Club Dragon’s Fire: The New Bytch


“What do you mean I’m fired?” she scowls.

“I told you, no more fights.”

“Fight? You mean last night when I punched the guy for grabbing all the twenties from Jamie’s till?!”

“It was still a fight.” he says solemnly.

“What the fuck!” she looks at Jamie, “Tell him this isn’t right. You already said I saved your ass!”

“Yes, you did save me, but Howard has final say. It’s not up to me.” she shrugs.

Suzie looks from him to her, watching the mousy girl huddling closer to him. A cruel smile slowly spreads across her painted black lips as she looks at him.

“Why don’t you admit what this is really about Howard?” she sneers.

“What are you talking about?” he frowns.

She sits on his desk, her legs spread wide, sliding her hand along her bare thigh. “I know you haven’t forgotten,” she purrs, inching the hem of her short skirt even higher. Jamie looks from Suzie to him, “What’s she talking about Howard?”

“I -i-uhh – i don’t know.” he stammers, his eyes glued to her climbing skirt.

“You don’t know?” she mocks him as she turns to Jamie. “See, last week, Howard walked in on me when.. well, I was playing with my pussy.” Jamie’s eyes open wide in surprise.

“Shut up!” Howard growls, small beads of sweat appearing on his brow.

“There I was, my lil short skirt pulled up around my waist, my panties hanging off my ankle with my fingers buried in my cunny.” she says sliding her fingers over the crotch of her now visible panties.

“Howard?” Jamie says. His gaze is focused on the red satin pulled snug over Suzie’s slit. “Howard!!” He tears his eyes away to look at her, “She’s always been a liar.” he mutters weakly.

“He asked me to let him taste my pussy. Begged me like some little puppy, his tongue hanging out while he rubbed that bulge in his pants.”

“Oh God,” Jamie whines.

“He told me how much I get him going. How every time you suck his cock he closes his eyes & pretends its me. All the while pleading to let him lick my juicy cunt.” she says with a grin. “I love to have a man grovel. Mmmm, I’m getting wet just thinking about it.” She kicks her foot up on the desk, spreading her legs wider, exposing the darkening spot in her panties & looks at him. “But I didn’t let you, did I Howard?”

He stares mutely at her, his eyes narrowing angrily.

“Y-you didn’t?” Jamie asks & Suzie laughs.

“No, I didn’t. I made him beg some more & had him take out his cock.” she grins maliciously, “Then, I laughed at him & told him to take his shriveled prick home to you.”

“You’re lying!” Jamie spat out before breaking into sobs, “You’re lying.” she cries.

“You fucking slut, get out of my bar.. now!” he bellows, his face flushed a deep red, a mixture of embarrassment & fury.

“Oh you don’t want me to go Howard.” she coos slipping her fingers under the edge of her panties.

“Y-yes I do.” he stammers feebly, his fury already dissolving, “Get out.”

Suzie pulls her panties aside, her bare pussy glistening with her own excitement. She looks up at him, moaning as she slides her finger inside her hole. “But Howard, don’t you still want to taste me?” she whispers as she pulls her finger out of her pussy & begins to lick it. He swallows hard watching her finger slipping in & out of her mouth.

“Just tell the truth Howard, and I’ll let you taste my juices.” she purrs stirring her finger back inside her pussy.

“I-uhh,” he mumbles, his throat suddenly dry.

“You know you want it Howard.” she teases flicking her tongue across her fingertip.

“Its true,” he croaks, “Everything you said is true. God I have to taste you!” he groans as he drops to his knees between her legs. Suzie laughs looking up at Jamie’s horrified expression.

“Sit still Howard.” she orders putting her hand on his head, holding him there so he can’t get close enough to lick her. She reaches behind her on the desk & grabs the nearest piece of paper. Looking at it she laughs, “Oh this will do perfectly!” Briefly she shows them her termination paper then wipes the sheet along her dripping slit. She shoves it into his mouth & pushes him back onto the floor as she hops off the desk.

He falls backwards, scrambling to get up & pull the paper from his mouth. “You bitch!” he snarls & lunges for her. She sidesteps him & opens the office door, turning back with a cold smile, “What’s wrong Howard? You got your taste.” His frustrated growl & Jamie’s sobs drift like music to her ears as she closes the door.

Striding confidently to the exit, she grabs her bag as she passes the counter.

“Men always want what they can’t have.” she chuckles to herself as she walks out of the bar.

“You seem quite pleased for an unemployed person.”

Suzie looks around & sees the dark- haired man standing by the door she’s just come through. He is about the same height as her, only a couple inches taller, dressed in a very nice suit.

