Charley Stays…

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I was fresh out of college and luckily already had found myself a job in my chosen career path, which was advertising. It was a junior position for a large company, and with my new pay check I quickly packed up my stuff and moved out of my parent’s home. I managed to get myself an adorable two bedroom apartment downtown close to the office. I felt so adult, and the freedom was intoxicating. I loved having no one to answer to. I could walk around naked, keep my vibrator in my bedside table, and come and go as I pleased. I didn’t have a boyfriend, but it was nice knowing I could have a guy back to my place for sex whenever I wanted to. It was thrilling to have my own place.

I was on my own for a week, when my best friend Isabella, stopped in one evening and brought her brother along. I had met Charley a few times before. He was eight-teen months older than Isabella, and much like his younger sister he was stunningly good looking. He had tall, dark and deadly handsome covered perfectly. I tried not to notice his slightly too long jet black hair, vibrant blue eyes, or even his perfect ass. Damn, if he was not my best friend’s brother I might have made every effort to make sure he knew I noticed. Even if I also knew I did not stand a chance with such a good looking man.

We all ate some pizza and watched a rented movie that they had brought over with them. I could hardly concentrate on the movie with Charley in the room. I thought I caught him staring at me a few times, but suspected he was looking at something behind me. When the movie was done, Isabella asked me if she could talk to me in the kitchen. I glanced at Charley as Isabella dragged me into the kitchen. He looked sheepish and did not make direct eye contact. My brain felt fuzzy with Charley around, and I knew my vibrator would get a work out later that evening.

“What’s up Isa?” I asked. I opened the fridge and grabbed some pops for us all. I felt my cheeks were flushed from thinking about my vibrator. I did not want to turn to look at Isabella right away.

“I hope you did not mind me bringing Charley over tonight.” She started. “It is just that he has nowhere to go right now. His girlfriend just dumped him and kicked him out.”

Mind! Was she nuts? Who could ever mind being around such a total hunk? I turned to look at Isabella now, but I felt I was not catching on to the point of the conversation. “No, it is cool that you brought him. I am sorry to hear about the break-up.” I tried to sound causal.

I was not really all that sorry to hear about it, I mean seriously even if I did not stand a chance with him it was still comforting to know he was at least available. I could hardly imagine any woman putting him out though. He was staggeringly good looking, and it would surely have been hard to send that kind of eye candy packing. I could only assume she was equally stunning and could replace him with ease. I felt a pang of sadness that I had not been graced with the level of beauty to capture the attention of a man such as Charley.

Isabella was still talking I realized. “So, Sophia…I was just wondering if maybe, since you have the spare room…” She paused for the briefest second. “Jeremy and I only have a one bedroom apartment so barely enough space for us. Our parents moved out of province, so Charley just needs a place for a week so he can get on his feet.”

“Sure!” I blurted far too quickly and with a suspicious level of enthusiasm. However, it went unnoticed as Isabella was on her feet and hugging me.

“Thank you Soph!” She said as she squeezed me tightly. When she released me she took my hand and dragged me back into the living room area. “Charley, she says you can stay in her spare room for a week or so.”

I heard the “or so” but for some reason let it slide. I looked to Charley. He was standing now and shuffling his feet a little. He looked uncomfortable and clearly felt he was imposing. He looked at me with a devastatingly attractive smile. I realized he was waiting for me to confirm Isabella’s words. “Yeah, I would be happy to let you crash here, while you look for your own place. I have a spare room, but we will have to share the bathroom.”

I felt my fair skin flush at the mention of sharing a bathroom with this man. I felt like a teenager with a crush, and that made me blush even more. If Charley noticed my discomfort he politely ignored it. Isabella did not notice as she was already on her way out the door.

“Sorry you two, I have to run. Jeremy was expecting me home like a half hour ago.” With that she slipped out the door and was gone.

My heartbeat kicked into overdrive once I realized I was left totally alone with Charley, who I might add looked so good in jeans it ought to be illegal. I suspected he had caused many a woman to act stupid, and I did not seem to have the ability resist that urge myself!

