American Invasion


You have just moved to a new flat and it’s my first time visiting you here. I find myself in a new city, far from home and wrecked by jet lag. I wake up in near darkness, alone in your bed with no idea what time it is. Stumbling from the bedroom in nothing but my panties and t-shirt, I call out to you in the twilight.

“I’m here, baby,” you call back and my feet move towards your voice without a conscious prompt. I find you on your odd little rooftop porch. It’s more like a built-in bench than a porch really and wedged in between the dormers of the building five stories up. There you are in the golden light just beginning to fade, beer by your side, facing the french doors where I’m lingering.

Rubbing my eyes, I yawn and ask what time it is.

“I’m not sure,” you say with a small smile. “Come here, sleepy girl.”

I tug at the hem of my t-shirt (your t-shirt, actually) and peer out and towards the sky. I am trying to gauge how many eyes would be on me traipsing around your rooftop barely clothed.

“I can’t,” I squeak. “People will see. Let me go find something to put on.”

“They’re my neighbors. Let me worry about the scandal,” you tease. “Come here.”

I smile and pat towards you in my bare feet. Stopping between your spread knees, I look up at you through tousled chocolate curls with a sleepy smile. I’m still surprised to wake up and find you nearby after so long apart. I feel like I’m dreaming.

“I can’t believe I’m here,” I say.

“I know. I’d almost forgotten how good you look in my bed.” Then with a sexy little smile you add, “I had to leave the room or else you weren’t going to get any sleep at all.”

Even in the setting sun you can see my blush as my eyes go down to my toes. Hooking your finger beneath my chin, you raise my face. “And look right at me, tiny girl. Let me see your blush.”

Your hands are loose fists, and you run the back of your knuckles lightly up and down the outside of each of my thighs. Your skin gently grazing mine and leaving trails of goosebumps behind.

“What can I get you, baby?” you ask with concern. “What do you need?”

My only answer is to inch forward and nuzzle your neck right where it meets the worn collar of your shirt.

“You should be resting,” you say. But I don’t hear much conviction in your tone.

“But, I just woke up,” I counter. I plant small, wet kisses along the side of your neck, moving upwards from your collarbone.

“Then maybe I should run you a bath, baby.” Your voice is unsteady. “Would you like that?”

“But, I’ve been clean for far too long,” I pant. I begin to nip my teeth along the underside of your jaw, moving from the front and back towards your ear.

“Maybe,” you stop suddenly to clear your throat. “Maybe I should make you something to eat? Are you hungry?”

My mouth is just below your ear and I whisper, “Yes. So very hungry.” Then I take your earlobe in my mouth and suck gently.

“Pretty girl,” you breathe out in a whisper. “Oh, I’ve missed you.”

You scoop me up in your arms effortlessly and turn me around to sit on your lap so that my back is pressed to the front of your body. My hands move behind me to fist into your shirt and cling to you the only way I can in that position. Both your hands come around, cross at the wrist and firmly palm my breasts. Even through my sleep deprived haze, my nipples are instantly hard, sweetly gouging your palms. I arch eagerly into your touch as your rough hands slide across the thin layer between our skin. As soon as you touch my body, my breathing changes and I start squirming against you.

From the corner of my eye I see that you’re biting firmly down on your bottom lip. “I want to be gentle, kitten. I know it’s been awhile. But I’m not sure -” you voice trails off.

I start to laugh but I’m brought up short when your fingers find my nipples and give firm tug. I gasp and then spit out, “I didn’t fly across an ocean to be treated like the fine china, sweet boy.” I grind my ass against your lap. “Rattle me, please,” I beg.

Your hands move to the underside of my thighs and hoist me up. “Bend those knees, kitten. I want them under you now.” I comply and find myself kneeling on your thighs, facing the doorway to your kitchen across the small patio.

Your right hand comes up to rest loosely around my throat which makes me moan. I turn into your neck to muffle the sound.

“Have you missed this? My touch?”

I bite my lip and nod, my eyes closed.

“What do good girls say when they get something they want?”

