Third Stop in a Lifetime of Travel


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The second day

I woke up around 8 am, feeling wonderful. I had a gorgeous woman lying on my chest, we were staying in a beautiful beach town in Mexico, and our vacations were just staring. What a lucky bastard!

Kai woke up a few minutes after I did. Her breathing was so relaxed, her body free of any tension whatsoever. I mean, we gave each other incredible orgasms last night, so that probably had helped somewhat.

She looked me in the eyes and gave me a soft peck on the lips. Her smile was heightened by the morning sun coming in through the window.

“Hey, you. Last night was awesome. Thanks for making me feel beautiful” she purred softly.

“You are incredible, you know? I can´t believe my luck, having you wrapped in my arms.”

“Um, yeah, about that? Last night was super hot, but I think it was a really bad idea to go to sleep covered in our body fluids. I´m feeling super sticky. Care to join me in the shower?”

“Oh, yes, we have a lot of ground to cover today, let´s go!” I said enthusiastically.

We got in the shower and the hot water just melted all our fatigue away. We should have done this last night, but we were just too worn out. The massive orgasms did not help either. I wrapped my arms around Kai´s waist and my cock sprung to life. She turned around to meet my lips and we just let the warm sensation take over us.

After a couple of minutes making out in the shower, Kai broke the kiss. “You know, I would love to keep doing this, but we kinda paid a lot for the trip, and I´m starving. Why don´t we go eat breakfast and then explore around? I promise I´ll make it up to you tonight!”

“Sure, I´m starving too!” I answered.

“Well, since you are being a very comprehensive man, I will give you a small preview of tonight” she said in a purring voice that made me even hornier.

She shut off the water, and with her left arm she pulled my head towards hers for a very savage kiss, and at the same time began to stroke my hard cock with her free hand. I probably lasted around five seconds before I came all over her legs.

“Good thing we are in the shower, huh?”

Mid morning

After eating a very yummy breakfast, we strolled around Quinta avenida, enjoying the warm weather and the sea breeze. We held hands as we walked, enjoying the sights and sounds of the city without a care in the world. Suddenly I got a phone call. It was from our hotel.

“Is everything okay?” asked Kai in a worried tone.

“Yeah, it was the hotel manager. He feels so bad about my room mishap last night that he offered complimentary tickets to Xel-ha park. The bus leaves in 30 minutes, sex hikayeleri do you want to go?”

“Hell yes! Let´s run back to the room to get ready!” Kai said excitedly.

We got back to the hotel in record time, and changed into quick-dry clothes and sandals. Since most of the activities in that park are water based, we didn’t want to be carrying around a lot of stuff. The manager told us about the park, and how they try to keep it as pristine as possible, so he recommended us to remove deodorants, perfume and to only use the organic sunblock they sell there.

We ran to the reunion place and got there at the same time as our bus. We gave our passes to the driver and invited us aboard. The bus was empty so I asked our driver if it was normal.

“Yeah, don’t worry. It´s going to get full soon. Were picking up a huge group from a resort that´s next door to the park. We´ll get there in about 40 minutes, and after that, we go straight to the park”

We went to our seats, and since the bus was empty, it was very chilly. I wrapped my arm around Kai and she nestled on my neck. After a while, she looked me in the eyes, her beautiful smile as bright as the sun.

“This feels like a dream. I´m having a great trip, thanks for being a gentleman” she said warmly and then gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

“Thanks for being here with me” I said softly in her ear.

The park

When we got there we found out the place is huge, with a lot of activities. We decided we would do the water ones first so we had time to get dry before we got on the bus.

We had a blast snorkeling and going down the river on tubes. We jumped of Valor rock, a diving spot 10 feet above the water. That took us some time to pull it off but it was worth it. After a couple of hours we got tired of the water and went to explore the jungle paths, and we finished by climbing to the top of the lighthouse. We could see the whole park from up there, it was a beautiful sight.

But not as beautiful as the woman by my side. I pulled her gently towards me and we began to kiss. Again I began to feel butterflies in my stomach. I was 99% sure I had fallen in love with Kai, but I kept it all to myself, I didn’t want to risk ruining it.

After the lighthouse we headed towards the exit. Our bus was waiting for us and we were exhausted from all the activities. We were some of the first people to get there, but after a short while it got full. After the driver verified everybody was there, we took off. A few minutes later, the bus stopped in the nearby hotel and we were the only tourists left in the bus. The sun was setting, and the driver turned off the lights and said through the intercom that we should take a nap. When we got to our stop they would wake us up.

