She stands in the middle of the room, alone and trembling. My pretty flower, my lovely pet, she has reason to look so afraid. I gave her very specific instructions this morning, on how I wanted her prepared when my friends came over. How she was to dress, how she was to act, how she was to remain silent unless I asked her a direct question or told her to respond to a question asked of her…I told her all of it ahead of time. But she was a bad girl, a rebellious little one, and even if it was accident or on purpose it doesn’t matter. I walk around her slowly, letting the heels of my boots click loud on the tile floor, watching her lower lip quiver with fear. She is naked save for her collar and the soft leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles.

Most would find her pretty, my little submissive girl, with her soft features and her big pretty eyes, which are currently hidden behind a blindfold. Her full breasts, her tight little stomach and thighs have brought many of my dominant friends to sigh with envy over my prize. And her skin, so pale…when she is whipped, it turns the loveliest shade of pink, like a rosy blush, and it doesn’t scar easily. I stop behind her, looking at the white satin of her flanks, choosing my punishment spots.

“Donna,” I bark suddenly, watching the way she snapped to attention at the sound of my voice. “Let’s go over the reason why we are standing here now, hmmm?” I watch the way she bites her lower lip in despair. “Why are we standing here, in the room of Punishments?”
“Because…because I have been bad, Mistress,” Donna says, her voice barely over a whisper.

“That’s right, you’ve been bad.” I pace back and forth in front of her. Although she cannot see me, she can feel the air current from my body as I walk to and fro. “VERY bad, indeed. What did I tell you this morning that I wanted?” I stop, lift her chin with my gloved hand, letting her feel the strong grip of my fingers behind the layer. She swallows hard, and hesitates, answering only when I put a little more pressure on her jaw. “What did I tell you, Donna?”

“That you wanted me up at nine, Mistress. You said you wanted me to wear my white dress, and serve all of your guests so they could see me. And not to talk to them, unless you ask me something or you tell me to answer one of their questions, Mistress.”

“Right, so you do remember what I told you.” I drop her chin and resume my pacing. “Tell me, then, Donna…was it so very hard? Did I expect so much from you?” My voice is deceptively calm, waiting for the first sign of rebellion, baiting bayrampaşa escort her into admitting her own carelessness.

“No, Mistress,” she murmurs, her voice wavering on the edge of tears. The little slut, she’s probably hoping that if she acts sorry enough, I’ll let her out of the thrashing she deserves. She acts afraid, but I can see her body reacting to my questioning. Her perky little nipples are hard, and I can imagine between her thighs there is a lake forming.

“Then explain to me why I arrived here with twenty of my guests, and found out you weren’t even out of bed yet.” I raise my voice slightly, reaching out to trail my fingertips over her betraying breasts. She flinches when I pinch one of her pink nubs between my covered fingers. “Explain to me why I had to apologize that you weren’t ready, and they had to wait thirty minutes while you dressed and came to serve them their drinks.”

“My alarm clock didn’t go off, Mistress,” she whimpers, and her voice cracks on the last word. I see the first tear escape from beneath the blindfold, trailing down her smooth cheek. I capture it on one of my gloved fingers and lift it to my lips, drinking the salt of the drop. “I didn’t know it was ten until you came to wake me when you got home.”

“Why should I believe a bad little girl like you, Donna?” I say, laughing coldly. “A lazy slave like you probably got out of bed and turned off the alarm, thinking you still had time to rest.” Silence, she knows better than to respond. It will only make things harder on her…smart little flower, in such delicious distress. “You are a lazy little slut-slave, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Say it.” I command.

“I am a lazy little slut-slave, Mistress.”

“Good. Now we will discuss punishment.” I move over to one of the walls of the room, where my instruments and toys were carefully arranged for easy selection. Donna hates the cane, fears it more than any other whip or crop, because it leaves stripes that leave her bottom sore for days. It is what I use on her serious offenses, and it is the one I choose now. “Since twenty of my guests were kept waiting to see my lazy pet, then I think twenty lashes of the cane would be enough of a punishment for your disobedience.”

Her mouth falls open, and babble starts to pour forth. Pleas of mercy, promises to never disobey again, begging to pleasure me some other way. They don’t work. I walk back over and yank off her blindfold, letting her blue eyes adjust to the dim room. “Shut up,” I tell her, and escort bayan istanbul she falls silent. It has been a while since she has been rebellious, and I’m looking forward to what is coming. I know she isn’t…she’ll get no pleasure from this, but that is her punishment. I hold the crop up in between us, and tell her to go fetch the ottoman.