“Oh, thank you,” I whisper quietly as your other hand, the dominant left one, goes first to your mouth and Pendik Türbanlı Escort then slides quickly down my body and into the soft white lace of my panties. A primal sound bubbles up from deep inside my body when you make contact. I clamp my right hand across my own mouth in an attempt to stay silent.

“Fuck, baby,” you breath against my neck while your fingers start rolling in tight little circles against the gusset of my panties. “That stiff little clit of yours is aching for me, isn’t it?”

I nod my head and whimper quietly as I tug on your wrist, urging it lower.

You bite me gently below the ear. “Do you want those fingers inside you, my pretty little slut?”

I gasp at your language but nod vigorously all the same, pressing my hips forward hoping to entice you. My brain is starting to short circuit a bit at all the attention you’re lavishing on the tight bundle of nerves between my legs.

“That mouth of yours does excellent work. Use that vicious little vocabulary to convince me, baby. Tell me where you want my fingers.”

The sun is beginning to set behind us and I can barely make out our reflection in the glass door leading into your flat. There I am, the city outlined behind us, with my legs spread just enough to allow your deft fingers to move like hungry little animals between my legs. The sight makes me simultaneously weak and wet. I turn my face into your neck and take a long draw of your scent, the one I’ve missed so much. It’s almost my undoing.

“Please, please, I’ll be good,” I pant.

“Where, baby,” you taunt. “Where do you want my fingers?”

I give an exasperated little grunt “I want them, I want -“. I begin to blush furiously. I can feel the wetness gathering in my panties. Turning me into such a filthy little creature makes me so hot, but it’s always a challenge to get over my initial hesitation at being so graphic.

“Come on baby. Shy girls don’t get to come.”

“Put your fingers inside me,” I rush. “I want them buried deep in my tight little pussy.”

You reward me immediately by plunging one long finger inside my wet little slit. I buck up against your invading hand and continue to bury my voice and face in your neck.

“Yes, my good girl,” you purr. “That’s it. All you have to do is ask.”

I am desperate for you at this point. My body feels tight. Almost without conscious thought I turn towards your throat and sink my teeth into the flesh along your collarbone.

“Fuck!” you grunt. The hand on my neck tightens and turns my face outward. “No more hiding, little kitten. Turn that hot little mouth of yours out.” Your fingers move to grip the underside of my jaw and turn my face out to the air.

I began to whimper and struggle in earnest. “Someone will hear. Please!”

“Oh yes, they’ll hear alright,” you murmur darkly. “They’ll hear you begging for a second finger. Won’t they?”

You pull your slick digit from deep within me and begin to gently run two fingers up and down my wet little gash. My sweet little pink lips are already so swollen and sensitive. I bring my clenched fists up and press both to my mouth. Guttural sounds escape from the edges of my lips.

The grip on my neck suddenly intensifies and as a result, the rest of my body freezes instantly. Instinctively my hands fly to my neck and try to pry your grip loose.

“Where do those hands belong?” you growl against my neck. “Hmm? Where?” you ask sharply.

I begin to lower them and your grip on my throat loosens.

“That’s a good girl.” I move my hands behind me and fist your shirt against my back again. You tip my chin up as high as it goes and slide both fingers resting between my legs deep within me. You lick slowly up my neck and breathe heavily against my skin.

“Mmh. You look so good when you do what you’re told, pretty girl. Make some noise for me now.”

But I am still very much aware of how exposed we are. I’m reasonably sure no one can see me from the front, but open windows are all around us and the street below is dotted with pedestrians. I clamp my mouth shut tightly and start to buck my hips against your hand.

“Look at me,” you say while keeping my neck fully extended. I raise my eyes to yours. “Still bent on having your way and being silent?” I don’t trust myself with any sort of response so I just look you straight in the eye.

“Stubborn little thing,” you chuckle. “A battle of wills then? We’ll see who wins, little girl.” My eyes screw shut as your thumb joins the game to press relentless circles against my tiny clit while your two other fingers continue to plunge in and out of my swollen little slit.

