Cheryl and Meryl Pt. 04


In the other bedroom, a different drama was taking place.

When Daniel showed up at his daughter’s bedroom door, and after Jeremy had trotted off to service Shirley, Cheryl stood there in her baby-doll nightgown, arms at her hips.

“Daddy,” she chided, “what are you doing in your underwear?”

“Well,” he explained, “it’s how I sleep! I never wear pajamas.”

“Okay, fine,” she said, suddenly losing interest. “Come on in.”

“Come in?” he said, alarmed. “What—?”

“Daddy,” she observed tartly, as if speaking to a dimwitted child, “you’ve just let my boyfriend take your place in your bedroom, and in your wife. So unless you intend to evict Meryl out of her bed, you’ll presumably be sleeping here tonight.”

Somehow the thought of where he was going to sleep tonight had never occurred to him. He entered the room with extreme caution, somehow feeling as if he was walking into a women’s restroom.

He slipped at once into the bed, pulling up the covers up to his chin. Cheryl gave him a snide smirk, stalked over to the other side of the bed, tugged the sheets out of his hands, and not only got into bed but actually landed on top of her father.

“Jesus, Cheryl!” he cried. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, I thought we’d have a heart-to-heart talk,” she said blandly.

“What about?”

“You—and Mom—and your girlfriend.”

“She’s not my girlfriend anymore! I haven’t seen her in ages.”

“Well, good for you. What’s her name, anyway?”


“Nice name. What exactly led you to, um, bop her?”

“Oh, God, Cheryl,” Daniel cried in despair, “I don’t know!”

“Is she pretty?”

“Sure, she’s pretty.”

“Look like me?” Cheryl said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Christ, no! What do you take me for?”

“Well, I gather she’s only a few years older than me.”

“She’s twenty-six, I’ll have you know. That’s a lot older than you!”

“Yeah, all of eight years. But what—”

“Look, darling, I’m a scumbag for what I did. Let’s just leave it at that, okay?”

“Daddy, you have to figure out why you did what you did! Otherwise you might do it again.”

“I’m not going to do it again.” He sighed. “But I’ll tell you, your mom isn’t the most, um, enthusiastic partner in bed.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“You know what I mean. There are certain things she just won’t do.”

“Yeah, I think I heard. You mean this.” She pointed to her own butt.

Daniel colored. “Yes, that’s one thing. There are others. But the real problem is that after twenty years, you get to know someone so well that there really aren’t a lot of mysteries anymore, in or out of the bedroom. And it didn’t help that we tended to make love pretty much the same way every time.”

“Oh, Daddy, that’s so wrong!” Cheryl cried, almost as if he’d admitted to committing armed robbery. “Jeremy and I never make love the same way each time! We always vary the routine.”

“That’s easier said than done, dear. We were both working, and having to take care of the house, and all the rest of it. So a lot of times it was just easier to fall into a routine. And that result of that is that we didn’t have sex all that often—maybe once a month, if that, toward the end.”

“Once a month!” Cheryl said with a kind of horrified awe. “That’s—nothing!”

“Well, it certainly wasn’t satisfying. And I’ll tell you something. Everyone needs regular sex, especially women. They get really crabby and irritable if they don’t get it.”

“Oh,” Cheryl said angrily, “so you think that’s how the nagging wife comes into being, is it?”

“I’m not saying that. And I’m not saying it wasn’t my fault that all this happened. But that is what happened.”

“And so you took your pleasure with someone new and fresh.”

“It was just a temporary mistake! And God, have I paid for it.”

“Yes, I guess you have. So you say that neither you nor Mom have had sex in, what, eight months?”


“Gee, that’s awful. I can’t imagine going that long without sex.”

During this whole conversation, Daniel had been massaging his daughter’s back and shoulders—and unconsciously slipping a hand lower and lower so that it veered on the edge of her bottom. And that had a certain awkward effect on his own anatomy.

Cheryl was quick to pick up on the change. With a chuckle, she flung aside the bedsheet, slipped off of her father, and gazed at the now distorted pair of boxer briefs he was wearing.

“What exactly have we here?” she said pungently.

“Cheryl, please!” Daniel cried, trying to cover his groin with a hand.

But she was not to be denied. Flinging his hand away, she peeled the briefs off of him and slid them down to his knees—and assessed the sight revealed to her eyes. She nodded with moderate approval.

“Gee, Daddy,” she said, “I never knew you were so well endowed.”

