Cougarville-Bought Boy Ch. 02


Katrina had her new sub Dillon follow her home from the club. His truck trailed behind her through the late night city streets, and out to her condo. He pulled into the guest space by her yellow jeep. She watched him stare up at the condo complex. Three story square units sat at alternating depths from one another. Large expanses of glass opened on each floor surrounded by walls of cream colored Texas sand stone. Square balconies jutted out from the walls, held up by dark thick cables. The complex sat on a hill, overlooking downtown Austin. Katrina climbed out of her vehicle and grabbed her toy bag from the back seat. Waiting for Dillon, she took his hand when he reached her.

“Wow!” He breathed, turning to take in the city nightscape.

“Pretty awesome view, huh?” She said with a smile. “I love it up here!” She took a deep breath of the Texas night air. Scrub brush and rocky hillside surrounding the complex was lite by a bright moon. She led him up the winding flagstone path to her home. It was the last unit on the end. She unlocked the door and ushered him in. Gleaming walnut floors stretched from the entry way into the living room. Katrina tossed her keys onto an entry table. Dillon wandered ahead of her. Moonlight streamed through the large windows, lighting the living room. A red leather couch and love seat faced a stone hearth. Brightly patterned riding blankets were draped over the arms of the couch. He moved to the windows, looking out a glass door that led to the balcony. The Austin skyline filled the windows.

“What do you do for work, Ma’am?” He asked, turning toward her.

“I’m a doctor.” She answered, watching his silhouetted form against the glass. She leaned against the arm of the couch. “What about you, Dillon?”

“I work personnel in the military”, he answered, sounding a little unsure.

“Nice, Monday through Friday, then.” She said happily. “I like a man that serves. What branch?”

“Air Force” He sounded a little more relaxed at her approving tone. She couldn’t see his face.

Her last boy had been in the Army, stationed up at Fort Hood. He was a Sergeant in the 1st Cavalry. Katrina felt a stab of sadness. They had been great together, for over two years…. Then the Army moved him to Germany. Long distance didn’t work, so they had parted ways. God, she didn’t know if she was ready to go through another loss again. But she and Dillon had just met tonight, why was she thinking about loss? She didn’t even know the boy. Maybe she hadn’t thought this out very well… Buying Dillon like this, knowing nothing about him beforehand. Maybe she would need to keep things a little more casual… Not let them get too emotionally attached. But that was not her style… never her style.

“How long have you been stationed there?” She asked, trying to keep her voice neutral.

“Nine months… It’s my first duty station, Ma’am.” She breathed out a little sigh of relief at his answer. Well, then that should give them a little time together… Standing quickly, she strode to the kitchen, flipping on the lights.

“Come on in here, boy.” She called to him. “Let’s find us some food… I am sure you worked up an appetite tonight!”

“That’s for sure!” She heard him chuckle, as he headed her way.

After a hearty snack, they headed up to Katrina’s master suite on the third floor. Dillon had put away a good amount of food… no question the boy could eat! But then, he was young, twenty four years old, it turned out, and built like a truck. They had talked easily over the food, getting better acquainted. She pointed out the guest room and office, as they passed the second floor. A large four poster bed took up one side of her bedroom. The posts were thick rough squares of wood, harkening back to settler days. A creamy white fur rug stretched beside the bed, light against the dark wood floor. She showed him where to set his bag, and then sent him down to the second floor bathroom to get cleaned up. Once he left the room, she headed to her own bathroom.

He came back to her clean, damp, and smelling of some delicious after shave. Clad in a pair of boxers and a T-shirt, he stood a little awkwardly, staring at her. She had changed into a pair of black silk panties and a sheer black thigh length robe. The robe hung open, revealing her slender stomach and the curves of small but full breasts. Nipples showed shadowy, tenting the light material. He shifted to clasp his hands behind his back, head down. He was blushing furiously, his boxers pressed out over a large erection. This sudden intimacy had him off balance.

“Take your clothes off” She ordered, husky voice breaking the silence. He moved quickly to comply, placing his clothes on top of his bag. The order had propelled him into motion, setting him more at ease. His muscles bunched and flexed with his movement. His uncut cock bobbed between his legs stiffly, the tip wet.

“Hands behind your neck” Her next command, as she padded barefoot across the floor to him. She had seen him nearly Pendik Ukraynalı Escort naked at the club already, but she wanted a closer look. Without the leather thong, she noticed that he had a little well groomed nest of hair around his cock, with a light coat over his balls. She hadn’t noticed the hair on his balls, before. To busy watching his fine ass get red, she mused.