“I am really Kastamonu Escort sorry about that Sophia. My sister did not want me bunking on her sofa. You don’t have to put me up though.” His voice was calm and deep.

“Oh, it is no trouble at all. I am happy to have you stay. Let me show you to your room.” The fog in my head cleared a little. “You have no stuff.” I blurted.

He looked at me oddly, and then slowly smiled. “My clothes and other belongings are in my car downstairs. I am in visitor parking.”

“Oh, yeah.” I said stupidly. “I will call the superintendent to let them know not to tow your car. Just give me your plate number. Then do you want to run down and get your bags while I make the call?”

Charley rhymed off his plate number, nodded once, and turned to the door. I turned toward my room and resisted the urge to look at his butt as he went out the door. I called the superintendent and sorted out the parking. Charley returned with two very large gym style bags. I showed him to his room, than showed him the bathroom and where things were in the kitchen. We briefly discussed general routines, before we both retired to our respective rooms.

The first three days were awkward. In the mornings it was sheer terror for me to leave my room with a case of bed head and morning breath, but Charley was never around. He would always already be gone off to work, and only signs he had even been there was the slight sent of his cologne that clung to the air and the fact that he always started the coffee maker for me. On the fourth day things changed a little. When I came home, I opened the apartment door to the most amazing cooking smells. Charley was in the kitchen, and told me dinner would be ready in a half hour.

He suggested that I just relax, and he would take care of the rest. I smiled to myself – out of his line of sight. Damn, I could get used to this! I went to my room to change out of my work clothes. I looked at the normal panties and a huge t-shirt I would normally wear around the house. I did not really own anything sexy to just bum around my own place. I decided against the huge t-shirt and chose a casual cotton dress instead. On a whim I took my thong off and decided to go without panties. I never did that, and the very thought made me horny.

I brushed my long brunette hair into a glossy shine and resisted the urge to fret over having not been born a blonde bombshell. I fixed my lipstick even though I would be eating shortly. I glanced in my full length mirror. I was cute. I had always been told I was cute. I was kind of petite, and slender, but with decent curves when it came to my bum, hips and chest. I sighed heavily and left the room.

I curled up on the sofa, but made sure not to expose myself. Charley brought me out a drink, and handed me the remote control for the television. He smiled that devastating smile, and I felt a little weak. He was too good looking. I will still recovering when a short time later he brought out dinner. We ate in the living room, since I did not actually have a kitchen table. He was an exceptional cook, even if I was not totally sure what I was eating. He later told me it was some kind of fish in some kind of fancy sauce. It was good, damn good!

“I picked up a movie today. If you don’t have plans for this evening would you care to watch it?” Charley asked, once we were done with dinner.

I looked at him kind of funny, until I realized it was Friday. It was a perfectly normal thing for people to go out on Friday evenings. Charley did not know I had virtually no life. I smiled a goofy smile and accepted his invite to watch the movie. Charley whisked away the dishes before I had the chance to even move. He was in the kitchen for about fifteen minutes before he returned. I could hear the tell-tale sound of dishes clinking in the sink. Charley had cooked the meal, and washed all the dishes. I was very impressed, and even though he was staying with me for free I felt I owed him somehow.

When Charley returned to the living room I was flipping through a magazine. I glanced at him briefly and he was looking at me. Damn, but he could probably be on one of the pages of the magazine I thought fleetingly. I needed to say something. I could feel his eyes on me. I thanked him again for dinner, and I tacked on a thank you for washing all the dishes too. His voice held a smile when he told me it was his pleasure.

“Sophia, would you mind if I sat on the sofa with you to watch the movie. It is on a better angle to see that TV, than the recliner.” He asked softly. He almost sounded meek. I was stunned. Weren’t such male goddesses self assured and maybe even cocky? It was true that Charley had never struck me that way before, but I just kept waiting for him to show his true colors at any moment.

“Of course.” I stammered unintelligently.