Smiling coolly she asks, “And what makes you think I’m unemployed?”

“Oh, maybe the fact that Howard talked about firing you today.”

“Really?” Pendik Sınırsız Escort she asks with a shrug, “No big thing, I’ll get another job.”

“That easy is it?” he replies.

“Yes, of course,” she answers, “I’ve got the looks, I’ve got the skills. A new job will take me maybe a day.”

“So tell me why you’ve been working in a little bar like Howard’s for the past 6 months then?”

She pauses a moment, her mind working quickly, not wanting to admit the reason. She smiles, “I thought it was a nice lil place to work.”

His laughter booms around her, grating on her like nails on a chalk board. She frowns & spins around, quickly walking away from him. The sound of his footsteps hurrying behind her brings a smile back to her face. ‘Men are so predictable’ she thinks.

“Did I offend you Suzie?” he asks.

“No,” she answers curtly, wondering how he knew her name.

“Maybe I just touched on a sore spot then?” he asks with a wry grin. She stops, her back rigid, gritting her teeth before turning to look at him. She looks him up & down for a minute, flips her deep purple hair back over her shoulder & sneers at him.

“Look buddy, if you think you’re going to score with some gothic chick & run back to tell your friends at work, you’re looking at the wrong girl.”

“Don’t flatter yourself little girl.” he says with a smile. “I’m here to offer you a job.”

“Nope, sorry, I’m not buying that line.” she says with a shake of her head.

“Seriously, I own a nightclub, a very exclusive one actually.” he says offering her a business card, “I think its more your line of crowd than Howard’s place.”

She looks at the card in her hand.

‘Club Dragon’s Fire

The premiere fetish club in the pacific northwest.

Entry by membership only.’

She looks at him skeptically, “How do I know you aren’t just a member of this club?”

“That’s easy, come down & check it out.” he smiles, “If you like it, then we can get on with the tests & such to see if you’re qualified.”

“Qualified?” she laughs, “Haven’t you seen me tending bar here? I know there’s no one like me around, I am the best!”

He nods, “No doubt about your skills, but we have other requirements for Dragon’s Fire.”

“Look, I don’t kiss ass, or fuck to get any job.” she frowns.

“Don’t worry Suzie, none of that. As for your attitude problem, I’m sure you will want to work with us,” he smiles slyly, “we can adjust that in time.”

He turns to walk away leaving her standing there looking puzzled.

“See you tonight.” he calls over his shoulder.


Suzie stops to look at the flawless twin dragons etched in the glass doors, both serpents spewing flames towards the other.

‘If the inside looks as good as the doors I’m definitely going to like working here.’ she tells herself

She pushes the heavy door open & steps into the entryway. Walking slowly along the short hall she looks around, taking in the expensive decor. She pauses by a mirror, checking her reflection before turning to the doorman.

“Evening,” he says with a nod, “Membership please.”

“I’m not a member.” Suzie says & starts to brush past him.

He catches her arm, firmly holding her. “Ma’am, I can’t let you in unless you’re a member.” he says.

She snatches her arm from his grasp & frowns at him.

“Don’t touch me again,” she hisses, “I was invited here, so don’t screw with me!”

“Ma’am, if you were invited that is no problem. Simply give me the name of the member then I can confirm your invite & let you in.” he answers calmly.

“His name,” she echoes, searching her memory for the man’s name, “Damn,” she exhales.

The tall man stands looking impassively at Suzie, waiting for her to come up with some answer.

“Screw this,” she scowls & tries to open the door to the club. His thick palm clamps onto hers, pinning her hand to the door handle.

“Hey!” she squeals, “Let me fucking go!”

“Ma’am, please let go of the door & step over here where we can talk rationally.” he says in the same cool tone.

“Fuck off!” she yells punching him in the chest, “Get your shitty hands off me!”

Pulling her hand off the door, he easily guides her to a corner away from the entering members.

“What, you think you’re gonna get your rocks off with me over here?” Suzie snarls. “You better think again, I’ll fucking kill you before I’ll let you do anything!”

He snorts a laugh, “Like I would need to waste my time fighting with a girl like you, plenty inside all too willing to spend time with me.” Clicking the button on his radio he speaks into it, “Tell Mr. Reese we’ve got a small disturbance here. I’ll need someone to cover the door while I handle this.”

A voice crackles back over the tinny speaker, “You got it Lyon, be right there.”

He turns back to Suzie & smiles, “We’ll have this taken care of shortly.” he says still holding her arm.