And before he could say or do anything else, she had engulfed at least half of his cock in her mouth. It was strange how his groan of shock and horror turned to a moan of Kars Escort pleasure. His eyes bugged out of his head as he took in the incredible sight of his daughter wrapping her lips around his organ, using her tongue to lick it up and down and using her small hand to stroke and tickle his large sac of testicles.

After a few minutes, Cheryl stopped her antics, and Daniel—with a weird mixture of relief and disappointment—figured she had come to her senses and would now behave herself. But instead, she rose up on her knees, gave her father an impish look, and whipped her short nightgown over her head and tossed it aside. Then, gazing at him with the justifiable pride of young womanhood, she let him drink in her exquisite beauty.

Daniel’s jaw dropped as he absorbed the heavenly sight of Cheryl’s succulent young breasts, her flat stomach, the thick dark hairs around her delta, and the rest of her gorgeous physique. He felt infused with a certain pride of his own. My God! I had no idea I’d begotten such a ravishing creature!

But he was fundamentally a timid and weak-willed man; and even as he yearned to seize this quintessence of desirable femininity and “have his way with her,” he remained frozen in horror at the thought of what society—to say nothing of the frightening virago who at this moment was being pummeled by this same creature’s boyfriend—would say if he so much as touched his naked daughter.

So it was left to her to carry on with her obvious objective. She leaped onto her father’s thighs and lifted up his quivering member, rubbing it vigorously against her pubic area. It was definitely thicker than Jeremy’s endowment, and she wondered exactly how it would feel when she shoved it into herself.

As she rose up to do exactly that, Daniel made one more bow to conventional morality. “Jesus, Cheryl, you—you mustn’t do that!”

She gave him a wry look. “And you’re gonna stop me?”

She chuckled as he did nothing but gape at her. With a little shrug, she impaled herself on his cock.

As if hypnotized, he watched it sink inch by inch into her vagina, until at last it was completely buried in her. The sensation was so transcendent that he thought he had just died and gone to heaven. Cheryl’s cleft was wet, warm, and tight—far tighter than his wife’s, who had had to expel not one but two babies out of her own cavity eighteen years before. And now, one of the babies who had emerged from that womb was now stuffing his member into herself.

Cheryl started bouncing up and down on her father’s cock, delighting in the surprising difference in how it felt, as compared to Jeremy’s. She even let out some whoops of laughter and delight—and this eventually resulted in something even more unexpected happening.

The door to the bedroom opened, and Meryl stuck her head inside. She knew that her twin sister was sometimes shamelessly loud when pleasuring herself—but her cries now seemed even wilder than usual, so she decided to investigate. Her mouth formed a perfect O when she saw what was happening.

Slinking into the room, wearing a long nightgown that went down to her ankles, she waved her arms frantically and said, “For heaven’s sake, Cheryl! What are you doing?”

As she continued to bounce up and down on the new toy she had found, she gave Meryl a deadpan look and said, “What does it look like, dearie?”

Meryl came right up to the edge of the bed, inches from the entwined pair. “Cheryl, Jesus! Are you actually—?” She knelt down and thrust her face right at the intersection of the two bodies, to make sure she was really seeing what she thought she was seeing. “You are! You’ve put him in you!”

“Brilliant deduction, O sister of mine.”

“But—but—” Meryl spluttered. “You can’t do that! He’s your dad!”

“And yours too,” Cheryl pointed out.

Then something even stranger happened. Meryl, in some kind of trance, slipped out of her own nightgown, pulling it down from her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. Daniel’s jaw dropped even more (if that were possible) as he took in the inexpressible sight of his other daughter now baring herself to him. The slight differences in their shape and contour (Cheryl’s boobs seem just a tad bigger than Meryl’s, and Meryl’s pubic hair is straight, while Cheryl’s is curly) struck him forcefully. He was about to reach out and touch Meryl when she clambered onto the bed and, peering fixedly at Cheryl as the unconscious leader of this extraordinary incident, sat on her father’s face.

Daniel would have cried out in transports of ecstasy if his mouth hadn’t been suddenly full of his other daughter’s pussy. It was already dripping wet, and he licked up all the juices he could as he grabbed her bottom and gave it a good squeeze. Then, fired by a naughty thought, he reached up with one hand and took hold of Meryl’s breasts and with the other seized Cheryl’s. The subtle differences between each pair were delightful to perceive as he blindly fondled four breasts at once.