I Pendik Otele Gelen Escort force a burst of air out through my nose and groan quietly against my lips, still pressed firmly together. I thrash once against your firm hold, anger bubbling up at your tactics, already embarrassed by my wanton display in the evening sun.

“No, kitten. I don’t plan to play fair.”

I go inward and try to focus on my breathing and the delicious pressure of your hands on my body. I’ve missed this so much over the last months. The way your scent shifts sharply when you get aroused, the salty taste of your skin, and the rough cadence of your breath when you know I’m close to coming for you.

And I am, close that is. My thighs have developed a slight tremor and that delicious tension has begun to creep into my torso along with a deepening flush to my chest and breasts. Your left hand is still in constant motion under the lace between my sticky thighs.

“Hands up,” you order roughly.”Clasp them behind my head.” I comply without thinking and wrap my arms around your neck directly behind me. Your right hand leaves my throat and through my lust-filled haze I hear the telltale and delicious sounds of your belt being undone. I began to whimper in earnest now against my closed lips.

“Oh yes, fight it baby. Draw it out. I’ll rip that pleasure from you one way or another,” you threaten. The instant I feel your hard cock spring against my inner thigh I almost lose control of my body. Suddenly the people nearby don’t seem nearly so strong a concern.

“Spread your legs,” you growl. The playfulness in your voice is gone. Sweet darkness and restraint are in its place. “Feet on the bench and knees locked outside mine.”

I do as I’m told and in the process am allowed the delicious pleasure of grinding my ass down against your thick cock. You moan in response and bring your free right hand under my shirt and claim my right breast. You spread your knees in one swift and punishing movement, thereby spreading my legs as far as my hips will allow.

“Ready, kitten? Ready to scream for me? You’re going to teach everyone in a three block radius my goddamned name.” Somehow I manage the wherewithal to shake my head, still unwilling to admit defeat.

You pinch my nipple firmly and pant, “You forget how well I know this body of yours, baby. I know all its secrets.” You assert your will by spreading your knees a bit further apart and stretching my already taut thigh muscles. I moan and tip my head back.

“What’s your filthy little secret, baby? Hmm?” I start to quiver as my orgasm begins to hit. My head rolls from side to side.

“The wider those powerful little legs are spread, the harder you come. Isn’t that right?”

My tenuous grip on my will snaps in that moment and I let out a long, keening cry. My mouth is wide open and guttural sounds are pounding out of me. I start to cry your name over and over like a filthy mantra while rough waves of pleasure roll over my tight little body. I grip the hair at the back of your head with all my might and am rewarded by a tight snarl from your mouth.

“That’s it,” you croon against my neck through my mewling, emphatic cries. “Soak that cock, you ferocious little whore.”

You sink your teeth into my shoulder as my cries devolve into anguished pleas and moans. My body is still convulsing against your hand, now rolling slowly in and out of me. All I can smell is my own release and your skin.

I’m still quivering and my body has gone limp like a little doll. You turn me around in your arms so that I’m straddling you. Our chests brush against each other and I move to tuck my head under your chin for comfort. Instead you fist your hand into my hair and pull my head back. You bring your other fingers, the ones covered in my juices, up to my mouth and give one more order.


I do exactly as you ask and open my mouth. I allow my tongue to slip forward just a bit. You slide your long digits in and smear them along my soft, pink tongue. I keep my mouth open and slack as you rub my sticky wetness along the insides of my cheeks and full lips.

“Good girl,” you breathe out slowly. “Now suck.”

I bring my lips around your fingers and close my eyes as I pull against your skin and clean every inch. Tasting myself makes me crazy with need all over again and I can’t keep my body still.

“You’re so beautiful, kitten. Look at me.”

I open my eyes but continue to follow orders by nipping and sucking gently on your fingers. I run my tongue between the digits.

