The Tranformation of Paul


Number 26 South Downs Road turned out to be a large Victorian house in a tree-lined row of similar properties near the seafront. Surrounded by mature trees and bushes that screened prying eyes from both sides and the back, the front of the house was mostly hidden behind a brick wall. Only a pair of wrought iron gates afforded a limited view of the gardens and the ground floor.

I glanced at my watch. 5 minutes to go. It was still warm and the late Friday evening sun cast a golden glow on the stonework that surrounded an immaculately painted dark blue front door. As I stood gazing at the house, I was filled with an equal mixture of excitement and apprehension. My head was telling me to back out before it was too late but in my trousers, my cock had that heavy pull of desire, the same desire that had got me here in the first place. Images from the last few months replayed themselves in my mind……..

It had been my last summer term at the school. Exams had come and gone early in the semester and it had only remained to see out the last few long, boring weeks before the summer holidays and then, results permitting, an onward trip to university. The summer was hot and being free of the exams, the seniors were given almost total freedom to come and go from their boarding houses. Most days I had spent wandering the promenade, eying up the girls in their bikinis. Inevitably at 18, I was permanently horny and my “cruising” nearly always had to be interrupted by so that I could relieve myself by masturbating in one of the many public toilets on the seafront.

Although often dark and smelly, the cubicles always carried a good supply of graffiti. Crude pornographic drawings of men fucking women and men fucking and sucking other men adorned nearly every square inch of wall and door space, interspersed with gay sex stories and messages like ” Cock Fun here every Wednesday” or “Gay man, 30’s, wants fucking”. It was a wanker’s paradise and I had long since lost count of the number of times I had cum whilst reading it all. Although I liked girls, I was, even then, hugely turned on by the gay stories and drawings. Some of the messages read things like “Mandy TV wants a big cock to play with” and these were nearly always accompanied by a drawing of a man dressed in female underwear, stockings and high heels, bent over and being fucked by a huge cock. For some reason, these turned me on the best and I had frequently fantasised about how it would feel to be dressed up like that and then be sucked and fucked.

Being young, slightly built and reasonably good looking, I had often been approached by gay guys looking for some “fun”. In the early days, I had allowed them to wank me off in the stalls but in truth, I had been scared to do anything more. Looking back, I must have been very confused about my sexuality and obviously had no concept of being gay or bisexual. All I knew was that the more I visited these toilets, the more I

– 2 –

looked forward to going again and the more I thought about gay sex. Inevitably, these wanking sessions gave way to my first blowjob.

This particular day, I had done my tour of the seafront and was heading for my favourite cottage. Standing just outside the entrance was a tall, well-groomed man in his fifties with grey hair and blue eyes. As I passed he smiled at me and there was something about him that made me stop and look back over my shoulder at him. Unlike many of the men I had had contact with, his smile seemed genuine rather than lecherous, almost avuncular in its warmth. His clothes suggested money and he stood with an air of confidence. He watched me staring at him and winked at me.

Moments later he followed me to the stalls and as I slowly wanked my already rigid cock he stood next to me, pretending to take a piss. He looked at my face for a second and then down at my crotch.

“Nice” he said.

I nodded my thanks and turned so he could see more of me.

“My name’s Gerald” he said and reached a cool, slim hand down to my cock.

I said nothing. His hand moved with a slow sensuality, teasing the hard flesh in a gentle rhythm. Occasionally he let his thumb wander over the end, smearing my precum over the helmet.

He stopped wanking me and said, “follow me”.

He led me to one of the cubicles and once inside, he sat on the cracked seat and motioned me forward. Before I realised what was happening, my cock was enveloped in his warm, moist mouth. It felt incredible as he slowly tongued the end, licking gently at the single eye and then enveloping my shaft completely between his lips. As he sucked, his hands found by zip and with deft movements, he undid my trousers before pulling them and my underpants down to my knees.

As he continued to suck me, both his hands reached behind me to my buttocks where he stroked and gently kneaded the flesh. After a few moments, one hand started to investigate the cleft between my cheeks and with unerring accuracy, I felt his fingers find my rear hole. His touch was light but insistent and I felt Betturkey myself respond by opening my legs further to assist him. Without trying to penetrate me, just pressed against my asshole, feeling my sphincter contract and relax as my cock throbbed in his mouth. Meanwhile, his other hand had stolen underneath my shirt and had located one of my nipples. He stroked and squeezed it in the same rhythm as he was sucking me. It was fantastic and I could feel myself rapidly approaching a massive climax.

