A Night in Small Town Oklahoma


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I grew up in Enid, Oklahoma, a town of less than 20,000 people – all poor, except a few, all quiet and reserved, except a few, but only until they’d been drinking, or at a Mt. Salem Baptist Church revival – then it was different story. No one talked much; everyone was pretty much content to mind their own business, nodding and exchanging vague pleasantries to acknowledge one another when they passed on the street.

As time went by, more and more Mexicans moved in. One in particular I remember real well. Teresa worked with me at the Dairy Queen, where I had a job from the summer I turned 16 ’til I was 19, when a pole vault scholarship to OSU finally got me out of there. She was small, a little over 5 feet, and she had thick black hair spilling down her back. She wore it swept back when she worked, but the light would still catch on it, making it glint each time she turned her head. Her skin was smooth and cocoa-colored, setting off her dark eyes and long lashes.

When she walked, I had the hardest time keeping my eyes off her small, round ass, which swayed enticingly as she moved. I spent so much time thinking about that ass. I even thought about it sitting in my pick-up sometimes, as my girlfriend, Brandy, sucked my cock. She’d be slurping quietly as I looked off into the distance, the trees along the dirt road where we’d parked becoming shapeless in the dark. I never seemed to be able to get the image out of my mind – the taut, round cheeks barely held in check by tight, butter-soft blue jeans. I would imagine myself gripping her waist from behind and pressing my 8″ erection in between them, finding a slick, tight pussy. Inevitability, it would put me over the edge. My balls would tighten and my girlfriend would pull away to keep my cum from getting in her mouth. It’s a miracle I never actually said her name said as I shot.

So Teresa made my job bearable. Whenever I had a second, I tried to inconspicuously catch a glimpse to further fuel my fantasies. That ass was matched only by her smooth, small shoulders and pert, C-cup breasts. I relished the time we were the only two working, and I sat with her on the back stoop until her brothers came to pick her up. We would chat and she would smile. The summer nights were clear and heated with dry Oklahoma wind. Emporia was a peaceful little town that closed down after dark, except for Dairy Queen, Sonic, and a couple of bars. There were few streetlights and the lights in all the houses had been turned off; the only light came from a single bulb above us and the security lights at the tire store across the way. We flirted mildly until her brothers pulled up, and she was whisked away in a cloud of dust and abrasively loud tejano music.

I knew she was looking at me too, and I liked to flatter myself that she was checking out my long, lithe 6’1″ track-runner frame. I have the smooth white skin and ruddy features of an Anglo-Saxon, the tan of someone who’s spent years going on long afternoon runs without a shirt, the straight white teeth of a middle-class boy whose parents could afford braces, and the clear blue eyes and dishwater blonde hair of the great-grandson of German immigrant farmers. The muscular shoulders and arms I needed to vault where the result of long hours working out, hundreds of push-ups before bed, starting when I was 13. I worked hard on my body, partly because I wanted a girlfriend; partly because there’s nothing better to do in a town like that.

Ever since I got started in pole vault, my body got me the respect of guys and the attention of girls. I would have loved to believe that Teresa thought about it as she lay in her bed at night, those tiny, delicate fingers lightly flickering over her clit, spreading her wetness up and down her pussy till her fingers glided smoothly over the pink folds and found their way into her tight tunnel, those perfect white teeth biting her lip to keep quiet. I hoped her hips started to jog as her fingers fucked her pussy, imagining me on top of her, grinding into her firm little body to the hilt, kissing her, kneading her tits, whispering whatever it was that turned her on, nibbling her ears, encouraging her. I imagined her tight ass flexing and lifting off the bed a little, her body tensing and shuddering with climax as she murmured my name. I would have loved to believe that, but of course I didn’t.

It was one of those wonderful nights that it was only the two of us. She was younger than I was, and since I’d worked there longer, I was informally in charge. She was charmingly absent-minded, but when she loaded an entire freezer wrong, I had point it out to her.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, her accent caressing each word. “I’ll go fix it.”

“Terry, everything has to be taken out and put back in,” I answered. “You can’t do that and watch the front.”

We looked at each other in silence.

