The Conference Ch. 02


Here, take my robe to get back to your room, no-one will be suspicious, but they would be if you were in last night’s dress,” he advised, “and take my spare room key so you can drop your bags off when you want. I’ll be back around midday; I’ve got a few people to see.”

Belinda reached up and kissed him, donned the dressing gown, opened the door and peered through the small gap. The corridor was deserted, so she stepped across to her room and quietly entered it.

As she showered and changed into some comfortable clothes and braced for the morning ahead, her thoughts were occupied by the activities of the previous evening. Here she was, mid fifties in a loveless marriage, back to working full time to support her husband who had decided to retire early despite not being in a sound financial position. As she dried her hair, she appraised herself in the mirror. She was still fit, carried her 34-24-34 figure well although she was considered to be short at 158 cm tall. She kept her straw blonde hair shoulder length accentuating her oval face that still contained a few freckles giving her a youthful appearance.

Her fantasy had always been to fuck a stranger and now she had found one and her dream had come to fruition. He had treated her well, respected her and didn’t judge. She had had a vague idea of whom she would partner in her fantasy dalliance and Tony fitted the scope well. Late fifties or maybe early sixties, salt and pepper hair and in reasonable shape. It was his mustache that clinched it. Belinda had always wondered what it would feel like brushing against her body, especially the sensitive erogenous zones.

She shook her head back to reality, knowing she needed to make haste to get to the conference on time. She dressed quickly, applied a light amount of makeup, grabbed her bag and departed.

The sessions passed quickly, she networked during the morning tea break but the tea break to lunch session dragged. Belinda skipped the luncheon but managed to locate some valued friends to say goodbye. She was nervous as she walked back to her accommodation, or was it anticipation, or maybe a combination of both she was experiencing. She collected her bag from her room, used Tony’s spare key to access his room. She left her suitcase, made her way downstairs, signed out of the hotel and slipped back upstairs.

Belinda occupied her time reading some of the material distributed at the conference but she couldn’t concentrate as the fullness in her pelvis distracted her continually. It had been the same all morning, that persistent tingling which would normally have resulted in her taking care of “business” herself. But here she was in Tony’s room, waiting for his return and it didn’t seem appropriate that she take care of her libido when she was sure he would deliver that release for her.

She entered the small bathroom deciding that she needed some water. The subliminal effect of running water triggered her need to empty her bladder. She slipped off her jeans and panties and sat on the cool plastic toilet seat, concentrating on relaxing. She gulped down the cool fluid fluid whilst waiting and suddenly spied her pair of ripped panties hanging on the towel rail. The memory of that lustful event sent her love canal into action, moistening immediately as she recalled the arousing tearing sound as they were ripped from her. She picked up the garment and was surprised to see that the seams had been perfectly repaired using a hemming mattress stitch. It crossed her mind that every time she put these panties on, memories would flood back.

Her fingers automatically moved to her groin, finding her pussy lips already Göztepe Escort wet, she slipped her fingers between them stroking her clitoris. Her bladder began to void a hot stream of urine. Her thoughts wandered to the golden shower she had given Tony the previous evening, arousing her even further. Her urine soaked fingers dipped into her canal and she began to masturbate, keeping her mind on the image of his cock pounding her as she peed on him. The effort of her orgasm caused her to groan maintaining the sound until her orgasm waned. She rested her head back in an habitual manner to regain her breath. It was then she saw Tony, shoulder leaning on the door jam, arms folded wearing a big smile.

“I hoped I’d get to see you masturbate,” he said, “You are just an awesome woman.”

Recovering from the initial shock, she initially blushed in embarrassment at being caught fiddling with herself but as she realised her beau thought it was erotic, her libido took over her emotions.

“What did you have planned?” Belinda asked.

“Well I thought that we could have a snack and take it from there”, Tony informed her holding up a plastic shopping bag. He turned and walked back into the bedroom. Belinda stood, reaching down to pull up the garment around her ankles as Tony spoke over his shoulder.

“I wouldn’t bother putting them on because we’re just going to take them off and I’d hate to tear anything more,” he said.