But he knew he couldn’t hold out very long. Much as Kars Escort Bayan he would have loved this obscene tableau to go on forever, all too soon he began sensing that tingling in his balls that could signify only one thing. His moans became louder, even if they were still largely muffled by Meryl’s sex, and he suddenly began sending wave after wave of his seed into his elder daughter, as she let out an even more triumphant whoop—which may or may not have signified an orgasm of her own. Meryl joined in the celebration by a high-pitched scream, her body quivering all over as her dad continued to squeeze her breasts with one hand.

The two girls flung themselves off of their progenitor and flopped untidily onto the bed, landing in a confused tangle that caused them to giggle uncontrollably. The first thing Cheryl said when she gained control of herself was: “Did you come?”

“Yes!” Meryl cried happily. “Did you?”

“You bet!” And she glanced over to her father. “And with you, that makes three.”

Daniel, faintly appalled at how much he had enjoyed himself, said, “My God, Cheryl! What we did was—was super-naughty.”

“Oh, Daddy, who cares?” Cheryl said dismissively. “We’re all adults, right? It was fun—and more than fun.”

“More than fun,” Meryl echoed.

Both of the girls draped themselves on either side of their father, giving him little pecks on his neck and shoulders and chest. Meryl, still in a state of shock at what she had done, reached her hand down slowly and tentatively—and when she touched the glistening member that now flopped wetly on his abdomen, let out a faint little yelp that reflected her own sense of the gravity of the moment. Looking deeply and fondly into her father’s eyes, she said:

“We love you, Daddy.”

“You bet we do,” Cheryl echoed.

“I love you too, girls,” Daniel said, moved beyond words.

It was a touching moment, but somehow they all sensed that this wouldn’t be the end. Daniel in particular, delighting in the feel of his daughters’ bodies next to him, each pressing her breasts against him while he massaged their bottoms with both hands, felt his cock swelling and quivering with a rapidity that hadn’t happened to him since he was a teenager. Cheryl smiled wryly at the sight as if it was entirely predictable.

She glanced over at her twin and said, “Okay, Meryl, it’s your turn.”

“What?” Meryl said, wide-eyed. “My turn for what?”

“You know what, silly.” And Cheryl gazed at her intently. It’s time for Daddy to plow you the way he just did to me.

Meryl understood without the need for words. “Oh,” she said in a small voice.

Daniel understood too. Even though that very thought was a large part of what had caused him to revive, he said, “Hey, Cheryl, don’t make her if she doesn’t want to.”

“Of course she wants to!” Cheryl cried. “Don’t you, girl?”

When Meryl didn’t reply, Daniel took his daughter’s face in his hand and said, “Answer truthfully, dear. Do you or don’t you? It’s okay if you don’t.”

Meryl gave a nervous little laugh, then sobered up immediately. “I do, Daddy. I want you to go in me.”

And she did, as her sudden flop onto her back, her legs spread wide, clearly indicated.

The sight of this heavenly creature lying in wait for his entry into her was more than he could resist. Even so, as he climbed gently onto her and prepared to mount her, he was careful to take his cock in his hand and insert it only a little way into her vagina.

Meryl whimpered pitiably, and Daniel looked over to Cheryl, saying, “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.”

“Oh, Daddy,” Cheryl said dismissively, “she’s just fine. Maybe she’s still a little sore from Jeremy pounding her last night.”

The idea that he was only the second man to probe his daughter’s pussy inflamed him, and he plunged in almost to the hilt. Meryl’s eyes really bugged out at that, and her mouth fell open as a little choking sound emerged from her throat. But though, in a residual sense of decency, he still tried to be gentle, the feel of his cock in her crevice—even tighter than Cheryl’s, and still wet from her climax—was so transporting that he couldn’t help but pummel her. Meryl clung desperately to him, finding the thicker girth of this organ strikingly different from Jeremy’s member.

Cheryl watched with genial benevolence as her father and sister really got into the spirit of things. Every so often she whacked her dad’s bottom, urging him on with cries like “That’s the way, Daddy! Give her the business!” But Daniel scarcely needed her encouragement. He pawed his daughter all over with his hands, squeezing her shoulders, breasts, thighs, and bottom avidly as he pasted her face and neck with hot kisses. Is it any surprise that he wasn’t able to hold out nearly as long as he wished? His emission seemed to be forced out of him in long ropes of come, and it seemed as if he was filling his daughter’s cleft to overflowing with his thick discharge.

He collapsed onto Meryl like a dead weight, all but obliterating Escort Kars her from sight. She rather liked the feel of him on her, but eventually she said, “Daddy, can you come out of me now?”

