Taste of True Friendship Ch. 14


One thing that did get Tanya on Mary’s good side was Tanya’s art work. Mary, being an art teacher, admired Tanya’s natural talent for capturing spontaneous events in pen and ink- -or, more properly, in felt-tip pen. Tanya was dazzling with her swift sketching of subjects, static or in action. She showed Mary some of her fashion drawings and Mary was impressed not just with the garment concepts but with the energy – -actually the sensuality- -that Tanya was able to impart to her images. One must remember that Mary had a keen interest in anatomy, specifically female anatomy, as it could be translated in to art. It was this that lured Irene into her relationship with Mary. Tanya remembered this and planned on using it to thaw Mary out.

Tanya invited Mary over to the apartment one afternoon. Julie and Irene weren’t to be there, just Tanya and Mary. Tanya planned out a “showing” of her sketches. She laughed at herself as she put them together; it was really a variation of the old ploy, “Why don’t you come up and see my etchings?” But anything Tanya could do to warm Mary to the idea of sexual experimentation seemed worth the try.

Tanya selected the drawings she had done of Julie and Irene, the one that touched off their first threesome. And then she pulled out the sketches she had done of the three girls on the bed- -Julie, Mary, and Irene – -and sorted them into the pack.

In one of the sessions that the girls had all by themselves, but which they had taped, Tanya saw that there had been some dildo play going on. Irene had used a dildo on Julie while Mary sucked on Julie’s breasts and then Mary and Irene swapped positions. Mary seemed reluctant to work with the dildo but both Julie and Irene inveighed upon her to do it. She did and, once she got started, she seemed to have fun with the novelty of it. At one point, Mary grasped the rubbery penis with both of her hands, held it in front of her as if it were actually her penis, and thrust it into Julie’s pussy rocking back and forth to simulate fucking. Tanya sketched a still of that off of the video and added a few embellishments for the sake of excitement.

Tanya also produced some drawings from memory of Julie and Irene sucking cock, Tanya’s cock. Tanya idealized these, added all of the touches she could to bring out the sensual nature of that activity, and focused on the pleasured looks on the girls’ faces as their mouths were over and on her penis.

The piece d’resistance was a drawing that Tanya did specifically for the occasion. It was of Mary with her hands around an erect phallus (Tanya’s) that clearly demonstrated Mary was enjoying stroking it. Tanya did everything she could to keep it from being a caricature while introducing as many emotionally influential elements into it as she could, elements that hopefully would elicit a response from Mary.

Tanya seeded these into a mix of straight forward sketches of still life, garments, models, nudes, and various body parts- -ala Leonardo. It was quite a collection, perhaps sixty works altogether. Most of the conventional ones were at the beginning and most of the steamy ones at the end but Tanya spaced them out so she could get a maximum response out of Mary.

Mary arrived at the apartment dressed quite casually- -for a nun. She had on a white blouse, sheer enough for Tanya to see Mary’s bra underneath, a subdued blue print skirt, and- -Tanya was fascinated- -sandals that displayed Mary’s rather good looking feet. Tanya couldn’t help but notice that Mary had gotten a pedicure, albeit clear polish, but a pedicure nevertheless.

Tanya had refreshments ready for both of them on the coffee table: cups, a carafe of coffee and a tray with some petit fours on it. Tanya guessed that Mary might have a sweet tooth. She was right. Mary took only a few sips of coffee but polished off about half a dozen of the tiny sweet cakes. That put her in a good mood.

“Mary, I’m so glad you could come over today. I am thrilled that you would be so interested in seeing my work. I know you’ve seen a little of it before but I want you to see more than a small part of the whole spectrum of my work.” Tanya was laying it on thick- -not too thick because she recognized that Mary was not stupid but thick enough to be pleasant and persuasive. “I know you are an art teacher, and a good one from what Irene has told me, so I really would like to get your impressions of the things that I have done.”

Tanya had no such desire. She knew that she had talent and that her work was superb. Every art instructor that she had ever had used her drawings as examples of style and technique, and the garment company trusted Tanya to render drawings of scores of their creations for publication. Tanya, though a college student, was really a professional.

They began flipping through the stack of pictures. Most of them were on sheets of heavy art paper, some as large as 36″ X 24″, but the majority were smaller. Most of them were in black and white- -pen ink- beşiktaş escort -but some were pencil sketches and some were actually done in pastel. It was quite an assortment.

