Master! Master! Pt. 06


Chloe whimpered as I used my penis to play whack-a-mole, though there was only one mole and it was her cervix. We were in the missionary position, her small body almost invisible under me. She had her face buried in my chest, letting me smell her hair and nibble on her ears. I had emptied my tank last night, so I decided to top her off before breakfast. She gave her signature squeal, letting me know I could release everything.

I pulled out of her, watching my semen dribble out of her pussy. “So how was that? Did it feel better than last night?”

“Yeah, it kinda did!” She had a smile on her face but was crying for some reason.

“Chloe, are you ok?”

“I’m ok.”

“But why are you tearing up?”

“I don’t know; my eyes are just wet.”

She was crying like this last night. “Are you sure you’re ok? Are you sure it didn’t hurt? If there is anything wrong, you can tell me.”

“I was a little sore, but it didn’t hurt. I don’t know why I have tears like this.”

Crying during sex? Oh well, it definitely seemed like a quirk fitting her. I love her to death, but Jesus, it’s like she’s intentionally trying to be pitiful. It’s not fair how cute she is. The other girls came in, and some kind of canine sympathy instinct must have kicked in with Sonja because she hugged Chloe and licked the tears off her cheeks. Momo’s eyes fell to Chloe’s creampie and her tail began to curl.

“Can Momo have the semen in Chloe?”

Well that’s a new one. I turned to Chloe. “It’s up to you.”

She blushed in embarrassment, returning to her natural, timid self. “I-I-I don’t know! I guess?”

Without word or hesitation, Momo crawled onto the bed, dipped her head between Chloe’s legs, and began lapping up my semen out of her pussy. Chloe moaned from the feel of a feminine tongue slipping inside her, and the sight of Momo going full girl-on-girl brought back my boner with a vengeance. I couldn’t help myself, I got behind Momo and mounted her. The feeling of penetration made her purr and she continued slurping up my cum out of Chloe. I gripped her by the hips, burning away what little morning fatigue I had left, every slam I made pushing her face deeper into Chloe’s flower.

Beside us, Sonja was jumping up and down and clapping with a big smile on her face. “I wanna try! I wanna try!”

She got onto all fours and snaked her way between Chloe’s slender legs. Chloe was covering her face in embarrassment as Momo and Sonja diddled her labia, each taking a lip for themselves and letting their tongues fight for the white syrup trickling out. I was fingering Sonja like I had last night, almost using her to help maintain my balance. When I pulled out of Momo, I plunged into Sonja, and vice versa. I switched after a minute, forcing myself on Sonja and letting my fingers stir Momo’s insides.

Even though I had just blown my load in Chloe, I could feel another shot brewing, and I couldn’t hold it back. I pulled out of Sonja and began jacking off. “Hey girls!” Sonja and Momo turned to me, just as a stream of sperm shot forth, flying through the air and landing on their faces. They both seemed dumbfounded, unable to process this new event, but after a few seconds, the confusion abated as they remembered seeing people do this on those porn videos.

I sat back, nearly falling off the edge of the bed. “Ah, life is good.”

Now that Chloe and I had made the beast with two backs, things seemed to finally stabilize. While hard to properly describe, Chloe seemed more confident than before, albeit remaining shy and pitiful. It was like… she had finally accepted that this was her home and we were her family, that she wasn’t just a guest or even an intruder. Momo and Sonja had also gotten used to her. In fact, all three had gotten very “used” to each other. I don’t know if they did it out of actual sexual attraction, but the girls had started going down on each other like that morning, especially after I filled one of them up.

Momo and Sonja seemed to do it mostly to drink up any semen I had fired, but also out of boredom when we all played together. If I were having sex with Momo, Sonja would be licking Chloe, and if I were having sex with Sonja, Chloe would go down on Momo. Since Chloe didn’t like the taste of semen, I think she mostly did it as a way to prove herself, to show that she could keep up, and her natural timid nature made her want to please others and make them happy, as well as return the favor.

The colors of fall had met their end, the reds, yellows, and oranges replaced with brown and gray, but that meant it was one of my favorite times of year: Thanksgiving. Normally I’d visit my folks for dinner and have someone cat-sit Momo, but this year was different. I called and told them that I had met a girl and she invited me to her parents’ house for dinner and that I’d try to visit them some other time. Now that I had three girls to take care of, the responsibility was on me to prepare dinner. Luckily, I had the Internet for help.