Belinda looked up and through the doorway, she could see him sliding his pants and underwear off his hips.

They both sat, naked from the waist down crossed legged on the bed. From the shopping bag, Tony extracted some fruit. Green grapes, bananas, cheese, some dry biscuits and some bottled water. He placed them on the bed, pulled a few grapes from the bunch and fed it to her. He made some biscuits and cheese and fed them to her also and then cracked open a bottle of water, passing the first to Belinda while he opened the second.

Belinda thought she would have been self-conscious, sitting almost naked next to man she barely knew, her groin exposed but the relaxed atmosphere calmed her; and besides, she was in a lustful mood. With his left hand resting on her right thigh, Tony reached over with his right and fed her some more grapes. Belinda macerated the grapes with her teeth, she placed her right hand over Tony’s left and dragged it slowly towards her groin. She tilted her head, offering her lips to him as he fondled her vulva. As his fingers found her vagina, she inhaled audibly, trembling at his gentle touch.

Eyes closed, they extended their kiss. Two fingers inside her, slowly stroking in and out, the base of his thumb dragging over her clitoris with ever movement, Belinda’s already aroused state ratcheted up a few more notches. She could sense the build up of an orgasm and as it crushed all over her, she broke off the lip lock, moaning as the climax enveloped her body. She shivered, rested her head forward, eyes closed relishing the sensation which Tony prolonged by maintaining his finger rhythm in her. By comparison, her own self induced orgasms were no where near as long as she stopped her self stimulation as the orgasm hit. But now with someone else providing the stimulation, she could enjoy and extended climax.

Momentarily spent, she collapsed back on the bed. As she slowly regained her situational awareness, she saw Tony standing in front of her. He was slowly unbuttoning his shirt as he stared at her, eyes betraying the lust he was feeling. He knelt in front of her, commenting that he wanted to taste her nectar before burying his face in her groin. Belinda İstanbul Escort gripped the hem of her top, reefed it over her head and rested her arms where the garment fell, languishing in the heavenly sensation of being licked and sucked. Her pelvis felt full but she reasoned the extended orgasm had still left her engorged. His fingers were probing her again while he sucked and licked her clitoris. She orgasmed again, small short and sharp but it still caused her to moan loudly as it hit. She was conscious of Tony moving up the bed and laying beside her. She turned her face towards him.

“Please fuck me now”, she asked softly.

Tony rolled on top of her, missionary wasn’t his favourite position, but he reasoned that he could change that soon enough, once he had appraised her of what he had done while eating her fanny. Gentlemanly as always, he rested his body weight on his arms and knees, lowered his pelvis aligning his mushroom head with her opening. He rested the tip there and slowly pushed forward.

There was a look of surprise on Belinda’s face when the first grape popped.

“I filled your cunt full of grapes, concentrate on the sensation as each one pops as I slide my cock into you.”

Belinda’s eyes remained open, watching him slowly enter her, intently focusing as each grape popped inside as his cock crushed them. Her eyebrows raised each time a grape burst, she could feel the mini explosion inside her tunnel as each piece of fruit burst. She hoped that there were lots of grapes because this was a new and immensely pleasurable experience. Her vaginal nerve endings were twittering. He finally reached the zenith of his slow entry, withdrew until only the mushroom helmet of his cock was within her and thrust forward again, lowering his head to take her left nipple into his mouth and nipping her hardened acorn. The popping of the final few grapes and the attention to her nipple sent her into the oblivion of another orgasm. She was only vaguely aware of him fucking her as the waves rushed over her body, her skin tingling and her mind in a dark blue abyss. She didn’t even recall the scream she uttered as it hit her, only the sensation of a fat cock stretching her vagina distended even further with the additional fruit.

Belinda roused quickly from her sojourn into space, rolled Tony onto his back and she devoured his erection. The juice of the grape combined with her own juices and orgasms sent her into a frenzy. She normally started slowly with her oral administration, taking time to condition her mouth to take a dick deeper and deeper until she could bounce her lips on his pubic hair. There were no such steps taken. She rammed the organ as deep in to her mouth as her epiglottis allowed her. She heard Tony’s groan of pleasure as the organ plummeted into her mouth. Her talented tongue whipped around the head each time she withdrew the organ, pocking the eye with the tip of her tongue.

