In The Knickers of Time Ch. 05



Back story: Norma Jane meets Edith (67), widowed after a long, loving partnership with Ailsa. She is desperate for orgasm, frustrated, needing to grieve through ‘the lovely feeling,’ as she calls orgasm. Norma is able to help, and starts to extend Edith’s sexual education. A man ejaculate on Edith’s breasts, in the studio of Corinne, who has a side-line in painting erotic pictures, often pastiching famous artists’ works, adding sexual details. Edith’s experience is widened through love-making with Corinne and Norma. In Chapter 4, Edith meets Cynthia, a transwoman who has never had sex, but who wants to lose her virginity with a virgin, which Edith technically is. They bond at once and duly consummate the meeting, extending the defloration through anal intercourse also. Now fired up to frenzy Cynthia needs to make use of Corinne and Norma, and the chapter ends with Edith and Cynthia leaving together in each other’s knickers and Norma giving Corinne clitorylingus.


Following that intriguing and delightful session, bringing Edith and Cynthia together, I had to be away for ten days, fetching a long and exhausting circuit of my artists, to collect their latest erotic works, pay them their dues and study their latest subjects and styles. So, I was still in bed the morning after my return when the telephone rang. It was Edith, sounding anxious, ‘Oh, Norma, can I come and see you? I need your help, because I don’t quite know what to do…It’s Cynthia…well, more how she is, with me…I’m a bit worried…’

‘You sound more than a bit worried, dear Edith. Can you come now? Get your pretty bottom round here. The door’s open. Make us some coffee and bring it upstairs.’

Pretty soon I heard her come in and spend a few minutes in the kitchen. Then she came into my bedroom, carrying the tray. I sat up as she poured the coffee and put a mug on my bedside table. She looked at my breasts and then looked away. I pulled the sheet up to cover them, and said, ‘Have you become tit-averse, Edith?’

‘No. You have lovely ones, Norma. No, I mustn’t be distracted, though.’

‘Sit on the bed, then, my ducky, and tell me the trouble. It’s about Cynthia…’

‘Did you mean for us to…get together, you and Corinne?’

‘I suppose we did. We thought you’d suit each other, might help each other. And we thought you’d bonded at once. Was that right?’

‘Oh, yes, it was. We fell in love. Well, that’s a way of putting it. It wasn’t just the…sex, though that was part of it. She said she came alive inside me. And we both had the lovely feeling so much. We went home to my flat, and we had a shower and made a meal and we talked and talked about ourselves and we felt closer and closer. Then we went to bed, and she wanted to make love again, but because of all that…coming earlier she couldn’t…She got hard, inside me, but…’

‘She couldn’t ejaculate. Not surprising, considering how much she had done already. Many women can go on coming for ages, but men and transwomen can’t usually manage more than three, four, five times in a row. Though she has fifty years stored up, of course.’

‘But I asked her if I could help some other way, and she said I could use my hand. I did know that men could…ejaculate that way, so I thought transwomen could.’

‘And you tossed her off. Did you like it?’

‘Yes, I loved making her have the lovely feeling when she splashed it on my breasts.’

‘And did you come, too?’

‘Yes, because she licked me. It was wonderful. But then she said she loved me.’

‘This was too soon for you. You needed longer to know your own feelings?’

‘No. I said I loved her, too, and we cried, and then we fell asleep.’

There was a long silence as we drank the coffee and I wondered whether I should prompt her, and decided I could and said, ‘And in the cold light of day?’

‘The first thing istanbul travesti I knew was she was inside me and I was wet because of that, and she was saying, ‘Good morning, my darling, I’ve been waiting for you to wake up to tell you I love you and I want to show you I love you.’

‘And I was so happy and so glad we were together and she was inside me, and I said, “Good morning, my darling, I love you, too, and I want to show you I love you, so go on and do it inside me,” and she said, “My cock is in your cunt, my cock loves your cunt, I love your cunt with my cock. Can you say the same?’ And I said, “My cunt loves your cock and I love your cock and I love your coming inside me,” and she…came at once.’

‘That is beautiful, Edith. Beautiful love-making. Every time you make love you are consummating the love. But I can sense a “But” coming.’

She put down her mug and began to cry. I pulled her down to pillow her head on my sheet-covered breasts and said, ‘It’s all too soon, too intense, too overwhelming.’

She struggled to find the answer. ‘Sort of. It’s…I don’t know if I can keep up, satisfy her, give her all she needs.’

