Succubus Summoning Pt. 05

Club Seventeen

“Come on, come on! Hurry!” Nymira dragged Thomas by his hand through the crowded platform.

“Slow down! There’ll be another one in a few minutes!” He glanced around at the crowd. A sense of relief washed over him; a few people shot them furtive looks, but most just went about their day. Compared to some of the things you saw on the subway, a little punk girl tugging her boyfriend was nothing.

Nymira shot through the train doors, yanking Thomas through just as they slammed shut. He caught himself on a metal bar and pulled her back toward him. “You are way too excited about this.”

“It’s my first time on the subway.” She pouted, puffing out her already round face. Dammit, she was too cute like that. Especially with the new haircut: a little chestnut ponytail that bobbed when she moved her head. Given that she’d had an undercut the day before, magic had to be involved.

“It’s just a train trip, Nym.”

“You’re sucking all the fun out of this.”

“That’s what I’m here for.” He smirked and kissed her forehead.

She made a little mewling noise and turned away, her cheeks flushing pink. She sat herself down on the least disgusting seat she could find and pointedly looked away from him. Slim legs in striped stockings crossed themselves under a tartan miniskirt, and for a moment Thomas worried she may flash someone on accident. Succubi had a habit of that, he’d noticed. Then again, Nymira had suppressed her usual demonic antics: not a trace of her little nubby horns or pointed ears.

He sat beside her, smoothing out his shirt and jeans. The oddly underpopulated train car jerked into motion. The other passengers busied themselves with books or phones, excluding one old man with a newspaper. Thomas relaxed as his paranoia melted away. Why was he even nervous to start with? If Nymira showed her horns, they’d probably think it was a fashion trend. Or a cosplay.

Thomas jumped as Nymira’s hand slipped into his. He turned to find her still not looking at him, but her slender fingers interlocked with his anyway. He gave her little hand a soft squeeze, and her blush grew brighter.

Sitting in silence and staring past the other passengers let Thomas’ mind wander. Life with Nymira proved very different to single life. Well, that much would have been obvious, but… he doubted most relationships involved parents prying about every detail of your sex life. Or even the kind of sex life he had now. Succubi were somehow more insatiable than he’d expected. At least his could be kept at bay with a hug and a kiss, something that continued to scandalise his demonic in-laws. He squeezed Nymira’s hand again, and she snuggled up to his side.

Space: that was going to be a problem. His little apartment wasn’t built for two, no matter how much they squeezed together. And while there were options, one of them involved his new hellish family, who had a strict open door policy. Having them grade his ‘performance’ was just too damn weird. Maybe he could get some privacy by threatening to romance Nymira in front of them?

“When your dad said he’d kill me if he caught me holding your hand, he wasn’t serious, was he?” Thomas asked.

Nymira didn’t say anything.

“Nym? You’re not reassuring me here.”

One of the passengers sitting opposite gave him a sympathetic look before turning back to his phone. Thomas turned to Nymira and- oh. A pair of thick headphones sat on her head, topped by a couple of little plastic cat ears. Adorable, and by the looks of it, completely soundproof. Her eyes stayed closed as her head nodded softly to a beat. Thomas watched her for a second and wondered what kind of music demons listened to. Opera seemed appropriate, but not for Nymira. Punk Rock? Well, it was either that or metal, if the evangelists were to be believed.

The curiosity became an itch in his mind. He reached over and gently raised one of the earphones-


Thomas dropped the headphone back in place, his face alight. Fuck, fuck, fuck! He should have fucking known! His eyes flicked frantically through the train car. His heart pounded up out of his chest and into his throat.

Nothing. Not a single odd look or embarrassed expression. The other passengers stayed looking at their phones and books and newspaper.

Collapsing back into his seat, Thomas exhaled slowly. No one had heard anything, then. Or at least, not noticed the lewd lyrics. People played rap music on public transport all the time, so a bit of tantric techno probably didn’t even register. Now there was a genre he knew his in-laws would appreciate…

Something bumped against his shoulder, and he turned. Nymira looked up at him, her head cocked and her big eyes blinking. A sly smile crossed her face as she reached up to her headphones. Thomas hissed, and she stuck her tongue out. But she relented and put her hands back neatly on her lap. He closed his eyes and rested his head on the window behind him. The last thing they needed was an incident.