“I’ll work on it,” I said. “I can lift this stuff Kayseri Escort a lot faster than you can. Things are winding down. You can handle the customers yourself.”

“I can stay late and do it.”

Her dark eyes looked up into mine. Those huge tits were pressing against her shirt and the cold of the back room was giving her the slightest hint of headlights through the fabric. It was getting hard to keep my eyes on her face. I felt a bit of an erection starting to form, despite the cold.

“Really,” she said. “It’s not fair you do my work for me. I’ll call my brother.”

My heart leapt (and my cock twitched) at the thought of staying late with her. She wouldn’t be allowed to stay late by herself, after all; I had the keys to lock up.

“I’ll help you,” I said. “We’ll get it done twice as fast.”

Before I could add anything, she was on the phone, saying something my two years of high school Spanish couldn’t decipher. I adjusted my pants the second she turned. She almost caught me when she looked back.

“You can take me home, right?”

It took effort not to look excited.

“Yeah, no problem.”

The next couple hours went by slowly. Obviously, this opportunity would not come around again soon. As customers began to come at more and more infrequent intervals, I got more and more nervous. I’d furtively stroked my cock thinking about her so many times – her perfectly-shaped ass, the lilt in her voice. There’s something terrifying about having the chance to fulfill your fantasy – terrifying because it might slip through your fingers, because you might fuck it up.

Luckily, we laughed a lot since we were working together after close. We talked about school, music, siblings. She asked me about track – she’d noticed the track team wore their warm-ups to school the day of races. She told me how her family left Mexico when she was 7 years old, how she didn’t remember it very well, but her brothers missed it a lot. She liked Emporia.

I touched her every chance I got: brushing back a strand of hair that escaped her ponytail, putting my hand on her shoulders as I moved around her from behind, playfully punching her arm when I teased her. She responded the way I’d hoped: laughing at my jokes, looking impressed when I talked about pole vault, touching me back flirtatiously when I touched her. When we left, she complimented my choice of music in the truck. She didn’t need convincing when I suggested that we could listen to it longer if we didn’t go home right away. I felt more like myself when I stripped off my Dairy Queen shirt, leaving just the thin white undershirt underneath.

She looked great when she pulled her hair out of the food service-mandated ponytail. When my hand found her knee, she slipped her hand beneath it. So I headed for a familiar tree-lined dirt road outside of town.

When we’d talked for awhile and I’d scooted over the bench seat to hold her, she’d snuggled up into the crook of arm, pressing her small body against my larger one. I felt her left breast against my ribcage. When I’d bent down to kiss her, she froze a little. I caressed her arm and pulled her a little closer, letting my lips persist, and then my tongue, alternating between light kisses and gentle licks until she responded by looping an arm around my waist and pulling herself closer to me, letting my tongue pass her lips to slide through her mouth. She kissed me back urgently. I let her search my mouth with her tongue. When I smoothed her hair back and nibbled on her lips slightly, she squeezed my arm and pushed up against me harder.

I finally pulled away to look into her eyes. She was smiling and looked up at me intently, her eyes questioning why I’d stopped. Before she could say anything, I touched her face lightly, amazed that it was really her, the girl in so many of fantasies. I was fighting for control, but even as a teenager experience had taught me that a girl will let you do almost anything with her if you spend about twice as much time at each stage of physical attention as your dick actually wants to. Needless to say, I desperately wanted my cock buried deep between those two legs she had pressed so together right now, but I knew I needed to content myself with making out with her. I focused on making her feel good, so she’d want to do this again. I already knew I’d have to jack off the minute I got home.

She sighed deeply as I tilted her head up to get at her neck, kissing and licking, stroking her arms, reaching all the way up them beneath her shirt. She was breathing heavier – I was intently aware of that breast pushed up against me moving faster. Emboldened, I bit her neck a little, playfully, and squeezed her. She smelled wonderful, like herself, not like heavy perfume.

There was no way that she could avoid feeling my erection; her forearm had fallen over my lap while I’d worked on her neck. When she moaned, I risked running my hand over Kayseri Escort Bayan that beautiful breast. I’d done it almost unintentionally; I was so drunk on her smell and the sound of her breathing. My cock was fully engorged and straining against my khakis. She hadn’t pulled away when she’d felt it. As I touched her, I was careful to be gentle, stroking, not grabbing. Her nipples were already hard when I touched them. I rubbed them through her shirt until she was squirming.

