A Summer Day


The chiffon curtain ruffled in the pre-dawn darkness as a light breeze tugged at it. The lovers were stretched out, side by side, on top of the crisp linen sheets. Neither was awake. The wind teased at the curtain again and a small gust freshened the dead air in the room.

The change woke the man. He looked toward the window and could see the material dancing as the light draughts continued to pour in. Against the faintest glimmer of dawn he could also see the silhouettes of the trees starting to sway gently. Thank God! he thought. That they were stuck in a quaint bed-and-breakfast on the coast (“quaint” indicating a lack of modern amenities such as air-conditioning!) was bad enough, but it was their double misfortune to have a room to themselves for what they thought would be a beautiful three days, only to find that the air was becalmed, still as death, and well over 90 degrees.

It was so hot that neither felt like making love last night as they lay quietly trying to forget the heat and let sleep overtake them.

Eventually, he heard her soft breathing and looked longingly on the subtle curves, her breasts pointed up, her chest rising and falling slowly. He had wanted to fuck her… really, really fuck her hard, but the heat was an interloper that precluded that idea. They were both very uncomfortable.

Now, in the pre-dawn, hope sprang through the window in the form of a gentle breeze! He rose to tread to the window and raise the sash a bit inviting the currents to fill the room and freshen it. As he did, he inadvertently awakened her. She raised her head to see his tall, slim form against the faint light. She giggled quietly as she noticed his usual morning erection clanging against his thighs as he walked, like some enormous clapper in an iron bell. God, was he huge! Never had she been fucked with so large an instrument, including her toys. He opened the window as wide as it would open. That encouraged a bit more of a breeze to fill the room. She shut her eyes and lay back again, so that he didn’t see her awake as he turned to get back on the bed. He stretched back and she could sense him stroking his hard-on, enjoying the sensation of it’s rigid flesh. Should she pretend to be asleep and let him pleasure himself?

The thought crossed her mind, but her own desire, now awakening along with her other senses would not allow her to waste such an extravagant gift! She moved slowly, and Kıbrıs Escort he thought at first, that she was just moving in her sleep. But, she placed her tongue on his nipple and it became erect at her touch. Her lips trailed down through the dense chest hair, touching and trailing a wet trace through his belly and she could feel him tense as the extraordinary organ anticipated her mouth. Her hand caressed it’s large girth and stroked it’s length. He moaned inaudibly at her touch and his cock pulsed slightly as it became, incredibly, harder.

She lowered her face and had to stretch her mouth to accept the large head. Her tongue played under the knob as she wet it’s dark meat and filled her mouth with the silky flesh. He had a salty drop at the end and she savored it as a prelude to the wet tongue bath she would receive after he had fucked her to her satisfaction. Ordinarily, he would also suck her expertly.

Hell… he ate her cunt better than any lover she had had previously! But this morning only a randy, hard, fucking would get her going. So this oral appetizer, her sensuous fellating of the massive organ, would wet it’s mass thoroughly and make him hard and wet for a real fucking. She liked foreplay, but the deprival of his cock last evening and her own morning lust, combined to make her wet without his attention. To ensure an easy entrance, she idly slipped her own finger into her juices as she rubbed her clit while sucking up and down on his enormous shaft.

He was ready, and, without a word, she got up, stood on the side of the bed with her feet on the floor and her ass bent over as she gathered a large clump of bedclothes to hold. The sight of her ass and his own understanding of what she liked was all the instruction or invitation that he required. He stood behind her and, grasping the base of the shaft, slipped the large mushroom between her thighs and past the soft hairs of her pubis. The fat cockhead pushed gently into the moist cleft of her cunt and she felt it slip, gently, slowly, deeply into her! His hands were hard against her soft ass and he grabbed her there and began to rock slowly forward…. the shaft moving even deeper, still deeper, as she strained to accept it all.