“I’m gonna cum”, I gasped.

I expected him to pull back like most men did but instead, the hand on my ass pulled me firmly forwards, burying my cock deep in his mouth. At the same time, he pinched my nipple hard. It felt like jolt of electricity and a spike of pure pleasure lanced its way through me direct to the very tip of my cock.

It was enough to tip me right over the edge and with an animal grunt, I unloaded spurt after spurt of hot, thick cum into his waiting mouth. Gerald continued to suck me, drawing fresh gushes of jism into his throat and then, as the spasms subsided, he let

– 3 –

his lips and his tongue wander softly over my weakening cock until at last, he had drained every drop from me.

Afterwards, on wobbly legs, I followed him outside and instead of scurrying away, as I did normally, I followed him to a bench overlooking the sea and sat down.

“Did you enjoy that?” he asked.

I exhaled deeply, blowing my cheeks out with an exaggerated sigh. “You’ve got to be joking” I replied, grinning.

“What’s your name?”


“Perhaps we can meet again, Paul” said Gerald and meet again we did, several times in fact over the next few weeks. It was usually the same; him waiting for me and then a long slow sucking until I blew my load between his eager lips. He never wanted me to touch him and when I had reached for his cock, he had gently restrained my hand. I hadn’t cared really, for me it was just a series of gloriously free blowjobs.

It was on one of these occasions that he had noticed me looking at a particularly graphic picture on one of the cubicle walls. It showed a disembodied pair of legs, wide apart and dressed in stockings and suspenders. Whoever the legs belonged to had a huge erection that was gushing out great blobs of cum whilst an equally huge cock was imbedded balls deep in his ass. Later, when we were sitting in his car, Gerald asked me if I liked female underwear, “undies”, he called them.

I had nodded. “Yes, for some reason they really turn me on” I’d replied.

“Have you ever worn any?” he asked.

“No, but I’d love to,” I’d said.

“I love them too” Gerald said, “I’d love to really seduce you whilst you were dressed up” he added.

My cock rehardened immediately at the thought. “Sounds great”.

“I don’t mean just give you a blow job” Gerald had said, ” I mean really seduce you. Make you want me to fuck you, teach you how to suck and fuck another man. Treat you like my little virgin bride. I know you’d like that, all those pretty undies. It would make you so horny. Trust me, I know. I promise, I wouldn’t hurt you and I wouldn’t force you to do anything you didn’t want to but I can also promise you this, you will have the most exciting, most pleasurable time you have had, ever.

” I’m not sure,” I’d said.

Gerald leant across the seat towards me. “Do you trust me?” he asked.

I nodded and then he bent forwards and kissed me. To my surprise, his mouth was soft and instinctively I returned the kiss, letting his tongue into my mouth where it caressed my own tongue and licked sensuously over my lips. It was the first time that I had kissed another man and although I had snogged a number of girls, this time it was me that felt like the girl, overwhelmed by my gentle but firm masculine lover. I melted into that kiss, letting Gerald dictate the pace. His hands stroked my legs, my nipples and the straining erection beneath my trousers. With each caress of his smooth, probing tongue, my excitement mounted and I knew then that I wanted him to take me, to make me his, to seduce me into being his “little girl”. I wanted to be the owner of the stocking-clad legs on the cubicle wall and I wanted Gerald to be the one to take my virginity, to push a fat cock into my ass, to make me cum and cum.

– 4 –

Finally he broke the kiss.

“Spend a couple of weeks with me in your holidays” he said “or at least a weekend”.

………, here I was, still nervous about what might happen to me but trusting the man who I knew was going to change my life completely.

I pushed open the gate and walked to the door.

Gerald opened the door before I had the chance to press the bell.

” I was watching you” he said, “come in”.

I walked into a long airy hallway with thick carpet and patterned wallpaper. An antique hallstand and telephone table stood against one wall and I could see a broad staircase leading off to the right. At the end of the hall, a set of double Betturkey Giriş doors led through to a sitting room.

Gerald closed the door behind me and took my hands in his.

