First Master Ch. 03


Chapter 3 – The Ride Home

The snow was falling outside as the limousine pulled up. Almost a foot had fallen in the past week, and more was forecast for the next 3 days. But the roads have just been plowed, so now was the best time to leave.

Master and slave exited the mansion where she was sold to him wearing possibly the only clothes she’ll ever be allowed to wear again: a long white fur coat and a pair of matching winter boots. They walked up to the limo as the driver got out and opened the door for them.

“Greetings, sir,” the driver said. “I see your visit was fruitful.” His voice had no innuendo at all as he said it.

“Very fruitful, Michael,” he replied as he guided his new property in the car. “Take your time in getting home. No need to get in a wreck”

As she stepped inside, the driver couldn’t help but notice how nearly her entire leg came out from under the coat. He managed to keep his composure and closed the door after they got in. In a minute the Limo pulled out onto the road. She watched as the place of her imprisonment left her vision, probably never to be seen again.

The inside of the Limo was both luxurious and spacious. Two sets of seats facing opposite of each other, a small ice box and a built-in radio / CD player lined the area. He reached over and turned the radio on. It was an alternative rock station. She never cared much for rock of any type. She was more of a country girl, but she didn’t say anything to him. As good as he made her feel sexually, she was still afraid to make him angry.

The master reached for a switch and a privacy shield came up, blocking the driver from view. Once again, they were alone.

He looks at her and smiles. “Go ahead and take that off,” he commanded. “We’ll be at least three hours before we arrive.”

Timidly, she started opening her coat, revealing the nothingness she wore underneath. Her nipples poked out proudly from her tiny breasts, while a wisp of hair marked out her pussy. After she finished with the coat, she took her boots off and settled back down, waiting on her master’s next command.

Instead he moved to her. He snaked one hand around her back, and the other cupped her chin, moving her head so she was looking right into his eyes. For a moment, just like last night, she almost got lost in those brown eyes. She almost didn’t notice her blushing, and the music seemed a distant sound.

“You turn me on so much,” he said to her hungrily. “I get hard just looking at your naked body! I wanna fuck you all night long. I’m going to tell you what we’re going to do, tonight. First, I’m going to push you down on the bed and lick, kiss, and suck you all over.

“Then I’m going to have you play with your pretty little pussy in front of me. That’s right, I wanna watch you masturbate yourself. I’m also gonna have you stick you finger in your little asshole and stretch it out a bit. Soon, you’ll be able to fit two fingers in there.

“When that’s done, I’m going to turn you over with your tight little ass sticking in the air. That’s when I take my turn at your little asshole. First, I’m going to lick it out. Get it all nice and wet for my cock. When ready, I’m going to stick it in. Not halfway, like last night. No, I’m going all the way in, this time!

“After having my fill of that, I’ll come into you like last time. Then I’m gonna have you suck my cock clean. Just make sure you keep your little Bahis Sitesi ass clean, or else there’s going to be punishment.

“I can see you’re blushing – even a little scared. But do as I say, and I promise you’ll be screaming in pleasure.”

His features softened considerably as he went on. “But for now, let’s do something that requires a little less training.”

His speech left her heart racing. What he said scared her to death, but the look in his eyes kept her in a heightened state of arousal. Her arousal won out as he pressed his lips to hers.

It was her first kiss, just as last night was her first time with a man. He had taken from her so much: her clothes, her freedom, her dignity, her virginity… her innocence… He had taken her entire world from her. Yet, he had also given her so much. He made her into a woman, and is giving her a whole new world. She didn’t know whether to hate him of love him. Regardless of that conflict, she now lusted for him.

She returned his kiss passionately. When their tongues started to intertwine with each other, her heart started beating fast not because of fear, but from her own pleasure. His kisses were leaving her breathless.

His hand left her chin and placed it on her shoulder. He then let it slide down to her chest and cupped a breast, noticing how soft it was, despite its size. Her response reminded him of why he bought her. She looked innocent, but he could a sex goddess within. He wanted her. The hard feeling in his pants confirmed those feelings.

She shuddered as his palm rubbed against her nipple. Her breasts started feeling warm as well as between her legs. She loved how he brought that feeling out of her. She was a slut – his slut- and right now, she didn’t care.

After a few more minutes of kissing and caressing, he moved her onto his lap. She was red from her face to her chest and breathing heavily. Her lips suddenly had a fullness to them. He put her arm over his shoulder and gave her nipple a little kiss.

She started shivering under his attention, her excitement mounting. Her free hand moved to her other breast of its own free will and started massaging her other breast. Oh, how she wanted release!

“My, aren’t you just a little horn dog,” he said teasingly. “I’ll bet you’re aching for my cock in you, aren’t you?”

Without waiting for her to answer, he ran his hand down her body, through her thin pubic hair and between her legs. His fingers then started running up and down her slit. She was wet. He dipped a finger in and probed inside.

A whimper escaped her lips. “Oh yes!” She cried out.

He took his finger out placed it in her mouth. She was surprised at her own taste and sucked on his finger eagerly. After a few seconds his hand back down and searched for her clitoris. When he found it he gave a little squeeze.

She almost reached a climax right there, but he quickly let go. After letting her catch her breath for a minute he started again.

For thirty minutes he did this to her – bringing her to the brink of orgasm then slowing down, then speeding up again. She squirmed and begged him to end the torture and let her come, but he didn’t listen.

“Please let me come, master! I’ll do anything you want!” she finally cried out.

“Anything?” he asked with a roguish grin.

“Yes, anything! Just please let me come!” she begged him.

“Very Bahis Siteleri well,” he responded. “But I’m holding you to your word.” With that, he went back to working her clit.