She goes and drags the padded stool to the center of the room, automatically lying across it on her stomach like she knows I will want her to. With her knees resting on the tile floor and her body draped across the furniture, it gives me a perfect striking point. Her lovely white ass is exposed fully, and beyond the pale globes I see a peek of her shaved pussy. The pretty pink folds are as soft as a rose, and I can see they are slick with moisture. I order her to put her hands behind her neck and to keep them there, and she does hesitantly, knowing the lashing is going to follow soon. I give her a long moment there, waiting, frightened before I bring down the cane.

It almost whistles on the way down, cracking across her fleshy cheeks and making her sob aloud. In between strokes, I reprimand her. THWACK. “When I tell you…” THWACK. “…that I want something done…” THWACK. “…I expect it done…” THWACK. “…and done right.” Every time the cane comes down across her ass, Donna yelps, and I can hear her openly sobbing. Her pale flesh is becoming crisscrossed with angry pink stripes, making her entire rear heated and utterly sensitive. I watch her body become sweaty, tense, as she fights to keep her hands at the base of her neck and not cover her bottom with them to ward off the blows.

When her twenty lashes are up, she is crying softly, face hanging, eyes closed. Her bottom is still raised, the burning pink stripes like latticework on her flesh. I take off my glove on my right hand and scratch my fingernails over the super-tender area, watching her bite back a scream, then I order her to stand. She does, wincing at the soreness in her flanks, silent tears still coursing over her face. Her cheeks and nose are blood-red, from the humiliation and the crying. “Stop your blubbering, you deserved that. Tell me you deserved that.”

“I deserved that, Mistress, for being such a lazy little slut-slave.” Good girl, she knows what I want to hear. I hold out the crop for her to kiss, the final humiliation in her punishment, kissing the weapon that marked her flesh like some forbidden idol. “Now go to your room and shower. Tonight you are going to remind me why I should keep such taksim vip escort a bad girl around my house. You have to prove why I should let you stay here still as my slave.”

She bends swiftly, despite her sore limbs and presses her lips to the cool leather of my boot, then heads down the hallway and disappears into her quarters. I clean and replace the crop, and head for my own room. I undress and lie across my bed, my hands idly wandering over my nipples, tugging on the silver ring that runs through my right bud, then lower to toy with my damp sex. The punishment of my little pretty has aroused me greatly, and I rub my fingers over the hard pearl of my clit, tracing circles and enjoying the pleasure that follows my caresses. Fifteen minutes later, my little sub is at my door, ready to prove to me her worth.

Oh, she is good…wearing the white sundress that I wanted her to wear earlier, her makeup done just the way I like it, her formal metal cuffs and collar on her wrists and neck. She moves into the room and climbs on the bed and gazes into my eyes, hers pleading permission. I point down and she straddles me eagerly in a 69 position, her now-clean sex hovering over me as she proceeds to lick my wet folds. Donna spreads my nether lips apart, cleaning the moisture from them, tracing them with her tongue.

The girl knows how to eat a pussy, it’s hardly long before I’m having to force myself to lie still. I flip up her sundress and admire the rosy glow I’ve marked on her. I trace a finger over one of the prominent red marks, and she moans against my wetness like a whore. When I come, I come hard, grinding against her teeth and tongue as if she were just an object for me to get off against. I flood her face with my fluids and she sets about licking them off like a good little girl. My good little beauty has convinced me to keep her, and I stare at her open sex that bobs above me, the dewy flower swollen with her need for release.

Poor little slave, clit hard as a marble, her inner thighs drenched with her passions…my soft heart takes over and I reach up, plunging fingers in that quivering slit. “You have three minutes,” I tell her. “If you can’t get off by then, you’ll be going to bed a hungry little slut tonight.”

She doesn’t need to be told again, thanking me sweetly, using her body to her maximum advantage to fuck my offered hand. It is two minutes and she comes, her sticky hot juices coating my hand. I pull my fingers back and lick them once, drinking her sweet essence like melted chocolate.

“Next time I tell you to be up, make sure you know I am serious,” I warn her, and she thanks me again, kissing my mouth twice before leaving my bed. She heads out of the room, to go start dinner, and I roll over sated to nap before then, dreaming sweet dreams of marking my little flower once more.