The Cat and the Kitten Ch. 04


Edited by Spencerfiction, with thanks.


Will woke up the next morning and stretched as a huge grin formed on his young face. Last night with Taylor had been so amazing! He got up and went to his bathroom to shower for the start of the work week. “You’re a happy little guy these days!” he told his cock as he soaped it up good as the hot water sprayed over his back. He finished showering, got dressed and went down for breakfast. Lauren and Lynn were both there and both looked nothing short of spectacular in silk blouses and tight skirts with bare tanned legs. Lauren wore her hair up with strands falling artfully over her face, while Lynn’s long black hair was straightened to fall gleaming down her back, contrasting with her snow white blouse. His cock started to tingle to life.

“Good morning ladies. You both look quite lovely this morning.”

“Hmmm,” Lauren replied.

“I look better,” Lynn looked smirking over at her mother, who shot her daggers back.

“So nice to see a young lady emulate her mother. Imitation is the highest form of flattery isn’t it?” he smiled sweetly at her knowing he was pushing the right button as he got some cereal.

Her mouth opened and closed, “Asshole,” Lynn said as she tossed a half-eaten croissant at him.

Lauren didn’t even reprimand her, she just laughed. “Too bad she couldn’t fill out her blouse a bit more, poor thing,” she remarked as her own breasts threatened to pop a few buttons on her powder blue blouse.

“Really mother? You’re slagging my tits?”

Lauren laughed again as she went over to her daughter and gave her a loose hug, “Have a good day sweetie. You too, Will. Your dad has been in the office for two hours now. You guys better not be late, Martin will know. I’m gone and I expect to see you guys behind me when we go through the gates.”

“Stop looking at my mom you horny fuck!” she hissed as his eyes followed Lauren’s shapely backside as she walked out.

“Sorry!” he grinned back, “We better get going. I have to grab something from my room. See you in ahhhh the Suburban.”

“Why are we taking that?” she asked suspiciously.

“No reason!” he sprinted up to his room and grabbed a condom from his rapidly dwindling supply while he quickly ate a banana at the same time.

Lynn was already in the truck when he got to the garage, it was a new model Suburban with leather seats and window tinting. Lynn had on a matching black blazer with black pumps and sat daintily in the passenger seat. He jumped in grinning and they pulled out to catch up to Lauren’s sleek black BMW.

“Ahhhh so do you think we could go for a quickie before work?” he asked her hopefully.

She squealed out in amusement, “It all makes sense now! You dog!”

“What makes sense?” he asked with a crooked smile, “You look so hot, Lynn.”

“You’re so horny this morning you were checking out Mom’s ass, for fuck’s sake. The big truck with the tinted glass. I bet you had to run up to get a condom before we left.”

“That transparent, hey?”

“So you wanna go parking somewhere do you?”

“Yeah. You wanna?”

“Start my Monday morning and work week by getting laid? Sure. You have somewhere to go?”

“Lots of parking lots around. This has good tinted glass. We’d just park in one of these parking lots.”

“And here I always thought you were a bit of a nerd.”

He pulled into a half empty lot and parked inconspicuously along the side and shut off the motor. “Ladies first,” he grinned as he indicated between the seats.

She looked at him with a smirk as she slipped off her blazer and kicked off her high heels before crawling between the seats.

“Oh wow,” he ran his hand over her shapely backside.

“You gotta get me nice and wet first, buddy. That big cock of yours barely fits up my little tight pussy as it is!” she grinned as she pulled up her skirt and pulled over her black silk panties, “So it’s time for a second breakfast!”

“No problem there. God, Lynn, you’re so pretty!” he kissed her tenderly.

“Quickie remember. We don’t want to be late. Start eating!”

He grinned as he got down on the passenger side and she leaned against the driver’s side back door.

“Mmmmm,” he ran his lips lightly up a shapely leg. Looking up he gazed into her pussy, “Jesus, Lynn, everything about you is just so petite and pretty.” Her puffy pussy was clean shaven, just smooth white skin separated by a long slit, “Mmmmm,” he said again as he licked up.

“Ooooohhhh,” she started to groan immediately as he tongued her and she was soon very wet. He kneeled up and pulled out his condom and quickly unbuckled his belt, pulled down his pants a bit and rolled it on.

“Give it to me, Will,” she said in a hoarse whisper.

“Why don’t you just sit on it?”