“Thank you for coming” he said and stooped to kiss me.

It was a warm, very brief, kiss on the lips but in that very instant, I was immediately transformed back from being a man to a naïve, submissive girl/boy. My cock hardened and pressed against him. Gerald reached down and squeezed it.

“What it is to be young” he sighed. “We’ll have to deal with that soon won’t we?”

I laughed. “Whenever you like”.

“Later” he said, “come and have a drink”.

We went through to a large sitting room with deep sofas and armchairs. The furniture gleamed under a fresh coat of polish and the smell of lavender hung in the air. Landscape watercolours hung in antique gilded frames and a pair of French doors stood wide open, flooding the room with the late evening sun. It was warm and comfortable and any fears I may have had were quickly banished. This felt like home.

Gerald handed me a frosted glass of cold beer.

“I poured it ready for you when I saw you at the gates” he said, as if reading my unspoken question. ” I wasn’t sure you were going to come in but now that you’re here, I promise you everything I said and a bit more. Did you have any trouble getting away?”

“No, not at all” I said. “My parents are away for the next 6 weeks and I have the house to myself. It was simply a case of letting a neighbour know I was away, locking the house and getting on the train. I did have to give this address though, just in case anything should go wrong at home. If anyone asks, I’ll say that one of my college friends lives here”.

Gerald nodded. “Good” he said. “I’ve been really looking forward to seeing you again and boy, do I have some plans for you”.

He grinned at me and led me to one of the sofas.

“Help yourself to more beer” he said, “they’re in the fridge”.

– 5 –

For the next couple of hours we talked about anything and everything and as the sun went down and the world outside went from gold to red and from red to a pale pink twilight, Gerald closed the French doors and pulled the long velvet curtains. Switching on a couple of table lamps, he went over to the television and video cabinet.

“I’ve got something for you to watch” he said. “You’ll like it”.

He turned the television on and thumbed a button on the VCR remote control. After a brief pause, the screen was filled with a picture of two naked men in the act of making love. One of them was standing upright, his head stretched back, the muscles and sinews in his neck taut, veins thick like ropes. Long blond hair, bedraggled with sweat hung down on his neck and his mouth was pulled back in an expression of agonising ecstasy. In front of him, a dark haired man was kneeling down, bobbing his head in a long, slow rhythm, his mouth filled with the longest fattest cock I had ever seen. Both men were young, with hard muscled bodies that glistened in a fine sheen of moisture. The dark haired guy also sported a massive cock, which he was wanking furiously. There was no music as in most porno movies and all that could be heard were animal-like grunts and groans and the sound of sucking as wet lips forced their way over the thick shaft.

Gerald had sat down beside me and was gently stroking my thigh.

“Can you imagine what it would be like to have that in your mouth? Can you imagine the load of cum that it’s going to blow?” he asked. “I’ll bet you’d like to have your cock sucked like that, wouldn’t you?”

My attention was riveted to the screen. “Er, yes, sure” I mumbled.

Gerald deftly unzipped my flies and pulled my now aching erection out of my trousers. He lowered his head and I felt his mouth engulf me. As I watched the video, he matched the speed of the guy doing the sucking and it was easy to imagine myself in the place of the blonde guy. I’d been in a state of almost permanent excitement since I entered the house and in seconds I was ready to cum. Gerald must have sensed this because he slowed his movements and started to just flick his tongue over my bell end.

After a few minutes, the man on the video yelled that he was going to cum and as he pulled his rock hard cock out of his partner’s mouth, Gerald suddenly sucked me deep and hard.

My first gush of cum erupted almost at the exact same time as a long rope of thick jism shot out of the huge cock on the screen and splashed onto the face of the guy at his feet. We were cumming together, grunting together, unloading jet after jet of our hot, thick male cream together, he onto his partners upturned face and me into Gerald’s waiting throat.

As my erection subsided, Gerald got up from the sofa.

“Keep watching” he said, “it gets more interesting. I’ll be back in a minute”.

He left the room and I heard him start up the stairs.

