Stockings , Stalkings Pt. 02


Part II – An Unwelcome Visitor

When Giselle got home she showered immediately, washing away her makeup and scrubbing at the tops of her thighs where Steve had deposited some of his seed. She had seen the whitish-silvery deposit dried on her legs above her stocking tops, which were also stained with semen. She had half a mind to throw them out as she had her panties but they were expensive and hard to find.

She stuffed them into a lingerie-washing bag along with her bra and suspender belt and threw them in the washer. Her dress lay pooled around her high heels where she had hurriedly stripped and her brunette wig lay dishevelled and uncombed on the bed surrounded by her glittering jewellery.

Giselle dried herself off and once again she was Gary, skinny, white, middle-aged executive; but in her mind she was still Giselle.

She decided to transform again so she could feel comfortable and have her exterior persona match her psyche. It was hard to feel like a used woman when you saw a man in the mirror.

She applied foundation, powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. A little blush and some lipstick finished the job and she selected a black bob, which she brushed out before she placed carefully on her head and adjusted it. She was still wearing her nailpolish but she didn’t bother with jewellery, breastforms or bra. She slid into a pair of silky sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose and smoothed the gossamer material around her buttocks and legs. Giselle always wore hosiery; even to bed. She slid full-cut nylon panties up her legs and adjusted them.

She slid into a black nylon full-slip and scrunched her feet into the heels she had worn that evening. This was Giselle dressed for bed; full makeup and all! All she had to do was kick off her heels and slide under the sheets; she loved sleeping in lingerie, hose and makeup.

She picked up the cocktail dress she had worn to the club and carefully inspected it for stains but found none so she hung it up. Next she put her jewellery back in the jewellery box and then she sat at the vanity table.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” She put her head in her hands.

“What was I thinking?” she scolded herself.

“I feel like such an idiot!”

Giselle went over the incident in the dark layby over and over. Actually it could have been a lot worse. All that had happened was that an Admirer had become smitten with her and followed her. When her car broke down he had taken advantage of her but he hadn’t done more than engage in heavy petting she tried to make the incident seem less stressful and dangerous than it was.

“Just a little slap and tickle,” she tried to justify to herself.


She got up and poured herself a glass of wine and walked to the study and went on line. She went into the chatrooms; it was 1am but trannies seemed to stay up late and post in forums and blogs and natter in chatrooms.

She found Vanessa online in one of the chatrooms. Vanessa was one of the girls who had encouraged Giselle to come to Sinsations and she was the girl Giselle had spent most of the evening with chatting and dancing.

Giselle invited Vanessa into private chat and summarised the events of the evening. They texted back and forth:

Vanessa: ‘Fucking Steve! He’s so handsome and I have to admit I have met him a few times for sex and he is usually quite the gentleman but sometimes he can get a bit rough’

Giselle: ‘Rough! It was close to rape!’

Vanessa: ‘Oh fucking come on girl, he kissed you and dry-humped you. He could have done a lot more nasty things than he did given the situation’

Giselle: ‘I still feel a little violated ?’

Vanessa: ‘But secretly enjoyed it lol ?’

Giselle: ‘No I didn’t’

But Giselle thought back on the evenings events. She HAD stopped struggling and relaxed and parted her lips to allow Steve access to her mouth as he had passionately French kissed her. She had felt his cock throbbing between her thighs and she had clamped them shut around his penis so he could dry hump her stockinged legs. Had she been a little aroused herself? She had vague recollections of her penis becoming tumescent during the struggle but shrugged the thought away.

Vanessa: ‘So what are you going to do?’

Giselle: ‘I was thinking of purging; but I know that’s a waste of time and money; I’ll soon have replace everything when I get the urge to crossdress. I’ve purged a few times before.’

Purging is when a transvestite or crossdresser throws out all their clothes, shoes, wigs, makeup etc and vows not to crossdress again. Most soon regret their actions and start crossdressing again, bearing the cost of having to replace everything.

Vanessa: ‘Don’t do it girl!’

Giselle: ‘So you think he’s really not such a bad guy then?’

Vanessa: ‘I have had lots of fun with him but like I said he does get a little rough sometimes. He came back to Sinsations after you left and picked up Gabby. She’s a bit of a slut, but even she wouldn’t go with him if he was a proper noncer.’

Giselle: ‘I’ll think about it Ümraniye Esmer Escort and chat to you later, bye hon.’