I assumed Kastamonu Escort Bayan that Charley would take a seat at the opposite end of the sofa from me, but instead he surprised me by sitting in the centre – just a few tiny inches from me! I felt my breath catch in my throat and my heart almost sputtered to a stop. I knew it was ridiculous that he could have this affect on me just by being attractive, but none the less he did. He started the movie and leaned far over to turn off the table lamp close to the far end of the sofa. The room was dark until the movie started. I concentrated on breathing slowly and quietly.

“I hope you like thrillers?” Charley inquired. I did not answer right away and he touched my arm so softly I could not be sure he had touched me. “Soph?”

“Oh, umm…yes.” I answered. I had forgotten what he had asked.

The movie passed in a blur. I could not tell you who was in it or what it was about. When it was done Charley switched it off. The room was cast into deep darkness, but I could feel Charley shift for the lamp. When he switched it on he left it on its most dim light setting. He turned to face me. He was smiling softly. I felt a little thrum in my clit.

“Did you enjoy the movie?” He asked. This was a normal conversation, but my pussy was lubricating abnormally. I felt my sex drive was on hyper-drive.

“Yes, it was great. Thank you again.” I was about to excuse myself to go masturbate, when he fixed me with a piercing gaze.

“Sophia, may I kiss you?” He could have told me he was a serial killer and I was his next intended victim, and I would have been less shocked. He did not wait for an answer. He shifted more on the sofa and leaned in close. He pressed his lips to mine and kissed me gently.

I did not actually kiss back, so he pulled back to look into my eyes. He could see it. I knew he could see my arousal. He pressed forwarded again and kissed me again. This time I kissed back, parting my lips and allowing Charley to invade my mouth with his skilful tongue. He kissed me deeply until I felt I was about to drown. He pulled back and we both gasped for air. Once we could both semi breathe again he dove back in kissed me silly again. When I parted my thighs I don’t recall, but I jumped violently when I felt his hand slide up under my dress. He quickly and expertly found my clit and thrummed it with his thumb. I made a startled gasp into his mouth. My face instantly burned with embarrassment. I am sure the fact that I had not been wearing panties did not go unnoticed, nor had the fact that my pussy was already good and wet before his fingers reached it.

He pulled his lips from mine again. We both breathed raggedly. “It’s okay?” Charley asked very quietly.

He seemed as scared as I was to shatter the moment. I just nodded, not trusting my own mouth to form intelligent words. Charley kissed me some more. His kiss was urgent and demanding, yet sweet and totally arousing. Well, that and his thumb working constantly on throbbing clit. I knew I had been quite wet when he had reached under my dress, and now I knew I was drenched. I actually did not want to cum for him. I know that sounds weird, but I did not want to lose that kind of control in front of him while he had total control of both me and himself.

As it turned out I had no choice in the matter. His thumb worked manically over and around my clit. Soon, I was panting into Charley’s mouth. I could feel my orgasm building to a screaming crescendo. He could tell too. He stopped kissing me, but kept his face close too mine. I closed my eyes and tilted my head down slightly. I could feel him watching me very closely. He rubbed my clit a little harder. I panted and moaned. I could not catch my breath. I did not have the ability to stop this, even if I wanted to, and I did not want to stop it. I felt my heart thud heavily in my chest. My cheeks were hot. My chest heaved and I panted until finally the whole world fell away. All that was left was Charley and I. His face was so close to mine that I could feel his breath fan over my heated face.

I started to make these little high pitched sounds. I did not mean to make them, and could not seem to stop them. I was so close to the edge, but I was fighting back my orgasm. I wanted it, badly, but I did not want to become unglued right in front of this living God. He seemed to sense my reluctance. His hand was working frantically. He had an agenda and he intended to achieve his goals here.

“Sophia, it is ok. Let go…” He whispered softly.

His words washed over me. They had sounded tender. I knew I could not hold back any longer. The only way I could avoid cumming would be to shove his hand away and pray for control. That wasn’t going to happen. With one high pitched moan my body began to shutter with its climax. My chest heaved, my heart pounded, Escort Kastamonu and my pussy clenched and unclenched again and again. I could tell I was very wet between my legs. My knees felt weak and any further thoughts were impossible.

