My Name is Raquel Ch. 11


I thought I had reached the end of Raquel’s story with her coming out party. (I hope I didn’t just ruin the surprise for those of you who haven’t read her story from the beginning.) Your enthusiasm and support have led me to find more of her story to tell. Thank you.


My name is Raquel and I’m a polyamorous transgender.

I used to call myself a crossdresser, but I’m much more than that, or so I found out.

I’m in a loving marriage with Allison. We both share a love for and the occasional bed with Crystal, her childhood friend whom she helped through her own journey into transgenderism. My stepdaughter, Jessica, without whom Raquel wouldn’t exist, and I maintain a physical and deeply emotional relationship. And I’ve made tons of friends-with-benefits and received and shown love to many people of all genders during my short life as Raquel.


It’s been a year and a half since I decided to live my life fully as Raquel, with all the love and support one could hope for from Allison, Crystal, and Jessica. The estrogen and total lifestyle change had had their desired effects of making my body into a thing of feminine beauty. Aided by implants, I was now also endowed with size D breasts that Allison and Crystal helped choose.

My lips and hips and ass were fuller, and my waist was slimmer and I had shaved off 20 pounds. Speaking of shaving, my chest, arm, leg, and facial hair were practically non-existent. Although, I had a pretty little bush that I kept shaved in a heart shape. Lastly, my clitty was beginning to closely resemble one and didn’t usually get very hard anymore. Which wasn’t a big deal, because my tongue, lips and my pussy were my best sex organs, anyway.

I have a rewarding and fun-filled career as a beauty consultant at my friend, Katie’s, salon. And it’s so much fun, I don’t call it work. I don’t have customers, I have friends, again of all genders, who I get to help be their most stunning selves.


So, what have I been up to, besides living this fabulous life?

Last weekend, my dear friend, and college football all star and professional athlete, Russell Johnson, and I decided to go watch a home game of our alma mater. We always got together to watch games at either my place or his home (which was a mansion).

The girls, Allison and Crystal weren’t big sports fans, so would always plan a night out on game days during football season, leaving Russell and me alone. We shared much more than a love for State University and were obviously more than platonic friends. I love his cock.

I had also liberated some of Russell’s inner desires and helped him discover the thrill of wearing lingerie. He looked soooo sexy in panties, stockings and camisoles. He was so handsome and studly, though, that he would never pass en femme, but really enjoyed the feeling of lipstick, as much as I do.

We would often spend hours online picking out outfits for him. And he would occasionally surprise me with gifts that he would like to see me wear. He was particularly fond of costumes, such as French maids, school girls, and stewardesses. I loved role playing and pleasing him while in costume.

On Friday morning, in anticipation of his arrival, I began to get ready. I douched, showered, and shaved. Afterwards, I picked some of his favorite gold thongs and the matching lacy bra that lifted and separated my boobs (did I mention how much I love them). I had recently been to my favorite nail salon so, my nails had a fresh coat of lavender colored polish. I applied my makeup, using a light blue eyeshadow. I painted my lips with a smooth coat of a deep plum lipstick. My own natural hair was now colored a deep auburn and fell to my shoulders in wavy fullness. I curled and blow dried it.

The weather was getting cooler and while they weren’t necessary, since I was planning on wearing tight fitting jeans with boots, I rolled some nude thigh highs up my smooth legs. I pulled a tight blue sweater over my head and fixed my hair again where I had messed it up a little.

I still get excited when I see myself all made up like this and with the added anticipation of a weekend with Russell I could feel a little bit of precum forming. I unzipped my jeans, pulled out my clitty, scooped it up and rubbed on my tongue, swirled it around and swallowed.

I then began packing.

Around noon on Friday, he arrived at my house to pick me to head out of town. He was dressed in jeans, as well, and a dress shirt, with a casual sports jacket. He looked incredible in his casual, yet tailored clothes. But he would look good in just about anything. I couldn’t help but wonder what he had on underneath.

He was driving his Mercedes SUV. I frowned. “What, no Lambo, this weekend?”

He pointed to my luggage. “Helloooo! You are such a girl. We going to be gone two days, not two weeks,” he teased.

