Adventures with Penny Ch. 13


Chapter 13 — Balance

The weekend passed swiftly after my Friday night with Mindy. I was quite concerned for her state of mind after the ordeals of the evening. Brad seemed to be in check for now and Mindy did not have to worry about anything except her own internal conflicts. I wished I could be there to help her resolve them. The confusion, the hurt and the anger she must be feeling about the way things turned out would overwhelm any normal person. I had been there. I had felt those feelings, had those questions and endured those long, excruciating moments of figuring it all out on your own. I wished desperately that I could help her get through it.

But I had other, very pressing things to deal with on this overcast Monday morning. I showered and dressed quickly, ensuring that I looked perfectly professional. I made my way downstairs and paced the floor in the dining room as I waited for Penny to come down. I heard Emma’s car pull up in front of the house and I knew that Penny did as well. She suddenly came into view as she made her way down from her bedroom.

We exited the house together and I locked the door behind us. We climbed into Emma’s car, Penny in the front and me in the back seat. Emma drove swiftly, eager to get to our destination.

“How did it go on Friday night with Mindy,” Emma asked me as she drove.

“It was an interesting evening,” I admitted. “I am worried about her.”

“Did Brad get the message,” she inquired.

“Without question,” I confirmed.

“Good, then the rest will take care of itself,” Emma asserted.

We drove on without any further conversation. I was confident that we were all thinking the same thing; we wanted this meeting to be over and the results to be clear. Emma pulled up to a set of gates built within a large stone wall at the end of a long driveway. She lowered her window and pushed the button on the speaker box next to the gates. The box buzzed and the gates slowly opened.

We proceeded up the long driveway and Emma parked in front of the large, white house. Emma shut the car off and Penny and I followed her up the stone stairs to the front door. Emma rang the bell gingerly and we waited. I noticed that it was exactly 10am and I was impressed that we were so punctual. I was a little surprised when Brad answered the door. He motioned for us to come in and we all entered the house, without any conversation. We followed Brad through the ultra modern and well decorated home. He showed us out to the back patio where a small table and 4 chairs was setup overlooking the in-ground pool.

“Wait here,” Brad indicated.

Emma nodded and we waited as Brad disappeared back into the house. We all stood, silent, waiting. We were anxious but prepared. I surveyed the well landscaped property and terrifically maintained pool area. Time ticked away slowly and I assumed Sienna was making us wait on purpose, to prove a point. It was not until 10:15 am that Sienna finally graced us with her prescreens.

“How good of you all to come,” she said as she emerged through the glass framed door that led out from the interior of the house.

There was no response from any of us as we kept our eyes on her.

“Please sit,” Sienna urged as she pulled up a seat for herself. “So, where should we begin?”

“We have some concerns about our situation,” Penny began, as we all seated ourselves at the table.

“What situation would that be, dear,” Sienna asked.

“The situation of our dueling games,” Penny stated.

“Our Kocaeli Escort dueling games,” Sienna repeated. “Miss Emma, are you not in charge any more?”

“Times change,” Emma responded confidently.

“Well, well, that certainly changes things for me,” Sienna laughed. “I am not sure that this little girl is even worth the effort.”

“Sienna, don’t force my hand,” Emma warned. “While I may not be in charge, I am still loyal and I will do what I have to in order to protect those I care about.”

“Care about,” Sienna mimicked. “You must be joking. This game isn’t about caring, it’s about power.”

“Your game can be about whatever you want,” Emma conceded. “Our game is different.”

“How noble of you,” Sienna postured. “So, where do you propose we go from here?”

“We need to establish some rules,” I interjected.

“Oh, my dear boy, you are in no position to strap me with rules,” Sienna snapped at me.

“Then let’s call them balanced operating guidelines,” I suggested in my best professional voice, certain to show no impact from her sharp words. “It would be better for all of us to keep the games fair and separate. This way you can play your way, while we play our way and no one gets caught in the middle.”