“That was beautiful.” Charley said simply once I was calm and almost breathing again.

I realized I could not look at him. I wanted too, but I felt impossibly awkward about what had just happened between us. If it had not been so one sided, that might have made it easier. My whole body burned from an internal heat. I could not quite decide what to do. I had three options that were totally viable at the moment. I could cry, bolt, or throw up. I just was not used to dealing with such an exquisite member of the male gender. To top that off I loved the idea of the freedom of having sex with whomever I wanted with no one to answer too, but in all honesty I was a bit prudish and could never really bring myself to have casual intimacy with anyone. I decided on the option of bolt, followed by a quick stress relieving crying jag, and then maybe throw up.

“Sophia, may I taste you?” His words stopped me before I could put my plan into action. My eyes snapped up to meet his. His were a beautiful shade of golden brown and very intense. He looked earnest. He could have knocked me over with a feather. What on Earth did this man want with me? I was very much on a lower level than him. He could have any woman he wanted. I felt so confused.

He misunderstood my confused stare. “I won’t undress. You will have full control. I just really want to taste you. I will respect totally if you want me to leave you alone.” He had his hands on my bare thighs. He leaned in close. He smelled good. My head spun a little. I could not form words so I simply let my head bob up and down in agreement.

Charley stood then. He was so tall, and he towered over me while I still sat stunned on the sofa. His erection looked thick and long in his jeans. Leaning down he scooped me up into his arms. I was shocked! No man had ever lifted or carried me anywhere. Charley carried me off to his room. He laid me gently on the bed with my legs over the side. He was not hurried, but certainly did not waste any time either. She shoved my dress up around my waist. I felt exposed, but this time I watched him. He knelt on the floor and spread my legs to give him access.

He looked enthralled as he looked at my exposed pussy. I did not have to look or touch to know my pussy was good and creamy. He licked his lower lip. I bit my lower lip. He looked as if he was going to devour me, and then he did. Lowering his mouth to my pussy he licked, sucked, and nibbled without mercy. He had me panting and grunting in a way that was totally unintentional and well beyond my control.

He stopped once. I tried to catch my breath. “May I put my fingers inside you?” He asked. His voice was deeper and thick with arousal.

“Y-yes.” I managed to grunt. I was close again to cumming, but this time it would be all over his face. I clung to some control. I had a very precarious hold on that control though, and was fully aware it was really just an illusion and as soon as he pressed a finger or two into my body I would probably explode.

Sure enough that is exactly what happened. With his mouth clamped to my clit Charley pressed two fingers as deep inside me as he could and I instantly came all over his fingers. He let me ride out my climax before he withdrew his fingers and promptly pushed is tongue into my creamy hole. I was out of breath and again making those little high pitch sounds. Without thinking I shoved my hands into Charley’s thick dark hair and pulled him tighter to my soaking pussy. This seemed to please him and he let out a guttural moan of his own.

Charley licked, sucked and finger fucked me to two more orgasms. At that point I was totally spent, and my bones felt like they had turned to jelly. I was weak, and sleepy, but incredibly satiated. Charley rearranged my clothes, and assisted me into a sitting position. I glanced at his masculine face and noted how wet his chin was. He wore an idiotic grin much like the one I wore I was sure.

“I will carry you to your bed, if you don’t mind me going into your room.” He all but whispered. We were in a dreamy state and neither of us wanted to shatter it just yet. I nodded agreement again. He hoisted me up into his arms with easy and took me to my room. He somehow managed to open my door and everything without me noticing. He slowly lowered me to my bed. I clung to him with my arms around his neck. I could smell my scent on him. His face was so close to mine.

“I would love to kiss you, but…” His voice trailed off and he looked almost bashful for a few seconds. My face burned again. Without much thought I pulled his face to mine and kissed him deeply. I could taste myself. It was heady and intoxicating, and again Charley grunted deeply in his throat. He approved.

The next morning I woke up and everything from the night before seemed like a dream. I could feel between my legs that is had been very real though. I heard the shower start, and wondered what the day ahead would hold.