Giselle logged out of the chat room and half an hour later was fast asleep. She had weird dreams. She seldom had sex dreams that involved her having sex while she was crossdressed but tonight she did.

She dreamt she was back at Sinsations amid a full-blown orgy. The trannies she had met there were having sex with each other and with Admirers. Some were engaged in fellatio and some were engaged in sodomy; she dreamt that Steve was brutalising her anus whilst another man forced his engorged penis into her mouth and she hungrily sucked on it. She drifted in and out of sleep but the dream became repetitious. She woke late in the morning to find that she had had a nocturnal emission; her panties and the gusset of her pantyhose were flooded with semen and it had soaked into her slip.

“My, my! You naughty girl!” she admonished herself as she walked over to the shower.

Today was Sunday and she shaved, showered and dressed; full makeup and heels of course. She had a leisurely breakfast and snatched the paper off the porch, first checking there was no one around to see Gary dressed as Giselle.

In the early afternoon she went back online but could not find Vanessa. In the brightness of day, the events of the previous evening did not seem so bad. She had some guy kiss her; feel her up and dry hump her – was that such a big deal?

Steve entered the chatroom and immediately he pinged her and asked for private chat. Giselle declined and was about to log off when she thought to herself ‘Why the fuck should I? I didn’t do anything wrong!’

Giselle stayed in the chatroom, chatting with other TVs and CDs, fending off Admirers who wanted one-on-one chat (most likely asking her to cam so they could wank off) and she enjoyed herself.

Finally after a dozen or so requests Giselle accepted Steve’s invitation for private chat. She went into the room full of resolve; determined to give him a piece of her mind.

Steve: ‘Hi gorgeous.’

Giselle: ‘Don’t gorgeous me you pig! What you did last night was way out of line.”

Steve: ‘Bollocks! Bet you loved it ?’

Giselle: ‘Like I would enjoy some ruffian climbing on me, forcing me to kiss him, and then shooting his load in my lap!’

Steve: ‘Stop it, you’re getting me horny again lol’

Giselle: ‘Pig’

Steve: ‘So what time are we meeting today?’

Giselle: ‘Not today and not ever!’

Steve: ‘I’ll be there around 7pm; make yourself pretty!’

Giselle: ‘Idiot!’

Steve: ‘Gary Arnott, 39, executive at Cheatem and Howe Financial Services. Lives alone at 14 Endicot St, Chisholm;

divorced with no current girlfriend’

‘Part-time sexy transvestite’

‘Ring any bells?’

Giselle was stunned! How the fuck did he know all these details about her?

Steve: ‘Once I followed you home and got your address and your car’s licence number the rest was easy ?’

Giselle paled. She was tempted to shut down her computer, race into her spare bedroom and purge!

Steve: ‘I have most of the pics you have posted online and if you look really hard you can see the resemblance between Giselle

and Gary. You look like brother and sister.’

Steve: ‘And I have been to Cheatem and Howe Financial Services webpage and have the email addressees of all of the partners

and executives.’

It took Giselle all of thirty seconds to realise that Steve had every bit of information he needed to blackmail her. There was nothing she could do now. She made sure that her computer was backing up the conversation to file on her hard drive in case she needed it later. In case she ever got the gumption to report this sleazebag to the police. But for now all she could think of damage minimisation. She surrendered.

Giselle: ‘How much do you want?’

She sat in the darkened study staring at the screen; her heart racing.

Steve: ‘Like I said; I’ll be there around 7pm, we can discuss the matter then.’

Steve: ‘And one more thing! If Gary opens the door instead of the gorgeous Giselle, I’ll hit send on the 12 emails I have drafted

on my phone. The story in those emails is almost unbelievable but when the recipients open the attached picture files they

will know it’s true’

Giselle was about to type some caustic response but Steve had left the chatrooms. The curser just blinked on her empty screen.

“Fuck!” she sobbed like a teenage girl.

Giselle alternatively sobbed and sulked for an hour or so, drinking more wine and getting even more morose. She eventually shook off her despair and thought about the situation rationally. Steve had her right where he wanted her, at the moment there was nothing she could do that would extract her from her precarious situation. Even if she reported the blackmail there was nothing to stop Steve sending the scalding information he had to her employer and all her colleagues at work.

“Fuck it!” she sighed.