The first few Tanya showed Mary were still life, pedestrian subjects- -bowls of fruit, vases full of flowers and things like that. There certainly wasn’t any emotional appeal to these but Tanya did want to show off her technical ability. Mary was impressed at the crispness and detail, exactly what Tanya wanted.

Then Tanya got into some of her fashion art. These were drawings of garments, usually being worn by a model. Though detail was not unimportant, the purpose of these drawings were to “sell the look”. Tanya had honed her technique of adding flair to her images, especially the look of the models themselves. The clothing itself stood out but it was the essence of the feeling of wearing the garment that permeated the picture.

Mary “Hmmmm’d” and “Ohhhhh’d” and “I-Like-This-One’d” as Tanya brought each new picture up. Occasionally, Mary would ask to go back to an earlier drawing, look at it again, and compare it to the most recent one. Tanya found that Mary often said something like, “Yes, I see what you did here. How nice!” , or “I like the way you used light here and shadow there. Yes, very good.”, or “Oh my! That IS a very sexy pose there!” Tanya was more after the “sexy pose” comments rather than the nuts-and-bolts of the drawing comments.

They began to get into the more arousing sketches. It started with some nudes in classical poses. As with the still life drawings, these demonstrated to Mary that Tanya had the ability to faithfully depict human anatomy but even these drawings had captured a certain sensuality in the models. There was one picture of a male nude, seated, with a three-quarter view from the left side. His left leg was crossed over his right so that his left ankle rested on his right knee and his left forearm rested on his left knee,but his right hand was in his lap partially concealed by his left thigh. One got the impression that his right hand might well have been playing with his penis. It didn’t jump out at one but was certainly a possibility, especially considering the slight smile on his face. Mary reacted to this by shifting her position somewhat, squeezing her legs together. “Very nice.” She said.

Tanya introduced the sketches of Julie and Irene with a simple, “Here are few of the girls I thought you’d like to see.”

Well, Mary sat upright and drew in a breath when she saw the one of Julie and Irene standing together, arms around shoulders, holding hands, hips and thighs touching, breasts almost touching, where the over all impression was that they were about to meld into an embrace. (Which in fact they had done, in real life.)

“Oh, MY! That is such a wonderful picture, Tanya! ” Mary was effusive. “That is absolutely captivating. It makes me want to ask, ‘What happened?’. You know… ‘What’s the rest of the story?’…..Marvelous!”

Tanya was pleased at Mary’s reaction. “Frankly, Mary, the rest of the story is: that Julie and Irene ‘got it on’. How else did this whole menage start?” Tanya giggled a little at the end.

Tanya flipped through a few more nudes of Julie, Irene and others. Nothing spectacular Tanya thought but Mary was paying closer attention and, with each one she saw, was more reluctant to pass on to the next picture. Tanya had thrown in some full frontal male nudes showing accentuated, but not overly large, flaccid penises. Mary was now also paying closer attention to these. Tanya could tell where Mary’s focus was.

The next sequence was of Julie, Irene and Mary having sex. They included their threesome on Mary’s first night- -before, during, and after- -and some that Tanya had taken off of the video tapes.

“Now, Mary. Here are some of the ones I did of you and the girls. Some were ‘in person’ but some are off the tapes. I like them very much.” On a hunch, Tanya threw out, “You, in particular, make a lovely subject. Look here….”

As Tanya pointed to Mary in the drawings and called her attention to her luscious body, and its various parts and aspects. Mary responded. Her hands smoothed her blouse, brushing by her bra just where her nipples would be underneath, and passed down over her lap to her thighs. Tanya could hear her breathing deepen. Was that an actual sigh?

“Oh, yes. And I couldn’t help but bring this one out.” Tanya was becoming more expansive.

Tanya lifted the last sketch to reveal the one of Mary plying Julie’s pussy with the dildo. Though only a “freeze frame” drawing, it conveyed volumes about Mary. Tanya had purposely designed this to show Mary’s pleasure and enthusiasm in doing that act. If it was not what Mary actually felt, it was what Tanya thought, rather wished and hoped, that Mary had felt. Judging my Mary’s reaction, Tanya had hit the nail right on the head.

Mary began to squirm in her seat. Her legs rubbed together, separated, istanbul escort and came back together. Her chest thrust out and she drew in a deep breath. “Oh! YES. I remember THAT! I was reluctant at first but, you know, I REALLY enjoyed it.”