“What specifically did you have in mind,” Sienna pushed me.

“Well, first I hope we can agree on our current rosters,” Penny offered.

“I know all your players, including your newest acquisition,” Sienna confirmed. “You know all my current players as well. I will not come after any of your players, but they are free to come to me anytime they want. Unless you have any objections, I think we are set there.”

“Fair enough,” Emma accepted. “Now, I am willing to leave things as they are as long as you behave yourself.”

“Miss Emma, we have already had this conversation,” Sienna indicated. “I don’t wish to have it again. I know the stakes and so do you. Let’s leave it at that.”

“I have had enough of the fake, pleasantry bullshit,” Penny announced firmly. “Let me be clear, if you fuck with any of the players in MY game in any way, you will answer to me. Little girl or not, I will do a number on you the likes of which you cannot possibly comprehend. Do you understand that?”

Sienna immediately stood from her chair and turned to head back into the house.

“I will run my game as I see fit,” Sienna stated as she stopped at the door. “You do the same. I will stay out of your hair as long as you stay out of mine. Now, show yourselves out.”

Sienna disappeared back into the house and the three of us sat there for a moment. We collected our thoughts and made our way back through the house to the front door. We pulled through the gates and Emma drove Penny and I home. After a ride of complete silence, Emma pulled up in front of our house and stopped the car.

“Well, that’s it,” Emma stated.

“We will make it work,” Penny reassured her. “Trust me.”

“I do trust you, sweetie,” Emma confirmed. “It was a tense meeting and you got very aggressive at the end. I respect your heart and passion for our people, but sometimes discretion is necessary. If you continue to show your temper, she will try to exploit it at some point. Now, you two take the rest of the day off. I will see you both tomorrow.”

Penny and I exited the car and headed into the house as Emma pulled away. We exchanged glances but not words as we made our way up the stairs to the main level. I continued on to my room and changed into a Kocaeli Escort Bayan t-shirt and shorts. I wanted to be comfortable. I laid on my bed, really not sure of what to do with the rest of my day. I thought a lot about our morning with Sienna.

As I was lying there, Penny made her way into my room. She did not say a word; she just curled up next to me on the bed. She too was now wearing a t-shirt and shorts. She put her head on my chest and draped her leg over mine so we very much resembled parts of each other.

“Should I have kept my mouth shut this morning,” she asked me as she traced hearts on my chest with her index finger.

“You have consistently let Sienna push you to a point of losing your cool,” I informed her. “No one else does that to you, at least no one that I’ve seen. Why does she get to you like that?”

“Remember how physical she was with you,” Penny reminded me. “And seeing those tears on Nikki’s face the other day, it just kills me to see you guys hurting and know that she is the root cause.”

“Knocking her on her ass with that right cross didn’t cure those feelings,” I inquired.

“Oh, that felt great,” Penny admitted. “But, it still feels like she has evil, crossed intentions towards all of us. I worry. My worry breads anger in me. I am not proud of that about myself, but that is the way it happens.”

As we lay there, it occurred to me that these conversations with Penny were quite similar in both tone and nature to the conversations that I had with Brooke over coffee at the table in her nook. The parallel really struck me in that moment and it reconfirmed my position of loving these two women with all I had at the same time. I thought about what Penny had said and how her worry translated to anger. She was human, forgivable and adorable. I felt, in that moment, like the luckiest man alive.

I am not sure at what point I fell asleep but I wasn’t out that long. Apparently it was long enough for Penny to think of a good way for us to spend our free afternoon. When I opened my eyes, Penny was no longer in bed with me, but there was a note on the pillow next to me. I grabbed the note and read it to myself. You give me so many things that I need. Now I am going to give you something you want.

I wasn’t quite sure what it meant exactly, but knowing Penny as I did, I knew I was going to enjoy whatever it was. I climbed out of bed and made my way to find Penny. I assumed that she would be in her bedroom but when I found it empty, I was somewhat disappointed. I wasn’t sure where she could be, but I was on the hunt.

