Sissy’s Subservience to Wife Ch. 01


Every Friday evening is my grooming ritual, shaving away every inch of body hair that has cropped up through the week, soaking myself in a bathtub to further soften my skin, red nail polish on my fingernails and toes and finally cocoa butter lathered all over before I sleep that is a thing I do every night though. But before sleeping I message my date for tomorrow which I would usually fix up through the week on different dating sites mentioning quite clearly that I am a sissy crossdresser who likes to play submissive for my daddy. But lately most of my lovers are men who I have already been with before, what can I say they are just addicted to my boipussy. This all began a year back, I was always a closeted bi sissy gurl but lead a very straight life, I met my girlfriend Jenny 3 years back she was a mutual friend and we just hit it off at a friends party.

We got married a year later, things were very normal until one day my sissy self just wanted to express herself again, whenever Jenny went out of town to visit her parents or on official trips it used to be sissy time for me, I started buying sissy clothes for me again and managed to hide them in my study room closet, Jenny never fiddle in my study at least that is what I knew. On one friday evening after coming back from work, Jenny was at the door she had a very confused look on her face I assumed something was wrong at her workplace since she came home quite early. She made me sit on the living room sofa while she sat adjacent to me. Jenny: I dont want to assume things and I really dont thing you are cheating because I trust only a few people in my life and you are top of the list. So tell me whose clothes are those in the study room?

I was very confused, I never imagined this day would ever come I was not prepared but my wife had reacted in a very understanding way I instinctively knew I shouldn’t lie.

Me: Jenny this is not how I wanted things to be but I wont indulge you in a long monologue… those clothes are mine I have been a closeted crossdresser since I was 10 years old, progressed through stealing my sisters clothes to finally having my own wardrobe when I started earning and lived alone, I really felt I had outlived my sissy self when I met you but since the last 3 months my urges have bounced back and your visits for work started increasing which gave me enough time to dress up and live my sissy life on those days.

Jenny: Who all know about this?

Me: No one in this world except you honey!

Jenny: Have you slept with other men or women since the time we have been together?

Me: No Jenny I have never been with anyone else, as a sissy I do have an attraction towards men but that is only when I am dressed I never have any feelings for a Ümraniye Ukraynalı Escort man when I am not crossdressed and I never intend to be with one ever!!

Jenny got up from the sofa and started pacing in the living room, she was exceptionally calm and I was really proud and happy for the way she was reacting I really felt we are going to go past this incident strongly.

Jenny: I dont want to talk about this anymore I am going to sleep, I got some takeaway for us, its on the dinner table, goodnight.

Saying this she just walked away to the bedroom. I did not have the courage to stop her I admired her assertiveness, maybe the sissy in me was thinking that now that she knows she will help me dress up like I had read about in those stories online. This was a very strange encounter, I did not know how to process it, I just decided to sleep off. I slept on the couch that night, it was a Saturday morning now, I woke up to the noise from the kitchen and to the aroma of pancakes, Jenny was making pancakes.

Jenny: Are you up? I have made pancakes and the coffee is ready to get ready.

Was I in heaven she seems so calm but something told me there is going to be more. I cleaned up and went to the kitchen. Jenny was in her pajamas looking into her phone, I got the pancakes and sat next to her. She looked up at me while I started eating.

Jenny: Just tell me one thing have you been cheating on me and do those clothes belong to someone else.

I got up and fetched my laptop from the study, I quickly opened the password protected hidden folder on my hardrive which was filled with photos of me dressed up as a sissy girl, I put the laptop in front of Jenny, she was awestruck, completely quite while she went through almost 100 photos of me.

Jenny: I am speechless you have a sissy name too, ‘Jessica’, you are really not the man I married, trust me I am not judging your life choices, I have the utmost respect for every human being and whichever sexual orientation or race they belong to. But I married you and I married a man not a sissy crossdresser, I had every right to know about this right at the time when we started getting serious in our relationship. But we are far ahead now I really love you and I care for you a lot.

Me: Jenny I love you a lot too this is just a part of me and this will never ever be a hurdle between us I know that as a fact, I was always a crossdresser and though you were not aware you did love me and I always will be this person who you fell in love with.

Jenny: You are not the person I married from now on, you will always be Jessica to me now, you know how I am and what place I have for you in my mind now it has changed and you are going to be Jessica Ümraniye Üniversiteli Escort for me I cannot take out that mental image ever.

Me: I dont know what do I do or say I really love you is what will always be true.

Jenny: I dont want to cry and I cant be here right now, I need time to think, I will be safe so dont try to contact me I don’t want to be angry at you, I am getting ready and leaving, give me my time.

