First Awakening


I pulled out of the driveway thankful it was Friday. I like my job but I sure appreciate the end of the week, Fridays are normally fairly relaxed, even better. I had a tinge of excitement lingering from this morning’s conversation that reminded me that work today would be far from the norm. I was looking forward to it in a mischievous way. It was fun going to work knowing I had a secret. I squirmed in my seat.. yes still moist. I grinned.

I walked in with the routine greeting to Jenn. She’s my office pard and I like her a lot. She’s about my age so we have many things in common and then again we’re completely different. Makes for a nice balance. Jenn is pretty but comes across as a very orderly stick to the rules personality. The word my husband used I believe was frigid but I think that’s a little harsh… probably not by much though. I get glimpses every once in a while that makes me wonder what’s really under all that perfect composure. Well enough of that. I had my usual amount of coffee this morning so of course my first stop .. before grabbing a cup of coffee.. was the restroom. I smiled again.. my thoughts wandered jojobet again to this morning. I knew what I was going to do later.. after I had plenty of time to enjoy the anticipation. I giggled feeling like I was in a strange new world .. new territory for sure. I thought about touching my clit just for a minute but opted against that for now. I began to wash my hands wishing I didn’t have to.. I know where those fingers were this morning while I manipulated my clit as he instructed, the scent still lingering nicely. No.. not the usual Friday.

My relaxed day I was looking forward to turned out to be one I had to work at.. figures. I stayed busy enough to not come up for air till 11. I stopped long enough to realize why my clit was drawing my attention..I felt warm and grinned. I ran my fed ex trash outside to the big trashcan. The cool air refreshed me and I knew what I wanted. I chose the restroom closest to the outside door so as not to be noticed being gone ( I hoped). I don’t use this one often and forgot there wasn’t a lock on it, oh great. I decided to stay anyway, hoping that having to push the thought jojobet Giriş of me not getting caught wouldn’t distract me. Ok .. no time for playing around.. have to hurry. I sat down with the loud fan noise blaring.. GOOD.. ok this might work. Pulled down my jeans and panties and with two fingers touched my clit. My fingers were so cold from outside it shocked me.. also happy I decided not to touch myself earlier.. I love this sensation. I began to concentrate knowing I had to block out everything going on around me or I wouldn’t cum. The bright light blaring on me was annoying.. I decided to use it.

I was now sitting under a spotlight with him standing in the corner of this dark room feeling his intense stare all over me…letting myself fall deeper and deeper into the effect my fingers were having on my clit. Feeding off the fact that he was enjoying watching me. I began fingering myself faster with more pressure. I love the moment you know you’re going to cum.. you have it when you want it.. I was there and I relaxed into it. I could breath now.. at times I don’t want to move so much as a muscle..I jojobet Güncel Giriş want absolutely nothing to take from what I’m feeling. I let a small moan slip out and I heard my lover coaxing me from the corner. That was all I needed to let myself go. I remembered what he asked me to do.. I knew he wanted me to experience it .. as did I.. I also knew knowing I was doing it because he asked was stirring up something very erotic inside of me. I began to pinch my clit just like he said.. in a pulsating way trying to make it harder each time. Each time I did it sent a wave through me I was unprepared for.. and not able to control. My right leg was twitching.. I didn’t care. It was like I had this raging sea building up to the climax in the background and every once in a while it would blast against the cliffs. I only made 3 blasts.. the last pinch hard and hurtful. The pain shooting from deep inside me spreading and mingling in perfect union with the hot rush of my orgasm. I pressed my mouth against my arm trying to stay quiet and let the spasms take over.

I gather my thoughts quickly.. shaking and trying to get myself together. No time for even a smile right now.. that would come later sitting at my desk as the amusement of my own pleasure mixed with the pleasure I know he’ll have when he receives my report sent a warm rush through me.

Looking forward to Monday..