Momo and Sonja stared Escort Bayan at the frozen turkey with mouths watering. Even though it was all wrapped up and turned into a solid block, they knew what it was: meat, countless pounds of glorious meat. I had prepared plenty of chickens before, but they had never seen a bird of this size. Chloe was drawn to the bag of potatoes instead, omnivorous like Momo and Sonja but preferring fruits and vegetables. If only they knew that there was a cake hidden in the fridge…

“Master, is something going on?” Sonja asked.

“Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a special holiday. You celebrate it with a big dinner of turkey and mashed potatoes, so I want the four of us to eat at the table.”

“We’re going to eat this whole thing?” Momo gasped.

“Well I’m hoping we can get two dinners out of it, but yeah, and I’m going to need your help in getting it ready.”

“Yes!” they all cheered.

That next day, I made sure to have a light breakfast so I could stuff my face at dinner. Chloe and I cleaned and brined the turkey while I had Momo prepare a woven blanket of bacon to drape over it. I gave the turkey neck to Sonja, telling her to peel off as much flesh as possible to be added to the gravy. Unfortunately, a lot of the work with the turkey was left with Chloe, as I was constantly turning around to stop Momo and Sonja from eating their tasks. Sonja would be standing over the sink, gnawing on the turkey neck like a bone from a butcher shop. Momo would be chewing on the bacon strips like lengths of jerky.

Towards the middle of the afternoon, I managed to get it into the oven. Next were the potatoes. “Ok, girls, gather around because I’m leaving the mashed potatoes entirely to you.”

I sat them down at the table with a big pot filled with potatoes and water and set out a cutting board, knife, vegetable peeler, and a bowl. “Momo, the first part is yours. Take each of these potatoes and use this to cut off the skin.” I showed her how to use the peeler, letting her watch with wide eyes as a brown and white ribbon began to unravel with the rotating of the spud in my hand.

“Now you have to be careful with this. Never let the blades touch your fingers or you will get cut. Make sure you get every single spot, and if you find any bruised areas or parts that don’t look right, just keep scraping them off with the peeler. Put the peels in this bowl and we’ll add them to our compost pile.

Next, Chloe, your job is to cut them into quarters. It’s easy, just make sure you do it slowly and watch your fingers.” I took the cutting knife and divided the potato into pieces. Chloe was fearful of the long blade, but I made sure she knew where to put her fingers.

“Then you’ll put the pieces back into the pot. Sonja, when all the potatoes are peeled, cut, and back in the pot, you’ll take it to the sink and drain out the dirty water and put in fresh water. I’ll put it on the stove, and when they’re ready, you’ll have the most important job.”

Her ears perked up. “The most important job?” she asked with a joyous grin.

“You’ll be the one to mash them.” I handed her the potato masher, which she received like it was Excalibur. “You’re going to turn them into mush. You have more than enough energy for that.”

“Yes, Master!”

It was dark out, the sun having long since set this deep into autumn. It was just about time for dinner, and the kitchen was echoing with the sound of meat being cut, potatoes being pulverized, and stomachs growling. I was carving the turkey, not wanting to do it at the dinner table. The bacon juice had mixed in with the turkey meat perfectly and the smell was almost making me delirious with longing.


The potato masher knocked against the inside of the pot like the firing pin of an Uzi. Sonja was going wild, her hair almost flapping as she whipped up the spuds. The jiggling of her tits was glorious, to say the least. She didn’t have extraordinary arm strength, but she did have endless reservoirs of canine energy. If I hung a frisbee in front of her, she could run for hours on a treadmill.

At last, everything was ready. The girls all sat at the table and I laid out a platter of turkey meat and the pot of mashed potatoes. I loaded all of our plates and sat down. “Now, before we start eating, it is Thanksgiving tradition for us to each name something we are grateful for. Momo, would you like to start? What is something you are happy to have?”

She rocked on her chair for a couple moments, eyes screwed shut. “Momo is happy that Master plays with her.”

“Thank you. Sonja?”

She jumped up from her chair. “I’m happy that Master pets me and rubs my head and throws the frisbee for me!”

“I love those things too. Chloe?”

Her head drooped between her shoulders, blushing with embarrassment but with a tiny smile on her lips. “I’m happy that Master lets me live here.”

