Morning Ritual


***Although this story stands on its own, readers might enjoy this story more by reading my first story Nothing More Gratifying, which describes our loving female led relationship.

I suppose every happily married couple has their rituals. Little things that one partner does for the other to reinforce their relationship and show their love for one another. I’m not talking about the basics, like flowers on anniversaries or chocolates for Valentines day. These are fine and romantic things and sadly some couples don’t even do that much for one another.

No, I’m talking about the really little things. The things that couples do as a matter of course each day. Its probably a thing that started out as a nice little gesture and was greeted with a warm response. Soon the gesture was repeated a few times and then without even speaking of it, evolved into a habit, an expected part of the day. For some it might be very plain, a kiss on the top of the head when he leaves for work, fixing him coffee and bringing it to the bathroom while they get ready for the day. The tiny bits of mortar that hold two people together in a special loving bond. The things that are missed on those days when the other is away, but not commented upon apart from a blanket “I missed you” when they return.

My favorite morning ritual began years ago shortly after we were first married. Because I enjoy getting myself ready for my day in a leisurely and undisturbed manner I always get out of bed first, even though my husband leaves the house more than half an hour before I do. As a matter of habit, I never wake up when the alarm first rings, but rather hit the snooze one time and get out of bed when the alarm comes on the second time. Some would say that’s sort of silly, but these nine minutes have become a special part of my day.

As soon as I press the snooze I lay flat on my stomach, then my husband begins giving me a deep sensual backrub. He starts by pinching, massaging and flexing my shoulders working out all the kinks from a good night’s sleep. From there he proceeds down my spine and across my lower back bringing me tiny bursts of pleasure which each movement. He continues on in a different pattern each day sometimes briskly, sometimes slowly. Sometimes he pays extra attention to my spine, other times my neck or shoulders. Nine minutes of pure pampered luxury as he wordlessly uses his hands to spread pleasure across my body.

By the time the alarm blasts its second impatient call, I’m feeling energized and ready to face the day. His diligent efforts have stimulated my mind and body. His unselfish act has revived my confidence and renewed my love for this special man. He mutters, “I love you” as I slide out of bed and my heart melts. I’m so lucky to have such a special, caring man in my life.

Putting my shoes on is also a daily ritual for us. The last thing I do before I leave the bedroom in the morning is to put on my shoes. I sit down in the straight backed chair at my dressing table and tell my husband which shoes I require for the day. He goes to my closet and finds the appointed pair then kneels before me until I tell him to begin. Sometimes, when I know we have time, I’ll make him kneel there, shoes in hand, for several minutes before letting him start. These moments are a special mix of love and power that thrill me on a very deep emotional level. All the more so I think, because I know he loves it too.

He begins the ritual by kissing the top of my left foot then gently and carefully putting on my left shoe then kissing the top of my shod foot before repeating the process with my right shoe. Following this, he buckles a gold ankle bracelet around my left ankle and then buckles an identical bracelet around his left wrist. We bought these matching anklets some years ago when we were on vacation and we both wear them all the time. It is a visible symbol of his devotion to me and his commitment to serve me and my feet at my pleasure.

Because they are so unobtrusive, they are an excellent symbol of our relationship. We both know what the jewelry represents, but ordinary observers would think little of it. After our chains are our clipped in place, he helps me to my feet, kisses me on the cheek and thanks me for letting him help me get ready and we proceed downstairs to breakfast.

Our third morning ritual is the most intimate, and evolved from a day years ago when he was departing for a business trip. I asked him, as most wives would, if he packed his tie and packed his belt and other reminders of items he may have forgotten. At the end of the list I teasingly asked him “Do you have your panties.” He said, “Yes I do, do you want to check.” I called his bluff by walking up to him, unbuckling his pants and checking to see if he was wearing them. At that time, our sexual games had not evolved to the point where I was asking him to wear panties regularly, so I told him he must have forgotten them and let it go that time.

Years later, as our relationship evolved and panties often replaced briefs as his daily Escort Bayan undergarment, I re-enact that scene and it has became another little loving ritual. The difference is now, when I do a panty check, he usually has them on. I’ve told him that if I do a check and he is wearing them then that night there is a chance he’ll get a pleasurable reward. As a result, he usually chooses to wear them just about every day.

