Mother Dear Pt. 11


“Mother, please…please…ahhh…”

I’m in pain. It shows in my whimpering, pleading voice. She sips her wine, smiles as she watches me walk, mince, strut around the room. I am walking as she told me too, one foot in front of the other, super-model-on-a-catwalk-like prance. She has ‘worked’ with me almost every night for the past three weeks, ‘training’ me to ‘walk like a proper girl’, as she puts it. That, and perfect my ‘dirty little show’.

“Pay attention to that butt! I want to see it sway, more girly girl. I like what I’m seeing. Very well done so far, honey, you’ve come a long way.”

She puts her wine glass on the side table next to her chair. She glances at the clock next to it. Next to the clock is a pill vile of Viagra. She had me take one two hours ago.

“Almost forty five minutes, baby, just a few more minutes to go. You can do it.”

I feel throbbing and feel slight numbness in my exposed penis and balls. A tight black ½” wide rubber band pinches hard up around them at the base, not enough constriction to cut off circulation but tight enough to squeeze and keep it all out in front. The band pushes my deeply red and swollen baby smooth balls out greatly. I feel them hit and bounce against my pinched together legs as I mince for her. My fully erect tiny penis, almost 3″ long, bobs as I walk. I close my eyes slightly from the pulsating slight pain in my balls as they move in front of me crimped by the tight rubber band. I say nothing. It wouldn’t matter anyway.

I show off my erection for her. I am on display. I am naked and in high heels. I walk straight and sexy in my white 4″ spike heel ankle strap pumps. The only other thing I wear are handcuffs, my wrists cuffed tightly behind my back. I’m made up as I always am. Full makeup is expected daily in her house. Deeply made up eyes, super shiny lip gloss, she demands it.

“I haven’t decided on an outfit for you yet. I’m leaning toward baby doll pajamas. I saw some of the cutest little pajamas online. So little-girl cute, I love those and you’d look marvelous in the ones I think I have picked out for you, honey. Pink chiffon, big puffy shoulder sleeves, super feminine. I’m thinking just the top, not the bottoms, no panties would be best. We want that little thing of yours to be the center of attention when I introduce you to my friend Dennis.”

She sips her wine. She looks delicious to me, no other way to describe it. I’m addicted her. Tight black just-below-the-knee hobble skirt, crisp white blouse, opened to show the lace of her pushup bra at the top, her breasts pushed forward straining against her blouse, her sharp pointed stiletto heel shoes, her huge earrings, her wonderful hair pulled back in a tight bun, her model like makeup, I’m owned by her. I will do anything for her. She knows the effect she has on me and she dresses to push it over the top and accentuate it.

“A few more minutes to go, you can do this, baby.”

I hold my cheeks open with my cuffed hands. It’s expected of me, hands on my cheeks spreading my butt wide as I walk for her. I feel the cool room air on the inside of my inner cheeks and on my tiny little hole. I feel the slight dab of k-y lubricant I wear at all times, per her instructions, as I walk too. I have learned that if she cannot instantly insert her finger into me effortlessly it’s a trip to the whipping horse in her basement. I feel the edges of my little hole flex and slide, feel the slippery movement as I strut and hold my butt open for her.

I do my best to please her. I can still feel the fading welts across my cheeks from a discipline session last weekend, a session she used to drive home the point that her lingerie drawer is not to be taken lightly when putting her things away after hand Escort Bayan washing. Her things must be sorted and laid out in the proper place and order.

“Come here, honey.”

She sips the last of her wine, puts the glass on the table and leans forward in her chair as I approach her. As I stand in front of her she reaches up and takes my balls in her left hand and cradles them. They throb at her touch. She closes her fingers around them, sees me wince as she holds them firmly. She slaps my erection gently, twice, watches it bounce, hears me whimper.

“Oooo, mama…please, no…uhhhhh…please…”

I bend slightly, she pulls me up straight by my balls.

“Hold still. Stand up straight! We both know this rubber band is necessary, don’t we? Remember? You couldn’t keep this little hard on hard, remember? We’d get you all hard and erect, have you march around and this little thing faded, fell down unless you or I touched it, remember?”

She giggles. She pinches the head of my penis with her right forefinger and thumb, gently.

“Now that’s a proper hard on, little man. Very firm, tiny but firm. I like it. See, I was right. The rubber band, the Viagra, I knew what my little man needed. Didn’t I, baby?”

