Ship Wrecked


Ship WreckedOff the coast of Africa it was a stormy dark night. The sailing ship about a mile out at sea was being battered by the violent rain and thunder storm. The mast was torn from the ship and fell overboard and the ship took on water from waves coming over it’s sides and draining down the hatches filling the hull of the vessel. The ship was rocked and slammed back and forth breaking apart from the torrid storm and sank to the bottom of the ocean. Out of the 50 man crew only 2 survived and washed up on the sandy beach. As the storm subsided and the sun rose it became a nice calm day. The 2 men wondered where they were at as they lay on the beach and all they had was the clothing they had on. They soon found ataşehir escort out where they were as a tribe of African natives picked them up and carried them back to their village. They determined that judging by the color of the natives skin that they were obviously in Africa. The natives also appeared to be warriors because they were carrying spears, shields and crude knives.The 2 men were placed in front of the chief of the tribe who spoke broken English.”You men have a choice. It is death or “Bunga”!!!One man who did not want to die asked what “bunga” was and the chief said smiling , “You know, bunga is bunga, you like it or you don’t.” The man not wanting ümraniye escort to die excitedly said, “I’ll take bunga!” and smiled. The chief and the warriors also all looked around at each other and smiled. The chief said smiling at the man, “Then bunga it is for you.” The warriors stripped the man naked and tied him upright spread eagle between 2 trees. The chief was the first and then followed by the others to take off his loin cloth and each had a huge thick foot long horse dick springing forward and sticking straight up. Each warrior was just as big as the chief.The chief was first as he got behind the bound man and rammed his whole entire kadıköy escort dick up his ass in one swift motion. The man screamed in agony as the chief fucked him. When the chief was done he stepped back and withdrew his penis from the man’s butt. About a quart of pure white semen gushed from the man’s gaping hole running down the backs of his legs. Then the warriors started taking their turns. Each warrior shoved his huge horse like dick up the man and butt fucked him. The man had a continual flow of semen coming out of his stretched hole after that. His body went limp and his head hung loosely as he was taken down from between the trees after the warriors were done with him. The other man did not know if his friend was alive or dead. He just saw what “bunga” was and decided it would be best to choose death over bunga and get it over with, and that was what he said when the chief looked at him. The chief once again smiled as he looked at the warriors and raised his right fist and announced at the smiling warriors, “Death… by Bunga!!!”