Recently he was scheduled to be at a training seminar all day at a hotel near our house As a result, he didn’t need to leave until after me. When I did his panty check that day I asked him to change from the simple pink pair that he was wearing to a pair of lacy red ones that I sometimes wear when I feel really sexy. As a tease, I also told him to also wear the matching pair of red thigh-his (under his socks) and that I would reward him with a bonus that night for playing my kinky game.

He readily agreed to my request and I could feel him harden the minute I asked. As readers of my first story might recall, I often keep my husband chastised and by agreement he is only allowed three orgasms a month, so I’m sure he figured he was in for a treat that night. What he didn’t know was that one of my old college friends was scheduled to be at the same seminar. She and I have been pretty close, so I shared with her a little bit about my how my husband takes care of me and his foot fetish and we conspired to have her put on a little show for him.

Linda is our age and while she’s not as much a hottie as she was in college after a couple of kids and a divorce, she’s still a fairly attractive 40ish year old. She wears her shoulder length blonde hair straight in a cut suitable to a professional. She has a pleasant round face and dynamite pouty lips that always grabbed the guys attention back in the day. Although she had gained a few pounds over the years, I knew she’d still have great legs and that they would have my husband drooling over her in no time.

Since business attire was required, she couldn’t afford to tart-up too much without causing a stir, so she agreed to wear a knee length black skirt, a somewhat low cut dark red knit top and the matching black jacket. The important thing was her three inch black pumps and the sheer, patterned hose she wore with them. These would attract his attention like a bee to honey and would be the instrument of his arousal for the day.

My husband had never met Linda so I sent her a picture of him and she maneuvered herself to sit across the aisle from him in the seminar room. I knew he’d sit towards the back and that was perfect for our little plan.

Once the seminar started she began a seemingly unconscious tease with her feet and shoes. She dipped, she dangled, she’d cross her legs and rub her stocking toes. Anything and everything she could think of to attract his attention and hold it throughout the day. I knew that between sitting there in sexy red panties and hose under his clothes, Linda’s leg show and the prospect of him getting release that night he would be incredibly horny and therefore putty in my hands.

According to Linda, he noticed her the minute she sat down and his eyes were glued to her legs the whole time. She figured there’s no way he heard any of the presentation as he kept glancing sideways to see what her feet would do next. At one point, she allowed her dangling shoe to drop to the floor and then speared him with a smile as he watched her pick it back up with her toes. Linda said he turned three shade of red at being caught looking.

We arrived home from work around the same time and I teased him by asking him if he had a good time at the seminar. He said it was good and I asked him whether he was able to pay attention while he was sitting there in his special outfit. He confided that he had been aware of it all day and that he was really looking forward to earning a reward that night. He didn’t let on that he had spent the whole day looking at Linda’s legs, but having already talked to her I knew that he had.

That’s when I casually mentioned that one of my old friends called out of the blue to say she was in town tonight and was coming over later that evening for drinks. I explained that he didn’t have to join us if he didn’t want to, but I asked him to play waiter and see to our needs with snacks and drinks. I could tell he was a little disappointed since I know he had planned to spend the evening pleasuring me before earning his reward, so I reinforced his desire by saying that I’d still see to his reward and that he would please me by being attentive to our needs that evening.

When Linda arrived I answered the door and watched my husband’s jaw drop when he was introduced to her, still wearing her same outfit from earlier. To his credit he recovered pretty quickly and if I didn’t know to watch his expression he might almost have pulled it off. I sent him off to the kitchen to bring us some refreshments while Linda and I seated ourselves on each end of the family room sofa.

When he Bayan Escort returned with a glass of wine for each of us and tray of cheese and crackers. Before he could scurry away I said, “Linda here tells me that she saw you at the seminar today. Its too bad you hadn’t already been introduced.”

He began to blush and stammer and then Linda said, “He was probably too engrossed in the presentation to notice.”