“You want me to do all the work too?!” she teased but she was already getting up. He sat down in the middle of the back seat and she straddled him. Reaching down she took his hard cock and pushed it against her opening. They both groaned in pleasure as she slowly pushed down and he was squeezed inside. She Şerifali Escort pulled back when it was half way in to work her hips slowly until she could settle into his lap fully, absolutely impaled on his hard cock.

“Oh God …. Incredible,” he gasped as he felt her pussy contracting around him, squeezing his cock in its moist prison.

“Will!” she gasped in such a delicious little chirp as she started to bounce on his cock.

“Oh yeah, Lynn! That’s it! Oh God, yes!”

After a few minutes bouncing on him she threw her arms around his neck and gasped wetly against his cheek as she came. He was close too and started fucking her from below, pushing in deep inside her. He groaned in pleasure as his sperm flooded out and the warm tingly feeling spread out from his loins. “Oh God! That was so good!” he whispered as he held her closely.

“Early Monday morning orgasm?” she grinned as she looked at him, “Oh yeah!” Holding onto his shoulders she slowly pulled herself off him and swung to the side to sit next to him.

“Come’ere you,” he put a hand through her silky hair to lean in and kiss her tenderly and deeply.

“I don’t think Mother would appreciate it, knowing you are dropping me off at work with soggy panties, William,” she teased.

“What am I going to do about the condom?” he asked more to himself as he looked down at the slick condom, with its reservoir full, hanging from his now half hard cock.

“Just chuck it out the window, dummy.”

“Lynn! I can’t do that! People are walking through here all the time!”

“Oh my,” she rolled her eyes as she fixed up her panties and pulled her skirt back down, “hold on.” She crawled back to the front and fished through her purse, “Here,” she passed him back a handful of tissues which he pulled off the condom with, rolled it up and put it into his pocket.

“Gross, Will!”

“What else am I supposed to do?”

“Fuck me without a condom, dummy,” she smirked.

“Ahhhh probably not a good idea, Lynn.” He expected her to tell him she was on the pill and to stop wearing one.

“Yeah, well it’s better in your pocket than all swimming up inside me I guess. Jesus, we got to get to work! Come on!”

He pulled back up his pants and got out to jump back in the driver’s seat and they speed off laughing.

She fixed up her hair and put on a small amount of red lipstick as they pulled into the underground parking of his father’s office building. Will noticed all the guys checking out Lynn as they walked across the garage and got into an elevator. “You’re buying me lunch, right,” she commanded.

“Yeah. Sure,” he replied.

“Text me.”


“Lover,” she smiled at him as the elevator went up, “Are you my lover?” she asked grinning as she stepped into him and raised her head for a kiss, her hand rubbing around his abs.

“For as long as you want,” he murmured as he gently squeezed an ass cheek and kissed her back. The elevator sounded as it reached her floor.

“Sext me!” she winked mischievously, “Lipstick!”

He frantically rubbed off his mouth as the doors opened.

“Lynn!” a guy stopped her as soon as she got off, hoping for her attention.

“Later, Brad. Gotta go. Chat later.” She turned to wink at him as the doors closed.

Lynn got to her desk and powered up her computer, rearranged some papers and looked with distain at the stack of resumes on her desk. She was tasked with going through each one with a screening criteria. She wrinkled her pretty nose a bit and then looked over to see Russel Matthews in his cubicle. He was mid-forties, decent hair, clean shaven, moderately well-dressed even if it was box store fashion, and had a decent body for a forty year old guy. He had a picture of his largish wife and two young boys on his desk and he was quite shy and reserved. Lynn knew she was hot, in fact she knew she was very hot, guys tripped over themselves trying for her attention. She knew Russ was attracted to her and he even got red sometimes when she flirted with him. A forty something guy blushing! She loved it and, of course, started flirting even more and trying to make him as uncomfortable as possible. Her plan was eventually to make him cum in his pants. Tease and tease and tease and eventually giving his cock a squeeze and see if he’d orgasm. It was childish, a bit cruel, but it excited her. She even wondered what it might be like to fuck him. So she made her way over.

“Hi Mr. Matthews! How was your weekend?” She leaned against the side of his desk and grinned as his eyes instinctively and reflexively looked to her legs before snapping back up. He fidgeted in his chair a bit, clearly uncomfortable.

“Good morning, Lynn.”

“How was the weekend, Russ? You and the little woman get it on or what?”

“What? Oh,” he started to redden, “Ahhh I’m not in the habit of discussing my home life like that, Lynn.”

“So you didn’t. Too bad.” She looked around conspiratorially, “I got laid,” she whispered, “I don’t get it very often, believe it or not, so it was nice.”

