing and touching making me want him more. He was beside me now the full length of my body he continued kissing and touching my ankles, my calves, leaving moistness along my skin. I could not turn onto my side very well because of the restraints but I turned my body toward his and my mouth was so close to him I could almost taste him. Leaning over and pulling on his hips I could reach him. He was hard and I could see his need and wanted so much to take him in my mouth. My tongue wrapped around him and I tried to take him deeper and he pulled away.

He sat with his back leaning against the headboard now and I was totally exposed to him. He ran his hand up and down the inside of my leg slowly I wanted him to touch me elsewhere and he knew it but he didn’t. He just watched me watched my body my face he saw my fire. I saw him reach down and touch himself down close to his balls wrap his hand around his cock and move slowly up and down never taking his eyes off of me. I wanted to do that for him. He continued running the other hand on the inside of my leg this time he put a finger inside of me finding it wet and warm. tandoğan escort He moved his finger in and out of me not touching my clit teasing me. He wiped the slickness from my body across the head of his cock and continued stroking himself.

Putting his head under my suspended legs he could easily now kiss and lick the inside of my legs he concentrated on my thighs. I really wanted him inside me now telling him so did not seem to affect him much. He was so close to me I pulled against the restraints pulling myself against his body until I was firm against his shoulder he just continued touching me. He told me to raise my hips off the bed and I did of course. He placed three pillows beneath me, which kept my hips up yet in a sloped position. He now had two fingers buried deep inside of me then three. His thumb was against my swollen clit now and moving across it making me crazy. I would almost cum then he would stop.

Now he was putting his body in place of the pillows. Lifting my hips high off of the bed he positioned himself sitting with his back against the headboard between my spread legs then I lowered myself down on him. He moved his cock back and forth across my clit and I rubbed against it. I wanted it inside of me so badly. I moved against him until I came. Feeling his hard cock still rubbing against me kept me wanting more. My legs were so far apart with his body between them like that I felt like I could split.

He lifted my hips up toward him, leaned over putting his mouth on me licking ankara escort my juices from me dancing his tongue across a still very aroused clit. Expertly darting his tongue inside of me until I came again I pulled his hair firmly driving him yet deeper inside of me. He sat up again reaching over and undoing the restraints then moved my body down toward the foot of the bed. Now he was on top of me. Kissing me. I tasted my juice from his mouth and tongue I could smell this musty treat.

He forced my legs back by putting them on his shoulders and leaning forward. I felt his cock slide inside of me easily and I came again instantly I could feel myself squeezing down on him like a hand. He began moving faster and faster driving himself, deep inside of me I could see the look on his face a look of hunger and need to be satisfied and he was consumed by it now. He held onto my hair and I could not lift or move my head. I found myself begging him to fuck me. To fuck me harder and to cum. His strokes deepened and quickened until I knew he was going to cum. I met his thrusts with my hips pushing and grinding against him. When I heard that loud groan I knew.

He moved off of me and laid beside me I curled up in the crook of his arm I could smell sex on his body. I held on to his semi erect cock now and felt the sticky moisture on it rubbing it between my fingers then tasting it. Then dipping my fingers inside I wetted them and rubbed it against him as he began to move with my hand sitting up now I watched him grow hard in my hand. His knees bend and his feet lifting him to meet my movements I knew by his breathing he was going to cum again. Then I felt his hot cum spill over the top of my hand and my throat and across my lips.

I lay back next to him he kissed me gently and wrapped his arms around me until I slept.