Body and Mind Ch. 03


(Big thanks to all the comments I received already from my previous two chapters, suggestions and criticism alike. Sorry for the delay between chapters too, but I’m absolutely still working on more.)

Jerry pulled up a stool and sat down next to Veronica, who could do little but anxiously wonder what he had planned for her. She was still not entirely sure what he had done to her already, and here she was again for even more ‘work’.

“Le’s see ‘ow yer healin’ then, aye?” He suggested to her, as he moved between her legs. Jerry inspected each of the ten rings carefully, and gave them all gentle tugs, twisting them to make sure there was no infection in any of the holes. The wounds were still tender, and Veronica whined into her gag. “Nice thick ‘oles, these.” He told her. “It’ll take a lot ter tear these out.” He added with a quiet cackle. Veronica couldn’t decide wether it was intended to comfort her or not. “Orrite, time ter see how yer tongue is goin’.” Jerry said, reaching up to unbuckle the gag in her mouth. As it was pulled out, it felt like all of a sudden she had a new orifice in her head that had never been there before, and being able to have a full breath of air seemed nearly intoxicating. However after having the gag in there for so long she found that she was unable to close her mouth, and could only sit there slack-jawed, with drool running down her chin. Without wasting time, Jerry had his fingers in her mouth, feeling around where her tongue was still bunched up with surgical thread. “Say g’bye to havin’ only one tongue,” Jerry joked, as he got his grip on the end of the thread that had divided her tongue into halves. As he pulled firmly, the stitches popped though the thin membrane still holding the two halves together, and as the last stitch was popped, each side of Veronicas tongue flopped freely back into her mouth. The process hadn’t hurt nearly as fraction as much as it had getting the stitches put in, and now that it was done she was quick to experiment with what she was left with. Holding a mirror up to her face, Jerry seemed keen to see what she could do.

As she peered into the mirror Veronica was startled to see a stranger she had never seen before looking back at her. It quickly sank in that the veiny scalped woman with the gaping mouth was actually her, and Veronica couldn’t help but to give a quiet gasp. She could see in her mouth that it did indeed look like she had two thin tongues, and if she tried to move one side it would operate independently of the other. Testing both sides together she was quickly able to Pendik Olgun Escort twist each of the two sides around each other, and she found watching it to be mesmerising. “Well thart’s turned out bett’r than I could ‘ave ‘oped.” Jerry commented, apparently impressed with it own handiwork. “Jus’ so yer know, I’ve filled my contract wit’ yer owner naw, an’ now yer mine ter decorate fer the rest of tha night.” Jerry set the mirror down among the instruments on his trolley, and began to assemble a tattooing needle. “Yer can talk too, if yer like. It don’t bother me none.” He added. Keen to do so, Veronica fought the stiffness in her jaw, and only managed to garble out sounds, none of which resembled words. Pronouncing things correctly was impossible with her tongues slipping and sliding over each other, and after a minute of trying she gave up in frustration. Chuckling, Jerry finished putting his tattoo gun together, and leaned back over to her.

“I did an ink job on a spunky goth lass a few years ago,” Jerry stated, turning on the gun to make sure it was working properly. “Sweet youn’ gal. Paid fer the work with a cocksuckin’ worth all tha tea in India, she did.” Jerry set the gun back down onto the trolley, and unzipped the fly of his pants to pull out his stiff, tattooed cock. Veronica could see a heavy looking steel ring was pierced between his urethra and the glands of his penis. “Tha’s better,” he commented. “Anyway, I ain’ seen a thing hotter than her black lips guzzling this pecker down ever since, and I’ve got gals ter put on black lipstick now since tha’ day.” Picking the gun back up, Jerry leaned over Veronica, and turned it on again. “Can’t fooking stand lipstick on me cock afterwards, though.”

Jerry immediately began his work, bringing the gun to her lips permanently colouring them blue-black. As still as she could manage to stay, she was unable to prevent herself from groaning in agony, though after the needles of the tattoo gun had gone over her lips once, she found the immediate swelling muted the pain from the needle returning to fill in missed patches of red. Soon, her lips were done, and Jerry gave a huge grin, admiring his work. “You’ll be seein’ me as soon as they healed.” He chuckled, before setting the tattoo gun back upon her, this time decorating her chest and breasts with an elaborate design that looked like her insides were showing though transparent skin. In a detached wonder, Veronica watched the outlines of the her ribs traced across her chest, and once the edges were done the colours of the organs underneath Pendik Sarışın Escort were outlined as well.