“That’s nice,” he gulped.

“I İstanbul Escort must have came like ten times! I really needed it.”

“I ahhhh have some work I really need to get to, Lynn,” he gulped.

“Don’t tell anyone I told you that though, Russ.”

“I won’t.”

“Good. I don’t want it to get around that I’m some sort of slut. Just looking to get fucked by any guy that’s available.”

“Maybe just don’t tell me about it then?”

“I need to talk to someone around here, Russ. The women are all gossip bags. You sure like my legs don’t you?”

He snapped his eyes up again, “I ahhh was just ahhhh thinking about something else.”

“Yeah?” she smirked, “Like what? What it would be like to fuck me?” she asked sweetly.

“What? No! Jesus, Lynn no!” he turned scarlet now.

“Yeah right. You never thought about having sex with me. Ever. I don’t believe you, Russ.”

“I’m married, Lynn.”

“So you’re married. Not getting any. You work with a gorgeous nineteen year old. And you haven’t day dreamed about fucking her? Not even once?”

“I ahhhh I never said I’m not getting any. My wife and I have a healthy sex life.” He gulped.

“Yeah,” she picked up the framed picture on his desk and looked at it and laughed, “Really?”

“Yes!” he hissed, and she laughed and walked away. She quickly looked back over her shoulder and his head snapped from her ass back to his computer screen.

She e-mailed him as soon as she got back to her cubicle, “Like the view hey, Russ?” She chuckled as she sent it, not expecting a reply.

Will continued on up to his new office just down the hall from his father. He felt a bit embarrassed about being assigned an office but his father insisted. He wouldn’t have even known which one it was except his name was on the door. It was spacious with an amazing view, his own bathroom, a large couch, bookcases, expensive artwork and a large desk with a leather chair. He slipped in and got his computer up and running.

His father had e-mailed him already about several projects he was to be involved in. They were also to meet about his University courses for the following fall semester. He replied back informing he would start reading all the attached information on the projects and accepted the meeting time for the University meeting.

He e-mailed Lynn then. I’m in my new office. It’s a bit pretentious. I have a nice couch though. Look forward to showing you that.

Can I come up and see? She replied, You know … just see O

Hold on I’ll check my schedule.


Ok come up.

So you want me to cum?

Well as long as I do!


Hahaha just come up ok!

Will checked his phone as he waited. Stacy had texted him wondering when he was going to fulfil his part of the bargain, so he replied telling her hopefully tonight.

“You ASSHOLE!” Lynn called from the door looking around the office. Her high heels clicked on the polished tile floor as she walked in slowly, surveying the office while he rolled back in his chair and surveyed her.

“God, you’re hot,” he whispered.

“Glad you finally noticed that,” she walked around his desk and sat facing him with her bum against the desk.

“I noticed that the first time I saw you. You know that.”

“I was actually getting ready to strip off naked and slip into your room in the middle of the night and get into bed with you if you didn’t make a move soon.”

“We have some time to make up, hey?” he grinned.

She kicked off a shoe and rubbed his shin and side of his leg with her bare foot.

He opened his legs and slid back into his seat a bit.

“You’re so fucking horny!” she whispered as she lifted up her leg and pushed her small foot up against his swelling cock, rubbing it slowly and softly.

“Yeah,” he grunted, would she give him a foot job like her mom had done a few nights ago?, he wondered. Maybe he should shut his door.

“Hi you two,” Martin stuck his head in the door.

“Oh!” Lynn jumped off the desk and he straightened in his chair. Martin walked in. “Oh! Ahhhh my shoe just fell off!” Lynn blushed prettily. Will hadn’t see her flustered like this before.

“Is that so?” Martin asked. Will could tell he was trying not to laugh.

“Ahhh here it is,” she bent down to get it while Martin winked at Will. He went back to shut the door.

“You need to be more careful with your shoes falling off, Lynn. And both of you need to be more careful with shoes and other articles of clothing coming off both here and at home.”

“Oh my God! We weren’t doing anything! Martin! Really!” she turned even redder.

“Lynn,” Will told her, “relax a bit.” He looked at his father steadily, “We’ll be careful, Dad.”

Lynn looked back and forth between the two of them.

“I’ve noticed sexual tension between you two. It was naïve of Lauren and I to put you two in the same house together at your age and not expect some sparks. You’re not related and both so young and healthy. But just close the door next time before starting to take off your clothes.”

“It Ümraniye Escort was just my shoe,” she protested weakly.