Belinda knew she could make him blow his load into her mouth as she knew she would love to exercise that control, but he had already blown a load of cum on her tits and face. Now she wanted a pussy full of it.

She cleaned his fruity cock, leaving only the drying remnants of her saliva on his rod before releasing him from her mouth.

“Hmmm,” she murmured, “I need that elsewhere”.

Tony rolled onto his side, turned Belinda onto her stomach and climbed in between her legs. He sat back on his haunches, placed his hands on Belinda’s hips and pulled her up, encouraging her into a kneeling position. Belinda quickly caught on, doggy style was her favourite. She raised herself up onto her hands and knees. Anadolu Yakası Escort The sight of her engorged labia was too much for Tony. On its own, her pussy was a delight to eat but now dripping with her girl cum, juices and grapes, he was unable to help himself and dove face first into her. His tongue worked from her little man, over and in her vagina and back to her anus. He spent a few minutes eating, licking and sucking her, at times reaching underneath her to toy with pendent breasts and nipples.

Eventually Belinda felt penetration into her vagina. The feeling sent a smile to her face thinking that at last she was going to have that cock in her. It was slow, steady and deliberate. She looked underneath, she loved to watch as a cock slide into her cunt but was surprised to see two thirds of a banana disappearing into her love canal. Tony broke off the exposed piece of fruit and fed it to her. She chewed languidly on the piece of banana as she watched him hold his member, place the tip against her cavity and slowly force his manhood inside her. It was the most fullest sensation she had every experienced in her vagina. She continued to watch as some of the fruit was displaced from her love box by the pressure of the penis entering her full cavity and spilled over her flaps like molten lava. She sighed in pleasure as Tony rammed home his rod and began to set a steady pace fucking her from behind, bending over her back to massage her breasts and tweak her nipples as he pounded her.

Her next orgasm was building. Each time he shoved his cock into her, she grunted, with subsequent grunts getting louder and louder. A finger rubbed her rose bud. Belinda screamed. The orgasm hit her and kept escalating in intensity as he continued to fuck her, his body audibly slapping against her buttocks. She felt the slap of his hand on her bare buttocks and her orgasm reached its peak as he inserted a little finger in her anus. She collapsed prone onto the bed, her lungs screaming for air. Tony had followed her as she fell and was still fucking her, albeit it more slowed as she rose from her “petite mort”.

“Cum inside me, cum inside me” she repeated.

“I wanted to make sure that you were okay with that before cumming in your pussy” he replied.

“Yes” was her emphatic reply.

Tony slowly increased his pace and in a short time his breathing became raspy. Belinda felt a stronger thrust followed by a few more less forceful and she knew he had unloaded his semen. She flexed her pelvic floor muscles, milking his rod of his juices. His cock slowly grew flaccid and fell from her vagina, his fluids dripping from the head onto her labia and trickling down onto the bed.

Belinda twisted her body, causing Tony to roll off her onto his back. She pounced on his now limp cock, savoring the taste of his banana flavoured semen mixed with her own cum. Tony barely moved, laying back and enjoying the attention on his member.

Satisfied with her clean up efforts, Belinda turned her attention to Tony’s face. She kissed him deeply, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths when she looked up and saw the time.

“Shit” she cried, “I need to get to the airport”.

She jumped off the bed, ran to the shower. Tony rang for a taxi, organised her discarded clothing and placed them in the bathroom. She emerged a few minutes later, fully dressed. Tony hugged and kissed her

“There are no words that I can use to say how unbelievably sexy you are and express my gratitude” he said before grabbing her suitcase and helping her to the lobby.

The taxi was waiting for her, she arrived at the airport still in a state of euphoria which continued the entire flight home. As she unpacked her bags, Jeff politely asked how the trip went.

Good,” she replied as she fingered her repaired underwear, “Actually, it was mind blowingly brilliant,” she added before returning to her unpack.