‘She certainly sounds ardent, avid…’

‘You know, she’s a music teacher. She goes out to conduct a choir or to give a piano lesson at a pupil’s house, and as soon as she gets home to me she takes off my knickers and lays me down or bends me over and goes into me. Sometimes I’m not really ready, but she just keeps pushing a little bit in and out and I can’t help getting ready and in she goes, and she fingers my…clitoris to make me…come, and sometimes I can’t and she asks if she can finish herself and I always say Yes, of course. And sometimes that makes me come, too, which is lovely. ‘

‘But if you’re available for her and she’s satisfied and you come sometimes what is the problem?’

‘Suppose I’m not enough for her? She’ll find another woman who comes every time, or who can…empty her completely. Or she’ll want to have lots of women…Like she had to have you and Corinne’

‘You don’t want her to have other women?’

‘No, I just want her to have me. I want her to love only me.’

‘She said she loved you, didn’t she?’

‘But she didn’t say she’d love just me, or that she’d just have me.’

‘Of course, you and Ailsa had only each other, so you’re afraid this is different?’

‘I’ve just found her, and I don’t want to lose her, because I’m not enough for her.’

‘When she came the first time, in you, she was finding herself, her sexuality, and, at once, I think, finding you, finding love, but there such a rush of desire, of sheer need, that she had to have Corinne and me, too. She was rutting, as Corinne said. But now she needs only to rut with you, Edith. She ruts like that because she needs you, she loves you.’

‘You think she’ll be satisfied with me and not want anyone else?’

‘Yes, and if she does ever want another woman as well, it will only be casual. Bring her to me. And what about you? Maybe you’ll want someone else?’

‘It is strange doing it with a woman with a…penis.’

‘So, you might want to do it with a woman with a cunt?’

‘I don’t know…’

‘Shall we test it, my dear Edith?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Take off your clothes and get into bed with me?’

‘But that would be unfaithful to Cynthia.’

‘Would you like it, even so?’

Slowly she got off the bed, removed her shoes, shirt and skirt and stood in her knickers.’

‘I think you’re already wet, aren’t you?’

‘That’s probably Cynthia. It’s draining out of me all day, even if I keep washing.’

She took off the knickers and I opened the bed. She got in beside me and I look her in my arms. I said, ‘You may need some ordinary lesbianising as you get used to living with Cynthia. You are not being unfaithful, because I haven’t got a cock.’

She istanbul travestileri nestled close and again laid her head on my breasts, naked now, and said, ‘I want to make you come, Norma, like she makes me come. Can I?’

‘You certainly can. Help yourself. I’m completely passive.’

She clamped her mouth on a nipple and gripped the other between finger and thumb. She sucked and rubbed and told herself what to do in the most explicit terms she had ever used. ‘Get those nipples rock hard, Edith. Make them tingle and glow. Make those tits swell like balloons. Find her vulva. There it is. Get your fingers in it, rub that slitty, rub that slit. Find that clitty. There! Make it grow, make it cum, make it cum. No, leave it for now. Get into her cunt. Oh yes. There it is, slippery, slippery. Lovely. Fingers in, fingering hard. Other hand to the clit now. That’s right. I think she’ll come. Come, darling, come for Edith. Come!’

And, of course, I did, and she uttered a little cry of triumph and laughed. As the orgasm ebbed I realised that I shouldn’t move to make her come, too. What she had wanted was to be the active one, making someone come instead of being the passive one. And this didn’t count as being unfaithful to Cynthia, did it, because she was simply being friendly, so to speak?

‘Thank you, Norma,’ she said, getting out of bed and dressing.

‘Thank you, Edith. That was lovely. Just what I needed to make me relax. I’ll be able to sleep some more now. But before I do, I want to reassure you about Cynthia. She does love you. She does want to be with you all the time. She’s chock-full of desire for you, and she’ll calm down a bit when you settle down and get used to each other.’

‘She wants us to sell our flats and buy a house.’

‘Do you want that?’

‘Yes, I do. I so much want it all to work for us.’

‘It will if you trust each other and talk freely. Tell her everything you’ve told me. She’ll reassure you at once. And tell her you need to be the active one often, too. Do you like tossing her off, making her come?’

‘Yes. Of course, that’s new for me. I’ve never made a woman come with her cock, but I like it when she spurts out. It shows I’ve done it right and given her the lovely feeling. Though I’ve only done that twice, and once she was inside you.’

‘When she approaches you and wants to make love, take hold of her, undress her, make it clear you’re going to make her come with your hand. Make her splash on your tits or your pussy. Wherever you want.’

‘Do you think she’d like that, me doing her rather than her doing me?’

‘Of course, because you’d be showing her your love, wouldn’t you?’

‘That way is in some ways even more intimate than having her come inside you.’

‘Have you…tossed off lots of transwomen?’

‘Well, some, yes, and they loved it. Not all the time, but sometimes. You’ll find out how she likes you to do it by seeing how she responds.’