“Well, we girls want to look our best for our guys. There’s several outfits, lingerie and hair products in the suitcase, shoes in the carry-on, and my travel makeup kit.” I was going Pendik Grup Escort to continue making my case, but he wrapped one arm around my waist, effortlessly lifted me off my feet, pulled me tight and kissed me. He was easily 9 inches taller than me and my feet dangled.

“And we guys love you for it,” he smiled after breaking away from the tongue wrestling we had going and set me back down. The kiss made me forget anything else I was going to say.

Allison had come out to see us off and say goodbye. “Well, I can see that you two are going to have fun. Behave yourselves. I’ll see you Sunday.” She kissed me, then hugged and kissed Russell.

“Bye, Darling. I love you.”

Russell loaded my things in the SUV, then held the door for me like a true gentleman. He walked around the vehicle and we headed off on the two and a half hour drive to Springfield.

We talked about this weekend’s opponents, but the earlier kiss had started my juices flowing again and the sexual tension just escalated. Once we were raising along on the interstate, I reached across the seat and began tickling his crotch with my long fingernails. He tried to ignore my teasing, but I could feel him stiffening.

He reached for his belt, but I slapped the back of his hand. “Just drive.”

“Well it’s a little hard concentrating.”

“Oh, it’s more than just a little hard.” I loosened his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and pulled his dick out. I was pleased to find out that he was wearing a pair of satiny hip huggers under his pants and a camisole under his dress shirt. “Just don’t get in a wreck,” I said as I unbuckled my seatbelt and adjusted my body so I could lean over and put my face in his lap. I proceeded to give him road head, surely putting on a show that truckers were talking about on their radios.

My lips kissed the fat spongy head and all over his shaft leaving lip prints from a freshly applied coat of lipstick. With a quick lick at his piss slit and a long slow swirl of my tongue I took him inside my mouth. I slowly took him all the way down, savoring the feel of his shaft sliding toward the back of my throat.

I pulled back and milked a large drop of pre-cum to the tip. I stuck my tongue out and licked it off. Opening my mouth, I slid the head of his cock inside and across my tongue, tasting more of his juices. I began to suck gently with my tongue caressing the sensitive underside, slowly taking more in with each slurp. Before long I was slowly sliding the entire length of his dick in and out of my mouth, cupping, licking, and teasing with my tongue.

Every few strokes, I’d pause with him buried in my mouth and throat, slowly pull back until just the head was left between my lips, and suck him back in with one long, slow movement. I reached between his legs and began to fondle his balls while I was sucking him. He let out a moan and I felt his hand on the back of my head, gently caressing my neck and shoulders.

He slowly began lifting his hips in unison with my mouth going down. He was making love to my mouth and throat.

We had done this enough. He didn’t need to tell me he was close and he knew I wouldn’t be caught off guard, but I wanted to suck him forever, my throat so full of his beautiful cock.

All at once he stopped completely still, and I could feel his cock throb and pulse and he plunged it all the way in as he filled my mouth with his hot load. I grasped his balls and squeezed gently as I sucked and swallowed each spurt, saving the last few in my mouth.

I kept his cock in my mouth as his orgasm subsided, gently sucking and licking it to get every last bit of salty, pungent sperm. After a couple of minutes it was softening and I let it slip from my mouth, licking and sucking to get all of it.

When I had zipped him back up and sat back in my seat and buckled up, I put my finger in my mouth and coated it with his cum and my saliva. I then reached over and stuck it his open, waiting mouth. I would have much rather transferred it with a kiss, but that’s a little risky at 75 mph. It felt good having him suck my finger, though, and I swallowed the last of his juices at the same time he did.

The rest of the ride, we returned to our conversation about the game.

Our hotel room was larger than most apartments I had lived in. It even had a hot tub. After dinner at a nice restaurant, we returned to our room. We decided to try out the hot tub.

We undressed each other slowly, letting the tension build, exploring each other’s bodies. When I had removed Russell’s jeans, shirt and shoes, I stood there in just my lingerie, admiring my Adonis, in his thigh highs, panties and camisole. I played with his nipples and stroked his penis, while he squeezed my ass cheeks.

Finally, stripped of all of our garments, and opening a bottle of champagne, we slid into the hot tub. Russell leaned back in the reclining hot tub seat and I laid on my back, on top of him, wiggling my ass until his cock nestled between my buns. He wrapped his arms around me from behind and lovingly held me. Pendik Manken Escort We tried to relax for about a half an hour, while he humped me from behind.