Saying this she left the kitchen, she got ready and left, I did not have the courage to say anything, I did want her to contemplate and take a decision, which I hoped would be us still living together.

It was around 7 in the evening, Jenny finally messaged me,

Jenny: what are you doing?

Me : waiting for you to come back

Jenny: are you dressed up as Jessica?

Me : No Jen I am not, please come back

Jenny : Why dont you dress up, wear the pink babydoll from your collection and those pink heels..

Me : Jen please stop come back lets talk

Jenny : Jessica I want to meet you, dont you?

Me : Jen please dont do this

Jenny : Jessica only way I am coming back to the house is if I get to meet you dress up and send me a photo only then do I come back…

Me : Jen are you serious?

Jenny : I would only want Jessica from now on dress up.. The choice is yours.

Me : okay give me some time.

I knew this was a start I was really excited Jessica was excited, this could not have turned out any better, Jenny telling me to dress up!! I quickly got ready, shaved off my legs and arms too, I just did it by instinct, I was ready in 45 minutes, I clicked a picture, I looked smoking hot in that babydoll.

Me: Jenny this is Jessica, here is my pic.

*Picture sent*

*picture received*

Jenny: come to the door and open it and stand.

I went over to the door dressed in a pink lace babydoll with matching heels, pink nail polish, thick layer of makeup, pink lips, fake eyelashes and green coloured contacts, I had a sissy anklet on my right ankle with small pink hearts on it. Jenny stood there stunned she stood there looking at me for what seemed like 15 minutes. Finally she smiled at me.

Jenny: Jessica lets go in.

That sentence sent a wave of erotic thrill through me, My dicklet was throbbing though it was nicely tucked in my lace thong. Jenny made me stand in the living room and just moving in circles around me, I tried to speak but she just told me to stay silent.

Jenny: I will only address you as Jessica now, you have to be Jessica do not talk to me as anyone else. That is the first rule of our house, your life inside this house will always be as Jessica, this will Ümraniye Vip Escort be our secret now, I dont want to discuss anything else about our life till now from hereon we lead a new journey, you shall be my sissified submissive husband Jessica, outside the house you may attend work as usual but you have to always be completely waxed and wear panty hose to work. Tomorrow ill get you more clothes. Do you understand?

I modulated my voice as jessica, I knew I had to use my female voice which I had perfected.

Jessica: Yes I understand Jen.

Jenny: Shut up! You do not call me that anymore I am Madame J to you from now you comprehend!!

Jessica: YES Madam J

Was this a dream, it was everything my sissy self could ever want, my boipussy was insanely throbbing.

(*from hereon Jenny shall be addressed as Madam J*)

Madam J took out a package wrapped in pink gift wrap from her purse and handed it to me telling me to open it. Upon unwrapping I truely was sure this was the best day of my life, it was a cock cage, pink in colour with a lock and set of keys. Madam J came towards me and in an instant pulled down my thong I had no time to react. Very mechanically she took the cock cage and shoved my flaccid dicklet into the cage and locked it without any sexual feelings at all. She looked up at me with the set of keys in hand, then she put them in the gold chain she always wore around her neck. Then she again reached into her purse and took out a notepad which she generally carries, she tore out two pages from it.

Madam J: Now your submission is complete, take these papers I want you to now copy the rules written on it onto a large sheet of paper and stick them on the bedroom wall.

I looked at the sheet, these were the rules.

Madam J’s Rule book for Jessica Sissy Cumslut.

1) Sissy shall always be smooth and shaved all over and shall follow beauty regimes assigned by Madam everyday.

2) Sissy shall always be submissive and never question Madams word. Sissy shall never speak out of turn.

3) Madam will train sissy to be the perfect gurl, one who can serve men that Madam brings home. Sissy will serve men in the following ways-

– sissy shall always respect men that Madam brings home

– sissy shall suck every cock that madams orders to

– sissy shall aspire to be a cumslut who wants to be a gangbanging whore.

– sissy shall never tough her dicklet every and only stimulate her boipussy

-Madam J shall have many lovers from hereon sissy shall always be a good guest when Madams lovers come home.

4) Sissy shall always work hard to be a submissive bimbo sex doll, repeat this every day for atleast 20 times in front of Madam J

“I am Jessica a sissy cumslut whore, Madam J is my owner, I want to suck cocks all day and get fucked in my boipussy, Madam J’s lovers are my masters too and I will always serve them”

This was the list, I just wanted tomorrow to arrive as soon as possible, my life as Jessica begins tomorrow.