“I’ll Ümraniye Eve Gelen Escort just have to capitulate and see if I can get anything on him I can use to blackmail him back!”

Giselle showered and went through her usual ritual of makeup and preening. She took extra care with her makeup and selecting her lingerie, wig, clothes and heels. She convinced herself that she was taking such care with her appearance because she knew Steve would be angry if she didn’t. She didn’t want him becoming aggressive but deep she down she had to admit to being a little excited that someone was so taken with her that he gone to all this trouble. She pushed the thought away.

“He’s just a pig but if I don’t do what he wants the consequences are unthinkable,” she said to herself as she sat in front of the vanity brushing out her wig.

She stood in front of the full-length mirror and admired her efforts. She looked stunning!

Her heavily madeup face featured smoky eyes with lashings of eyeliner and mascara, her cheeks were defined with rouge and her lipstick was ruby-red and glossy. A jet-black bob with a straight fringe level with her brows framed her face.

Her slim figure was accentuated by the tight black cocktail dress with shimmering highlights; the hem rested mid-thigh, accentuating her magnificent legs encased in sheer flesh-toned fully-fashioned stockings with black back-seams, toes, heels and welts. They were her most expensive stockings. Beneath the dress she was wearing a black satin bra and matching suspender belt but she had shamelessly donned a pair red satin panties for contrast. She knew that when she sat if she was not careful she would expose a bright-red ‘panty-peek’ that would get any man excited.

Her high heels where black patent leather peep-toes with four-inch heels. Her painted toenails could just be discerned through the gauzy reinforced toe of her stockings. She accessorised with silver jewellery and sprayed herself with liberal amounts of ‘Poison’, her favourite perfume.

Giselle’s plan was to try and take control of the situation, get Steve as horny as possible, and hopefully get him off with some extended foreplay as had happened in the car last night. If she could get him off quick, ply him with alcohol and get him talking she might get some information she could use to plot her revenge and still maintain a modicum of celibacy.

Giselle opened a fresh bottle of Shiraz, poured herself a glass, and bought the wine into the lounge room where she had turned off the lights except for the floor lamps. She placed the bottle and a glass for Steve on a silver tray as she sipped her own wine. She put a crystal ashtray on the table (she knew Steve smoked) and checked the place one more time. All other lighting was off except for the porch light. She took her wine out onto the back patio and smoked a menthol cigarette, carefully keeping the ash away from her clothes and sipped her wine.

She had done the best she could given the situation. Her plan was to seduce Steve, as much as that repulsed her, she could handle more kissing and foreplay and hopefully satisfy his carnal desires whilst not having to perform much more than a little masturbation.

The bell rang at front door and Giselle froze.

“Well baby, this is!” Giselle steeled herself.

She filled her glass on the way to the door and sprayed herself liberally with perfume and went to the front door. She looked through the peephole and there was Steve dressed head to toe in black.

Michele had drunk a considerable amount of wine by now and was feeling quite confident and brazen. She opened the door.

“Hello cunt!” she sneered at Steve.

Steve just leered and pushed the door wide open and grabbed Giselle and pulled her into his arms and kicked the door closed behind him.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way,” he said, tracing a finger slowly down her body, starting at her painted red lips and stopping at the hem of her dress.

Steve kissed her roughly and Giselle struggled in his grasp but eventually surrendered and reciprocated, allowing his tongue to explore her mouth. It actually wasn’t as repugnant as she thought it would be. He smelled of aftershave and cigarette smoke and she could feel that his body was lean through his clothing. Giselle rubbed against him and felt his tumescent penis press against her. Her plan appeared to working; get him excited; get him off; and get him out!

Steve released her and sauntered over the lounge where he sat and helped himself to a glass of wine.

“You’re going to take good care of me or I’m going to send the email to the group address I have set up.” Steve looked up at her.

“Ok,” she whispered.

“Now come over here and sit next to me,” Steve commanded and patted the lounge.

Giselle sat down but feelings of dread returned. She wasn’t sure she could control the situation now that Steve was sitting in her lounge room directing her.

Giselle felt trepidation as she was pulled into Steve’s arms and he kissed her Ümraniye Evi Olan Escort full on the lips, sliding his tongue into her mouth, encircling her in his arms. Giselle forced herself to relax as he sucked on her tongue, pulling her body hard against his but she was filled with dread as she felt his cock begin to swell against her body. Steve took Giselle’s hand in his and moved it between their bodies down into his crotch and grunted into her mouth.