With a groan he flung himself off of her. He was drenched in sweat, and noticed that the whole of her front was covered in sweat also.

“Are you—are you okay, dear?” he said, genuinely concerned he might have overdone it with this inexperienced girl.

“Of course I am, Daddy,” Meryl said with a cheerful laugh. “You made me come.”

“Did I? That’s nice.”

And he dropped off to sleep at once.

His two daughters watched him benevolently. “I guess we tired him out,” Cheryl said.

Meryl giggled girlishly. “I guess so.”

But as Cheryl gazed at her twin sister, an evil glint came into her eyes. Meryl had learned to be afraid of that glint.

“Wh-what are you thinking?” she asked in alarm.

“Oh, I think there’s one more thing we can do,” Cheryl said blandly.

And with that, she leaped onto her supine sister—not face to face, but face to pussy. Seizing Meryl’s bottom with both hands, she buried her face in that damp cleft, licking up all the juices—both her sister’s and her father’s—that were oozing out of it. At the same time, she shoved her own pussy into Meryl’s face, who at first choked as the wet flesh covered her mouth, but then began automatically lapping up the fluid leaking out it just as Cheryl was doing. The salty discharge had a peculiar taste, but after a little while she decided she liked it.

The girls were making such a ruckus that they ended up waking their father, who they had assumed was all but comatose after his two thunderous orgasms.

At first he could only gape in horror at the sight of his daughters eating each other out—and letting his viscous come slide down their throats—but then, incredibly, he sensed himself reviving once again. All he could do was gaze helplessly at his engorging cock, reflecting sourly, Shirley never made me come three times in one session. But then he realized that was an unfair comparison: how can one wife, however seductive, compare to two scrumptious daughters?

Daniel knew he had to do something; but he was uncertain exactly what. Then he glanced over at the nightstand, where he saw a jar of cold cream resting placidly. (Cheryl had carelessly neglected to put it back in the top drawer.) At first he was puzzled—then its use suddenly struck him. With a broad smile, he reached over, took the jar in his hands, unscrewed the cap, and scooped out a liberal dose onto his fingers.

Then, as he saw his daughters becoming more ardent in their mutual licking and sucking and nuzzling, he placed himself behind Cheryl, coated her anus with the white stuff, and immediately plunged into her.

However much she was used to this procedure, the sudden invasion of her bottom caught Cheryl by surprise, and she let out a strangled gasp while still keeping her lips pasted to her sister’s sex. Daniel slipped in surprisingly easily—and this first experience of anal sex (for it wasn’t only Shirley who had unjustly denied him this procedure, but the several girlfriends he’d had before her) was another transcendent moment in his life that he would never forget. All he could do at first was watch his cock disappear into that tiny aperture, almost to the hilt; then he began pumping slowly, relishing each thrust as he seized his daughter’s hips with both hands to steady himself.

Meanwhile, Meryl was getting an up-close-and-personal look at the filling of her sister’s nether orifice, and she watched hypnotically as her father slid in and out of it. A mumbled complaint by Cheryl made her realize that she had momentarily stopped licking the moist pussy that lay in front of her face, so she quickly resumed. The moans and groans and sighs and grunts that all three of them made as they did their respective work ended up sounding like the struggle of hand-to-hand combatants. Truly, this was the battle of the sexes!

Then Daniel abruptly pulled out and spattered his come alternately on Cheryl’s two openings and on Meryl’s face. She laughed uproariously as she felt the hot liquid land on her cheeks, mouth, and even her eyes. To her surprise, Cheryl wheeled around and began greedily licking up the sperm, tickling Meryl’s face in the process. Daniel just gazed in awe as his twin daughters got the most out of the experience.

Now it was really and truly time for sleep, and everyone nodded off as if they’d been drugged.


It was Shirley who was first to drag herself down to the kitchen. Her hair wildly tousled, sleep creases on her face, she barely managed to stagger to the coffee machine and brew a pot, taking a cup and sitting heavily on a chair in the breakfast nook while waiting for the others to get up. She was damned if she was going to cook breakfast on her own; as a dynamic career woman, there were severe limits to how far she was inclined to play the part of the dutiful housewife.

Daniel came into the kitchen next. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Shirley sitting there, but managed to shuffle over to the coffee maker and pour his own cup. He peered nervously at his wife and said in a feeble attempt at humor, “Jeez, Shirley, you look like something the cat dragged in.”