“Yes, Mary. New experiences can indeed be exciting and enjoyable.” Tanya was talking to her slowly and calmly- -hypnotically. “At least that has been my experience.”

Tanya flashed by two drawings, each one of the girls giving Tanya a blow job. Tanya did this on purpose as if to suggest to Mary, “I know you don’t really want to see these.”

But Mary held Tanya’s hand and pulled it back with the drawings still in it. “What are these? Let me have a look.” Mary was insistent. “I want to see those.”

Mary held the drawings side by side and gazed at them for a full minute without saying anything. Here eyes moved back and forth and she even leaned in to get a closer look at the detail. She set them gently down on the coffee table and looked at Tanya.

“Tanya, those are marvelous! To be honest with you, though I’ve seen that done before, I’ve never really had a chance to think about what it actually is.” Mary was in awe and reflective. “You know that I’ve NEVER done THAT. But, well….looking at it here, it seems like something loving and precious is happening. I mean, the girls are actually consuming the object of their passion and love. And….look! Look at the expression on their faces. They look as if they are being transported. It is almost transcendental! Oh MY!”

Tanya resisted the urge to whoop in triumph. THAT was EXACTLY the reaction she had wanted to get from Mary. Tanya had scored a direct hit!

Mary was in a state of arousal. Her breathing was deep, her cheeks were flushed, and her lips were becoming bright pink. Tanya could see Mary subtly lick her lips as she directed her gaze back to the two drawings.

Tanya went for it. She went down to the bottom of the stack and pulled out the drawing she had done of Mary sucking cock. Tanya gently laid that drawing over the two that Mary was looking at and silently waited for a reaction- -holding her breath.

“Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!” Mary sighed loudly at seeing the new picture. “I’ve never…I mean…I never thought…..Ohhhhh…It looks like it might be delic…I mean fun…..ohhhh, I don’t know what I mean…..Should I try?”

Tanya kept her voice even and slow. “Mary, if you think you might like to, you should try.” She repeated her earlier statement, “New experiences can indeed be exciting and enjoyable. If you think you would like to, you should try….yes, you should try….”

“I’ve never done it before….but I could try….” Mary sounded almost like she was in a trance. It was as if she was talking to herself. “I’ve done things like that with my girls…..I suppose it isn’t all that different…..I could try, couldn’t I?”

“Yes, you could try….you should try….yes, just try….” Tanya was almost whispering now. “Yes….just….try…..you…..can…..try…..”

‘Would you let me try?” Mary asked of Tanya. “Would YOU let me try?”

“Yes, of course, Mary.” Tanya was even and gentle. “Come with me.”

Tanya took Mary by the hand and let into the bedroom, the scene of so many recent pleasurable experiences. Tanya guided her over to the bed and slowly, with delicate touch, began to take of Mary’s clothes. She slipped out of her sandals while Tanya unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off of her arms. The bra came next. Tanya still marveled at how luscious Mary’s breasts looked. Mary unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She sat down on the bed still in her panties.

Tanya was wearing a full length muumuu with nothing on underneath. She pulled it over her head and was instantly naked standing in front of Mary. Tanya’s penis was getting hard all during her conversation with Mary; now it was fully erect jutting toward Mary’s face.

Mary gazed at Tanya’s hard cock transfixed by its nearness to her mouth. She saw how nicely shaped it was- -circumcised, smooth with a deep, dark, shiny head. She reached up and gingerly touched Tanya’s shaft with her index finger, pulled back a bit, and then circled it with all of her fingers. It felt warm in her hand, not cold like she remembered that the dildo felt; and, as she caressed its length, it twitched and swelled, alive in her hand. Tanya remained still and let Mary proceed at her own pace. The one thing that Tanya didn’t want to do was to break the spell.

Mary drew her mouth closer to the head Tanya’s penis, stuck her tongue out so that it was just beyond her lips, now deeply pink from her excitement, and touched it so tentatively that almost no contact was made. But Mary felt its warmth transferred to her tongue and, though it looked hard, she felt the soft shiny-smoothness against her tongue. She made a quiet “Mmmmmm” sound deep in her throat. Mary’s hand began to move up and down on Tanya’s shaft, slowly and bakırköy escort barely touching it but after a few strokes she became bolder and applied a little more pressure. She squeezed on the upstroke and caressed on the downstroke. How Mary knew how to do this mystified Tanya. She supposed some things were just innate and stroking a cock seemed to be one of them.