There was no turning back now. I reached beneath her shirt and she let me unhook her bra. She groaned quietly while I kneaded them, weighing each in my hand, using circular motions, alternating my palms and my fingertips, pausing to lightly run my fingernails along the outer edge as we kissed. Her nipples were rock-hard as she pressed her tits into my hands.

“May I take your shirt off?” I looked into her eyes and smiled as I said it, trying to put her at ease, then bending to kiss her neck and removing my hands from her tits completely, rubbing her thighs, hoping to making her feel bereft of them, to make her know that if she wanted my hands back where she wanted them, she would have to comply.

“Um . . . yes?”

We looked at each other in the moonlight. She smiled nervously. Her arousal was evident in her voice and it made my cock jump. The second I get home, I told myself, I’m going to get in the shower . . .

She was lifting her arms and the shirt was in the back seat of the truck. I took my own off as well, enjoying her reaction to my chest, which admittedly looked better in the dim, silvery moonlight that made dark shadows around my pecs, accentuating them and making my skin look smoother than it really was. She reached out to touch, kissing my shoulders and neck a little. She was obviously trying hard to impress me, this upperclassman whose track uniform she’d noticed.

Her bra was unhooked and I slid it off her shoulders. Against her smooth, brown skin it was white and thin, obviously too small. I could feel the cotton was worn as I tossed it aside to go back to working on her breasts. It was cheap and utilitarian, completely unlike the underwear my girlfriend wore, which she bought at Victoria’s Secret in Oklahoma City when she visited her older sister in college. It was invariably lacy and complicated, red, black, or aqua, the bras designed to give her cleavage, the tiny thongs to highlight her small, hard ass. (I would have loved to be fucking her, pull out of her pussy at the last second, and come on all over that ass, but of course that would never happen in a million years – she’d freak.)

As much as I loved it when she stripped down to that sexy lingerie – in my truck, upstairs at a party, or at her parents’ house when they were away, the idea of wearing fancy underwear for me and then never giving me more than a hummer pissed me off to no end – especially since she wouldn’t even swallow. Granted, we’d only been only been going out a couple of months and I fully expected she was going to give it up soon. But ludicrously, she remained convinced that being there on her knees, her blonde head bobbing up down on my cock, kept her more respectable than if we’d had – God forbid -sex.

Thinking about that made me cool off a little bit, which was good, because I was about to suck a hard, brown nipple into my mouth. Her tits looked even bigger once they’d been freed. She was probably actually D cup, and they were beautifully shaped, high and firm. I licked and kissed them for a long time, carefully avoiding the nipple to build her frustration. When I finally took one in my mouth she gasped and held on to my head tightly. I sucked and tongue-lashed this beautiful, stiff, cocoa-colored nipple as I massaged the other breast. She squirmed and tentatively reached down to touch my cock. It twitched in response, straining against my pants. I unbuttoned and unzipped to give her better access. My hard-on had already come out of my boxers. I took her hand by the wrist and guided it over my shaft, feeling her hand relax and begin to stroke the length of it on her own. There was a little nervousness to her touch, but she was kissing me enthusiastically. She massaged my balls and then gripped the shaft, sliding her hand up and down. I was pleased to see she had a little experience. My cock looked huge and white in her small brown hand.

I tried to reach into her jeans, but they were too tight. She unzipped and slithered out of them. Her panties were as plain and white as her bra. I gently rubbed her pussy through the fabric. She curled into me, her head on my chest, moaning a little and murmuring under her breath in Spanish. I was taken aback at first, thinking that she was talking to me. I realized she wasn’t, so I continued to rub her cunt more firmly through the fabric. It was sliding easily – she was obviously wet. The realization aroused me even further. She looked down at my thickened cock. Escort Kayseri She’d stopped stroking it, probably out of distraction, but she quickly got to massaging it again.