Because water is a lousy lubricant, I could never get him in me. When I couldn’t stand it anymore. I stood up and let him know how badly I needed him with just a look. He understood and stepped out of the hot tub, wrapping himself in one of the large terry cloth robes. He held the other one for me and when I had slipped into it, swept me up in his strong arms and carried me to the bedroom.

I laid on my stomach and let him lube and loosen my pussy with his fingers. Then, he laid on his back and I lowered myself down onto his rigid tool. Our lovemaking seemed to last an eternity. After I rode him for awhile, he took me from behind with me on my hands and knees. Then finally flipped me over and laid on top of me and stared deeply into my eyes as he reentered me and neared orgasm. That look put me over the top and my clitty shot a load at the same time he filled me with his cum.

We shared each other’s spilt seed and fell asleep in post-coital bliss.

I slept late into the next morning. Russell had obviously been up for awhile and was having a cup of coffee, sitting up in the bed with SportsCenter on the TV at a low volume. When I awoke, I was unusually tender. But that’s maybe because we had made love for several hours the night before. Still, the soreness brought a smile to me face as I rolled to my left, looked at the man next to me and recalled the source of my aches.

“Good morning, Sleeping Beauty.”

“Ugh, I’m sure I look horrible. I was so tired, I didn’t even bother to wash my face last night.”

“Well, you look beautiful to me.”

“Thank you. You’re so sweet. But, I’ve got to shower.”

“Ok. Tell me what you’d like for breakfast and I have it brought up while you shower. I’ll get a fresh pot of coffee, too.”

“I would love the fresh fruit plate. Thank you.”

We lounged around the rest of the morning and early afternoon, watching some of the other games being played.

Russell sat on the huge, comfortable sofa in our suite and I sat in his lap, leaning back against his chest, wearing just panties and one of his t-shirts.

An hour or so before it was time to leave, I started to get ready. We were going to be watching the game from a private luxury corporate suite paid for by one of his sponsors, so I figured I could get away with wearing a dress, since we wouldn’t be exposed to the weather, especially since it was going to about 40 degrees by game time.

I chose a clingy navy blue dress that barely covered the tops of my stockings. I picked a pair of 5-inch heels that gave me a slight boost so I wouldn’t appear so small next to Russell. And for the short time we would be exposed to the elements, I went with a short fur jacket that really accentuated my cleavage.

Russell asked me to help pick his panties and camisole. Obviously, I didn’t think something that would show through his dress shirt was a wise decision. I selected an ivory set. I also helped roll his stockings up his smoothly shaved legs. He wore dress pants and a jacket over his intimates.

Once we arrived at the stadium, we were treated like royalty. We were escorted directly to his sponsor’s skybox. Along the way, he drew way more attention than I did, from his loyal fans, signing an endless number of autographs and posing for selfies. I didn’t mind being his arm candy, though and received my fair share of looks from the crowd. The sports reporters definitely noticed me, but all their questions were directed at Russell about our team’s chances tonight. I think I may have even made an appearance on national TV, though.

In the suite, it was less of a circus, but he was clearly the biggest celebrity present. He went out of his way to introduce me to all the guests. I struck up a conversation with a handsome guy, named Steve, Russell introduced as a longtime close friend, omitting any details. Steve and I hit it off while Russell schmoozed.

Right before kickoff, Steve and I found seats right up front by the huge glass windows with an awesome view of the field. I eventually found out that Russell and Steve had grown up together. They both went to State. Steve was on the swim team and was very smart. He did something to do with software development and apparently has done very well since graduating.

Russell finally joined us sometime during the second quarter of a very exciting game.

“Sorry, Sweetie. I didn’t mean to leave you alone for so long.”

“Oh, I haven’t been alone. Steve and I have been having a lovely chat. So, this is the Steve you’re always going out to California to visit. You never told me how cute he was,” I teased.

I saw Steve blush at this comment.

“Well, I’m glad you two are enjoying yourselves.”

“He also mentioned that his room at the hotel we’re staying at, is just a few doors down on our floor. I hope you don’t mind, but I invited him to join us for a drink, later.”

“No. Pendik Masöz Escort I’d be happy if he joined us.”

“Well, you go back to being the big star that you are. Steve and I will be just fine. Now give me a kiss.”