Mary’s eyes widened as she observed a drop of clear liquid begin to rise out of the end of Tanya’s penis. Mary gave it another upstroke and the bead of pre-cum became bigger. When it was the size of a small pearl, Mary stuck out her tongue and touched it to the glistening drop. It immediately transferred itself to the end of her tongue. Reflexively, Mary drew her tongue back into her mouth taking the pre-cum with it. Tanya could see that Mary was rolling her tongue around in her mouth trying to get the feel of the consistency and taste of the pre-cum. Her eyes lit up when she finally got it. “Mmmmmmm” again came from Mary’s throat.

She applied some more pressure to Tanya’s phallus and bent it toward her lips so that it was not standing up quite so straight but was aimed more at her mouth. And then Mary parted her lips, open her mouth, and slowly began to take Tanya’s penis inside. As her lips closed over the shiny head, Mary moved her head forward. Pretty soon it was entirely past her lips inside of her mouth. She closed her lips so that the enveloped the shaft and thrust her head gently a little closer to Tanya’s abdomen. Tanya could feel Mary’s tongue begin to play with the underside of her penis. It sent a thrill into her and involuntarily made it swell and twitch. Mary started a little but held the shaft in place with her hand, pressed her head farther forward, and applied more suction. Tanya’s cock was indeed slipping farther into Mary’s mouth, about half way by this time.

Mary held Tanya’s cock in place for a moment, just getting used to feel of it inside her, and then began to force forward some more. When the head came in contact with her soft palate, Mary stopped and began to back off. Tanya was concerned that Mary had changed her mind and was about to terminate the proceedings but Mary surprised her once again. She started to firmly stroke Tanya’s shaft while she took more of Tanya’s prick into her mouth so that it was almost going down her throat. Again, another “Mmmmmm” sound. Mary’s head started to move back and forth in concert with the stroking of her hand. Each time the stroking became more vigorous and each time Mary took more of Tanya’s penis into her mouth and each time Mary applied more suction and more tongue play. She was getting into the rhythm of it now. Tanya could see that Mary’s eyes were closed and could only guess what was going on in her head but, whatever her thoughts were, it seemed that Mary was enjoying herself. For her part, Tanya was savoring what was turning into a first class blow job.

Tanya began to feel her semen begin to rise up from her loins. This was a cause of some concern for she didn’t want to alarm Mary when she came. Warm semen spurting into one’s mouth when one is not expecting it can be disconcerting but it could be even more alarming if one has never experienced that sensation before.

Tanya cooed to Mary, “My sweet Mary, you are so good at that. It feels absolutely wonderful.”

Mary responded with a simple, “Mmmmmmm.”

“But Mary, my dear, you have to know that I am about to come. There will be a gush of liquid in your mouth. I don’t want you to be surprised.” Tanya kept up her dreamy tone.

Again, Mary responded, “Mmmmmm….uuuhhhh…..Mmmmmmm.” And she continued to suck away on Tanya’s penis.

“O.K., My dear. Are you ready? I can’t hold it any longer.” Tanya’s voice remained even but there was tinge of urgency in it.

“Mmmmmm……mmmmMMMMmmmmm…..uhhhh…Mmmmmm.” Was all that Mary could get out and that seemed to be from one who was in a trance.

Tanya felt her sperm propel itself from the head of her penis into Mary’s mouth. Mary stopped her sucking and stroking abruptly and held Tanya’s cock steady as it spurted its load into her mouth, against her tongue, and all the way to the back of her throat. Mary did not gag at all, in fact, it seemed to Tanya that Mary was eagerly accepting her load. And then Mary swallowed with Tanya’s cock still in her mouth. Once more, that wonderful, “MMMMmmmmMMMMMM” sound came from Mary only now it was louder and more forceful, coming all of the way up from her chest. “MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!”

Mary began sucking on Tanya’s penis again as if it were a soda straw and she was trying to get the last of the chocolate malt from the bottom of the glass. This was intense and sent Tanya into another paroxysm of delight. There was no more come….well…to come but the sensation was exquisite. It ran up her penis, all the way to her abdomen, up to her chest, and settled behind her eyes. Tanya literally felt her eyes cross with sheer pleasure. Tanya let out a gasp. “Oh!!! Mary, Mary, Mary….That is SOOOO Gooooood….” Tanya was no stranger to getting blow jobs- -or to giving them, for that matter- -but this was the first time that she could remember a feeling was this intense. A red letter day, for sure.