One hand moved under her and caressed both tits as they dangled like pendants, swaying with his own motion. He rocked back and forth and the big cock moved in and out with long, slow, strokes. Kıbrıs Escort Bayan Her breathing rate increased with the excitement. His thumb tweaked her nipples and she reached under, grabbed it and sucked on it furiously as he fucked her. “Mmmmmmmmmmppppphhhhhh….!!!!! The thumb in her mouth muffled her cries as his motion increased and she felt the cock moving faster, then faster. His balls slapped against her, just beneath her pussy and that also excited her more! He sharply slapped her ass cheek, once, then twice, then again, then again….!!! and he fucked her harder as he did so! She shut her eyes tightly, spat out the thumb, grabbed a large handful of linen and started to cry… “Yesss, baby… fuck me hard… please baby… hard! Fuck me! Fuck me!!! I want it!” She moaned as he pounded her. His motion violent. He pulled her close on the in-stroke and pushed her away on the out stroke. They shook the bed violently and she sobbed, laughed, and cried all at the same time as she came hard and realized at the exact same moment, that the owner of the bed and breakfast had just knocked on the door signaling morning coffee!

“Coffee????” the seasoned voice called through the door.

“Not Now Mrs. Pettigrew” he replied. “We’re just, uh… finishing our morning exercises!”

“Oh… well then…” she replied, “You’ll want to cool off in our pool. We also have a jacuzzi, did you know that?”

“Yes, Mrs. Pettigrew” he responded. “We’ve already used both facilities, thank you!”

“Oh well, come down when you are ready for breakfast!” Mrs. Pettigrew smiled as she shuffled down the hallway with the coffee urn and cups. She was once young, she knew!

“Baby…” he said softly to her. “I haven’t cum yet… I can’t let Mrs. Pettigrew see me in this condition!” She smiled wickedly.

“What would you have me do?”

“Oh…. I’ll think of something” he said as he let his hardened appendage work it’s way between her tits.

She laid back on the bed and allowed him to slip it back and forth in the cleavage which was wet with perspiration. The hard object felt exciting as it stroked longingly between her soft breasts. She loved the way it looked as it popped between her tits and came precariously close to her lips at the end of each stroke. The purple head strained against the soft, white, flesh… it’s swollen appearance completely out of scale with it’s flaccid Escort Kıbrıs state.

“What a strange thing that is!” she remarked as he pumped it between her tits. She pressed them both together to better surround his shaft.

“Yup… handy thing to have on a picnic!” he stated. She could see the sweat accumulating on his brow. She felt his rhythm increase, she saw the head pop forward faster, then faster. She decided to start the day in the way that she knew he could not resist. At the end of each stroke, her tongue began to touch the end of his cock. As he became more engrossed in the ritual, he pushed further and she could suck the whole head… leaving her mouth pretty much wide open so that it could finish each stroke between her lips and on her tongue. His eyes were closed, his brow furrowed in concentration. Her tits ached from the beating, but in a wonderful way. Her nipples were taut with anticipation.

He would always continue till finally, desperately, he grabbed his large shaft, pumped it furiously, and the cum would gush forth and usually flood her tits, her mouth, her cheeks, the bed… it was often messy, but she wouldn’t begrudge him his pleasure. He moaned now, his moaning becoming a wail. This was it, wasn’t it? NO! Surprisingly, he stopped himself short… he flipped her over and shoved the fat meat into her still wet cunt from behind! She was so surprised that she nearly came immediately. Could he hold back??? He fucked hard and brutally. Her ass felt every stroke as his pubic bone slammed home. She quivered as she started to cum again. He was holding back, but she knew that it would only make his final orgasm that much more wrenching. Oh, God!

They were going to cum together! They couldn’t quite synchronize this well very often, but as she shook… her thighs pushed apart by his hands as he fucked her hard from behind… she felt his cock throb with the undeniable sensation of a huge load of pent up juice seeking a home. She was glad she was on the pill, because when he came, it was always a flood. He pumped hard, then stopped, then hard, then stopped… as each jerking motion left another announcement of it’s presence. He collapsed against her back and she could feel him begin to decompress almost immediately. He had been so hard that there was bound to be a letdown. But he was a gentle man. Never one to pull out immediately after he came, he, instead, rested against her and within her till she felt his cock shrink to a disproportionately small state.

They lay quietly breathing for minutes when, finally he said..

“What exercises shall we tell Mrs. Pettigrew we were performing?”

“Pushups” she suggested. and they laughed.