Susan Ch. 02


The next day I was up early even after what happened the night before. Sleeping in a strange bed will do that, I guess.

I took a couple aspirin and went down to the kitchen. I could hear someone in the bathroom upstairs but I was the first to the kitchen. I put on a pot of coffee and looked around.

I marveled at how we had killed most of a whole bottle of whiskey and the things I had done. Even though I had missed sucking cock, without the booze I’m not sure I would have had the courage to again. And certainly not in front of someone, let alone in front of my wife.

And my wife’s lover was a Shemale! And a young, beautiful one at that! A Goddess, really!

I had always wondered about women like that. Sure, I’d watched plenty of Shemale porn and loved watching them cum, but I wondered if they were really that beautiful or could get that hard or cum that much. Now I knew. Susan was definitely beautiful. And the slight sensitivity at the back of my throat from a cock head reminded me how hard a transgender woman could get. It wasn’t pain, mind you, just a vague feeling, so ephemeral it might simply have been my imagination.

When the coffee finished brewing, I poured myself a cup and let my mind continue it’s drift back to the night before.

Justine came down looking a bit tired and harried. She filled her travel mug and grabbed a roll. “Susan’s called in, she’s got a headache,” she said, “but I’ve got a 9am I can’t be late for.”

“Besides,” I said with a grin, “if you both called in, people would talk.”

Justine looked at me for a minute. “You’re not going to work today?”

“Planning on calling in,” I answered, “headache.”

“Which head?” she asked. And then, “Never mind. Just don’t bother Susan, let her sleep. And no trying to fuck her, either. I mean it, keep your dick in your pants. Last night was fun but it wasn’t about you. We’re going to have to set some rules before next time. If there’s a next time.”

Next time?! I liked the way that sounded. “Of course,” I said, “I understand completely. And, well, thank you for including me.”

And then she kissed me, longer and more passionately than she’d done in years. She broke away and looked at me with a faint smile. “I mean it,” she said as she headed out, “no passes at Susan!”

“I promise,” I shouted after her. I even meant it when I said it.

I called my office to let them know I was taking a sick day and finished kağıthane escort my coffee. In a little bit the caffeine and aspirin had done their magic and my headache was mostly gone. And my dick was hard from thinking about the night before. I would never look at our kitchen the same way again.

The best way to keep my promise, I figured, was to relieve myself in the shower so my urges wouldn’t get the better of me. I decided to use the Family Bathroom instead of the Master Bath so as not to disturb Susan. I stood in the warm water for a few minutes, feeling it on my skin and letting it erase the last of my headache. I turned and spread my ass to the stream of water and enjoyed the feeling. I soaped up my hands, bent over slightly and reached between my legs to the crack of my ass.

With practiced efficiency one finger tip found its way into my hole, than another. I pushed them in as deeply as I could and slid them back out over and over, slowly, in a steady, practiced rhythm. I closed my eyes and got lost in the feeling. In and out, in and out. A few minutes of this and I would explode as most as soon as I started to stroke my shaft.

“I’m big on saving water. Mind if I join you?” Susan asked as she pulled open the shower curtain.

I froze, like a deer in headlights. I had been so distracted I hadn’t heard her come in. And there she was, naked but not hard, looking at me. And there I was, naked and hard with two fingers in my ass.

“Oh my,” she said with a grin, “you are a horny boy, aren’t you?” She stepped in and pulled the curtain closed. The space was tight and we almost couldn’t help but touch. “Well don’t let me stop you.”

I straightened up and tried to subtly pull my fingers from my ass. “I’m sorry,” I stammered, “I was just, um, washing up…”

She caressed my hard shaft, almost making me cum. “This little fella says different,” she whispered in my ear, “so, like I said, don’t let me stop you.”

I stood there, looking at her, my mind racing, my mouth trying to form words.

“Oh for heavens sake,” she said to no one and reached past me for the soap. I watched, motionless, as she soaped herself up. Her neck, her tits, her belly, her dick and balls. She was getting hard as she soaped up, obviously enjoying putting on a show for me. I kept reminding myself of my promise.

And then she took me by the shoulders and turned me around. It wasn’t forceful, elit escort istanbul she just guided me. “Let me do your back,” she said.