I wrapped my arm around Kai and she porno hikayeleri rested on me. After a couple of minutes she was completely knocked out. I leaned my head back and began to drift off too. Suddenly a very intense scent began to excite my sense of smell. It was something lustful, carnal. It was something new to me, but it was driving me insane with pleasure. That scent was coming from Kai.

All the running around without deodorant had made her transpire a lot, and it was making me incredibly horny. My cock became as hard as a rock and I was going crazy with desire. Kai slept peacefully in my arms, unsuspecting how much her natural scent was driving me up the wall.

After almost an hour, our bus began to approach our stop.

The lights turned on, and Kai woke up, as beautiful as ever.

“Whoa, looks like someone is a little tense here!” she said in a playful tone as she looked at my cock.

“I need to fuck you, now” I whispered raspily into her ear, as I drank in the delicious scent her body was emanating. As I said this I slipped my hand between her legs, causing her skin to get goosebumps. Her only response was a low moan of pleasure.

We got off the bus and bolted to the hotel. We barged through the door to our room and shut the door behind us. I don’t know how, but we were naked in an instant, our lips fused together. We landed on the bed where our naked bodies continued to writhe in pleasure.

Suddenly, Kai interrupted the intense kissing. She had a bit of a worried look.

“Um, we should hit the shower first, I think I might not be very fresh after all that exercise, I don´t want to gross you out” she said in a tense manner.

I told her about my experience in the bus, of how her intoxicating scent drove me crazy during the bus trip, and the spark of lust once again ignited in her eyes.

“Your body scent also made me horny, that’s why I took the nap in your arms, I wanted to take you all in” she said purring. Our eyes locked in for an instant, and before we knew it, we were lost in each other arms.

I laid her on her back and spread her legs. My eyes wandered her beautiful body, from head to toes. As I lowered myself on her, we locked our hands together. We resumed kissing and she wrapped her legs around my waist. Our cocks were as hard as rocks. She then grabbed a small bottle containing pure coconut oil. She covered her hands with it, and ordered me to back up a little. Our cocks were together and she began to frot them with her right hand.

I almost came in her hands, the sensation so delicious. She must have enjoyed it too because she was moaning loudly.

“I need you in me, now!” she ordered me. She lubed up and guided my cock towards her asshole. The oil worked wonders and I gently slipped inside her. Oh god, the seks hikayeleri tightness was pure bliss, and her bossy side during sex is incredibly sexy!

She wrapped her legs around me again as I began to penetrate her quite vigorously, each thrust building up my orgasm. She pulled my face towards her left side, and began to run her tongue from the base of my neck to my ears.

“I love the taste of your sweaty skin!” she throated lustfully. After she said this, I began to pound her. Her sexual hunger was making me lose my mind, we were just two creatures lost in each other´s bodies. I began to feel that familiar tension in my balls, signaling my orgasm was coming.

I don´t know what came over me, but I grabbed both her wrists and held them over her head. The aroma coming from her armpits flooded my nostrils and sent me over the edge. I snapped and in that moment I was incapable of human thought, just passion and raw energy. I pressed my face on her right side, inhaling all of her essence, then ran my tongue all over her armpit.

I guess this was too much for her, because all of a sudden I felt her whole body tense up, and then felt my stomach get incredibly hot: She had had an intense orgasm!

I couldn’t hold out anymore and I came inside of her. We were both shaking from the incredible release, our hearts wanting to escape our bodies. After the climax, the lust was gone, but we continued wrapped in each other, oblivious to the world outside our bed.

Still on top of her, I could see her beautiful face. Fuck it, I had to take this chance and tell her how I was feeling.

“Kai?” I called her softly. “I need to tell you something”

“OK” she answered slowly. “Whats going on?”

“Kai, please don’t freak out on me, but I think I´m falling in love with you. I now we barely know each other, but I don’t want to spend another day without you. I know it´s probably too soon to say something like this, but it was eating inside me.”

She looked at me, and her eyes began to tear up.

“Oh, Santi, I thought I was crazy for thinking the same about you, since we met I´ve felt this connection with you, but I thought it was just me. I think I´m also falling in love with you!”

“You don’t know how happy you have made me! I keep thanking the universe for having met you, and it´s very strange, because I have never felt something like this!”

We locked eyes for a couple of moments, and then we began to kiss tenderly. I wanted to wake up next to her the rest of my days.

Our kissing was suddenly interrupted by a loud stomach growl, maybe hers, maybe mine. Maybe of both. Anyway, we started laughing, and Kai asked me to go get some food because she was starving. I quickly got dressed and headed out to buy something.

“I love you” I said to her as I opened the door.

“I know, I love you too” she said calmly. “And I will love you more when you get back her with food!”

I closed the door and walked out to the street, a huge grin adorning my face. Cant wait to see what paradise has to offer tomorrow!