She looks up at me, runs her hand over the head of my penis.

“You’re like your father was, small. Not that it mattered. His boss, your Uncle Bill, took good care of me, gave me what I needed. Your father passed his little dick on to you. I know why your ex wife had to take a lover or two. We’ve shared much. You know sometimes I think about showing you off to her. You’ll do anything for me, won’t you, baby? Anything?”

“Yes, mama, yes…oh…uhhhh, oooo, please…”

She giggles like a school girl, places the thumb in the underside on the head of my penis. Holding my erection in her hand, she runs her thumb in a small circle over the wet hole.

“My perfect little man. We both know that no woman would ever be able to be sexually satisfied with this little thing but it serves us well, doesn’t it, baby? Doesn’t it?”

She leans forward, kisses the end of it, as I mumble ‘yes’. I start to whimper, moan as her tongue finds the hole and pushes slightly into it. She stares up at me, her tongue held deeply into the hole of my penis. She smiles.

“I am so glad you chose to move back home, honey, so glad. This really is a marvelous arraignment, you being my live-at-home son.”

She licks the end of my erection, hears me whimper, moan. She sits back up and rubs me with her thumb.

“Dennis is a very dear friend of mine. I have been planning this night for some time. I like the decadence of it and he’s just he man to savor it with. The two of us to be served by my loving son, serving the both of us, he’s one of only men I know kinky enough to understand the mother-son s&m thing we have going on, baby. And he’s not like the man I gave you to from my office. He likes to fuck me, sometimes, Dennis is my part-time lover. As far as I know Dennis is straight. He’s not like the old faggot from my office I give you to. But you never know, honey. This is going to be fun, very much fun. I asked Dennis if he was bothered by what some call incest. He laughed and asked ‘Whose brother and sister team to do you want me to fuck?’ I told him about you, about us. Not all of it. But enough to see that he was more than interested in learning more. I know he’ll appreciate all of this as much as we do.”

She takes her hands off of me, grasps my hips and turns me around quickly. I feel my erection snap back and forth as I turn.

“Your marks are fading. Good. We want that bubble butt perfect when Dennis meets my little boy. When I first broke this to him we were in bed, him Bayan Escort somewhat drunk. I just told him…’my son is a very dirty little sissy boy, does some very kinky things’, he was all ears. His cock got hard as I talked. He had me whisper things about it all in his ear as he fucked me. I knew he wouldn’t freak out, I told him all about us. It all got him super hot. This is going to be great, simply wonderful.”

She lifts her glass, holds it up, snaps her fingers. I turn immediately. She laughs loudly, sees the frustration, the look of slight fear on my face.

“Can’t wait on your mother with your hands behind you back, can you, honey? Can’t get me more wine, can you. Don’t worry. I’m not going to spank you. I know your hearts in the right place even though your hands are tied, so to speak. Dennis is going to fucking love this.”

She stands, laughing.

“I love the look on my little boy’s face when he knows his loving mother needs something from him. Precious, it really is. You just start walking again. Practice makes perfect, honey. I’ll get my own wine, not to worry.”

She pats my butt as she drifts by slowly. She kisses my cheek on her way to the kitchen.

She came back with her wine glass, sat in the chair and watched as I showed myself off to her, just sat silently smiling at me, the look of a proud mother on her beautiful face. And then the alarm went off on the clock next to her.

“Oh my, a full hour, a full fucking hour, marvelous, sweetie. You’ve never been past forty-five minutes before. You may be able to serve an entire evening dinner party with that cute little hard on. I bet we could go another hour.”

I whimper, cry out slightly. She smiles, laughs.

“Don’t worry, little man, not today. Come to your mother. Come here, baby.”

I walk to her. She takes the keys to my handcuffs from the table. She turns me and unlocks them, takes them gently and lets them slip to the floor next to her chair. She turns me back toward her, facing her, my penis sticking straight up inches from her face.

“Now, that wasn’t so hard to do, was it?”

She kisses the end of my bobbing penis. She takes the rubber band, stretches it out and peels it up and over my swollen balls. She lets it snap onto the base of my penis on top of my balls, sees me jump, hears me cry out. She laughs. She is playing, amusing herself. She snaps the band again.

“Owww…oooo, no, please, mama…please…”

She takes the band back into her fingers and peels it down over my little erection, takes it off of me. My hard on bounces, stands straight up.

