the medina and the girl

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the medina and the girlI cant believe I have to stay with my parents this whole time, chris thought as he and his family strolled through the old city together. Oh well he tought lets just mnake the most of it. Soon enough everyone on the tour was exhausted and they all went back to the hotel to rest up fo the eveing.Chris saw his parents into their room then made a u turn back outside to do some exploring on his own. Once in the square Chris was aproached by a middleagee man offering hash. He bought about 10 dollars worth, quickly put a large chunk in his pipe then ducked into an alley to hit it. Couple minutes later Chris strolls out into the sunlight, high on hash.Ok where do i go? he thouht. Wandering aimlessly Chris soon found edirne escort himself lost in some back alley. oh no he thought im lost. Sinking down Chris sat on the gorund.A fgure approaching soon got his attention. A large lady in a big black abaya started talking to him. what was she saying? no clue. She held out her hand with some bread. Chris took the bread and she let out a laugh. Hmmmmmmmm…she didnt sound tha old. She starterd walking away but chris started following her, trying to talk…she laughed and kept waling,chris right behind. soon she stepped into a doorway leaving the door open behind her. chris entered. after he crossed the threshold she closed the door behind him locking it quickly.she removed her escort edirne faceveil to reveal a young dark haired woman with teeth like pearls and lips like rubies. her eyes were smoky and sultry and chris immdeiatley started to feel his heart race.She cam e at him with her big lips and kissed him hard pinning him on the door. HE could tell she had little experience, her tongue and lips were awkward as they ravished chris, but she was hot hot hot… Chris was now in full erection and he quickly pushed her hand down to grab it. She gripped it tight and started pulling on it. Chris having much experience in these matters unzipped his pants exposing his penis. He pushed her head down until this dark beauty was face to face edirne escort bayan with the first penis she had ever seen. she stroked it gently caressing the swolen head. chris could feel his water rising, so he did what he always did in the3s circimstances, he put his two hands behind her head and shove his penis into her mouth. A better feeling would be hard to come by and this dark arab ate his dick like a famished cat. Before long wave upon wave of water was gushing forth, producing in chris a near blackout moment where the only thing keeping him up was the door at his back and his hands on her head.BANG BANG ?BANG on the door quickly brought him to…The girl shoved him into a small closet then went to open the door. a older woman cam in waliking by the closet..when she had passed the girl returned grabbed chris by the arm and led him out the door. she put something in his hand then went back inside and closed the door. Chris looked down, it was an email address…