The radio pops to life again, a new voice pours out, Pendik Suriyeli Escort “Kill those orders, I will handle this.”

Lyon keys up his radio, “Yes Sir Mr. Reese.”

Moments pass slowly, as if an eternity could creep by using the tense quiet. Suzie glowers at him in silence as they wait, leaning against the wall. He simply stands there, his arms crossed watching her, an amused smile on his face. Finally she throws her hands up in exasperation.

“You know, I don’t need this,” she huffs, “I’m leaving.” She tries to slip past Lyon, but he steps in her way.

“Ma’am, I’m afraid you will need to wait for Mr. Reese.” he says.

“Get the fuck outta my way!” she scowls.

“Now that isn’t very nice Suzie.” a voice behind her says.

Lyon’s eyes focus over her shoulder, “Mr. Reese.” She looks over her shoulder, standing in the employee doorway behind her is the man who invited her to the club.

“I’ll handle this one Lyon.” he nods. Suzie crosses her arms, lifts her chin & smiles smugly at the doorman.

“I’m sorry Mr. Reese, she didn’t give me your name or anything.”

“I know, I was watching the whole time.” he looks at Suzie, “Interesting how you didn’t care about my name until it would help you.”

She frowns at him & he laughs.

“Come on Suzie, let me show you around.” he smiles holding the door open for her. She looks skeptically at him, then glances over at Lyon. The smirk on his face infuriates her & she storms through the door just to get away from him.

“New bartender.” Mr.Reese says giving him a wink.

Lyon grins & nods, “I sure hope so Sir.”

He catches up with Suzie & she turns on him.

“So am I supposed to call you Mr. Reese, Sir & beg you to forgive me for not asking your name sooner?” she sneers.

“No, you can call me Ryan,” he chuckles, “But feel free to beg forgiveness if you like.”

“Like that will ever happen!” she snorts, rolling her eyes. He just smiles & doesn’t comment as he leads her through another door. They step into a sleekly decorated office & she plops down in a leather chair.

“That’s quite an outfit Suzie,” he smiles, “A gothic catholic schoolgirl, never seen that before.”

She smiles wickedly, sliding forward in the seat, crossing her legs as she sinks back into the plush chair.

“I thought it’d be fitting for here.”

“Yes, too bad you can only watch tonight, I’m sure there will be many interested in you.”

“Only watch?” she echoes & he nods, “I’m getting a bit ahead of things. First I thought you should know a little bit about Dragon’s Fire.”

She settles back in the chair, the leather squeaking & groaning as she moves. Her short pleated skirt rides even higher on her pale thighs.

“Comfy?” he asks.

She kicks her feet up on his desk & grins impishly,”I am now.”

“Good,” he nods, unaffected by her attitude, “I founded this club almost a decade ago. An idea I got during my own explorations of the different lifestyles. After a couple years I started making a profit, then had to expand soon after that. I am always adding new things as I learn of them. In short, almost every so called ‘deviant’ fantasy can be fulfilled here.”

“What do you mean almost?” she asks.

“Well, I try to keep an open mind. I have included many things that I personally don’t get into, but others do. Though I have a few that I have completely drawn the line at. Drugs, bestiality, & minors of any sort are explicitly restricted. Even in the age play areas there are strict rules posted that there is no age play of minors allowed. As for the rest,” he says, “Rubber, voyeurs, watersports, blood play, sadism, exhibitionism, piercing, bondage, dominance, submission, pony boys & girls, etc, etc…” he smiles broadly, “anything goes.”

“Sounds like a lot of fun.” she nods.

“It is if you’re open minded & willing to experiment.”

“I’m not up for some of that stuff, a bit too freaky for my taste.” she laughs.

“That is one thing you have to understand,” he says seriously, “There are all sorts of points of view & my employees have to be accepting of them all.”

“You think I’m going to try all of that crap?” she frowns.

“No,” he laughs shaking his head, “You don’t have to try anything you don’t want to, you just cannot judge people for their choices.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” she grins.

“This is a very important issue Suzie,” he says, “People have to feel comfortable here, accepted by everyone. Otherwise I will lose customers.”

“Yeah, yeah,” she says dismissively, “I get you.”

“As for tonight, you will be free to wander around the club & have access to almost every area.” he says. “Only as a voyeur, no one will expect you to participate with them.”

“What if I want to?” she asks smiling.

“No, not yet.” he shakes his head.

“Why not?” she asks indignantly.