I felt her soapy hand on my back and ass, sliding along the crack pressing against my asshole. I bent slightly and the shower went from hitting my chest to hitting my face. She was talking, still whispering. I couldn’t hear the words. And then I heard herd her ask, “Is that okay?”

I said yes.

I felt one soapy finger slide into my asshole and then another. I groaned. They slid in and out deeper, harder and faster than I did myself. The shower rained onto my face and into my mouth. I pushed my ass back to meet her thrusts. I think I would have cum instantly if I grabbed my cock.

Her fingers slid out and I braced myself to feel them shoved back in. There was nothing for a second. Then I could feel a finger tip against the rim of my ass teasing me. In they went, all the way, buried as deep as they could be.

Again they slid out for a second. Again a rim tease. Again shoved back in.

Out again. Another rim tease, a little longer this time. I felt the tip push past my rim slowly. With a start I realized it wasn’t a finger.

She pushed her soapy dick into my ass and I made no attempt to resist. Despite the discomfort, I actually found myself pushing back. I knew I could take it, I had secretly tried some of Justine’s toys and most were larger, but I was in control of those.

“Is this okay?” she asked.

I said no.

“It’s too late,” she said.

“I know,” I said.

“Just be careful and hold still,” she said, “it’s slippery in here. We can dry off and I can fuck you in the bed, if you want it really hard.”

The only word I could manage was, “Fuck.” The idea of my first real ass fucking scared me. The idea of it being “really hard” REALLY scared me. After a few seconds I managed to add “now” and then “please”.

“Oh Baby,” she said, “you are an eager beaver. Just hold still for me and this I’ll be done in a few minutes. And don’t cum until I do.”

And with that she began to sway, slow, steady, hard and deep. Sometimes pulling the cock head all the way out, sometimes not. She was like a machine.

At first when she started my erection had gone down. Her cock pushing into me had been uncomfortable, even with the soap. Yet with each thrust the discomfort was less. When her cock head popped past my rim, there fatih escort was a sense of relief that started to become a feeling of pleasure. The shaft rubbed my rim as she swayed and the pleasure became greater. The head would reach its deepest point and I’d want it deeper, even though only minutes before I was wincing at it.

My erection returned, even if it wasn’t quite as hard as before. Pre-cum started to leak from my dick, gooey strands that would break off and mix with the water at my feet or splatter back on me. “I’m ready,” I gasped out.

“No yet,” she said and kept fucking me.

Suddenly she pushed in deep and held herself. I knew she was about to cum.

I grabbed my dick and pulled back on it and at the same time she pushed forward harder deeper than before. That was all took. Cum shot from my piss slit and I was done.

I was suddenly even more aware of her cock in my ass. I tried to pull away. She told me to hold still and started to fuck me again, every thrust pushing the last of my cum from my dick. It was uncomfortable but she told me to hold still and take it, so I did.

She told me to grab her balls so I did. I reached between my own legs for hers lovely balls. I barely managed to get my fingertips on them. She moved back one last time and slammed her cock into my hole and held it there. I felt her balls pulse and realized she was cumming, dumping her load in my bowels.

Her dick in my ass and standing bent over in the shower was starting to be more than uncomfortable, it was almost painful, but I made no attempt to move away until I felt her balls stop pulsing. I felt like it would have been rude to move. Even then she pulled me back and held me pinned to her still hard dick.

“Last night you claimed you’d never been fucked so that was your first real dick in your ass, wasn’t it?” she asked.

“Yes,” I answered.

She wiggled and ground herself against me. “Mmmm,” she said, “my cum is the first cum ever in your virgin boy cunt.”

“Mmmmm, not the tightest I’ve ever had though. You much stretch it a lot.”

“Yes,” I admitted.

“I can’t wait to share you with my friends,” she said as she pulled out of me.

I straightened up and turned around to look at her. “Share me?” I asked, my voice cracking a little.

“Yeah,” she said, “You’ll love a it. No why don’t you get out and let me finish my shower. Just stand by the sink in case I need something. And don’t use my towel.”

I don’t recall if I said anything when I got out of the shower. There was only one towel, so I stood naked and wet by the sink. It didn’t take long for me to realize that some of what was running down the inside of my leg wasn’t soapy water.