He kissed me, more than just a little peck, and went back to doing what his sponsors were paying him for, working the crowd.

“I can see that you two make a perfect couple. You give him as much shit as I’ve ever seen anyone do and he just takes it,” Steve confided after Russell left. “I dare to say, that I think he’s in love with you. Care to share any details?”

“A lady never kisses and tells,” I replied. “But yes, he makes me happy and accepts me for who I am.” I left it at that. I had my suspicions that Russell and Steve were more than just friends, but I didn’t pry.

State won with a dramatic touchdown drive in the final two minutes. After awhile, the crowd in the suite dwindled down. I thanked our hosts, Russell’s sponsors, and we headed out of the stadium. Steve had ridden to the stadium in an Uber, so we offered to give him a ride back to the hotel. After the short ride to the hotel, Steve excused himself and said he had to go to his room for a minute and would meet us in our room shortly.

When Russell and I got to our room, I practically jumped him. He lifted me and I wrapped my legs around him. I started hissing him all over his face and was a little disappointed that Steve was coming over, because it meant that I would have to wait to feel Russell inside my pussy, again. I could tell from them bulge that was growing in his pants that he was ready, too.

But, he set me down on the couch after a few minutes and said he would make it worth my wait.

Anyway, minutes later, Steve knocked on our door and Russell let him in. I fixed us some cocktails and we sat down to talk.

The drinks flowed and I found out that Russell had been Steve’s protector when they were little. Steve developed later than the boys in their school and was picked on. It was hard to believe looking at the body he was in, now.

More drinks were consumed and then they confirmed the fact that they were more than friends and they also shared the same taste in girls, meaning girls like me. Steve had seen something in Russell after Russell and I met. And Russell had told Steve the whole story.

“I hope you not mad at me, for telling Steve about you, about us,” Russell said. “He was happy when you convinced me to start wearing lingerie.”

“I’ve been wanting to see him in it for a long time,” Steve said. “And I’m glad he found you and you helped him get over the stigma.” “I’ve got something to show you.” And he pealed off his shirt and pants. He had on a lacy pink camisole, matching panties that looked like some I had bought for Russell and pink thigh high stockings. “I’ve always worn these things for him. See, we even like the same pretty underthings, now.” My little clitty was growing in my own panties.

Russell stripped next, revealing his lingerie. I was in heaven staring at these two gorgeous men in nylon and satin.

They then stood and faced each other and began rubbing each other’s penises. The heads and almost three inches of their rods began to rise up above their panty waistbands. My mouth began to water. They stepped closer and began to rub their firehoses together.

I couldn’t take it any longer and walked over to them and knelt between them, so their pricks were rubbing against my face instead of each other. I took one of them in each hand and pulled them together again. I milked precum out, then wrapped my lips around both heads, at the same time, barely able to fit both in my mouth.

They pulled out and Steve said, “Can I see what you’ve got, now?”

I practically rips my clothes off. Two pairs of hands began rubbing my satin covered body. I moved to the king sized bed, unhooked my bra and laid back. A pair of lips began to devour each nipple and someone’s hand was stroking my clit. Steve moved up and kissed me. Russell pulled my panties off and licked my taint.

They both stopped long enough to shed their panties. Russell got some KY and began to lube my cunt, teasing me, without inserting his finger. Finally, he did and began working it in and out. I was ready in no time. “Someone fuck me, now!” I insisted.

Steve looked at Russell, who nodded his assent.

I rolled over and got on my hands and knees. Steve knelt behind me and Russell took Steve’s shaft and guided to my waiting glory hole. He then spread my cheeks and repositioned the head at the opening. I rocked back and felt the head pop in quickly, stretching me. I clamped down on it. Steve stayed perfectly still while I pushed back, engulfing several more inches. I moved forward, still squeezing and creating a suction on Steve’s love muscle.

“Ohhhh, baby. That’s tight,” Steve moaned.

“Russell, get up here and put that cock of yours in my other hole!” I demanded. I wanted “double penetration”.

Russell eagerly complied and crawled up in front of me. He sat down and leaned back on the pillows. I lowered my head all the way down and sucked his balls into my mouth. I licked my way up to the crown. Steve began to slowly slide in and out, pushing and pulling me so that my mouth and throat encapsulated Russell one minute, then held just the tip, the next