“Everyone here undergoes strict testing, employees & members both.” he replies, “As this is your first introduction to the club, you cannot be allowed to interact yet.” Pendik İranlı Escort

“That’s takes all the fun out.” she pouts & he laughs. “I seriously doubt that.”

“So what places won’t I be able to go in?” she asks.

“Blood play, edge play, piercing, watersports & scat areas.” he answers quickly, “They require the most precautions.”

“I can live without those.” she grins.

He slides a badge across the desk to her. “Food & drinks are all free, the tips you are up to you. Wear this & you’ll have no problems.”

“You’re not coming with me?” she asks.

“No, I do have work to do, several new memberships to consider.”

Suzie gets up from the chair & he opens the door for her.

“So where do I go from here?” she asks.

“Right through that door.” he answers.

“Ok,” she smiles at him, “See ya Ryan.” she chirps & bounces out the door. He watches her long stocking clad legs, the swaying of her plaid skirt. She turns around as she walks, looking at him, popping a sucker in past her black lips. Her purple pigtails swinging as she turns her head to open the next door & slip through. He thinks he can almost hear the clicking of her black stiletto boots as he closes his office door.

“That girl is going to be quite a handful.” he laughs to himself.


Suzie walks into the bar, stopping to watch the woman serving drinks.

“Amateur,” she laughs to herself before stepping up to order. “Give me a Jack & coke.” she yells, turning her back on the bartender. She watches the crowded dance floor, amazed at some of the outfits she sees.

“Here you go.” the bartender announces setting the drink down.

“What the hell!” Suzie scowls looking at the small pool around the base of the glass. “Jesus, you’d think you could serve a drink without spilling it!” she yells, grabs a stack of napkins & wipes the glass off. She glances up at the woman & throws the used napkins in her face. “Stupid bitch!” she hisses picking up her drink & walking away.

She wanders around the outskirts of the dance floor, looking at all of the people. The variety of them amazes her, some she’d never have thought she’d see in any club, let alone one that is sexually oriented. She surveys the layout as far as she can see & decides to take the nearest hall way to start with.

A mechanical sucking sound draws her into the first open door & she steps closer to see what is going on. She stands & watches the rubber shrinking as the air is sucked out. Slowly the girl’s shape becomes more defined as the rubber molds to her. The girl struggles futilely, her movements limited to only an inch or so as the vac-bed cinches tight. Suzie shudders & hurries out of the room. ‘I don’t understand how people can get into that.’ she thinks.

Leisurely she strolls from room to room, pausing now & then to watch an unfolding scene. She comes to a door with Sanguine Realms scrawled gracefully across it & tries her pass in the lock.

“What the fuck?” she frowns when the door won’t open & looks at it for a moment. “Sanguine,” she muses thoughtfully, “Ohhhh, this must lead to blood play.”

She goes down to the next door & wanders through some more rooms. She can feel the moisture seeping onto her panties as she continues to explore the various rooms.

The whimpering of a masculine voice draws her into a new room where she sees a couple deep into a BDSM scene. The man is on his knees, his nude body draped over a wooden bench, his skin slick with perspiration. The is woman standing over him, obviously in control, a thick leather strap hanging from her hand. She brings the strap down across his back with a sudden lash, his body spasms from the pain, a yelp tearing from his throat.

“What was that boy?!” she demands, “Did I hear a sound from you slut?”

Suzie is enthralled watching the Mistress toying with her slave. His head drops in shame but he says nothing as she berates him. The Mistress drags her nails along the reddened skin of his back, he flinches but maintains his silence. She begins to whip him in earnest, the sharp hissing of the belt slicing through the air. The sounds swirling around Suzie like a vortex. She relishes every lash, the resounding slap of leather on skin. Every moan he elicits sends tingling tremors though her body. The Mistress’ cruel words reverberating around the room.

She can feel her body growing more excited, her skin getting flushed. She cannot take her eyes from the couple. The woman steps away, Suzie’s interest peaks watching her open a sterile package. Mistress starts to adjust a strap on & Suzie blinks rapidly as if waking from a dream. While the Mistress moves behind her slave Suzie decides to take her leave & move on.

Her green eyes follow a couple slipping through a door marked Voyeurs. She stops at the mini-bar to get another drink, then chooses to go through the same door. She stops in the low light corridor while her eyes adjust to the change in lights. She can faintly see a string of couches & chairs along either side of the wall.

“Why are they facing the wall?” she whispers, feeling an unexplained need to be library quiet in here.

She creeps to the nearest couch, her eyes follow several rows of stadium style seats to their end. A seamless glass wall from floor to ceiling which looks upon the scene room below.