What the Hell was with all the paranoia lately? Nymira could mecidiyeköy escort look after herself, she wasn’t going to walk through the streets naked and trying to tempt mortals to sin. Even her mother was more subtle than that. Though was it her he was worried about? Nymira could escape to Hell, but him? Not so much. Man, that made it sound selfish…

Don’t you stare, I don’t care, want some fun, make me cum…

Thomas tried to push the song out of his head. Which, of course, only made things worse. No way he could stand to have it bumping around there all day. He looked back over to Nymira and watched her bob her head side to side in time to the beat. Dammit, he couldn’t scold for that now. And she was keeping it to herself. The only person she was going to be tempting today was him.

He blinked. Nymira closed her eyes and mouthed something, wriggling her shoulders up and down. He’d never learnt to lip-read, but knowing her… shit. Shit, she was doing that on purpose.

“Tie me up, pin me down, flip me over, upside down,” She mouthed.

The images hit Thomas’ mind in rapid succession: Her squirming on the bed, hands and feet tied behind her as her cock strained and twitched. The familiar sight of her lying beneath him, her hips thrusting back against his. The lewd squeaks and moans she made whenever he hit just the right spot. He swallowed. Blood rushed up to his face and down to his groin. He wriggled in place, glancing around the car, again and again, to make damn sure not a soul knew what he was thinking.

“You okay?” Nymira asked.

“Y-yeah. I’m fine.” He lied.

Nymira gave him a shy smile and sidled up as close as she could. Her thigh squished against his and Thomas almost squeaked. Her cheeks flushed a pale pink, and her eyes flicked downwards. They widened. Her hand slid over his thigh, and he batted it away.

“Didn’t know you liked my music so much.” She teased.

“Nym, stop it…” He mumbled.

“But you’re so cute when you’re embarrassed. And, um…” Nymira ground her hip against his. “When you’re… like this.”

“Not in public. It’s bad enough I’ve got a…” Thomas drummed his fingers on his knees. “Can we wait until we get home?”

“It might be a bit late for that.” Nymira looked down at her hands, and then away from him, her cheeks darkening. Thomas looked down at her lap. Just a pair of hands clasped neatly on her skirt. At least, until she moved them just enough to let him see underneath.

Oh, fuck. That bulge was hot.

His ears burnt, and his mouth went dry. It was okay, things would calm down soon. He just had to wait a bit. Don’t think about the song, don’t think about Nymira, don’t think about the fact your cock is really straining against your zipper. Don’t, don’t, don’t…! Thomas’ fingers drummed faster. He forced his leg to stop bouncing in place. The fucking song blared in his head, accompanied by all the memories of the past few weeks. Christ, had it been only that long since he’d signed the contract? Did just being around Nymira make him hornier? Well, yes, yes it did, but not necessarily in a supernatural way.

Thomas thumbed a little rectangular packet in his pocket. He could… no, that was irresponsible. Then again, so was summoning a demonic lover in the first damn place. Hell, demonology was irresponsible by default! Where would he even…? Her parent’s home, obviously. Thomas shook his head: no, no. He could wait. He was going to wait. They were going to wait until after the day trip before they-

Nymira clamped her legs together and tugged her skirt down, making the tent all the more evident to anyone either side of her. Which, of course, was just Thomas.

Fuck it.

He grabbed Nymira’s hand and yanked her out of her seat; his turn to drag her through public. Thomas dashed across the train car, down to the very end and past the luggage. He prayed no one spotted the little tent-pole holding Nymira’s skirt up. Then again, it didn’t matter. Not to his sex-addled brain.

“Where are we going?” Nymira asked, shortly before he shoved her into the bathroom.

The cramped cubicle barely fit the two of them and stank of industrial cleaner. Nymira squeaked as the door closed behind them. Their lips crushed together, Thomas’ hand sliding up and under her shirt. His fingers brushed her hot skin. His body fell against hers. A free hand slipped down to his trouser pocket, shimmying out the little cardboard packet. They broke apart, gasping for breath.

“You’re so aggressive today,” Nymira breathed. Her gaze dropped to his hand. “Since when have you smoke- oh.”

Thomas pulled out a length of white chalk. His brain didn’t want to work correctly, not while he had the love of his life’s thigh grinding against his crotch. Something simple, somewhere familiar… he scratched out a near perfect circle—thank you practice! – on the wall and covered the inside in sigils and symbols. He paused every few scratches to dig his teeth into Nymira’s pale, slender neck, or to nibble her ear or kiss down to the line of exposed skin on her midriff. She shuddered vip escort istanbul and squirmed under him, breath hot and body hotter. He wanted her too badly. Needed her.