“Oh he was engrossed all right. I can see by the tent in his pants that he remembers every minute of your presentation. I hope you don’t mind honey, Linda and I set up that little leg show for you today. Is there anything you’d like to say?”

“Uhhh Thank you” he stuttered, completely mortified to have been so easily manipulated.

“Since you’ve been staring at Linda’s legs all day, maybe you’d like to help her out by giving her one of your expect foot massages.”

Knowing he really didn’t have any choice in the matter he said, “OK” as he walked over to kneel in front of Linda.

“Not so fast. I think maybe you need to ask Linda if she would like that first.”

“Linda. Thank you for letting me stare at your feet all day,” he said sheepishly. “May I please give you a foot massage in thanks?”

“Yes. You may,” She giggled. “Besides, it was kinda fun to have something to do during all of that and I enjoyed the attention. Its been awhile since a man has taken such an interest in my legs.”

He pulled over an ottoman and gently placed Linda’s legs upon it. Then he proceeded to tend to her feet just the way he would do mine. He started by reverently removing each shoe and placing them to the side. I noticed as he did this that he tried to place his face close enough to the shoe that he could covertly inhale her scent at the exact moment that her nylon encased feet shoosshed out of their leathery confinement. From there he proceeded to give each foot a thorough and complete massage.

After a few minutes, he was lost in his own little world of serving a woman’s foot and Linda and I resumed our catching up. He was so diligent in performing his task. One time I’d look over and he’d be using his thumbs to carefully press and knead every inch of Linda’s instep. Later he’d be bending and rubbing each toe or caressing her arch. He spent over a half hour on her left foot and I don’t think he even noticed when I got up to get more wine. When he finished the second foot he looked up at Linda and waited for an opportunity to speak before thanking her for being allowed to rub her feet and asking if there was anything else he could do for her.

Linda of course complimented him on the fine job, thanked him and said that was all then turned to me and said, “You’ve really trained him quite well. You say he does this for you every day.”

“Yep. Every day if I ask him to. When he’s done with them I usually require him to go down on me for awhile. As much as I enjoy it, the foot massage is as much for his pleasure as mine – as you can see from that lump in his pants.”

He reddened again and I told him he could go. Linda and I kept talking for another hour or so before she had to leave. We spent a lot of the time talking about all of the wonderful things my husband does for me and we agreed she should come visit for a weekend sometime so she could benefit from his skills and maybe learn a little about how to exercise sexual control over a man.

Returning to the bedroom I found my husband and gave him a deep sensual kiss. “Did you have a nice day sweetie.”

“Yes my love. Thank you for arranging that with Linda. Between wearing stockings and panties all day and spending the day staring at and then massaging Linda’s feet, I’ve been aroused all day.”

“I know you have. I bet you’d like a great big orgasm tonight? If you beg me really nicely and take care of me first I’ll treat you to a bonus orgasm for this month.”

“Really. Ohhh thank you. Thank you so much. Please, please may I go down on you and give you pleasure. I’ve been hot and hard all day and all I want to do is taste you and make you feel as good as you’ve made me feel all day. Please can I take care of you. Please may I?”

“Why don’t you get that tongue busy while I think about it.”

With that, he wasted little time in gently helping me remove my clothes and dressing me in my nightgown so I wouldn’t get cold while he tended to my pleasure. Knowing what I expected without being told he stripped down to his lingerie, propped my bottom up on a pillow and then went to work on me.

At first he just brushed his tongue around my outer lips, slowly building my arousal and letting my juices begin to flow. Every now and then he’d press his nose against my clit, still sheltered under its little hood as it slowly began to swell. As my body relaxed to the pleasant sensations I toyed with my nipples and periodically encouraged him by rubbing his neck or letting out a small mew of pleasure.

Bit by bit I was swept up in passion, my eyes rolling and my hips beginning to sway to the wonderful Escort sensations. Sensing my growing arousal his tongue began spearing my center slowly. In then out, in then out, each time a bit deeper and a bit more ardent. As his pace built up his mouth moved up to lick and suck my clitoris. I was on a one way ticket to orgasm now after a half hour of his ever more urgent ministrations.