“Cry baby. Whining little cry baby, that couldn’t have hurt that much. I can give you something to cry about if you want to cry. We both know that.”

She drops the rubber band onto the table. She turns and making a small circle with her index finger and thumb of her right hand starts to run it over the head of my penis. She starts to masturbate me.

Oh, oh…oooo, oh, mother…ahhhhhh…”

“My precious little boy, you know I love you. You know that, baby. So cute, this little thing, so cute. I couldn’t love you more, little man.”

She strokes me faster. I feel myself start to build, feel that I may cum soon. I slightly pull away from her.

“It’s okay, baby. Let it go. Let mama see. It’s okay, baby.”

She strokes faster, cups my balls with her other hand. She concentrates on the head.

“Come on, baby. Come on. Let it go.”

She leans closer toward me. And then it happens.

The first spurt hits her chin. She laughs, quickly pulls her head back. The second spurt hits her blouse, drips down onto her skirt. The third and fourth spurt hit her blouse on her right breast. She giggles, pulls Escort me in closer to her. She milks me onto her blouse.

“Oh my. Oh my, oh my. My little man. Such a big load of cum. Almost like a real man, not quite but almost.”

She laughs loud as she milks me completely. She take her hand off of me, looks up at me, a ribbon of my cum dripping from her chin.

“Are we good together or what?”

She laughs, reaches up with her hand and scoops my cum off of her chin with it. She wipes it on her blouse.

“You made a mess of me, little boy.”

“Thank you, mother, thank you…ahhh…thank you.”

She stands up, takes me in her arms, hugs me, crushes me into her breasts. I can feel my cum on my naked chest, all over the two of us. I feel her run her hand down my naked back, feel her cradle my butt in her hand. She pats me. She kisses my forehead. She strokes and feels my butt as she pulls her face back and away from me.

“Tell me you love me.”

She stares at me, takes some of my cum from her blouse onto her index finger.

“I love you, mama, I do, I love you…”

I am stammering. I feel her finger paint my lips, over my lipstick, with the cum on her finger.

“I love, adore you, I love you…”

I feel myself choke up slightly, feel a slight tear in my eye.

“I know you do, baby. Believe me, I know you do.”

She moves slightly away from me. She turns from me toward the table. She takes her wine glass from the table, sips from it. She turns back to the front of me. She takes my semi erect penis in her hand. I feel it start to move to erection again as she gently squeezes it, strokes it.

“All this cute little dirty girl walking has made me incredibly horny, I’m very wet, sweetie. I’m soaking my panties. That should please my little man. I think I need to be fucked with that facial dildo you work so wonderfully. I’m going upstairs. You put your magic blue pills back into the cabinet in your punishment room and come back upstairs with that big rubber dick on your pretty face.”

She kisses my forehead. I feel her slide my penis through her hand slowly. I’m lost to her hand, breathy words fall from my mouth as I tell her I love her. I can taste my cum on my lips, the cum she painted them with.

She takes her hand from me slowly. She lets my penis bounce as she releases it. She walks to the stairs and moves up to her bedroom.

“I think we’ll leave that little thing out of its cage for a few days, maybe a week or two. I want it to be ready to jump to erection instantly. It’s really quite amusing, baby. Do you know that? Do you how amusing that is?”

She smiles at me.

“Ahhh…yes, mother, yes…”

She laughs. I feel my face turn a bright red.

“Good boy. Tell me again you love me.”

“I love you, mama, I love you…”

“I’m going to get out of these messy clothes. You’re going to fuck me from behind with that big rubber dick on your face. You know what I like. Then the two of us are going out to dinner. Later we are going shopping online for baby doll pajamas. You are going to love the ones I’ve got picked out and am leaning toward. Maybe several pair, you would look cute around the house in them in general, maybe for your domestic duties too. Maybe the next time my friend comes from my office to take you away for the weekend you can wear them for him then too. I think he’d like that.”

I watch her walk up the stairs, her beautiful rear end sways as she moves.

It’s all I can do not to fall, wobbling in my high heels. Still dizzy from it all my erection bounces as I hurry to put everything back in order, as I hurry to my basement room, Viagra pills in hand. I feel my penis throb as I put the locking facial dildo around my head and fasten it in back, the huge 9″ rubber hard on standing out in front. I feel the smaller bulb-like dildo in my mouth as I hurry to the stair, hurry up to my mother’s room.

I love my mother dearly and don’t want to keep her waiting.