It was soon after that her climax hit. She cried out loudly as she felt her swollen nub between his fingers. She felt her own juices spill out and run down her legs.

He couldn’t help but laugh at it. “I gotta be careful with you. Otherwise you’ll end up leaving puddles all over my house.” He looked down at the sight. “Now you got my pants all wet.”

Suddenly it came to him. “I have an idea,” he told her, then ran his hand, also covered in her juices, up her belly, and started massaging it onto her breasts.

As the scent of herself wafted to her nostrils, her passions slowly drifted back to life. He brought the hand back to up to her lips and fed her his fingers. Again she sucked her juices off of them, hungrily licking each finger clean before moving on to the next one. Then, he moved his palm to her mouth. That too, she licked clean.

When she finished, picked her up and planted her butt back on the seat. She was a bit confused until she saw him undo his pants. He worked his pants a bit and produced a raging hard-on.

She looked at it with wonder. It was the reason she was in this situation; the reason she lost her freedom; the reason she was snatched, bound up, and delivered to that cold dungeon; the reason she was prettied up, dressed half naked, and delivered to this man; and the reason she might never wear clothes again. It was also what introduced her to pleasures she never experienced before.

She hated it… but she wanted it more.

“Come straddle me,” he commanded. She got up and swung one leg over his lap. Her face ended up close to his, and she could feel the underside of his cock up against her pussy.

“Put it in you,” he told her. She raised herself and tried to obey, but she couldn’t seem to find the mark.

“Use your hand to guide it in,” he laughed. She turned away in embarrassment and slowly lowered her hand and wrapped it around his member. She then eased him into her still sopping wet pussy.

It still stretched her considerably, but it hardly hurt, this time. In fact, it felt rather nice. Would it be the same every time she repeated something new? She hoped so…

He started to bounce her up and down on his lap. How she felt was indescribable. It was almost like… he was filling up a space that had been left empty. It was wonderful. So wonderful…

It didn’t take long until she was bouncing on her own, eager to feed the feeling inside of her, eager to feed her pussy from his cock. She groaned her need for him over and over again, unable to stop herself from fucking him.

He started moving his own hips as well. “Oh, this pussy is so tight! Do you like being my fuck toy? Do you enjoy being impaled on my cock?”

When she didn’t answer, his hands cupped her ass cheeks, and he dug his fingernails in. “Answer me!” he commanded.

His cock fell out of her as she tried to escape his grip on her ass. “Yes, Master! I want to keep fucking you, forever!”

“Good. Time to get to a lesson that got cut short, last night.” He pulled her off of him and set her on the floor. “Now then,” he said. “Kiss my cock.”

Reluctantly, she took it in her hand, leaned in, and put her lips to his glistening shaft then started kissing Canlı Bahis Sitesi it in earnest. It had the taste of her on it. There was also another taste – a taste from last night – his taste. Together, they made an intoxicating combination.

“Mmmmm… There you go,” he moaned. “Now, lick it. Clean it off.”

The smell was as intoxicating as the taste. She slowly, but eagerly ran her tongue up his cock, treating it like a lollipop. She loved how it throbbed in her hand. She also noticed how he became when she did this. Could it be that she was in control, now?

“Wow, that’s nice baby!” he told her. “Now suck on it.”

She decided to test her theory further by taking it in her mouth. She worked her lips up and down his shaft slowly, letting her tongue run along its underside. Her passions flared again as she took it as far as she could go without gagging on it – about halfway down.

His reaction confirmed her suspicion. He seemed almost helpless in her mouth. He was slouched and breathing raggedly. This only made her suck him faster.

After a few more minutes, his cock jerked and he quickly put his hands on the side of her head and strongly held her there. She was shocked as jets of cum sprayed into her mouth. Again, it tasted weird.

She tried to pull away but his hands were holding her firm. She couldn’t stop as the semen kept spraying into her mouth. Panic started to well up as she helplessly struggled, but to no avail. So much for being in control…

“Swallow it,” he told her. “I’m not letting you go until you swallow it!”

Tears streamed down her eyes as she tried to swallow. Bit by bit, she managed to get it down her throat. It was all she could manage. Eventually she swallowed it all, and she felt a bit sick to her stomach about it.

When she finished he let go of her head and guided her back up to his lap, his cock still hanging out of his pants. He took her in his arms and stroked her hair.

“Good girl,” he consoled. “You did awesome, for you first cum swallow. You won’t be doing that every time, but it’s good you get to know it.”

“Yes, Master.” Her chest heaved as she sobbed. Why was she made to do this? Why couldn’t she just go home? But she remembered she had no home to go to. She had no parents, no known relatives. Even her foster parents acted like they didn’t care. She was just another paycheck, for them. She broke down and cried openly.

He put her head on his shoulder and cooed to her. He felt her sorrow, but he was also relieved. He knew what those tears meant. She had surrendered. She was truly his, now.

The last hour of the trip was spent with her asleep in his arms. He looked out the window and saw his mansion coming up. He gently gave her a shake.

“Wake up, my angel,” he told her. “Time for your new home. You’d better get your coat and boots back on.”

She drowsily obeyed and looked out the window. What she saw left her in awe. The place was huge! She wondered how much of the house she’ll actually see, though.

The Limo pulled up and stopped at the front door. The driver got out and opened the door for them.

“Thank you, Michael. You’re services won’t be needed for the rest of the day.” With that, he led her down the walkway and into the front door.

“This is your new home,” he told her. “You will have the run of the house. Everyone who works here knows about you and will not touch you. You are not to go outside until the winter is over. Understood?”

“Yes, Master,” she said, staring around the front room.

He walked behind her and removed her coat. “Get out of your boots, too. I will show you our bedroom, first. I imagine you’ll need a bath.”