“Suck me lover. Suck me hard. I want to hear you suck up all my juices.”

This shifted him into high gear and he added to my pleasure by working a couple of fingers inside of me. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer as my body began vibrating in rapture to the sensations. Uncontrollably I started moaning. Starting at a low pitch and then building to a high pitch before the orgasm raced across me and I let out my breath in a high pitched gasp. Laying back the waves crashed over me and I could feel each spasm rack my body. First stronger than weaker till finally, minutes later the last tiny ripple passed through me with a small electric charge.

Backing away from my sensitive center he busied himself with massaging my feet while he waited for me to calm down.

“That was very nice sweetie. You’re so good at that. I bet Linda would have loved to feel that. Would you like to do that to Linda sometime?”

“I would if you asked me. Linda is very pretty, but you’re much prettier and I love you.”

“What a sweet thing to say. You’ve earned a big reward tonight and I have a special treat for you, would you like to find out what it is?”

“Yes please. Please tell me about my treat.”

Reaching back under my pillow I pulled out a wadded up pair of black patterned stockings and showed them to him. “These are Linda’s stockings from today. I asked her if I could have them so you could masturbate yourself into them as a reward for taking such good care of her and of me. She said she’d love to have you do that and that it made her really excited to think about you getting so aroused by her sexy legs. What do you think of that?”

“Thank you my love. You’re so good to me.”

I could see the lust in his eyes. I knew he didn’t like masturbating for me near as much as getting a foot job or some of the other ways that I would let him cum, but I could see that he was riveted to Linda’s hose and was rock hard at the idea of bringing himself off on her sexy hosiery.

I pulled the crotch of the stockings up to his nose and told him to sniff it while I unbuckled his pants and extracted his fully extended cock from my frilly red panties. He was already oozing a bit of precum and my touch alone caused him to twitch. I could hear him take deep breaths of the gusset of Linda’s hose hoping to catch every last morsel of her precious pussy scent.

“Does she smell good?” I asked.

“Yes. She was very aroused today. I think she liked putting on a show as much as I enjoyed watching.”

“She’s divorced with two kids you know. She doesn’t get attention like that too often. I invited her to come visit for a weekend and have offered your services. Would you like to do that for me? Would you like to suck Linda’s toes, and eat her out like you do for me?”

“Yes. I would enjoy it. Especially if it was arousing to you. I know how much you enjoy it when I submit to your plans and it would be my pleasure to serve your guest at your command.”

“Good sweetie. I wanted to make sure it doesn’t bother you to share your submission with other women. You like submitting to women don’t you. It makes you feel good doesn’t it?”

“Yes ma’am it does.”

“Why don’t you write her a letter this weekend thanking her for gift and inviting her to come visit for the weekend. I’m sure she’d appreciate the compliments and the thanks and I can add a few words of encouragement to make sure she takes us up on the offer.”

“Yes ma’am, I’ll do it tomorrow.”

“O.K. good. Now get busy on those hose.”

Needing no further encouragement he began rolling up the stocking like he was going to put it on and then pulled first the left toe and then the right toe over top of his engorged penis. Almost immediately his precum began to moisten the reinforced toes. He then repositioned the stocking so that the gusset was poised right over the tip of his cock and he began stroking himself briskly up and down using the soft silky nylon to caress every inch of his member.

I watched his rapture in silence. He had earned this today and I wasn’t going to ruin it for him. After no more than two minutes he asked for permission to cum.

“Yes honey. You can cum. Cum in Linda’s stockings for me. Cum deep into the toes and spray your seed all over the crotch. Go on do it now.”

His release was titanic and he assaulted the fabric with three big blasts and a couple of smaller ones. I didn’t need to tell him what to do next. He immediately peeled the soaked stocking off his shrinking penis and began sucking his cum out of Linda’s stockings. First he sucked out the big white blob that was trapped in the reinforced toe and then he buried his face in the gusset and darted his tongue after all of the remaining spurts. With every gulp he took a fresh deep breath of Linda’s scent while he savored the flavor of his sperm mixed with the remnants of her daily exertions.