He drew the last line with a flourish as if the chalk were a rapier slicing silk. The world shimmered: one moment the circle existed, the next there stood a window to another place. They fell through it and landed on soft sheets and a springy mattress, the rattling train vanishing as the circle closed. The queen-sized bed still smelt of Nymira, even if she hadn’t lived here for a while. The room still stood as he’d first seen it; walls covered in anime posters and shelves stocked with figurines and sex toys.

Thomas tore at Nymira’s shirt, pulling it over her head. It stuck on something sharp: her horns had come back in. Guess Hell had that effect on its denizens. He roughly kissed her, feeling up her body. His fingertips brushed over her small, soft breasts and hard nipples. No bra. He should have guessed, really. Her hands worked down the buttons of his shirt, her body arching beneath his. Her headphones fell away, the tinny voice of the music valiantly trying to fill the little room.

“… Hey baby! Scream my name, play your game…”

“You’re such a fucking pervert,” Thomas growled.

“You love it,” Nymira moaned back.

Had him there. Thomas groped around the nightstand, looking for a cord, or a docking station, or… got it. He pulled her little music player from out of her pocket, yanked the headphone free and plugged it into the speakers. The pounding rhythm blared out of the small pink device, reverberating in Thomas’ chest. Maybe a bit too loud. He looked up, and his gaze paused briefly at the open door. A part of him became very self-conscious about whose house he was in. Then again, his in-laws weren’t big on privacy.

Nymira whimpered and wriggled beneath him, and all fear of accidental exhibitionism tumbled out of his mind.

He scraped his teeth over her neck and collarbone, kissing down her soft stomach to the waistband of her miniskirt. Thomas’ fingers hooked around and yanked the tartan fabric away. Her hot, hard cock bopped his cheek, standing meekly out from her plain panties. An overwhelming urge to lick it came over him. Normally Nymira jumped straight to the fucking after giving him all the foreplay, so he’d never really considered repaying the favour. Then again, he wasn’t… well, for her, maybe.

He gave the tip a kiss. Huh, a bit saltier than he’d expected.

“Ah!” Nymira covered her face. “You’re not supposed to do that to me!”

“Why not?” Thomas asked, his confidence growing.

He gave the underside a long, slow lick. Her cock twitched under his touch, and he had no idea how to react. Was this how she felt when she sucked him off? No, he probably wasn’t this adorable. He kissed his way back down her shaft, flicking his tongue across the subtle ridges. Nymira squeaked and squirmed, letting out a soft ‘No!’ with each brush of his lips. But she never resisted. And she certainly didn’t object when he gave her another long, slow lick.

She moaned. “I’m supposed to please you like that!”

“You’re too adorable for me to stop.”

“Shut up!” Nymira pouted. And gasped as he swirled his tongue around her tip. Her pre tasted oddly sweet, with a hint of spice. Nothing like he imagined human pre would taste, going by all the info on the internet. “Thomas… S-stop teasing me.”

“Already? Someone’s impatient.”

“Says you, Mr so-horny-I-opened-a-portal-to-hell.”

“True,” He admitted, “I guess I’ll just have to fuck your arse sooner than planned.”

Nymira swallowed, her eyes practically lighting up. She reached for the drawer of her nightstand and chucked Thomas a small bottle of lube. He knelt between her legs, running the oily liquid over his fingers before slowly stroking it across his cock. Nymira’s eyes stayed firmly on his shaft like she’d been hypnotised. She trembled in anticipation, gasping as his fingers pushed against her puckered hole. Not like she needed much preparation, given what she was.

The room got eerily quiet as the song ended. Only to be replaced by an entirely inappropriate pop melody.

“Ah, sorry!” Nymira squeaked, scrabbling for the little pink player. “Let me just…”

“You don’t have to.”

“But I thought you wanted it on while we, um…” She petered off as the first song began again, its beat slowly growing in volume.

Thomas smirked. Grabbing her ankles, he pushed her knees up to her chest. He smiled down at her shocked, red face. “If you like the song so much, why don’t you sing along?”

She gulped, doe eyes widening. The pulsing beat grew louder. Thomas pressed the tip of his cock against her arse.

“Well?” He growled.

“H-hey baby…” She mumbled, “What’s crackin’, who you-ooh!”

Nymira shuddered as Thomas sank his shaft into her. Her little cock twitched, drooling pre-cum onto her stomach as her eyes rolled back. He took it slow at first, enjoying the way she shivered and clenched around him. But it didn’t take long sarıyer escort for him to match the beat of the music, angling himself to hit the little sensitive spot inside her with each thrust. Nymira’s perky little breasts bounced with each movement. Her eyelids flickered, and she bit her lip, looking up at him with pleading eyes.