“Thank you, and I’m happy to have all of you girls in Bayan Escort my life. Now, let’s eat.”

We dove in, and my hopes were dashed for enough leftovers for another dinner. We ate like lions, leaving only enough for the girls to have lunch the next day. After that, we had cake, must to the girls’ happiness. That night, we didn’t play together, simply because we were all too full to move.

With the arrival of December, gentle snowstorms became more and more frequent, a calm and beautiful precursor to the blustery winter approaching. The final days of the girls’ nudity puttered out like the last coughs of a car out of gas. They had obstinately clung to their animal instincts as long as they could, but even with a fire burning in the woodstove, the slightest draft made them shiver. Chloe was handling the cold better than Momo and Sonja, even though it was her first winter. The dog and cat were used to having thick fur to keep the cold at bay. It was especially bad for Momo, since as a woman and a cat, she was practically cold-blooded. That’s right, I said it and I’m standing by it.

Whenever the snow started to fall, Sonja would go outside and frolic, her face always directed upwards, tongue extended, as if trying to catch Jack Frost’s money shot. In the bedroom would be Chloe, watching the snow as if hypnotized. In the living room was Momo, who had set up bedding for herself right in front of the woodstove.

“I’m home!” I called, stepping through the front door.

There wasn’t really any need to announce my arrival, since the girls always flocked to the door when they saw my headlights and heard the shutting of my car door. Sonja was first, jumping up and down and cheering with her tail shaking even more than her boobs. She came at me and covered me with kisses, telling me how much she had missed me.

Then came Momo, standing behind Sonja, looking kind of out of it with her bedhead telling me she had just woken up from a nap. “Hi, Master,” she said with a yawn. She walked over and rubbed her head against my shoulder, repeating her words in the form of a purr.

In the far back was Chloe, nervous as always, afraid to do anything without an invitation. “Welcome back, Master!” she chirped while wringing her tail. I smiled and waved her over, and she happily rushed and hugged me.

The girls followed me to the couch and we all plopped down. I groaned in happiness, glad that I was finally home. It felt nice to decompress after a long day and just watch the news. The girls all snuggled up, Momo curling into a ball with her head on my lap, Sonja clutching my arm and resting her head on my shoulder, and Chloe sitting on the floor, crossing my legs across her like a seatbelt.

“How was your day, Master?” Sonja asked during the commercial break. I had taught them all to only talk during the commercial break.

“Long, tiring. Everything seems to go wrong in the winter.”

“Can I help? I wanna help!”

I smiled and rubbed her head. “I rely on you to do stuff here. You do help.”

“Momo misses cuddling with Master during the day,” the feline said, purring as I played with her ears.

“And Master misses cuddling with Momo.”

Chloe looked back at me. “Want us to make dinner?”

“Thank you, Chloe, I’d really appreciate that. And I have good news for the three of you: we have another holiday coming. In a couple weeks, it’ll be Christmas.”

They all perked up.

“Christmas?” Momo asked.

“It’s a day where we all give each other presents. I want each of you to make things to give as gifts. It could be drawings, pictures, or something else, but you have to keep them secret so it’s a surprise when we exchange them on Christmas. So, Momo, you’re going to have to come up with gifts more Sonja, Chloe, and me. Sonja and Chloe, you’ll have to do the same. You all get the idea?”

Momo sat up and leaned over, her face very close to mine, as if she was about to kiss me. “Will Master get us cake?”

I laughed and gave her a peck. “Yes, of course I’ll get you cake.”

The girls spent the rest of December working on their presents. I had to hope that they actually did understand the purpose of giving gifts to each other. Naturally, I was taking advantage of eBay. A quiet weekday found Momo lying on her stomach in front of the couch, legs kicking and tail curling as she worked on a picture. Peeling crayons and stubby colored pencils littered the floor around her. She heard the door open and close and Sonja strolled in. Seeing Momo, her tail began to wag.

“Wat’cha doin’?” she hummed.


“Can I see?”

“They’re for Christmas.”

“I wanna see!”

Sonja came over and Momo used her body to cover the picture. “No! Master said it’s supposed to be a surprise!”

“But I can’t wait that long!”