In a state of near delirium the pain was muted enough for her to simply close her eyes and wait for the ordeal to be over, and with the exception of when the needles ran over her nipples, she was able to stay still and quiet. It was about two hours till the buzz of the needle stopped, stirring Veronica from her trance. Looking down upon her body she could only gasp at the artwork that was now there. It spanned from her jawline down just a little past her belly button – the colours of her internal organs beneath were all there, bold and detailed. Her breasts had been filled in too, with a textured yellow resembling the fatty tissue that they were made of sitting on top of her ribcage. She felt like one of the transparent human models from the science labs back in school.

“Well tharts gotta be some of me best work t’date.” Jerry exclaimed to himself. “Gotta admit, creative freedom is prolly the best thin’ I get outta this arrangement with Frank – ye get pretty sick ‘a doin’ th same old shit at the parlor.” Of all the things Veronica had to consider, Jerrys’ artistic freedom was probably the last thing she wanted to hear about. Her hair would grow back, and she was sure that the split in her tongue could be reversed, but the tattooing was permeant – done on the whims of Jerrys’ fetish. In the short time since being freed she had many thoughts of regret over her situation. Now however, the ink on clear display marked her clearly as a slave, and all she wanted was to stay underground where she wouldn’t be seen by anyone.

“Cheer up, poppet.” Jerry grinned, as he disassembled the tattoo gun in his hand. “I’m all outta ink now, so ye pussy’ll ‘ave te wait till another dey.” That was as good of a promise as any, Veronica thought to herself, her legs instinctively struggling to shut at the thought of the pain. Once Jerry had put away is tattooing equipment, he pulled open another drawer in his trolley, and picked up a thick needle and the familiar cork.

“Jes’ a few more things an’ we done fer th’ night.” Jerry stated simply. Getting up off his stool, he moved himself between Veronicas wide open legs. Guiding his pierced cock with his free hand, he slowly pushed his way into Veronicas pussy until he was all the way in. Her body betrayed her as she groaned in what she remembered was actually pleasurable. Leaning forward, Jerry brought the thick steel needle and cork up to Veronicas face, and positioned each of them on either Pendik Şişman Escort side of the bridge of her nose. Veronica braced herself for what she knew was about to come, but lost her focus as Jerrys’ hips began to rock back and forth. She was positive that she could feel the heavy cock ring rubbing inside her, and as he started to take longer thrusts she began to cry out as it ran over her most sensitive spots. Faster he began to fuck her, and Veronicas involuntary cries grew louder, until she felt a sharp pain driven through the thick cartilage of her nose. Cries of pleasure became a howl of pain, followed by a mixture of the two as Jerry continued to thrust into her until he came shortly after. Spent, he pulled out of her, and reached over to pick up a large and thick ring from on top of the trolley.

“Thanks fer that.” He chuckled. “Yer on birth control too, by th’ way. Soma th’ girls here go months wit’out bein’ told. Lettin’ ye know ta save ye the worry.. wouldn’ want ta’ see th’ new ink on ye belly stretched outta shape, would we now?” Veronica considered that point, and decided it wasn’t even in the top ten reasons she wouldn’t want to be impregnated here, though it was a relief for her to know that the semen she could feel dripping out of her wouldn’t be causing any long term problems.

“Jus’ one more partin’ gift..” Jerry added. Using a tiny screwdriver, Jerry unscrewed a pin on one side of the large ring, and a hinge on the other side opened up. It was a lot more like a tiny locking bracelet than a ring, Veronica thought to herself. Cleaning up the punctured hole though her nose first, Jerry then threaded the thick ring though, and snapped it shut. The pin was then screwed back in, effectively locking it closed for good. Now resting on her face, the ring was large enough in diameter to go from the piercing through her nose, down past her bottom lip. She felt a bit like a door knocker, the way it hung there, swaying back and forth and she moved her head around experimentally.

“Can’t wait t’ see what Frank’ll do with tha’.” He said, grinning, as he packed away the rest of his tools. Pushing the trolley out of the light and over to the locked door, Jerry pushed the intercom buzzer on the wall. “Tha’s all fer tonight.” Jerry spoke, into the microphone. The lock in the door gave a loud clank, and the darkened room filled with light from the corridor outside as the door grinded open. “She’s ready fer her quarters now.” He said to the two figures standing at the door. “See tha’ she’ll be comfortable an’ fed.” Turning back to her, Jerry gave a grin and a wink. “I’ll be see’n ye’ again soon, sweet’art.” he said, and he pushed the cart out of the room.

Veronica had no idea what ‘comfortable’ would mean for her anymore, but one thing was certain, she knew that she would indeed be seeing Jerry soon.

To be continued…