“I’m desperate to be deep inside you,” you say wincing. “I don’t think I can Pendik Ucuz Escort wait. But you’re so tight again, baby. So very, very tight. I don’t want to hurt you, sweet girl.” Your eyes are locked on my mouth. You pull your fingers out suddenly and grab my head. You shift your weight forward so that your face is well above mine and bring your mouth down in a punishing kiss. I begin to mewl into your mouth and press my needy little body against yours.

You release me just as quickly and look down at me with a delicious intensity. Gazing up at you I see my own hunger mirrored in your face. A strangled sort of groan erupts from my mouth.

“I need that cock,” I sob. “Now.”

“Then what do you say?”

I’m frustrated at having to play this game again even though it gets me so fucking hot. I reach forward and grab two fistfuls of your shirt. My body is restless. You moan for me to be still.


“Say it properly.”

“Please, may I have your cock?”

“That’s better. Say it again.”

I force a burst of air out through my nose and repeat the question.

“Please, may I have your cock?”

“Have you been good?”

I tilt my head to the side in dismay and frustration. “Yes…” I whine.

“Really? That doesn’t sound like a girl who deserves to get what she wants.”

I sigh heavily and close my eyes. I begin to roll my hips, sliding the wet cloth of my panties along the length of your swollen cock. It’s already slick from our earlier fun. You close your eyes and move to guide my hips forward and back. Then you raise me off your lap by just a fraction of an inch and deny me the delicious friction.

“Convince me with your words.”

My brows are are furrowed in disquietude. My chin dips to rest along my chest.

“To whom do you belong, little one?”

“You,” I answer without hesitation. “I belong to you.”

“Then I decide when and how you get taken.”

I’m not sure what got into me in that moment, but I launch myself at you. I wrap both hands around your head, bury them in your hair and yank hard. You head whips back and your eyes spring open in surprise. I rise up on my knees so that I’m looking down at you. I bring my face very close to yours.

“I say you’re going to take me inside and fuck me properly. Stretch me open.” I smile coldly, enjoying the shocked look on your face. “That perfect, thick cock I’ve been denied for so long? I want you to make it fit.”

In the span of time it takes you to blink I see a shift take place. The surprise is gone and in its place is the primal, sexy beast I dream of every single night. You make a tight raging sound and stand suddenly, taking me with you. You turn around and face the bench. You pry me off you in one fluid motion and press me to the flat seat. Your left hand goes straight to my neck and you roughly pin me down.

I open my mouth to speak.

“Not a fucking word,” you threaten. “That hot mouth of yours needs to be taught a lesson.”

Your right hand pushes your erect cock back onto your boxer briefs as best you can while your eyes and left fist keep me pinned to the bench. I’m curled on my side but you bring your other hand up and force me onto my back. Your right hand grasps the neck of my (your) t-shirt and gives a sharp tug. I hear a tear and see a cruel smile bloom across your mouth.

“No,” I gasp. “No, don’t!”

Too late. You give another sharp pull and shred the soft fabric down and off my body. The sun is firmly set now, but I can still clearly see into the open windows that surround me. Your hand moves down to my panties.

I let out a short scream and start to struggle in earnest against your hands. It does me very little good.

“The more noise you make the more attention you draw. You know that, right?”

My little white panties are torn from me in one swift motion. I’m left bare and my hands move to cover myself as best I can. You keep your eyes on me and stand up, towering over me. Pinning me there with your gaze, you begin to move backwards towards the open door to your flat. You cross the short span in just a few steps.

You snap your fingers and point the to ground. Your voice is faint, but weighted like lead.

“Crawl into this house and I’ll give you exactly what you need, you perfect little whore.”

With that you cross the threshold and stand there staring at me from the shadows. You have no intention of repeating yourself. You know you won’t have to. I’m panting and almost liquid with need. I turn over onto my belly and extend one hand down to the floor and then the other.

“Oh, yes Sir,” I purr. “Your girl is coming.”


Dear Friends,

This little scrap has been banging around my brain for over a week. I feel like it’s part of a larger piece, but that wasn’t coming as easily. So, here you go.

Thanks for reading. It’s always lovely to hear what you think.

xx – lost

July 2014