“This will have to go” She stated, tangling the hair in her fingers and giving it a tug.

“Yes, Ma’am” He said, holding very still.

“Tomorrow we’ll get it taken off.” She informed him. He nodded understanding, blushing again. She ran the flat of her hand over his chest and abdomen, feeling only smooth skin.

“You wax?” She asked, pleased.

“Yes, Ma’am” He murmured, sneaking a look down at her breasts as she stood in front of him. She glanced up and his blue eyes quickly shifted away, guilty look on his face. She raised an eyebrow and tapped a finger on his chest. A smile teased at the corner of her mouth. Walking around him, she admired his welted back and ass, with the three cane stripes. She traced a stripe with her finger, and he sucked in a breath.

“Such pretty markings, if I must say so myself!” She murmured.

“Yes, they are!” He answered excitedly. “Thank you, Ma’am”

“When did you see them?” She asked, smiling.

“In the bathroom mirror.” He groaned as she cupped his ass and gave it a squeeze.

“What a pain slut!” She laughed. Her pain slut, now. “Get on your back, on the bed.” She slapped his rear end. He scrambled to the bed. When his punished bottom hit the mattress, he hissed. The warm rich tone of his skin contrasted beautifully with her white sheets. Coming to sit beside him, she stared down at his body. Her hand reached out of its own accord to rub across the nearest nipple. She rolled it between her fingers, watching him shiver and suck in a breath. Taking his nearest hand, she pushed it up above his head. He swallowed, dick pulsing. Reaching across him, she pulled the other arm up to join the first.

“Leave those there, understand?” Staring down at him, she felt a burning in her core.

“Yes, Ma’am” A murmured reply, and another swallow. The burn sizzled in her chest. So hot… so fucking hot!! She loved him all stretched out like this…. Obedient, and open to her questing hands.

Quickly she moved to straddle his thighs, so she could get a hold of both nipples. She pinched and pulled them to stiffness, then thrummed them roughly with her thumbs. A shudder ran through his body. His blue eyes watched her through lowered lids. Leaning forward, she sucked along the tender side of his neck. A little moan came in response. She scrapped her teeth up to his jaw. Then she sucked roughly on the other side, until there was a red mark left. He writhed under her. The mark would be there for a few days, she thought, with satisfaction. It was crazy to enjoy marking him like that. But she wanted anyone to be able to see that he belonged to someone. The marks on his ass would be covered by clothes, but the mark on his neck would visible when he was dressed. She stared down into his eyes with a sudden possessiveness and hunger. His breath caught in his chest at her predatory gaze.

Moving back, she sucked up a nipple into her mouth and rolled it with her tongue. A gasp. She grabbed his stiff dick low on the shaft and jacked it slowly two times. Moaning, he started to thrust up into her hand and then stopped. Head rolled to the side, he looked at her out of the corner of his eye.

“Good boy” she said with a wink, and stroked him two more times…. Slowly. Then she licked the other nipple. He arched his back toward her mouth…

She climbed off him and grabbed a bottle of expensive unscented lotion from her bedside table. It was thick and creamy. She squeezed some into her palm, then spread it on his cock. Again, she began to jack him. He shivered at the cold, but quickly relaxed into her touch. With slow firm strokes, her hand slid from base to head three times, sliding smoothly with the lotion. Staring down into his eyes, she caught a hint of unease.

“What’s up, baby boy?” She asked, rolling a nipple under her thumb.

“This feels so good, Ma’am,” He murmured in a low voice, frowning.

“That’s bad?” She inquired, eyebrow raised. He squirmed under her stare. “Are you saying I can’t make my boy feel good?” She asked. He swallowed and shook his head.

“Are you denying ME your body, then?” A vigorous head shake to her question, this time. She gave him a hard look.

“No, Ma’am!!!” He said in an urgent, pleading tone, in far deeper then he intended. This boy would have to learn to accept pleasure, as well as pain, from her hand.

“If I want to stroke this cock… MY Cock, then you will lie back and enjoy it, understand?!!” She squeezed his cock hard and ground his nipple roughly between her fingers for emphasis. Both actions were meant to punish. He needed to remember who was in charge.

“Ahhhh…Yes, Pendik Üniversiteli Escort Mistress!!” He whimpered, flinching. The sudden change in sensation got his attention. Not to mention the reprimand had him in a whole different head space. The transition was a bit too much… No warm up for the pain. His cock softened a little in her hand.