Sonja got down on the floor and tried to worm her way under Momo, to which Momo replied with a hiss and a swipe. Sonja backed off but her tail was wagging even more than before. Escort She was on all fours and started bouncing on her hands, the way a normal dog might try and wake up its owner. Sonja pounced, not even aiming for the picture anymore. She and Momo collided and rolled across the floor, grabbing and slapping each other. Sonja had a big goofy smile but Momo was scowling and hissing. They continued to wrestle like this, with Sonja pouncing on Momo whenever she tried to get away.

Drawn by the noise, Chloe came downstairs, and, of course, broke out the waterworks. “You two shouldn’t fight!” she cried.

They finally stopped, Momo on top of Sonja. “Tell her that!” she replied.

“But I want to wrestle and play!” Sonja said as she wrapped her arms around Momo’s waist and rolled the two of them over to the side. “I want someone to play with!”

Neither Momo nor Chloe envisioned sex after hearing that word, as the three of them naturally knew that “play” was a vague term. To them, “playing” included cunnilingus and throwing frisbees.

“We could play hide-and-seek,” suggested Chloe, the small creature instinctively pulling her ears down over her face as if expecting to get yelled at.

“Yeah! Let’s play hide-and-seek! Come play with us, Momo!”

Momo groaned. “Momo doesn’t like the cold.”

“Just one round? Please?”

“Fine,” she huffed.

While Momo and Chloe ran through the woods, Sonja stood in the kitchen, watching the ticking egg timer. Well, technically, she was jumping, bouncing back and forth like a rabbit. She couldn’t contain her excitement, wanting to run out there and chase them down. One minute went by. It had just snowed the night before, so there would be fresh prints for her to follow. Two minutes went by. Momo would probably just run without realizing it, or at the very least look for areas where her footprints would be harder to see. Three minutes passed by. Chloe, having the instincts of prey, might prove cleverer, perhaps even backtracking to throw her off. Four minutes passed by. They would be smart enough not to actually run through the woods, at least not in smooth areas. They would probably try to stay in areas with underbrush, where ice couldn’t form on the ground.

The egg timer ringed and Sonja rocketed out of the house, the door closing behind her only because of how hard she had opened it. She ran around the house, searching for prints that weren’t her own. Who should she go after first? She found a set, smelling like Momo and too large to be Chloe. She took a moment to jump up and down and cheer in happiness, and then followed the tracks into the woods.

As a fellow meat-lover, Sonja could read the intention of Momo’s prints. She didn’t know how to run away from things since she was always the predator. She could only try to apply those instincts to what she was doing. Whether consciously or subconsciously, she always walked along ridges and raised spots, instinctively wanting to get the highest view she could, even if she wasn’t looking for anything in particular. She had also avoided almost all manner of visible twigs, focusing on silence, even though it wasn’t needed.

The tracks stopped at the base of a tree and Sonja looked up. Crouching on a branch and trying to hide behind the trunk was Momo.

“I found you!” said Sonja.

“Momo doesn’t like being followed,” she pouted.

“Let’s go find Chloe!”

Momo jumped down and they made their way back to the house. They searched the area, at last finding Chloe’s prints leading in the opposite direction from Momo’s trail. They dove into the woods, keeping their eyes peeled. Chloe had taken a different strategy, dragging her feet along to make one big messy trench through the snow. Sonja realized why when Momo called out to her. Sonja was ahead of Momo but was turned around, seeing what Momo was pointing at. Sonja had missed a footprint going off the trail and into an uneven thicket where snow hadn’t completely covered the ground. The messy footprints she left had made it that much easier to simply turn around and backtrack.

They followed the new path, keeping a closer eye on the snow. Chloe used that trick another two times. They soon spotted her standing in a clearing, not bothering to hide or anything. She was crying. When Momo and Sonja came up behind her, they saw why she was crying and both their tails dropped. A girl lay dead in the snow, frozen solid, her skin a frightful cerulean. She had pointed ears on the top of her head, like Momo’s, but longer and skinnier. They were brown, matching the color of her hair. She also had a furry, leaf-shaped tail, about twice as large as a human hand, the back of it brown but the underside white.

Momo and Sonja leaned against each other and pulled Chloe in. It took their breath away to see another girl exactly like them, who simply hadn’t been found in time. This deer, had she simply been closer to the house, they maybe could have saved her from the cold. She would have lived with them, played with them, exchanged gifts at Christmas. She would be a huge part of their lives. Now they would never know. When Chloe was found, she had already been suffering from frostbite. To think that she could have so easily ended up like this, it was no wonder she was crying.