Meanwhile, on the video, the darker haired guy had bent over the back of a chair Betturkey Güncel Giriş and was pulling his ass cheeks wide apart. The film never actually showed the initial penetration but instead, cut to a close up of the blond guy’s long, thick cock pushing deeply into his lovers rear hole. It seemed impossible to me that anyone could take something so big back there and I thought how much it must be hurting. When the camera pulled back however, I could see nothing but sheer pleasure on the face of the

– 6 –

guy getting fucked. In fact, if anything, he was pushing back, meeting the thrusts as if to get more and more cock inside him.

I didn’t hear Gerald return but suddenly his voice was whispering close to my ear.

“Are you ready, my darling?” he said.

I got off the sofa and took the hand that he offered. Then, with one final look at the screen, I let the tall, elegant man, who was about to be my seducer, my lover, lead me up the hall to the staircase.

Gerald led me into a large square bathroom in the corner of which was a bath filled to the brim and almost overflowing with scented bubbles. He undressed me, pausing only to run his fingers through the dark mass of hair on my chest and then he led me to the bath. I got in and he began to wash me, gently soaping and rinsing and massaging the scented bath oil into my skin. My cock was iron hard and leaking copious amounts of precum and every few minutes, Gerald would lean down and lick it away.

“Now” he said, ” lets get you really ready. If you’re going to be my little girl virgin, we’ve got to make you like on, haven’t we?”

He picked up a safety razor and began to shave my chest. Using long strokes, the hair fell away into the bath. Next came my legs, front and back, my buttocks, under my arms and finally, the razor descended between my legs. Taking infinite care not to nick the delicate skin, Gerald shaved my cock, my balls and instructing me to bend over, the whole of my rear cleft. He finished by removing all the rest of my pubic hair and the hair that I had left on my stomach. After he had rinsed me with the shower hose, he led me from the bath and started drying me.

“Feel yourself,” he said.

I ran my hands over my chest, down over my stomach to my crotch. The feeling was incredible, soft smooth skin had replaced the coarse hair and the touch of my hands was exciting me beyond belief. I could feel the cool air playing across my nakedness, focussing my attention on my nipples, my cock and my ass. My cock seemed to swell and get even harder.

Gerald stroked my cheek. “You look fabulous” he said, “young, like a little virgin ready for her first experience. Now go through that door and finish getting ready for me while I take a shower.”

I went through the door he indicated and into a large bedroom. In the middle of the room stood a king-size bed. Even as I walked, the air moving on my hairless skin raised goose bumps of sensual pleasure and my toes sank into the thick pile of the carpet. Beside the bed were two nightstands, each with a soft-glowing lamp on it. Wardrobes graced one wall and more velvet curtains covered a wide window.

I looked on the bed and saw, much to my delight and excitement, that Gerald had laid out a full set of matching “undies” in cream satin and lace. I picked up a pair of stockings that also lay there and with only slight hesitation, I began to dress myself. The feeling of pulling on the tight nylons was delicious. They slipped easily over my smooth skin and bathed each leg in a sheath of sensuality. Next, I put on a suspender belt and after a few clumsy attempts, successfully attached the clips to the tops of my stockings. They pulled taut as I stood up, further heightening my arousal. Picking up

– 7 –

the matching bra, I fastened it around by chest and put my arms through the shoulder straps. Gerald had obviously selected the smallest cup size and the cool satin rested on my now very sensitive nipples.

I walked over to the full-length mirror that stood at the end of the bed and looked at myself. What I saw nearly made me faint with desire. Looking back at me was a girl dressed in the most erotic underwear imaginable, except that where there should have been a vagina, the stockings and suspender belt framed a totally hairless pair of testicles and an achingly stiff cock that was leaking precum in a slimy trail down its entire length. Every movement I made seemed to stretch the elastic of the lingerie and I fancied that I was in the most sensual bondage. Every square centimetre of skin that was touched by the satin and the lace seemed to be alive with nerve endings, every one of which led straight to my cock. I badly wanted to touch it, to wank, just a little but I knew that if I did, I would cum immediately. The self-imposed torture heightened my pleasure even more and so instead of giving in, I quickly pulled on the final piece, a pair of panties, and with my leaking cock straining out over the lacy top and my heart thumping with excitement, I lay on the bed and waited.

Gerald came to me a few minutes later. He had showered and shaved and I could smell shampoo as he stood beside the bed looking at me. He was wearing a long paisley patterned silk robe and his hair was slicked back. He smiled at me.