“You ready to take what I want to give you, Dillon? ” She growled. He nodded. She continued… “Who’s cock is this, boy?”

“Your cock, Ma’am!” He whispered, growing rigid as he spoke the words. He liked being owned…. Nice!… But then, she already knew that.

“Good boy, that’s better!” She rubbed his dick firmly under the palm of her hand. He groaned and rolled his head back against the sheets. Tugging at his warm brown nipples, she watched with satisfaction as the breath hitched in his chest. The nipples swelled and tightened a little more, sweet buds under her fingers. More strokes along that nice thick cock, still slick with lotion. Eyes closed, he hummed. Now one hand on his nipple, pinching and kneading… While the other hand rubbed his dick, from base to head, gliding. Finger rolled up over the slit and pressed down. He wasn’t expecting that.

“Oh… Fuck!!” He breathed, bucking his hips forward. His head came off the bed and he stared at her, panting. She pressed down on it again, and was rewarded with a whimper.

“Haha… Like that, hum?” A warm chuckle rose in her chest. Precum was oozing from his slit. His balls began to contract. He noted mutely, breathing too hard to speak.

“Not cumming yet, you know that, right?” She asked, taking her hand away from his cock.

“Yea….” He managed.

“You must have my permission, before you even think about cumming.”

“Yes, Ma’am…. Pl…Please touch me again!… I’ll ask. Promise!” He was catching on to this pleasure thing.

“Um, you beg so nicely! Let me hear you beg again…”Katrina reached out to graze his nipples with her fingertips.

“Please…Please…Pleeease!!” He whispered urgently, squirming under her touch. His prick stood stiffly, dribbling precum onto his belly. Reaching down, she pulled his balls away from his body and began stroking his cock again. Slowly, at the base. She alternated between his balls, cock, and nipples. Pushing a hand under his sack, she messaged the skin behind it. He gasped and jerked, struggling to keep his hands above his head. The finger slide back to caress his tight puckered hole. He gulped and went rigid. Sweet virgin baby… Save that for another time…soon! Up the shaft again, and across a very wet slit. Hips bucked, involuntarily. Back down, low on his cock… She held back… let him come down a little. He was high now, head thrown back, as he tried to process all the sensations. A coarse tremor ran through his body.

She sucked a nipple into her mouth and bite down, as she slowly jacked him. Reached down for another caress across that virgin hole.

“Please, can I cum?” He panted. She let go of his cock again, moving away from his body.

“Not yet.”

“Please!!” It was an urgent request. He looked up desperately at her, struggling in his fog. She shook her head.

“Nope. Wait.” He groaned in frustration at her words, then nodded acceptance.

When she was sure he wouldn’t cum right away, she went back to sliding her hand up and down his length. It was a deliberately slow stroke with pauses on the upswing. All the while, her other hand was busy playing with those nipples. Ragged breathing, and a struggling boy, rewarded her efforts. Just were she wanted him! She worked him back up into a hot mess… Panting, and writhing under her. Pulling his balls away from his body again, she pulled firmly up on that hot prick. A thumb slide up to message his glans through the foreskin. Precum poured out of his cock, sliding around her fingers. His dick had grown even fuller, and was pulsing in her hand. A shudder coursed down his body and he cried out.

“Please!!” He begged in a hoarse voice. She dropped his cock again and he let out another cry of frustration.

“Think you can cum in four strokes?” She asked. He nodded furiously, whimpering.

“Then cum, boy” Hand resting on his cock. Slowly, she jacked him from base to head, rolling over the slippery slit, pressing down through the foreskin. On stroke two, he arched back, hips thrusting. A guttural groan ripped from his throat and ribbons of white cum sprayed up over his chest. His body convulsed as another load shot up, white spunk pulsing forth, some landing on his neck. A hot tingly feeling flooded Katrina, as she watched him shot. God, that boy was hot! And cumming for her like that… On Command! Pure hotness! She slowly milked the remaining cum from his cock as he shook and moaned.

“Such a good boy!” She purred happily. “Cumming for your Mistress on demand like that!” A groggy smile lite his face, and his spent dick jerked in her hand.

She was sitting in her home office Pendik Vip Escort making some calls, when Dillon padded in. Getting up over an hour earlier, she had left him asleep in her bed. She was already showered. In a crisp white dress shirt and a pair of jeans, she was ready for the day. A near empty cup of coffee and plate of crumps sat on her desk. Clad only a pair of boxers, he was still looking decidedly sleepy.