“Touch it honey; you know you want to.”

Giselle reached out and tentatively stroked Steve’s tumescent member through his pants. It felt big and hard and although she was sure it was her imagination, it appeared to radiate heat through the thin material of his trousers. Steve’s cock tented the front of his pants and he gave out a little moan as Giselle cautiously fondled him, her ruby-red fingernails scratched at the thin trouser material as she slowly and excruciatingly traced the outline of his cock.

She was still hoping that just like in the car last night car, he would get excited and spend his seed rubbing up against her.

“Take it out Giselle,” Steve panted into her mouth and then crushed her lips with his.

He was pushing his groin against Giselle’s body, trapping her hand between them, as she stroked the bulge in his pants. His tongue wriggled in her mouth; the taste of her lipstick and scent of her perfume further aroused him. He pulled his groin back from Giselle’s body and took her hand off his tented trousers and guided her fingers to his zipper.

Giselle gulped and swallowed saliva; gasping around the tongue invading her mouth; she resolved herself. Steve impatiently tugged at her hand until she capitulated and slowly started to unzip his fly. The chafing sound of Steve’s zipper opening sounded ominous.

“That’s nice honey, you know what to do,” Steve whispered as he nuzzled her neck.

Giselle’s fingers hesitantly explored the opening in Steve’s flies and soon found sleek, hard flesh. She controlled her revulsion and wrapped her fingers around Steve’s long thick cock and felt him shudder against her. She began to stroke him inside his pants, in the futile hope that he would climax before he made her do anything more degrading.

Steve broke their kiss and took Giselle by the shoulders and eased her body away from his a little. He stood and lifted her to her feet so they were facing each other.

“Take it out; I want to see you take it out,” he whimpered, his lust evident.

Giselle’s painted fingernails plucked at Steve’s belt and a single, mascara-stained, tear ran down her cheek.

“Please don’t make me do this,” she begged.

“Take it out darling! You know what I want you to do!” Steve sneered.

Giselle opened the waistband of Steve’s trousers and his pants fell down around his ankles. His cock sprang upright between them; the tip of his purple glans glistening with silvery pre-seminal fluid. Steve’s cock was long and sleek, she hadn’t seen it in the car last night. It was long, hard and veiny and his foreskin stretched around the bulbous glans.

Giselle gasped but Steve took Giselle’s hand placed it on his manhood and watched as Giselle gently wrapped her fingers around it; her ruby-red fingernails contrasting with ivory skin of his shaft. She slowly eased her fingers down the shaft, pulling back the foreskin, and exposed Steve’s glossy purple glans. The musky aroma intensified.

Steve pulled Giselle back against him and smothered her sobs with a passionate kiss. She resignedly stroked Steve’s phallus, it stuck out from his groin between their bodies, throbbing in her fingers.

Steve enjoyed the fact that Giselle was reluctant to masturbate him, the feathery feel of her fingers loosely caressing his turgid member was about all he could stand without coming.

Steve pulled Giselle’s body hard against him, enjoying the feel of his cock against material of her dress. He held her body against his with one hand and his other hand slid down her body and rested on her buttocks. Giselle’s sobs were muffled by Steve’s savage kisses, his lips grinding against hers and his tongue invading her mouth.

Steve roughly fondled Giselle’s buttocks and the material of her dress slid effortlessly across her ample rear slithering against her satin panties. The sounds of rustling of nylon and satin, and the smacking of lips and slurping tongues and the smells of perfume and the musky smell of sexual arousal filled the darkened room.

“Please stop,” she pleaded.

But Giselle knew that Steve was going to take his pleasure. Her only hope was to get him to climax as soon as possible without being further degraded.

Sensing Giselle’s acceptance, Steve pulled her body back against his and began to kiss her again, this time he noticed there was no resistance and that she was reluctantly returning his kisses, her tongue flicking against his. Steve’s erection returned to full tumescence as he humped up against the front of Giselle’s dress and scrunched her buttocks through the layers of nylon and satin.

He reached down the rear of her dress and slowly started to lift it dress up. Giselle tensed but forced herself not to resist. When Steve had the rear of Giselle’s dress hiked up he reached between their bodies and grasped the front of her dress and hiked it up so that her dress was rucked up around her waist.