“And it just fell off accidentally?” he smiled at her patiently. She looked down at her feet.

“Just close the door next time. Lock it if you have to. Don’t be gossip fodder.”

“Yes, Dad. Of course.” Will replied.

“Lynn?” he looked at her in amusement.

“Ahhhh of course.”

“Look at me, honey.”

She looked up still blushing, “No need to feel embarrassed. Just be careful. Your mother may be less accepting.”


“Here. Company credit cards. It’s a business write off for business expenses. That includes clothes, hotels, meals, gas, liquor, flights, rentals. That sort of thing. This will be Will’s company someday but I hope you can be a big part of it as well, Lynn. Just try and keep your love lives separate from business decisions and the ability to work with each other. Even if those love lives include each other. I already spoke to Will, Lynn. So how about you? I’d like you to work here even while going to school and learn the business. You’re a smart girl. Even if your mother and I don’t make it long term in marriage, if you can keep business separate you can have a long career here. What do you think?”

“Definitely, Martin. I’d like that very much.”

“So learn HR first. Get into it. Clear those evaluations off your desk and move on.”

She blushed a bit, “Of course.”

“Keep expense files yourself on those cards. Ten thousand limits and they are paid to zero monthly automatically. Only a few here have them at that level. If it gets too excessive I’ll talk to you. Good?” They both agreed. “So, should I close the door on my way out?”

“Ahhh that won’t be necessary,” Lynn replied after a glance at Will, “I have to get back to my desk.”

“How did he fucking know?” Lynn hissed as they drove home.

“He didn’t. He just guessed then and there when he happened to come in the office and you had your shoe off.”

“It could have just fallen off.”

“You were blushing so red!” he started laughing.

“Will! He knows about us!” she looked over in disbelief.

“And he’s cool with it, Lynn. He just wants us to keep it under wraps like we’re doing anyway.”

“Jesus. It’s weird, Will.”


“Well, make sure Mom doesn’t find out. She already suspects anyway.”

“We’ll be careful,” he grinned as they went in through the gates.

They dressed and had dinner. Afterwards, Will got a blanket and tossed it in the back of his car and texted Stacy. Beach at 8?

Oh yes, she replied immediately, pick me up outside my house. 87 moorland.

Got it.

Stacy jumped into his car grinning as he pulled up. She had her blonde hair tied up and wore a tight tee shirt with loose shorts. Her legs were thicker than Lynn or Taylor’s, athletic like a tennis player and tanned nicely. She wore just flip flops. “Heeyyyy!” she said while chewing gum and reached over to squeeze his cock.

“Whoa! Don’t make me go off the road!”

“You’re hard already!” she giggled.

“You look great!” he explained.

He pulled into one of the lots that were adjacent to the beach. Even at night there were vehicles around. There were fire pits available and people in groups along with a fair share of couples walking around hand in hand.

“Where too? Up on the bluff?”

“Yeah,” he took her hand and led her over the sand. If anyone they knew saw them here there was only one explanation for it. Stacy tossed her gum into a waste basket as she went along and took off her flip flops to carry them. They got up to the top and surveyed around, “Here?”

“Sure.” He rolled out the blanket as she tossed her flip flops on the sand. He looked over as she nonchalantly pulled off her shorts.

“What?” she laughed, “We’re here to fuck, right?” The moonlight glistened off her smooth skin as she stripped off her tee shirt as well and sat down on the blanket.

“Yeah,” he gulped and pulled off his tee shirt while kicking off his shoes. He unfastened his belt and pulled off his jeans and with only another second’s hesitation pulled off his briefs as well. His cock was standing at rigid attention.

“William getting naked!” she laughed and lay back as he got on the blanket as well, alongside her, half on her. He found her lips and they began kissing as she draped her arms around his neck. Their tongues intertwined. Her hand gripped into his ass and she then stretched her neck as he started to kiss down.

“Why is this thing still on?” he whispered as he kissed the swell of her contained breasts.

“Same reason as why my panties are still on. Just waiting for you to take them off,” she whispered back.

He gently pulled down her bra straps and, taking a cup in his teeth, pulled down. She pulled her arms free and pulled it farther to her waist as her breasts spilled out. He immediately set to sucking on a nipple while squeezing the other. She moaned in pleasure and slipped a hand into his hair. He pulled her bra around to get the clasp unhooked and pulled it off. He gently pinched and squeezed one nipple while he sucked on the other. Then he got an overpowering urge to have his aching cock between those big beautiful breasts so he knelt up and leaned in with his hips to push his cock between then.