“Good morning, Dillon” She said with a smile.

“Morning, Ma’am” He replied with a sheepish grin. “Sorry I slept so late…”

“No worries, boy” She said gently. “If I want you up, I know how to wake you…. I gave you quite a work out last night! Sit down, Dillon” She pointed to a chair in her office. He quickly lowered himself into it.

“We need to talk about something…. I need to know what you had in mind when you asked Mistress Celeste to put you up for auction. I am very demanding with my boys, but I will also give you a lot… emotionally and physically. While we are together, whether you are here or in San Anton, I expect monogamy and honesty. When you are with me, we may play in public… I am very careful with that, but you will have to trust me… and obey me. If this is not what you had in mind, then you are free to go. I will help you get your own membership to the club and you can find the right person for you. But if this is something you want, say the word. If we go any further with this, it is going to get very intense, very fast. I don’t wade in the shallow end of the pool.” She watched Dillon’s face carefully, as she finished her speech. Tented boxers told were all the answer she needed.

“I want to play with you, Ma’am. I’m OK with all of that.” He murmured, breathe catching, excited look on his face.

“You’ll also need to know, that you’ll not be touching that pretty cock of yours again… ” She waved toward his lap. “Not for pleasure, anyway…Your mine now. I’m the only one who will touch it. You will only put your hands on it to pee or shower.”

“But, Mistress, I’ll be away from you all week!” He sounded a little desperate.

“Yes, you’re right… Is there a problem with that? Do we need to lock it up?” An eyebrow lifted.

“No, No! I won’t touch it, Ma’am!” He swallowed hard, but there was a definite pulsing under the thin clothe.

“Good! Then it’s settled.” She smiled at him. “Now go get showered and dressed. We have a busy day ahead.” He gave her a quizzical look and quickly left the room to get ready.

Dillon sat beside Katrina, as she drove the jeep into town. He wore baggy jeans and a loose t-shirt, the only type of clothes he had brought with him. When he came up to Austin and played with Mistress Celeste, he only saw her at the club. There he wore his leather thong, and her cuffs. He had spent his days alone, exploring the city… waiting for night at The Chain Link. Spending the whole weekend with Mistress Katrina was an unexpected change, but one he seemed very happy about. Sitting back in the seat, he kept sneaking little glances at her. The smile had not left his face since their earlier conversation. He gave her a look of curiosity, however, when they pulled into a hospital parking lot.

“Do you have something to do for work, Ma’am?” He asked.

“No, we are here to get you tested, Dillon” Katrina responded. “If I decide that I want to make use of that pretty cock of yours… I want to know it is clean.” She pulled into a ‘Staff MD’ parking spot and climbed out of the vehicle. He sat there looking shocked, then scrambled to follow her. She took his hand as he came around the vehicle, and led him into the hospital. Looking over at the bulge in his jeans, she let out a soft laugh. So he wanted to get lucky!

Katrina took Dillon to her office, and made quick work of ordering the lab tests on her computer. From there, they headed down to the lab. A tech pulled up the order for Dillon’s tests, then looked slightly uncomfortable when she saw one of the test. Katrina leaned forward and handed the girl her hospital badge.

“You draw the blood, and I’ll get the other sample.” She said. The tech sighed with relief and gave Dillon a shy glance. Dillon looked at Katrina nervously. He shifted his feet, and his cheeks grew red. She could see the question in his big brown eyes, but he kept quiet. They went into a small room where the tech drew several vials of blood. The tech vigorously avoided eye contact with him. When she finished, she handed Kat a long slender package. Katrina shut the door as the girl left. Dillon was sitting in a lab chair designed for blood draws. It sat at the height of a bar stool and had wide flat arm rests on either side.

“Take your cock out” She said, turning back to him. He gapped at her, sitting frozen in the chair. She moved to the sink to wash her hands.

“Um, why, Ma’am?” He glanced at the closed door, looking panicked.

“Because I said to.” She gave him a hard stare. She watched the struggle on his face. Slowly, he unzipped his jeans and pulled his boxers away to expose a very hard dick. Katrina restrained a laugh. Her boy sure was erect for all that nervous hesitation! So much fun! Guess he got off on a little bit of fear, or maybe it was her commanding tone, Katrina mused. He glanced nervously at the door, his dick pulsing.