I pulled down on her panties and she lifted herself off the seat so I could slide those off too. As soon as they were off, the scent of her pussy hit me. Her pussy was dripping wet and surrounded by thin, short black curls. I desperately wanted to see it better than I could in the shadows. There was a glisten of moisture on those thin, dark thighs. I swore under my breath. She was naked and soaked, sitting in my truck, urgently stroking my cock. Without thinking, I pressed down slightly on her shoulders, urging her down to give me a blowjob. There was no blood in my brain anymore – I had to cum. She pulled away and looked up at me. Shit. I looked down and thank God, her face looked confused rather than angry. I guess she wasn’t as experienced as I thought. Most girls with some experience get the hint when you want them to suck you off. Guess I was going to have to settle for a handjob.

“Terry, you’ve got me very turned on,” I murmured, kissing her ear and pulling her close. “I need you to finish me.”

Thankfully, her face revealed immediately that she understood. I was about to take her hand and guide her in stoking my cock faster, but to my amazement, she pulled away and lay back on the seat. I was sitting on the edge of the seat, between her spread legs. That black hair that framed her face was cascading off of the seat and she was looking up at me with anticipation. The dim light brought out all those perfect curves, the big breasts with stiff, cocoa nipples, the smooth, rounded hips and small thighs. I could see between her public hairs to the pink wetness of her slit.

When I realized that she was lying there, expecting me to take her, I almost said, “Are you sure?” Considering I didn’t know her that well and this was the first time we’d done anything, the words were half-way to my throat. As a point of pride, I’ve never pressured a girl to have sex with me. But on the other hand, I hadn’t pressured – and damn if I wasn’t going to fuck a girl who was lying naked and spread-eagle in the front seat of my truck. Before she could change her mind, I kissed her calves, the backs of her knees, her thighs.

I thumbed her clit and pulled myself over her, bringing my dick up against her wet pussy. I pressed the length up against her, rocking slightly to excite her more. I kissed her deeply as I rubbed my erection on her clit, desperately trying to move slow and easy. Her tongue was lashing at mine, her arms gripping me tightly. I gripped the base of my cock, sliding the bulbous head over her pussy until I found what I was looking for. I gave her an inch or so and involuntarily moaned as I started to move it in and out of her. She was trying to press up against me but I resisted her, holding her hips firmly on the seat. When she tried to pull me into her, I continued to tease her with the tip, enjoying the tightness on the head of my cock, feeling the warmth and wonderful stickiness of her pussy. I pulled out for a second to cool down and she looked up at me absolutely bereft, with the most endearing look of confusion. I smiled at her reassuringly, tapping my cock on her cunt gently a few times, letting her enjoy the unfamiliar sensation, and then positioning myself at her opening again. By this time, she was practically writhing.

I took a deep breath and pulled her leg up by the knee up to open her. I thrust in to the hilt, trying to make it quick if it was her first time. Thankfully, it wasn’t. Her pussy was amazingly tight, but it was open. Her whole body was small, but the way the tight folds gripped my dick were enthralling. I forced myself to go slow and savor it, to hold off and enjoy it as much as possible, making my orgasm that much more intense.

When I started thrusting more forcefully, her tits bounced with each stroke. Her eyes were closed and she groaned softly. I watched my thick white hard-on disappear into that soaked brown pussy again and again, relishing the powerful feeling of plunging my entire length into her. Her hips were pushing back into me, taking the cock willingly. As much as I was enjoying the view, I moved my body farther up, mounting her in a higher position. The base of my penis rubbed her where she could appreciate it most and her hard nipples could press up against my chest. As I rocked in and out of her little cunt, her counter-thrusts became noticeably faster and more eager. I held her tightly as she murmured in Spanish, and then cried out unintelligibly. Her pussy clenched and her juices flooded down all sides of my cock. I kept fucking her while she writhed and moaned through her orgasm, driving into her until I felt my balls tighten and tingle and my cum shot up through my shaft into her clenched, waiting pussy. I came long and hard, spirting several times, forcing my cock in as deep as it would go.

I’d climaxed so intensely it took a long time to soften. She was breathing hard by and we were holding each other tightly. Her head snuggled into my chest. I pulled my shrinking, drenched cock out of her. Semen dripped down her legs. I smiled at her and kissed her lips.