a bad snow storm

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a bad snow stormThe traffik stopped nothing was moving, it was a fucking mess , around 200 cars stranded and i was listening to the radio for news or anything of help, calling the authorities only to be ask to stay put and wait for it to clear , emergency would be there soonit wasnt going to work i had not much gaz and it had to move quick i had to stop stressing out and roll myself one, i did not had smoke half of it my window was knocked on hard, the trucker to my left wanted to smoke too, being all caught in the storm he genuinly was happy to say his truck was full of diesel and could last all day when i said i was low on gazA black dude in his 40 if i had to guess, on the chubby side, his truck smell cigarette sitting down ”fucking weather and road the fuck is happening””i dont know on the radio they say there zonguldak escort was a huge accident up front at the cross road ””yeah i know , i hope everyone is fine, we cant see nothing in this , i called the cops and they say to stay put. people in front would just fuck up with the situation””yeah its crazy i know”we smoke one them 2and then we both were seeing cops in snowmobile trying to help and get throughtthey came asking if we were fine, not carring a second about the obvious weed smell and left telling us to stay if we could they were rescuing people who needed help firstit got darker and darkerwe both were listening to music and news smoking cigarette and weedi only remember not knowing what to do or sayhe stood up , got his pants down and after showing it started to fuck my face ”stop escort zonguldak it, hands down , like that, you take this cock all in””its getting all hard , feel it boy feel that big cock”so sudden, so quick caught off guard and mouth open by his fat cockhe was moaning and telling me to love his big fat black cock , i felt so stupid getting easy mouth open like that, looking up at him teaching me to suck himafter he broke the ice and saw i let him do it, he sat in his cabin bed legs spread getting me set on my kneesin the back cabin no place to escape, i was mouth numb looking at him turn me into a cock sucker, i could have stop him but i just sucked the cock weak and help down on his big cock mouth open wet, it felt wrong but right at the same timei felt stupid telling him he had no condom he coudntpull zonguldak escort bayan on his lap facing him him bbc poking me, getting in , popping me tight hole up”i know ugggggghhhh yes now open up , fuck yes open up boy, take my cum”cum inside as lube my hole becoming wet and fuckable, his cock popping in sliding deep as i bounce on his lap i bounce moaning , full of cum broken and fucked in my pink asshis bbc taking all of me , deep fucking in me all wet of cumi became dizzy , ass stretch and weakerhelp ass up in the bed cabin , a bbc fucking in me non stopmy ass slap and called a good white bitchi look back and saw him pounding on my ass, i felt like a girl fucked up doggy like a good bitchin the snow storm getting the lesson of my lifei love cocklost and confuse young small white boy moaning on a big cocki was cum inside again i lost it and pass out just after he pull outi woke up in distress the big truck moving locked in the small cabin ass up spread a ball in my mouthmy eyes looking around to a note”good morning slut, you stay with daddy this weekend”