Finding Penny did not take long at all. When I made my way downstairs, she was sitting, cross-legged on the edge of the dining room table. I looked her up and down to take in the site of her. She was completely naked except for black, thigh-high stockings and black open toe high heels. She looked fantastic and my dick responded immediately in my shorts. I stared at her and smiled widely.

“Hi,” she said softly.

“Hello,” I replied casually.

“It’s been so long since I have given you what you want,” she declared. “You give me so many things I need everyday without even knowing it. Now, it’s my turn.”

“I just do what I can,” I admitted. “I am glad to know our time together means so much to you.”

“It does,” she confirmed. “Now, let’s use this time together wisely. Come over here and fuck me. RIGHT NOW.”

I tore off my t-shirt and threw it down to the floor. I dropped my shorts Escort Kocaeli and my rock hard rod stood straight in front of me as I moved towards where Penny was seated. As I approached her, she laid back on the table and spread her legs. She massaged her tits with her hands before moving one hand to her shaved twat. She used her fingers to spread her lips and invite me inside of her.

Precum began flowing from the head of my cock. I moved close to the table and pressed the tip of my tool to her opening. She was already well lubricated with her own natural juices and I pressed inside of her easily. My eyes rolled slightly back into my head because she felt so wonderful. I pressed my full length into her before withdrawing. Penny gasped slightly as I inserted myself again.

“Stop teasing me,” she begged playfully.

I positioned her legs over my shoulders and began to penetrate her faster and harder. The table began to rock as I pumped my prick in and out of her moist box. I loved this feeling, fucking her when she wanted to be fucked. I entered her again and again forcefully. My nuts tightened quickly watching Penny wriggle on the table.

“Cum on my shoes, baby,” she gasped.

I continued to insert and withdraw my pole from her sweet spot. I groaned as my climax arrived and I withdrew from her completely. Penny put her feet together and presented her shoes to me. I ejaculated all over them without regard. I shot rocket after rocket of goo onto her sexy shoes. My orgasm felt tremendous and I never wanted it to end. When I was finished, her shoes were covered in an enormous load.

Penny sat up and looked at me, seriously. She shook the cum covered shoes off of her feet and then smiled at me as they crashed to the floor.

“Now, do it again,” she instructed as she laid back on the table once again.

I stared at her curiously as she parted her lips once again and invited me back in. This invitation did not seem optional. I pressed my shaft to her opening again and slid back inside of her instantly. I exhaled as I pushed my entire length into her. Penny did not wait for me to act; she quickly slung her stocking covered legs over my shoulders and began driving her body towards mine. I grabbed her thighs and pulled her to me repeatedly, spearing her pussy each time with my stiff rod. She seemed to enjoy this so I did not think of stopping. I aggressively pulled her to me again and again, much to her enjoyment and my own.

Penny wriggled beneath me with each thrust of my member into her vagina. She was breathing heavy and grinding her teeth as I continued to invade her wetness. Finally she slammed her hands down on the table and yelled loudly as her climax overtook her. She squealed slightly and then let out a long sigh as I repeatedly inserted my prick into her. She giggled somewhat when her orgasm was complete and I looked deep into her eyes.

My nuts tightened again, quickly after that. I pulled my dick out of her and she presented her stocking covered feet to me. I exploded violently all over them. The contrast of the white jizz on her black stockings caused each blast to be harder than the last. When the last drop was extracted from my pecker, I crashed into the chair next to me. Penny sat up and looked at me, seemingly more at peace than I could remember seeing her.

“I should go get cleaned up before Vivian gets home from work,” she said as she hopped off the table.

She kissed me on the cheek and turned to head for the stairs, shoes in hand. She stopped at the foot of the stairs and looked back to where I was still sitting.

“Sometimes, I really just can’t get enough of fucking you,” she stated before heading up the stairs.

I collected my cloths and decide to get cleaned up as well.

Sometimes, life was too good to be true.