‘Were you ever in love with a transwoman?’

‘Well, yes, there was one…but that’s a story for another time.’

‘Thank you, Norma. I feel better now. More…confident about things.’

‘You can suck her off, too, you know. Your mouth feels lovely to a penis, you know.’

‘I wondered about that. That seems even more intimate, somehow. After all, your vagina doesn’t suck it, does it?’

‘Well, it can in a way, because if you come with her in there it can pulsate, the walls can flutter and caress her. Vaginas change during orgasm, you know. You must have felt that with your finger inside Ailsa.’

‘Yes, I remember, and it was so exciting. She liked it when she felt mine, too. So, you’ve helped me some more. Thank you!’

She bent, lifted the sheet and kissed my nipples. Then she kissed me and departed.


I settled to sleep again, but it was not long before the bedside travesti istanbul telephone range, and a breathless voice said, ‘Norma, it’s Cynthia. Can I come and see you? I need some advice.’

‘Of course.’ I gave her directions. Then, ‘The door’s open. Come upstairs.’

I dozed until there she was, standing by the bed, trim and neat in short-sleeved shirt and skirt, not a hair out of place, lipsticked and eyelined, all ready to conduct a choir or instruct a pupil. But she was looking anxious, even nervous.

‘Sit down,’ I bade her, ‘And tell me.’

She sat on the bed, modestly gathering the skirt about her, and was silent for a minute. Then, ‘It’s Edith. She’s finding me…difficult…and I love her so much. She says she loves me, too, but…’

‘You’re something entirely new to her, remember. After years of conventional lesbianism she needs time to adjust. She will, because you love each other.’

‘You really think so?’

‘Don’t rush her, dear Cynthia, and don’t rush at her too much.’

‘Yes, I know I’m rather demanding. I can’t stop wanting to fuck her. It’s like my whole body is charged up with wanting to come all the time, and I’m full of spunk, and I’ve got to keep pumping it into her. I’m putting it crudely in shorthand, but you understand.’

‘Of course. As Corinne said, you’re rutting, and you want to rut with your lovely hind, with her lovely behind.’

‘Yes. It feels like I’ve emptied my balls into her, but five minutes later there’s more.’

‘It’s because it’s all new to you, too, you know. It’s open season for now. But that will pass. You will settle down. And in the meantime I think you should let her take the initiate, too. She needs to learn how to pleasure a transwoman in every way, not just by taking you into her cunt. She could toss you off or suck you off, be active as well as passive. She wants to express her love in every way.’

‘I’d love that, too, of course. That’s good advice. Thank you, Norma.’

She bent to kiss me and I felt her tremble. The kiss persisted and became intimate, until our mouths separated and I said, ‘You’re all charged up again, aren’t you, my dear?’

‘It’s flooding through me again. I want to fuck, Norma, so much, just to fuck.’

‘You can’t wait till you get home and come into Edith?’

‘I want to see your lovely tits and bum and come all over them.’

‘Without prejudice, as they say, to your union with Edith?’

‘That’s right. Nothing can change that, if I follow your advice.’

‘It’s because when I kissed you I could smell you, all cunty in there.’

‘I want you to come on me, too. How do you want to do it?’

For answer she stood, stripped off the bed-clothes and turned me on my side to face her. ‘Look at those tits,’ she said. ‘I wish mine were as big.’

‘Your are beautiful,’ I said. ‘Be proud of them. Edith loves them.’

‘And your gloriarse. So generous and rounded.’

‘Yours is so tight and cute,’ I said. ‘Be proud of that, too. It matches Edith’s.’

She unzipped and stepped out of the skirt and laid it on the bedside chair. Her cock was already rigid in her knickers and she eased them off over it. Then she began to masturbate with her left hand, stroking my bottom with her right. I was relaxed and primed, as it were, by Edith’s visit earlier, and I love having my bottom stroked and I love watching a tumescent penis moving towards ejaculation, so we were both soon on the brink of orgasm.

‘Here it comes!’ she shouted. ‘Oh, fuck, fuck!’

As her semen splattered my breasts I came with a gasp and shouted, ‘Fuck!’

After a few moments she wrung out her penis and shook the last drops onto me. Then she picked up her knickers and wiped her sperm carefully off my nipples and swollen breasts. She put the knickers back on, resumed the skirt and shook herself, as if shaking off the recent lovely feeling and preparing to face the outside world again. I pulled the bedclothes up again and prepared for a post-climactic snooze. She bent to kiss me, and breathed in deeply. ‘Oh, I could do that again,’ she said. ‘You smell heavenly.’

‘Go on home,’ I said. ‘Edith’s waiting. She may surprise you.’