“S-scream my name, play your game, wanna do me…” She gasped, her back arching under his grip. “Wanna screw me! I-I’m your pet, make me wet!”

Fuck, he loved it when she screamed. Thomas buried his face into her collarbone biting and lapping along it. Her whole body tensed. Her legs moved to wrap around his waist. He smirked, pulling back and holding her legs away.

“Ah, ah. You’re my pet, remember?” He said.

She looked plaintively up at him. How could something so erotic be so adorable at the same time? He slowed his fucking down just long enough to make her whimper, before moving right back up to speed. Her feet hovered either side of his face as he adjusted his grip. Cute feet, he had to admit. He gave the sole of one a kiss and Nymira covered her face with an adorable mewling noise. Another weakness, huh? He kissed each individual toe on the other foot as Nymira wriggled beneath him. Though her hips never stopped pressing against his, begging him for more and more cock.

“I thought I heard something exciting in here.”

The two of them turned. An exaggerated hourglass figure draped with silver chains, and nothing else stood in the doorway. Daemeli, or ‘Mom’ as she preferred, gave the two of them a wicked smile. Her long, black hair swept down one half of her face, giving the mature beauty a hint of mystery. Her scarlet skin and black horns made her heritage all the more obvious.

“M-mom!” Nymira scrambled for a pillow, “You know how Thomas feels about-“

He slammed his cock as deep as he could. Nymira squealed, head flopping back into the pillow as her tongue lolled out.

“He seems fine to me, dear,” Daemeli purred, “Eager, even.”

“Just getting into the spirit of things…” Thomas panted. Having eyes on him made his cheeks flare up, but his hips wouldn’t stop moving. Hell, maybe they moved faster. He adjusted his grip and fucked Nymira as hard as he could, the pressure building to almost unbearable levels.

A hand on his arse made him jump.

“Easy, tiger. You want her to enjoy it too, right?” Daemeli ran a hand up his chest. “Why don’t you take it nice and slow for a while?”

She squeezed his arse and guided his pace for a few moments. Thomas shivered, resisting every urge in his body, but he had to admit she was right. It felt so good to savour the way Nymira squirmed: to let the pressure at his hilt die down to a simmer. Daemeli’s breath tickled his neck. She chuckled in his ear, hands caressing his body slowly.

“Good boy. I could teach you so much…” She licked her lips.

“Mom,” Nymira whimpered.

“I was just offering, sweetie.”

“If it’s alright with you, I’d like to fuck her my way.” Thomas said. Shit, that had to be the kinkiest thing he’d ever said.

“If you insist. Just call me if you two need anything. Toys, lube…”

“We’re fine. But thanks.”

Daemeli pulled back, blowing Thomas a kiss as she sauntered out the door, her arse moving hypnotically. “Oh, by the way… you can go deeper from behind. Just a little tip.”

“Really?” Thomas looked down at Nymira. She covered her blushing face.

“Make sure you push her head right into the pillow when you do. It’ll make her feel so helpless.”

“Stop giving him advice!” Nymira pouted. She yelped as Thomas pulled out and flipped her onto her front.

He ground his cock between her pert little buttocks, giving them a light spank. Nymira mewled beneath him, burying her head into the sheets. Not that it stopped him from reaching over, grabbing a handful of chestnut hair and shoving it down further. Her arse pressed against his hips. What a desperate little slut, he thought. Hell really did do a number on his libido.

“Tie me up, pin me down, flip me over, upside down,” The music blared.

“M-make me make that fucking sound…!” Nymira begged.

Thomas slammed into her. Nymira’s thighs quivered with each thrust, her arse slapping loudly against his hips. He could watch that jiggle all day. He growled, angling himself to fuck her from above. Sharp gasps and short moans got muffled by the bedsheets, punctuated by the creaking of the springs beneath. Thomas’ pace matched the beat, each thrust as hard as the music was loud.

Daemeli giggled. “Have fun you two. Oh, and I love the music. Such cute lyrics!”

Thomas barely heard her. The music reached its crescendo, repeating the same line over and over as a voice moaned sweet nothings. Nymira moaned with her, a few breathless gasps singing along.

“Make me make that fucking sound, make me make that fucking sound…” She pleaded. “Oh, please, please!”

A final shudder ripped through Nymira’s body wracking it with spasms. Her eyes rolled back in her head, tongue lolling out as her face contorted with pleasure. Thomas didn’t slow down: he kept going, blinded by his own need. He could feel himself fuck the cum out of her; feel the way she tensed with each spurt. Her arse squeezed his cock, coaxing his own orgasm closer and closer. Thomas’ mind screamed as the pressure built.